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 Shawer's Great Potential Roleplay OOC (draft)

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Shawer's Great Potential Roleplay OOC (draft) Empty
PostSubject: Shawer's Great Potential Roleplay OOC (draft)   Shawer's Great Potential Roleplay OOC (draft) I_icon_minitimeFri 25 Oct 2013, 11:51 pm

That Zombie RP I may or may not make OOC

Hello my fellows, friends and esteemed colleagues. I think we’re all aware that this forum and the sporum are both on their last legs, so it seems like we’re going to need to get things going again here and like, advertise or something. First step’s first though – we get some liveliness back into the place, and what better way to do that than with a roleplay about the dead rising?

I’ll probably (read: probably not) post a bunch of backstory in a more formal, descriptive way on the IC, but for now here’s some information on what the situation is like in this zombie apocalypse:

It’s been three years so far, but that’s all it’s taken for the world to absolutely go to shit. There are militant governments and states out there that are still fighting a losing battle against the undead, but they’re slowly shutting down and all attempts at research into the disease is ending. Scientists have failed to divine anything about this infection besides that it is conveyed by bite and direct blood-to-blood infection only, and roughly 80% of victims die within three days of being bitten at the longest. The 20% who survive are the ones who amputate their bitten limbs before they become infected.

If you’re lucky enough to be a soldier in this world you’ve got it better than most – the military has the equipment and labour to still be able to have a presence in this world. They have small luxuries in their military bases and even have sustainable energy and continue production of resources. They mostly hole up in their own quarantined zones nowadays, but on occasion they are sent out for tasks such as scavenging, scouting, setting up new safe zones or removing possible threats. The military aren’t necessarily the bad guys, but they’re not likely a friend of ‘civilians’.

For everyone else you’re likely just scraping by. It’s only been a few years and hundreds of thousands of people died in the initial outbreak, so there are still plentiful resources to be found and used in many areas, especially those with a large amount of infected keeping people away. To have survived this long you likely have some kind of weapon, and as likely as not you have joined up with a group. Other desperate people such as yourself are probably just as dangerous as the infected, so trust isn’t a bountiful commodity – you’ve likely been shot at before for nothing but the clothes on your back.

Character Sheets:

Physical Description:
Personality: (Optional if for whatever reason you don’t wish to divulge)
Bio: (Pre-outbreak profession? Friends? Family? Educated? Have you killed the living before? Also optional to display, but you’ll need to send me a copy)
Weaponry: (I want amount of ammunition for guns as well)
Group: (Who, if any? How many?)
Location: (General terms can be used, I don’t need coordinates. ‘In a mall’ for instance.)

Strength: (Endurance included – can you take a hit? How hard can you swing an axe? Can you run for a long time?)
Agility: (How fast you can run? Are you a good climber? Acrobatics? Good hand-eye coordination?)
Perception: (How good are you at scavenging? Can you survey an area on the run to determine what you could use or possible escape routes? See a weakness in an opponents defence?)
Discipline: (How likely are you to panic? Also determines proficiency with ‘big’ guns (rifle and up))

I didn’t make intelligence a stat because that’s really up to the player, and no ones going to limit themselves because of a stat like that.

We’re likely going to have few dice rolls in this – if anyone thinks anyone else’s actions are greater than their stats suggests they should be, then just tell a mod (if I have any) or myself and a decision will be made. The only dice rolls I'll be considering making are in extreme circumstances - zombie horde for discipline, large leaps needed to escape for agility, doors needing to be knocked down or held in place for strength ect. This isn't going to be D&D online and the player will retain a large amount of freedom.

You have… Let’s say 25 points to distribute between your stats. So that’s 6 in each (more or less) for a completely balanced character.

1. No god-modding, meta-gaming, all that junk.
2. You can die here – I’m not going to force it upon you and there’ll normally be a way out, but if it happens it happens.
3. If you disagree with anything I say, we can discuss it but in the end if I make a call it’s made. I’d like to think myself pretty fair however and open to reason.
4. You can backstab each other and I’m not going to do anything to stop it.
5. I’m really out of rules so if you have anything you want me to add give me a yell

Big Guide for all things Zombie (Updated as new info becomes available)

So that's the draft for the zombie road we may take - I'm not really invested yet so if you want me to go for the other idea

Shawer wrote:
B) Characters are some form of monster or freak, hunted down by the authorities (in secret of course) to keep the peace or hide their secrets or *insert generic reason here*. Sandbox once more (mostly because I don't like managing RPs), but a limiting factor here is that the players need some kind of big handicap along with their abilities to keep with the freak/monster thing. Standard would likely be that they have something that makes them LOOK like a monster, but really anything goes so long as it gives them an achilles heel - and the weakness can also be a strength in disguise.
then let me know and we can do that instead - and I don't mind creating several more OPs for different ideas until we get one we can all agree on, because I think it's pretty important to have a RP that people are enthusiastic about in this kind of situation. If you have anything you want me to change go ahead and say so .

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Shawer's Great Potential Roleplay OOC (draft)
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