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 Desolation: IC (RESTARTED)

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Mr Allen J
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PostSubject: Desolation: IC (RESTARTED)   Desolation: IC (RESTARTED) I_icon_minitimeMon 26 Nov 2012, 8:09 pm

1:36 Am, Location -Unknown-

It was common procure. Over the night skies of Eden soared at least five jet black stealth helicopters, one four times larger than the others. Far up enough so that nobody (except those with the keenest senses) would ever notice them. Every ten miles or so the flock would descend on a empty plain or big enough building and soldiers would shove off a human being, and ascend before someone would take notice and attack them seeking an easy way out of the hellish city of Eden. Even the Goverment and those who even thought this would be a more humane alternative than killing mutants/keeping them imprisoned forever.

So, shortly after the remainder mutants had been dropped off. Only Leon had remained. He was heavily sedated and injured (in his chest and arms) after his dramatic battle against the special operatives that were sent to bring him in. Slowly and surely the sedatives had begun to wore off, enough so that he could pick up on what the -surprisingly- chatty soldiers were speaking. Of course, he wasn't sure who was talking or if they were even there. He was spinning and higher than a kite.

"This is Leon?"

"Damn. I heard this one fat bastard nearly took out an entire squad."

"Nooooo? He doesn't even look like he can take out a old prostitute." One of the soldiers deliver a painful blow to Leon's head, making him tumble down.

"What the fuck soldier!" The sergeant charged over to the rookie and grabbed him by the dog tag and screamed into him about how stupid his action was, and how he's going to be discharged. Leon couldn't notice.

When it ended, all of the forces remained quiet. Yes, Leon almost defeated an entire squad. Not alone that is. Only by luck was Leon hit by a car and opened a portal and released all sorts of dangerous monsters that overwhelmed the team. If it wasn't for backup Leon would have gotten out of that scots-free.

The sedatives had nearly worn off, Leon was going to tear one of these asshole's jugulars out. When he was formulating a plan of attack; the helicopter landed and Leon was shoved off, he hit the ground like a bag of bricks. "Good luck!" Somebody shouted before laughing their ass off. The Helicopter ascended and returned to one of the many bases outside of Eden. Leon clambered up, looking around cautiously. He's not truly sure what just happened or where he is. The first thing he did was get up on his knees. The place was quiet, other than the occasional scream.

The place he was dropped off was a park, covered in trash, debris and dead bodies (which offset Leon greatly). Like the place was once maintained and stopped. So, he figured that he should just find the nearest bus and go back to his apartment for all he knows; he's in some park because of something like those stupid reality shows he always sees on MTV.

"You're new." A hoarse old man's voice spoke quickly and blankly. Leon put his attention on the man, he was sitting on a filthy park bench. To Leon he was strange right off the bat. Because he wore this enormous cult-ish cloak, sown together from parts of other clothing, made obvious by the patches of leather, fabric, and metal bits. His cloak concealed every bit of his being. Until he pulled it up and revealed his face. The man looked strange to Leon, his face and head were covered in protruding veins, he had no hair what so ever and looked like a god damn crack head. In addition he looked dirtier than a hobo, which Leon assumed he was.

Leon spoke, confused to the situation, "Where am I? Do you know how I can get back to 18 Grant's street?" The old man smirked, "Hmph. You don't know where you are do you?"

"No." Leon narrowed his eyes at the man.

The old man points at a burning sky scraper in the distance that Leon was unaware of, "You're in Eden now. In case you haven't noticed this whole city is one big prison. For mutants."

Leon looked around shocked at the revelation, "Wait what?! Listen old man I didn't do anything."

The old man put the cloak over his head and got up from off the bench, clenching a wore and deteriorated shillelagh, "Listen boy. The government had just thrown you into hell. They don't show prejudice. If you're a mutant you'll end up here one way or another. This place is infested with the worst scum this city has to offer; killers, rapists, hedonists. They'll prey on you if you show weakness. Rip you limb from limb. Destroy you."

Leon looked around shocked. Confused on what's going on, "What. What do I do?!"

"Your best bet is to find a place to hide. The killers here will tear you apart if you're seen lurking the night. Then find food. Every week the government drops food here." He gestures to his wrist as if he's wearing a watch, "In fact. You're lucky. Tomorrow they're going to be doing a drop. Here is going to be one of the drop off sites. Come early. Everyone will be all over this place."

The old man starts to walk off, before stopping when Leon called after him, "Wait what about you? Who are you?"

The old man kept his mouth shut, forgoing Leon's question about what he'll do. Honestly, because the old man has been here long enough to more than care for himself.




"Neron. Neron, Corana" At long last the old man's name has been revealed. With that, he disappeared into the bushes. Leaving a confused Leon to ponder what to do next.


5:27 Am


Amy was in a former dump, covered in dirt and muck that you would expect anyone climbing around ankle deep in trash would have. She was looking for a phone, with her connection to electronics, she could in theory use the government networks to enable the phone. Then she can call her family and friends and tell them where the hell she was.

It's been months since she's been thrown into this hell hole. Every fucking body wants to either rape her, or kill her. Most just try to preform the former, and thankfully they've only been successful five times. Compared to the other women of the city who are raped fourteen times a day by these monsters.

So far her search has proven to be a waste of time, as whoever runs the largest gangs have everyone steal anything of value, or the scavengers steal stuff to hope to find a phone that works. The only way she could hope to get a real working phone is jump from Gang to gang and hope to find one with a working phone. By jump from, she means become a sex slave to every one of these monsters until she gets what she wants.

She looked straight up, the food drop will be in an hour. She better get to a drop site before the gangs get to it and eat it up and she'll be starving again.[b]

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Desolation: IC (RESTARTED) Ezgif-1975809386_zpsdr5xwevs
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Desolation: IC (RESTARTED)
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