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 You favorite quotes

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PostSubject: You favorite quotes   You favorite quotes I_icon_minitimeTue 25 Oct 2011, 4:05 pm

The title of the thread says it all. This is where you put all your quotes, the ones that you have found funny or inspirational or even just epically bad. I'll start:

They say that the good guy finishes last. I say thats because he had to stop and talk to all his friends along the way.

- Zorthax

Where have all the good men gone? I know. Back in ancient times, there was a woman called Medusa. She was stunningly beautiful, but if you looked into her eyes you turned to stone. And thats what happened. All the good guys looked into her eyes and turned to stone, and all the assholes stared at her boobs and walked away without a scratch!

- Comic

Chivalry is dead. And women killed it!

- Dave Chappelle

Frank: I think the Chinese have captured Margeret!
Colonel Potter: I see. So naturally you shot Captain Honeycut.

What kind of an adventure have you had boy, if I brought you here with the turn of a page! If I had brought you here from the start, you never would have found the courage to face your own fears.

- The Pagemaster

George W. Bush. The W, of course, stands for "What a bloody disaster..." ...

- John Cleese

"You look like a trustworthy crackhead to me."

- Fraser Young
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You favorite quotes
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