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 Yami Aku

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PostSubject: Re: Yami Aku   Yami Aku - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeTue 03 Sep 2013, 8:49 pm


Gaard only shrugged. "I am not one to be working on the math, I just notice a couple of Nedians passing through every couple hours or so. But yes, I and one of the other warriors here will look into relocating. Though you must scout the north waters, first." The senior warrior had just barely finished his sentence when the large teepee tent that was being pitched behind him collapsed onto two poor workers, one minotaur and the other an orcoid. Having turned around, you could see the hair on Gaard's back bristle and stand. "What are you two fools doing! You call that pitching a tent? I could have a single bard set that damn thing faster than you lot! Let me see that!"

You know full well that this could end either hilariously or disastrously for the two on the receiving end of Gaard's temper. Usually with a display of more manuel dexterity than you would expect from an old bull, embarrassing the recipients, and either tearing down the whole thing to have them do it the way he did or kicking one square in the chest with the hoof. Regardless, you're fairly positive you won't be sharing any more words with Gaard for a while and the adventure serenades you with its call. A cool breeze with a hint of salt flows to and fro the north and the afternoon sun begins to redden. A curious thought, though, is what kind of creatures roam this world's nights.


"Aw, don't be so down on yourself buddy!" He said rather half-heartedly. "We shall see for ourselves." Following this, Oscar did a couple stretches in his neck, arms and legs and got into a crouched stance. He stuck the torch two feet or so in front of your face and cleared his throat. "Now they say that the ancient word for 'fire' was 'eva-kar'! Ee - va - kar! You got that?"

You nod your head and silently mumble it to yourself a couple times. The jester appeared to be readying himself a bit before giving you the cue. "Alright, I want you to yell it out at this torch at the count of three, yeah? Full of passion, full of fire! Are you ready?"

You nod. Of course not.

"One...", you relax yourself, "two...", you take a deep breath, "... three!"

You followed the instruction to the letter. You yell it out as close as you can get it to passionate sounding, straight from your chest. And out of the corner of your vision at the last second, you can see Oscar's outstretched hand jerking forward right before you feel an intense heat radiating against your face. A large ball of fire exploded forward before dissipating once again, leaving only a dead torch. The display had sobered up some of the half-drunken members of the audience and joined the rest in the outrageous applause of cheering and shrill whistles. You barely had time to register the event before Oscar stands up dramatically and points his arms towards you. "Laaadies and gentlemen! Thheeee Dragonheart!"

His prompting only tuned up the volume of the cheering directed towards you. Men cheered with envy and respect and you noticed the admiration shining from some of the women as well, where perhaps staying another night here wouldn't be totally a bad thing. You almost get caught up in what had happened until you turn your head and see the performer with a half-hearted smirk. It hit you - you hadn't felt any power surging through you like one would expect, there was no power. He had fabricated the whole event. A glimpse of a particularly busty wench may prompt you to talk to this "Oscar" guy some other time, in private. As if reading your face, the performer walked off stage and walked into a back room, just barely closing the door, leaving a crack of light to shine through - looking behind only once.

RAO (assuming Crim returns)

"Anyways," Cinna continues, "if you're tired, feel free to rest in the cabin. The bed is comfortable enough, doesn't smell like kill, and the smoke from the fire keeps away the mosquitoes and flies. The cabin on your right does in fact look pretty comfy compared to the itchy outdoors. All made of wood though, and the fireplace is likely made of stone of course. Likely with an iron gate to keep the embers from falling on the floorboards. The bigger, meaner guy, Hart, glanced at you and the cabin, clearly untrustworthy of you. "You keep on far right side," he said, "you leave bed and chest next to the window 'lone. Keep on your side."

Cinna sighed and motioned you to step inside. Once in, you'll find there isn't a lot of space to set your things, but the bedding was stuffed with cotton and blanket was made of wool and sheep skin. On the other side of the cabin, you notice a variety of tools including what looks like a large crossbow, a coyote cloak, and two devious looking scimitars. Of course, you figure they belong to the big guy. The man seems like a walking arsenal for goodness sake.

YAZMIN (assuming Mata returns)

Judging by the sound of the stone you chucked, the rock went practically nowhere. It was practically a crevice in the earth shrouded from the sun. It went about three feet deep and it smelled like a badger's nest. Though being particularly nocturnal, it likely had just left to go hunting and foraging. You could probably rest in it for two hours before it would feel like coming home again. Though likely safe for the time being and being much bigger than a badger, there is still the chance of there being danger. Animals had a tendency of acting unpredictably. But on the other hand, it was getting dark, and this area was treacherous at night without something to guide you. Especially with tired, wobbly knees.

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PostSubject: Re: Yami Aku   Yami Aku - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun 08 Sep 2013, 2:43 pm

Ahlat nodded. "Yes sir," Ahlat said quietly, not that he particularly expected Gaard to be paying attention, what with the impending schooling that the greenhorns were about to be in for. He returned to his gear to grab a waterskin and a couple of buckets and check his knife before heading out.

The walk was going to be long, and it would probably take him at least an hour to get anywhere of note. But, that at least would give him a chance to look around and see what manner of interesting things this world had to offer. The only terribly interesting thing for the first fifteen minutes or so was a mall sapling, about two inches in diameter; this, Ahlat half-kicked, half-cut down and carried it with him, stripping the branches with his knife and making a walking stick - equally useful for carrying water (a task for which he didn't care to use his actual weapon) or self-defense.

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