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 Star Wars: IC (The Other Thread In This Section Can Be Deleted)

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Star Wars: IC (The Other Thread In This Section Can Be Deleted) Empty
PostSubject: Star Wars: IC (The Other Thread In This Section Can Be Deleted)   Star Wars: IC (The Other Thread In This Section Can Be Deleted) I_icon_minitimeSun 09 Oct 2011, 6:49 pm

Four thousand years before Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star, the galaxy was facing turmoil and despair, as it always is.

It was only five years since Darth Revan and Darth Malak had ended the Mandalorian Wars by starting the Jedi Civil War: thousands of Republic soldiers fell before hundreds of Jedi were either butchered or converted to the rogue Jedi's forces.

As with every war, it was brutal. It was bloody. It was horrific. The war ended with a desperate counterattack by the Republic, turning Revan against Malak. They dueled in the most powerful artifact of the dark side yet, the Star Forge, a massive space station that harnessed the Force to create massive fleets with the literal flip of a button.

Revan won. Malak was slain, the Sith scattered, but the Republic was still in shambles. The economic damage was incredible, and after the display of weakness, faith in the Old Republic wasn't very abundant.

Our story takes place five years after all of that calamity. The Republic has made strides towards recovering, but some places are still far from their pre-war Glory: Telos, whose surface was scarred from laser fire; Taris, buried under a billion tons of steel after Malak's vicious bombardments. Species have died, yet new ones arisen.

This is where our story takes place. This is mainly a sandbox RP, with the only plots we establish being the plots we establish against one another. Feel free to be a Republic senator, a lowly smuggler, a beggar or a crime syndicate lord. The setting gives you lots of room to work with, and I think this SW RP will outlast the previous ones.

Without any further boring backstory...

1. No godmodding.
2. No metagaming
3. No autohitting
4. Be realistic!
5. Be aware of the Force's limitations. Every Force user primarily specializes in a few things, with some minor knowledge of every topic. Don't abuse your power by reading every single person's mind you come across, then getting them all to follow your bidding. I don't know what book, but one went into great detail about the danger of doing so: say you come across a guard covering a post, and you use the Force to trick him into seeing you as a deadly monster. Out of fright he may jump off the wall and break something vital. Or you could make him not see you, and he might lose his job for letting you in, sending his family into a downward spiral of poverty and despair. Long story short, DON'T BE A PRICK WITH THE FORCE
6. Detailed posts.
7. We're all decent RP'ers, I think anything else is just overkill.


Weapon(s) Of Choice:
Force Sensitive:
(IF SO, what kind of training have they had? Are they a specialist in one particular field?)
Spaceship: (Any vehicle, really.)
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Star Wars: IC (The Other Thread In This Section Can Be Deleted)
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