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 The Old/New Gods: IC

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PostSubject: The Old/New Gods: IC   The Old/New Gods: IC I_icon_minitimeMon 14 Jan 2013, 2:27 pm

Last Day of June, Saturday. 8:00 PM

- - -

Black Fall's Carnival Pier: Paradise of PA

Today was the last day of June. Merely a few days ago school in Black Fall had ended and summer vacation has finally started. This mean't that the teens of the large community were all free to go about their business for three months--- have parties, stay up late, the whole package. The very next day the former will occur. Since the Jake's parents (Jason and Gabriela Valos) had announced that they will be spending two weeks out of Black Fall he had pieced together the greatest plans for the greatest party ever during the wait, and yesterday they had left to go on business.

Jake knew that the Valos Family had owned several high-end Clubs, and Casinos across America, not across America more of the East Coast. From the top of his head he knew that they owned such buildings in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Myrtle Beach and New Orleans.

In his eyes he had everything planned out. Tomorrow the party will start at the Valos Family's private beach. Today, he had sent out a call to assemble some of his close friends at Black Fall's famous Carnival Pier to give them a special bonus that rests in the inside-pocket of his overcoat, since there were going to be a lot of people there, and he just wants to give some people something special. An enormous Pier, full of all types of attractions and games, food and drinks. On the other side of the pier was a beach. This day was a good day to do this assembly, as today the Carnival was having an enormous sale: 60% off all tickets. So, the tickets were was dirt cheap.

Jake was standing on the platform overlooking the beach, and leaning on the rail that stopped anyone from falling. Doing nothing but staring at the water was fun for him.

Due to the aforementioned sale the entire carnival was flooded with people... if he wanted to (and wasn't dressed that made him noticeable) he could easily blend into the crowd of people and be nigh-invisible. This specific area wasn't very crowded, and the Beach was completely desolate (due to that people are ran off when it gets dark).

Jake pulled out his android phone and sent out a text to certain people ((IE: YOUR FRIGGIN CHARACTERS))

Hey, Jake here. Can you come to the Carnival? It's about the party, I'll pay anyone back to get in. I'm by the Beach.

With that action out of the way he placed his phone back into his pocket, and focused on the ocean ahead of him. In less than a minute someone had walked up to him, at first he didn't notice since he was so focused on the ocean but when this person tapped his shoulder he directed his full attention to her; Lin. The girlfriend he's known for years, much to some people's confusion. She wasn't the best looking person out there and Jake was the definition of attraction.

Even the guys want him.

He didn't really care about how she looked; she was the best he could get other than gold diggers that want his money, or shallow bitch that annoys him. As lame as it sounded it was about what's on the inside, and he was the type to keep it in his pants.

Lin spoke first, "How are you doing, Jake?"

"Fine. Just waitn' for everyone to get here."

"You're going to do the special you told me about?"

"Yes. You're cordially invited." He reached into his overcoat and hands Lin a elegant golden painted letter.


Vito was already at the carnival, having arrived earlier in the day, around two hours ago. There wasn't too much more to do here other than go home, but at that moment he had a text--- something rare and almost never happens as he doesn't have any friends, nor does his family sends texts out to him. He opened up his cheap cell phone and it was from Jake, about the party he was inviting people to. He shrugged and made his way towards the Beach.


Johnny had better things to do than hang around Carnivals and little kids all day.

Unfortunately, he has no choice after his bet gone "awry". You see last month he was in New Orleans since he was long out of school starting off his grand dream of going town to city and knocking over every casino (using his powers) in sight and making himself a million dollars. Unfortunately he made a bet with his younger sister Sylvia Lana Bertoose. This bet came from Sylvia's new hobby of playing the guitar and mixing it with her powers; she used both at the same time to make some pretty bad ass music, and got tips for it.

Being a sarcastic asshole Johnny bet her that she couldn't make twenty dollars in less than ten minutes. If he won she would have to give him five dollars... but, if she won he would take her for a month in Black Fall.

The results should be obvious since they were in the carnival in Black Fall.

Johnny was sitting in a bench with his arms crossed, while Sylvia played one of those tacky Carnival games you'd always see in entertainment; knock over the cans. She was at this for a hour with no success. Surprising she made plenty of money playing for tips in certain events in New Orleans.

What garnered the most income was Mardi Gras.

Johnny's hat slumped over his eyes--- sun glasses. He was wearing his heart shaped sunglasses today, "Can we get a move on, Syl?" he tilted his glasses and gave her that look.

Sylvia threw another ball at the cans and missed by a few inches. She had only one ball left, after going through this for like an hour (it was ambiguous why she was still doing this after the third time she lost by completely missing the target) and it was clear that she was going to spend another hour and much money until she succeeds, "In a minute, I almost got it!"

"You 'almost got it' like twenty times, let's go! There's so much more of Black Fall..."

"Shut up! I'm that helpless little girl you're supposed to be babysitting."

Johnny groaned, "Okay since you want to play that game; I'm about to bounce. You're going to get your ass left here in about two minutes."

"Come on..." Sylvia pleaded.

"No." Johnny slumped his head towards the ground, he was tired as hell and just wanted to go

Since Johnny isn't going to wait a few moments and the stacked cans game hasn't been conquered yet, Sylvia came up with a plan to win. Her finger was shrouded by the blurry aura that spun, indicating that she wants to use her powers to win this game. The next thing she did was throw the ball at the carnie, it missed.

The plan was obviously shoot down the stack of cans with a sonic blast. But, Johnny noticed her and quickly stepped in and grabbed her arm with one hand, and her hair with his other and dragged her off, prompting a loud, "HEY!" From her.

"Hey you stupid kids, get out of here!" The Carnie shouted

Johnny replied, "Sorry, mister. Won't happen again."

"You're an idiot, Syl."


Lash, Drake and May were all around the carnival. Lash was sitting on a bench near the beach, looking at her cell phone, Drake was standing in a line for the High Striker to show off his strength, and May was leaning around under the boardwalk playing with her phone, waiting for somebody to wander down there--- she could use a quick snack.

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PostSubject: Re: The Old/New Gods: IC   The Old/New Gods: IC I_icon_minitimeMon 14 Jan 2013, 5:44 pm

"Empty out the pack, friend."

Victor smiled warily, holding his hands open and on either side of his head. "Friend? I thought Philadelphia was the city of brotherly lov-"

"Fucking enough!"

Victor nodded dutifully to the mugger (who was, admittedly, very unskilled: he was standing far too close and his hands were shaking with fear, but Victor had no pity for anyone who pointed a gun at him) and slowly began to take his backpack off...

...throwing his head to the side and shoving his arm across against the mugger's forearm: there was a deafening blast and Victor snarled, his left ear going numb as he dropped his other arm down, the backpack falling onto the mugger's feet. The mugger stumbled back reflexively, and Victor brought his arms against the gunman's with the swift, experienced motion of a combatant, slamming his hand into a wall and bringing his leg up to kick the mugger in the side.

The gun roared again and Victor knew he was very quickly going to be out of time-pulling one arm back he slugged the confused mugger in the face, letting go of his gun arm to grab his greatest and last weapon from the bag, which he slipped on just as the mugger planted a kick in his ribs, knocking him to the side.

The gun barrel was coming around, but the mugger found what was easy prey a moment ago to now be more in line with a predator. Victor blurred, coming to the side of the mugger, and, with force beyond that of a normal human, he drove the mugger into the wall with an open palm, hearing the crunch of bone or brick, it didn't matter which. Before his brains were separated from his body, he ducked down and grabbed the gunman's wrist, keeping it angled away from his head.

Shit. Sirens. Victor delivered another haymaker to the man's gut and he went limp, the gun starting to slip from his hands. Victor wrested it free and then grabbed his pack before turning and running. He made it to the end of alley and threw his bag over, reaching up with one arm and easily lifting himself up and over. He landed, his heart pounding, and quickly found his pack.

Restoring his weapon (and the firearm) to within the bag, he slipped it on and took off, not wanting to be nearby when the mugger came to. If he came to.

Thirty minutes in Black Fall and this was his reward. One turn down a wrong alley and he'd gotten a pretty brutal scuffle as a result. Massaging his head, he stayed to well-populated roads as he made his way through the foreign city as best he could. Getting lost wasn't really a problem, because he'd find his way eventually. Such was the way his life worked.

Victor eventually stopped in a small cafe, slipping inside and ordering a bottle of water, which he paid for with change and drank slowly, savoring the cool liquid as it settled in his heaving chest.

"Fucking hate this city already," he muttered under his breath, looking out at a nearby carnival. Tourist traps? The mugger had tried to take his money already.

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The Old/New Gods: IC
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