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 Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions. We all love them.

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Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. Empty
PostSubject: Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions. We all love them.   Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. I_icon_minitimeThu 29 Dec 2011, 8:35 pm

>3rd Person

Furthest Ring

A lone figure stands next to the colossal, lumpy, lustrous, slick-as-ice carapace of the Omniversal Body known as a Metaverse. However, after receiving an update on his phone, the being knows that this isn’t just any Metaverse, but a special one; the one home to the Pokemon, and the home of the start one of the Omniverse’s most intricate phenomenon’s, a Dimensional Clash.

Noticing that the time was almost right, and the tourney would begin, he proceed to open a one-way portal to the location where this event will commence, moving the other end of the portal to get a good look at the area where the war shall begin, knowing in full comfort that no other being could see this portal. After some time, he grinned to himself as he caught the site of the first portal opening up.

*buzz**cackle**static**high-pitched whine**silence*

From her domain in the Glitched City, Missingno, in her avatar as the L-Block, paced up and down, waiting for her calling of a Dimensional Clash to be responded to by the Forces That Be. To describe the Glitch City was a bit tricky. Imagine a sandbox, filled with mutli-colored sand, and each color of sand was all in their distinct sections, the blues all with the blues, the oranges all with the oranges, with not a bit of other color going into the section that was designated for another color.

Now imagine a child, with reckless abandon, hopping into this sandbox, and running around in it, mixing up all the sands and colors with not a care in the world. Watch as all the perfectly aligned, perfectly even boundaries and divisions between the colors, become almost nonexistent as the child kicks up the sand, causing it all to fall in the wrong places. To explain this metaphor, the sands and colors are reality, and Missingno is the child, completely screwing it up with every step she takes through it.

Using her clairvoyance, she kept watch over the next city on her list of where to add to her collection of ‘Glitch Cities’, which also just so happened to be where the many heroes and villains of her tourney are supposed to be appearing. After waiting a while, finally, the first of the portals began to pop up.


Two intelligent looking gentlemen were striding up the pathway, both of the fellows feeling successful at their recent accomplishment. One of the gentlemen shook his head, yet with a smile on his face, “I don’t know how you do it, Holmes.” The man began, somewhat rather astounded at his partner, “A jewelry theft, a rape, AND a murder, all tied in one case, and you managed to find the strings of logic that led to such brilliant conclusions, that eventually led to the capture of that notorious criminal. I’d say, I understand your methods, and yet even then I feel compelled to say, I don’t know how you do it!”

Sherlock had a long smoke from his pipe, looking straightforward in a rather smug-from-victory manner. “My dear Watson, anyone can perform some of what many consider my ‘feats’. All the clues are presented to us. We just have to piece them together.”

Doctor Watson sighed. “I know, but still, to actually know how the feather found on the bedside related to the murderer was beyond any of us. Truly, you have the intelligence of an owl, a-“ However, at this the doctor stopped his walk and noticed that Holmes had suddenly vanished. He wheeled around to survey the scene, but he was nowhere to be found, and nowhere for him to hide. “… Sherlock?”

Krack-Karov Volcano

Upon his dark perch Clockwerk sat, gazing with the utmost contempt unto his massive supercomputer, which was set to show the progress of every camera he had placed in the world. Naturally, there were quite a few windows to look at, but his eyes were stronger than any mere mortal’s. As he grimaced at the screen, watching the every move of his oh so dreaded nemesis, he noticed a whirring from behind him. His head turned horrifically around in such a way that would snap the neck of any normal man’s. And lo and behold, from him was a portal.

Deciding to observe this strange phenomenon, the masterminded owl hopped through, and noticed himself now perched upon the ledge of a skyscraper in a tall, tall city. There were many things that Clockwerk noticed. First, he noticed that the portal behind him closed, thus preventing him from returning. Second, this was not a normal location upon the earth; this is somewhere he nor any animal has ever stepped foot before, being populated by some strange animal he’s never seen before, which were followed by even stranger animals.

However, the owl decided that seeing that the law could not trace him to a city such as this, then havoc and the conquering of this prospering city should be had. Standing back on the roof so as not to be seen, he quickly summoned forth countless swarms of his Kamikaze-Falcons from Hammerspace, and sent them down upon the population, causing mass screaming and eruptions everywhere.

It felt good, you know, being immortal.

Japanifornia… Er, California

Two devious looking gentlemen were striding within the darker halls of the court, both of the fellows feeling smug at their recent accomplishment. One of the gentlemen shook his head, yet with a smile on his face, “I don’t know how you did it, Manny.” The man began, somewhat rather astounded at his partner, “A jewelry theft, a rape, AND a murder, all pinned on a variety of our rivals, and you managed to find the ‘strings of logic’ that led to such ‘brilliant conclusions’, that eventually led to the capture of the ‘notorious criminals’” At which point he chuckled under his breath, ‘Oh I just love ol’ Udgey’s quotes’. “I’d say, I understand your ‘methods’, and yet even then I don’t know where the heck you get your sources!”

Manfred von Karma briefly glanced at his partner and friend, Damon Gant, then stared straight back ahead, though now donning a very alarming grin. “My dear Gant, anyone can perform some of what many consider my ‘feats’. All the clues are presented to us. We just have to twist them together in such a perfect way, that no judge of jury could dare to object.”

Chief Gant sighed. “I know, but still, to actually know that the court would buy that feather and some beads would connect all of the cases and suspects into one Guilty Verdict. Truly, you have the eyes of a hawk, a-“ However, at this the chief of police stopped his walk and noticed that Manfred had suddenly vanished. He wheeled around to survey the scene, but he was nowhere to be found, and nowhere for him to hide. “… Freddo?”


Young Miss Alice hopped about her room, observing the many trinkets and distractions to be had. At some point, after finding herself bored with these trivialities, she sat upon her chair, and proceeded to scoot it around to stare at the door, finding that it seemed to pique her curiosity. At some point, Dinah hopped upon her lap, and looked on with a pondering look as to why she is taking such an interest in something so pointless as a door.

Alice smiled, seeming to note this pondering, and stood upon and paced about, the pacing seeming to hover mainly around the door. “Well, my fair Dinah, think of it like this: a door is like a portal to another world. If it so intrigues you, let’s pretend: what if, instead of the same world of hallways that the door used to open to, what if it opened to… let’s see… a city! Yes, a nice, bustling city, something for the on-the-move adventurer, for the opportunity-seeking businessman. Yes, I like the sound of that.”

At which point, Alice stared at the door, watching it intently. Dinah just appeared confused. At some point, the lady decided to enact upon her imagination, and opened the door, expecting to find a city.

She got… a little more than she bargained for…

Castelia City

Alice stepped out from the parlor from her room and through the door, into the vast, bustling city that was Castelia. After she stepped in awe forward, she noticed that the door behind her quickly closed. She quickly hopped forward and attempted to open it, and when she did, she noticed that it opened to some room bearing some décor she had never seen before. In other words, not her room.

The girl stepped out and stared at the city, wondering in awe exactly what kind of twisted place this was. It certainly didn’t look like Wonderland, unless it somehow became the stuff of the future. Speaking of the future, the young woman heard some distinct muttering coming from behind her, somehow distinct over the din of traffic and yelling, and noticed a man in Deerskin-garb looking out over the city clearly perplexed, muttering something concerning why the heck he was in the future. Alice stepped forward and asked him if he was quite lost as well.

Without turning around, Holmes replied, “Quite so madam. You see, crazy as my story is, I noticed that a section of the wall was patterned differently than the rest of it. Perplexed, I decided to check to see if it was suspicious, and without warning I was sucked through the mysterious portal, finding myself in this metropolis, which seems to have taken the term to three-fold its original meaning. Has the same occurrence happened to y- oh wow.”

During the time the problem sleuth was answering young Alice, he was slowly turning around to face a mature, stately duchess of a woman, only to be met by the young girl in the blue dress. He was quickly taken aback in surprise, but it seemed to be a positive surprise. “My my, young lady, I must compliment on your noble voice. Truly the mark of nobility. Anyways, I think what we really need to do is figure out what is going on, and why we were sent to the future. Ah! There’s a rather stately gentleman over there. Perhaps he can help us.”

After that, the two proceeded to head to a Newspaper stand to talk to this ‘gentleman’. However, it was at this time that, despite there being no one Genre Savvy enough to look up and notice it, a small portal began to form over one of the tall skyscrapers, and if anybody had the genre savvy to notice, they would have notice a horrific, dark-gray, owl-like figure hop through it, causing it to promptly close.

The wheels were all in place. Soon would come the spark that sets it all in motion.

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Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions. We all love them.   Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. I_icon_minitimeFri 30 Dec 2011, 4:27 am

>Events: Begin

Appropriate listening:

After the Khorne tourney's devastation, much had been changed in the Omniverse. No longer were the warp gods unchallenged in their dominion of the Materium. Hope shined a bit more brightly across the cosmos as the champions of the Khorne Tourney began to assert themselves as new powers in the cosmic scene.

But still, there was much evil. Not all the destroyers who fought on Khorne's side were vanquished. Many still lurked in the dark corners of the Omniverse. They of course were hunted as war criminals.

Many of those who escaped Khorne's defeat met their ends later as they were hunted down. But none were hunted down with as much vigor and relentlessness than Dragotha. Four of the most powerful champions of the Tourney were hunting down the Dracolich even now.

He had hidden himself in the court of the Dragon Queen Tiamat, his former patron who had in the past slain him for defecting to Kyuss. But with enough tooadaying to the Goddess of evil dragons, Dragotha earned himself a place in the Infernal Court.

His skeletal form was curled around in his personal Chamber's in Tiamat's palace in Avernus, first layer of the Nine Hells of Baator. The undead skeleton dragon paced nervously, he always feared discovery by those he left orphaned.

While all murderers fear those they leave orphaned to some degree, Dragotha had an especially great reason to be afraid. For John, Jade, Rose, and Dave were four of the most powerful entities in all of existence in the aftermath of the Khorne Tourney.

But he was pulled out of his ponderings by the arrival of Tiamat, the five headed Dragon Goddess' vast form entering his chambers and ruffling her wings slightly, raising her head up and snarling, causing Dragotha to bow his head down.

"Dragotha, my augers have detected the presence of four entities into this universe. Do you know them?" The red head of the Dragon queen asked, and immediately the fiery orbs that had become Dragotha's replacements for his now empty eye sockets widened.

"I apologize my queen but I must leave now!" He said, fully realizing that this meant that his hunters were coming. But before Tiamat could reply, the incarnations of John Egbert, Jade Harley, Rose Lalonde, and Dave strider who had gone through the Khorne toruney appeared in Tiamat's lair.

"[color:acc4=B536DA]You have evaded justice for far too long Dragotha, it is time that you paid for your crimes." Rose stated, taking out her massively powerful new needlewands. "[color:acc4=0715CD]you're going to pay for killing our parents." John said, an angry scowl on his face. "Who are you humans to dare intrude into my lair?" Tiamat asked with a snort, dismissive of such oddlty dressed strangers.

"[color:acc4=E00707]stay out of this scalebitch my beef is with bonehead" Dave said as he drew his sword. Dragotha shook his head and tried to flee but he found himself in the grip of the green sun due to Jade. "[color:acc4=4AC925]oh no youre not running fuckass" Jade said angrily. But Salvation came as a portal consumed the entire lair of Tiamat, causing Tiamat, Dragotha, and all of her followers to vanish elsewhere in the omniverse.

"[color:acc4=0715CD]no! god damn it! we were so close." John exclaimed in frustration as their quarry eluded them once more. "[color:acc4=B536DA]We will find him once more John, do not worry." Rose said, trying to comfort her boyfriend with a shoulder on his hand.


Ridley and Samus once again were locked in mortal combat. The vile cybernetic dragon launched itself at the heir of the chozo, tackling her to the ground and trying to bite down on her shoulder plate. But Samus jabbed her arm cannon into his mouth and fired off a charged annhiliator beam into his mouth, causing Ridley to recoil backwards.

Samus then fired off five missiles in seeker spread formation at Ridley's chest, causing him to recoil backwards, only to retaliate with a barrage of his own multimissiles, causing Samus to be launched backwards and faceplant onto the ground.

Ridley then swatted Samus to the left with his long tail, but Samus enterred morph ball mode in retaliation before boosting between ridley's legs and dropping a power bomb that blasted Ridley forward before she unfurled behind him and shot a supermissile into his back.

At this point Ridley wrapped his tail around Samus and then flung her to the side before turning and firing off a huge red fiery beam into the wall where she hit, causing her suit more damage, but Samus soon came down off of the part of the wall where she imprinted and hit Ridley with a barrage of plasma beam shots, causing Ridley to stagger backwards constantly.

She sweeped the area with a flamethrower, bathing Ridley in fire, but the cunning space dragon emerged from the inferno and shot forth two thin green needles of energy that impacted Samus' shoulder plating and caused her to fall to her knees, letting ridley grab her between his jaws and fling her to the side.

But as Samus flew to the side, she screw attacked back towards Ridley and smashed into his front, causing him to recoil backwards before she enterred morph ball mode and boost balled upwards, smashing him in the chin and then unmorphing to grab him by the Jaw and swing herself onto the top of his head.

At this point Samus repeatedly fired her annhialiator beam at the top of his head, causing Ridley to lurch and recoil as the matter-antimatter shots hit him constantly before she finished with a charged shot that caused Ridley to let loose an unearthly shriek of pain.

But before the two could continue their battle, two portals consumed them both and sent them flying through the vastness of the Omniverse before dumping them in opposite parts of a strange and mysterious city.
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Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions. We all love them.   Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. I_icon_minitimeFri 30 Dec 2011, 11:03 am


Casey Jr.: Come down the track, with a smokin' stack.

A circus locomotive chugged lazily across the nighttime landscape of Toontown. This was Casey Jr., the circus train, the one who carried Dumbo.

Casey whistled a small tune while puffing down the tracks. However, the peace was soon cut off when a portal appeared before him. Casey found himself accelerating uncontrollably!

The circus train was pulled in, surrounded by blue lights, flashing, crackling, popping...


A ball of energy knocked Casey Jr. off-course!

The train veered left. Casey flailed his front wheels in a panic. "Oh no!" he cried, through his whistle.

Another portal had opened, leading to a second set of train tracks, again traveling at night.

Now, Casey Jr. had lived through the Nazi era in America. He'd overheard enough to know that Nazis were nasty people.

And for some reason, a Nazi train was coming straight for him! A menacing German locomotive lamp pierced the night sky like one of Kirby's cutter blades.

Casey's eyes widened and he turned around in a panic, chugging away from the Nazi train. Casey hopped to the side of the train, and he saw a group of miserable-looking people inside... they must have been Jewish, for the Nazis persecuted Jews for no apparent reason. Hitler knew. But not Casey.

And so Casey knew exactly what he had to do.

The circus train chugged back to the tracks, alining his wheels all the way to his coal tender. Then he let loose his famous cry: "All aboard! Let's go!"

His wheels spun wildly, and the cartoon locomotive took off like a rocket. He careened down the tracks, gritting his teeth. He hated Nazis. Many a time he had almost been killed by the Nazis of the Disney universe: the ones from Nutziland.


The first car was split open. The Nazi train's engine screeched to a halt, sparks flying all over the place. "Eh?" asked a sentry, marching down the line of cars. He screamed when he saw Casey glaring at him. He fumbled with his gun. "B-b-b-bleiben sie weg!" he stuttered.

Casey smacked him with his piston. The Nazi soldier fell off the tracks.

Casey carefully stepped over the soldier... he could do that. He's a Toon, after all. Then he continued his pursuit.

"Disembaaaaaark!" he twittered to the people in the car. They wasted no time, and piled out of the car.

Casey Jr. continued this process until he reached one particular car.

When he yelled for the Jews to get out of the car, one particular girl stood there in shock. Casey heard the horrible clomping of German boots marching down the corridors.

"Wer sind Sie?" asked the girl.

She was of average height for a 15-year-old girl of the '40s. She looked German, but spoke as if she had lived in Holland for a long time. She wore a collared shirt over an undershirt, with rolled-up sleeves. She was also wearing pants.

"Whaaaa?" whistled Casey.

"You do not speak German..." the girl noted.


"Good. I thought I might have to put up with that language again. I am Annelies Frank, but you can call me Anne."

"You speak fluently."

"I can understand you as well, even though you are speaking through your train whistle. Who are you? You look silly, as if you had come from a Disney cartoon."

"Hey!" Casey whistled, appalled.

"You must get away... the soldiers are almost here," said Anne, looking behind her.

"Please, get off of the train!" Casey panicked.

"I cannot, they will---"

"Huh, when will they find out?"

"Good point," Anne said. "But the Nazis will be after you!"

"Just get off!"

Anne hesitated. "Wage es nicht abspringen!" the soldiers shouted down the corridor.

Then she jumped. Casey sprang her onto his boiler, wriggling until she was safely in Casey's red cabin.

The train jumped off the tracks just as the angry Nazis were firing after him.

And he fell into a portal...

Magolor: Meet with an old friend halfway.

The Lor Starcutter was pulled into the portal. "Hey! I didn't open this up!" I yelled. "Turn around, Lor! Turn back! Open a portal or something!"


A familiar face hit the window.

"Toad? Is that you?" I asked.

"Mmmhphmmphhhgg..." he groaned.

I let him in.

"Well, Magolor, it's been a long time. I think this is going to be another one of these crazy dimensional clashes or something, because I'm sitting here with you again. I wonder where Kate is."

Another figure tumbled through the door: a girl tall for her age, blond, with a ponytail and a bucket clipped to her belt. "Speak of the devil," Toad observed.

"Magolor? Toad? Is this another one of these crazy crossovers?" asked Kate.

"Apparently so," I said, shrugging. "I hope we all make it alive again."

We were hurtling through the Doomers' dimension... a transition world in between dimensions. I've heard that many species had been lost here for their energy. I hope the Doomers won't go all over the Lor.

"I wonder how the others are doing," Toad asked. "How're Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede?"

"They've been fine. All my sins forgiven, Toad," I replied, tapping buttons and turning dials. "Hey, we appear to be approaching a city from the Pokemon place."

"You mean we might see Daphne and Marcus and everybody again?"

"I'm not sure," I replied. “I mean, their continent is HUGE. They could be on the other side of it for all we know.”

The Lor Starcutter soared into the skies of a city. I looked around. “Well, this isn’t so bad--- OH MY GOSH GIANT ROBO-OWL.”

“Not him again,” Toad grumbled.


Aw, crud. Don’t tell me we hafta beat up the guy who ate Santa’s reindeer. I bet he’s still craving the taste of reindeer sausage. PERCY WHY DID YOU NOT SAVE REINDEER SAUSAGE.

Well, the Lor Starcutter emerged from a portal and we looked to the left. Our old “friend” Clockwerk was sending Kamikaze Falcons all over the place.

“What the HECK is the matter with him?!” Magolor cried. “He’s sending these crazy bomb-birds for no apparent reason.”

“He’s evil,” Kate answered. “That answers pretty much any question about a villain in the simplest manner.

“Well, I hope he didn’t notice the Lor,” Magolor replied. “Let’s go around. WAY around.”

The airship turned sharply to the right and flew away from Clockwerk. FAR away.

Like, on the other side of the city. “Sucka!” I jeered to myself. “Ha-ha!”

I saw a few stray Thunderbolts attacking Clockwerk. Looking down, I found some Pokemon trying to fight back. “I feel sorry for those guys,” I said, shaking my head.

The Lor Starcutter parked in the plaza. The ship slowly descended, and a door opened on the side. We ran out---


Sorry. I just crashed into a girl.

“Sorry! Oops!” I apologized quickly.

The girl rubbed her bottom. “Ow. That’s OK...” she said.

She had a Dutch accent, and dressed in ‘40’s clothing, but I’m not sure who she is. After all, I don’t know much about the history of Earth. She could just be any random girl.

“Well, I see you’re not having any difficulty traveling,” I observed, looking at the train behind her. It was alive!

Um, sorry, HE was alive.

Mickey Mouse told me about Casey Jr. and Dumbo in the last tournament. I wanted to meet him... after all, one of my cousins is a train conductor, and I thought he might like to meet Casey as well.

“Casey Jr.?” I asked the train.

The train’s boiler wiggled as if he was nodding.

“Ah, OK. Sweet. Trains are cool.” Casey looked happy and prideful at the comment. I turned back to the girl. “So... sorry for bumping into you.”

“Ah, it is quite alright,” she replied. “But who are you?”


“You don’t exactly look like one.”

“Um, er...” She comes from a time when video games weren’t invented. How the HECK am I supposed to explain this to her?!

“Ah, I’ll explain later. Too complicated. The girl in blond is Kate. The guy in the blue hood is Magolor. And who are YOU?”

“Annelies Marie Frank, just call me Anne.”

“Ah. OK. Sweet name. Rolls off the tongue---”

“Pronounce it ‘Ah-nay.’”

“Wow. That’s cool. I imagine most people just say ‘Anne.’”

“Since the name is derived from Annelies---”

“Guys, something’s wrong!” Magolor called. Casey, Anne, and I looked down the street.

He was right, of course. There’s always something wrong in a big crossover like this.

A man in a black suit with orange lights snaking across it was running around and slashing people with two razor-sharp Frisbees.

“Wow. I always thought Frisbees were just toys,” I observed, running down to the street.

Big mistake.

The weirdo turned to look at us. We couldn’t see his ugly mug, because it was covered by a black helmet. The guy charged.

“Okay, you know what, I officially hate this guy,” I grumbled, pulling out my signature Mario Party Squeaky Hammer.

I smacked him into the ground. BANG-PIKO!

“HA! Let’s see you slash innocent people to death NOW, ya jerk!” I taunted, raising my hammer again.

Then I noticed something. Several kids were appearing through portals... they looked familiar. Oh, yeah! John, Rose, Dave, and Jade!

“Hey guys!” I called. “Nice weather we’re havin’!”

The Frisbee Killer tried to get out of the concrete. “No you don’t,” Anne said, stomping on his helmet.

He was out cold.

I laughed. “Wow. To think this guy was beat up with a giant squeaky hammer and a shoe,” I hooted.

But then the ground burst in front of us and the Frisbee Killer threw his two discs at both of us. We ducked. I turned to Anne. “How are you at catching Frisbees?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t been outside in a long time---”



We dodged the Frisbees again.

Then the Frisbee Killer tried to get at ME of all people in close combat.

“Anne! Do something!”

“What?” she asked. “I can’t do anything!”

“Throw something at him!”

Anne picked up a brick and hurled it.

Lucky her. It hit Frisbee Killer in the back of the head. HA! Glad you have your helmet NOW, ain’tcha!”

I kicked him. “Sucker!”

I ran back to Anne. “Where’d you learn to throw like that?”

“Well, before I went into hiding, I used to play around with my friends sometimes,” she replied.

“I’m guessing you played dodgeball or something.”


“Ah, let’s get back to the Lor before he comes to,” I said, grabbing her arm and running back to Magolor.

“Wow. Anne, you’re good,” Magolor observed.

“Thanks,” she replied. “You know, I’m glad I ended up here instead of a concentration camp.”

“Um, sometimes, this gets worse than concentration camps. I mean, there’s bad guys that just go around killing people because they can. Like Mr. Big Evil Robo-Owl up there.”

I pointed at Clockwerk. “Look at him. The evil glow in his eyes... the angry glint of steel on his feathers... his evil robo-falcon henchbirds. I wish I could punch him in the face, but he’d bite my arm off like a soufflé.”

“But still. The Nazis don’t feed you. They just let you die,” Anne replied.

“Speaking of feeding... Who’s hungry? The Lor’s got a few snacks on board,” Magolor asked.

“I think we’re all hungry, but as long as you don’t have airplane peanuts...”

“Well, ah, heh-heh...” Magolor chuckled nervously.

“Forget the peanuts, we’re gonna get ice cream,” I said, looking down the street at an ice cream parlor.

“Well, give me a cup,” said Magolor. “I don’t like the feeling of ice cream dripping down my hand.”

“Dude, you have gloves.”

We ran down the street (Casey and Magolor stayed behind) and went into the shop.

“How may I help you?” asked the man at the counter.

“Um, can we have 3 cones and a cup?” asked Kate.

“Sure, what flavor?”

“Mint chip for me,” Kate said. “What about you guys?”

“Vanilla,” Anne decided, looking at the tubs in the glass case.

“Chocolate!” I cheered.

We got our cones, and Magolor’s cup. We walked leisurely back to the plaza.

Really didn’t fit the environment. Birds flying down everywhere, people screaming.

The plaza was peaceful. Surprising.

Magolor took the cup. “Thanks. I love Cookies ‘n Cream,” he said, sitting down and beginning to eat.

Anne and I sat down. Kate went around... and her ice cream plopped on Anne’s head.

Anne looked up at it, annoyed.

“Oops, sorry, Anne,” Kate said.
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Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions. We all love them.   Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. I_icon_minitimeSun 01 Jan 2012, 4:31 pm

Meta Knight: Arrive.

I stood in a city next to a cartoon character. "Mulan. This is terrible. I told you the Omniverse was in grave danger!"

I looked up and saw a familiar sight: Kamikaze Falcons flying down everywhere. This must have been the work of Clockwerk, the villainous owl that was in the last tournament.

I am so sorry. I am getting ahead of myself. I must explain.

In a nutshell, I had gone out for a brisk walk on New Year's Day. It had freshly snowed, and it was whiter than White Wafers. Cappies and Waddle Dees were out there playing around in the snow. I talked with King Dedede some, then I was pulled into a portal (under King Dedede's advisory, it was a good idea because it was a sign the Omniverse was once again in danger). However, I was attacked by Sphere Doomers because of my kinetic energy.

I had fallen to Disney's Imperial China and met Mulan. We introduced each other, and I found that I had to use the bathroom. Mulan let me use her restroom before inviting me to stay in her home for a while. She poured us tea, and I explained to her the nuances of the Dimensional Clash, and why I was here. Suddenly, we were pulled into another portal and dumped here.

That is my story.

And now, we are here.

We walked down the street. I looked up at Mulan. "Stay calm," I said. "It is a lot to take in, but it should not be a shock."

"Meta Knight, is that you?" called a familiar voice. Magolor!

"Magolor, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well, first of all, sorry, Meta Knight, for what happened in the last tourney--"

I chuckled. He still thought I was mad about that. It is hard to tell. My eyes glowed pink in amusement. "There is no need. All has been forgiven for a long time. In fact, I have something else to ask: How is the vacation home in Dream Land coming along?"

"It's just fine. I mailed in the paperwork yesterday before I set off for Halcandra... I told Kirby if any documents addressed to me arrived at his house, he should keep 'em in his mail box."

"Ah, yes, Kirby is responsible. However, I take it you did not make it to Halcandra?"

"Nope. Sidetracked over here by a portal! That's where Kate and Toad were found, as well. I let them in, don't worry. We landed here, and we met Casey Jr. and Annelies Frank (just call her Anne)."

"Casey Jr.? I know you," Mulan said.

"Same here," whistled Casey Jr., the locomotive.

"You are both from the Disney universe, are you not?" I asked.

"Yep. We sometimes see each other, when Casey has something to bring to China," Mulan replied.

"Alright. Hmm, are you eating ice cream?" I asked Magolor.

"We WERE, but Kate dropped hers on Anne's head."

"Where are they?"

"Oh, Anne's busy chasing Kate around."

"What the devil---?"

Kate crashed into me.

Another girl followed suit. "Would you two mind your manners?!" I scolded.

"I'm so sorry, Meta Knight," Kate apologized. "And sorry, Anne! For the last time, I said I'm sorry!"

"Why can you two not handle this in a mature manner?! Kate, you are almost fourteen, is it not high time to be mature? And you... I am guessing you are Anne Frank. You look to be fifteen! You should be ashamed of your behavior."

"We're sorry," they both said, hanging their heads. Anne brought her head back up. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Sir Meta Knight," I replied simply.

"Kate, I'm sorry for getting mad at you. Accidents happen," Anne said, turning to Kate.

"Well, I am glad to see you two make up," I said, satisfied.

Mulan looked around. "Don't you think we shouldn't linger here? Somebody nasty's gonna try to kill us."

"Already happened. We took care of it, post-haste," Toad replied. "Some weird guy in a glowing black-and-orange suit attacked us with killer Frisbees. I gave him a whack with my squeaky hammer."

My eyes glowed pink again. Ah, Toad and his squeaky hammer. A comfort to see something familiar. I smiled behind my mask.

Toad: Introductions.

"Well, I think it's high time we switched gears and introduced ourselves to the new girl," I said. "I'm Toad, if ya haven't already guessed. The gal in blond's Kate, and the German-Dutch kid's Anne. You know Casey and Mety. Oh, yeah, and the guy in the blue robe is Meta Knight. His ship, the Lor Starcutter, is parked over there. By the way, you guys gotta use the bathroom? Because I gotta pee REAL bad!"

"Bathroom's in the Lor. In fact, why don't we all get into the ship for a bit? We can talk in there."

"I doubt Casey would fit," Anne observed.

"The Lor's bigger than it looks. Plus, the big problem is the door, isn't it? Well, don't worry. I really designed the Lor to fit Kirby-sized people like me or Kirby. But trust me, it's roomy in there."

We went into the Lor. Casey chugged right on in, as Magolor changed the door size to accomodate different people.

"Well, here we are, Lor, sweet Lor," Magolor said. "Oh, yeah. Toad, bathroom. Down the front hallway, to the left."

"Thanks," I said, running to the bathroom.

Though I wasn't sure where the men's room was. They both showed balls (which I presume were Kirbies).

"Um, Magolor, which one's the men's room?" I called.

"Left door."

"OK, thanks."

And I went in and did my business.

Magolor: Squadala! We're off!

When Toad came back out of the bathroom, I said, "We have to find a bit more about this place. So we're going for a joy ride."

"But what about Clockwerk?" asked Toad.

"That's why I have the Star Shooter in the emblem," I replied. "Nothing to worry about."

The Lor Starcutter rose into the air and soared high above the city.

LOCATION: Citadark Isle

Miror B.: Let the Music Play!

"In the Unova region, there are many powerful Pokemon just waiting to be transformed into our fighting machines!" Grand Master Greevil said. "So, I'm sending you two to get over there with the rest of Cipher in order to Snag these Pokemon and turn them into Shadow Pokemon."

"You got it, boss!" I said, flashing a disco pose.

"Please, Miror B., not another dance," Lovrina complained.

"Aw, Lovrina, ya know it's my thing! Well, let the music play!"

"Ludicolo! Come on out!" I said cheerfully. "We're going on a trip!"

My Poke Ball popped open, and Ludicolo jumped out. "Ludi-Ludicolo!" he cheered.

Lovrina rolled her eyes. "Just get on. Oh, yeah, Greevil, should we bring our secret weapon?" she asked.

Greevil grinned evilly and handed her a Master Ball. It was rattling, like something inside wanted to desperately get out and wreak havoc. Just our type of Pokemon.

We got on our boat, and sped off for Castelia City...
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>3rd Person


Shadows swayed to and fro upon the rooftops as a mysterious duo were making their many ascents and descents to the city jail. Finally, after many acrobatic performances and dodging of spotlights, the two managed to enter the jail, at which point they made their way to one particular cell. The faint sounds of rockets lifting chairs into the air and canes clanging against metal pipes fluttered on the breeze, but it eventually died down when the two got to their destination.

Slowly but carefully, one of the figures stepped forward, proceeding to carefully wield an object that the narration can really only describe as a truly pimped out cane, and proceeded to use said cane in order to cautiously mess with the lock. However, the eye-slot to the door flung open, and was accompanied by a loud uttering of, ”HEY GUYS!”

Sly and Bentley quickly went into a fit of shushing the loud hippo, hoping that the guards didn’t catch onto their scheme. The raccoon continued quickly in a hushed voice, ”Murray keep it down; we’re busting you outta here.”

Murray quickly realized the error of his action and quickly apologized to it, with his usual loud hamminess that made differentiating between it and his loud entrance a rather tricky task. ”Aww, sorry guys. Anyways, before we vamoose out of here, I have to say that the guards were a bit rough on me. Therefore, I would quite like to leave them with some ‘presents’.”

Bentley sighed. ”That’s… that’s just wrong, Murray. But I can’t stop you, so just do what you have to do.”

Murray nodded in approval, closed the eye-slot, and the sounds of heavy footsteps heading to the other side of a room could be heard. However, the two were startled when they heard some rather sharp shouts from the hippo. ”WOAH! Hey guys, there’s this weird portal thingy in my toilet! Like… I can’t explain it, it’s just some portaly thingy. It actually kinda looks like it’s growing or something. Maybe I can stick my hand in and- WOAH!”

After that, the room was completely silent, with the sound of some flushing being heard. At some point, Sly and Bentley managed to bust in, only to find Murray gone.

Castelia City; Downtown

Manfred stood at by the stand, his head tilted to glare at the newspaper. Due to the fact that he was filthy stinking rich, he could have just bought a copy of the paper, but for some reason the paper seller took some kind of foreign currency. This was quite odd, for the prosecutor had cash in most of the world’s major countries’ currencies, and due to how large and well developed this city was, it had to be in one of those locations.

The only way he can sum it up was that he was in an entirely different world.

At some point, he noticed that some cosplayers were nearing him; one in the style of Sherlock Holmes, and the other posing as what is presumed to be that Alice girl from Wonderland books. For some reason Manfred noticed that the Alice girl was slowly inching more towards the Sherlock-styled fan, and from the expression on her face, it was most likely out of fear. The prosecutor has always noticed that he had that particular adverse effect on children.

Eventually, after making their way through the bustling crowds, the duo managed to get close enough to get a word in edgewise with him. “Ah, hello there sir.” Began the Holmes fanboy, “I wish not to offend you, but you do seem to be rather out of place in this city, much like us two here. After we surmised our stories, we came to the conclusion that we both came by portals. I would like to know if the same incident happened to you.”

Manfred slowly turned, wondering just what this strange man was going on about. “Hm…” He began, looking as though he didn’t give a darn about their predicament, despite the fact that they might be help him figure out how the heck he got here, and also the fact that he already had the answer on the tip of his tongue. “Actually, I will admit that I may have found myself stumbling through a portal or two. Now, why do you ask these odd questions?”

The Holmes cosplayer looked as though he was about to explain some genius theory he had, but that was quickly interrupted by the sounds of the crowds screaming finally hitting a huge crescendo. “Just know that there may be some forces at play that we have not factored in. Until then, let’s go see what all the commotion is about.”

The trio quickly made their way to the entrance to the street, and immediately noticed the absolute swarm of people either dead or running for their lives. Upon looking up, they also noticed the absolute swarm of mechanical bird things flying around, at some point seeming to catch some kind of fire and quickly spin towards their targets.

Sherlock slowly pulled out a revolver from his coat pocket and looked up at the enormous amount of bird that had slowly began to set their sights upon them. Manfred as well prepared the TRANSFORMING TASER BLADE, switching it to its firearm mode, causing an electrical bolt to jump from the barrel for a brief second. Alice simply picked up a rock and stared fiercely at her targets.

With that, the three went in guns a-blazing.

Castelia City; Rooftops

Clockwerk admired his work as the Kamikaze-Falcons descended upon the population, raising their mass havoc upon the populaces. However, he was quickly distracted by the sound of an engine roaring some ways away, prompting him to turn around and notice some kind of spaceship. However, he really had no time to get a full admiration of the miracle of science as it quickly steered away.

This prompted the owl to turn back to his work, but remembering some of his old escapades. In fact, he once had a spaceship himself, until one of those meddlesome Coopers took it out of commission. Darn those pesky raccoons. Darn them all to heck.

Castelia City; City Sqaure

With not the least bit of care for any false sense of peace, the shell of Bowser appeared through a giant portal which randomly appeared, causing the rest of the giant Koopa to fall through. After gravity took its course and he was shot into the air, and then promptly landed on the spot where the portal used to be.

The ginormous turtle/dragon slowly began to stagger up, shaking his head in irritation. ”Grrarrrrh… Where am I…”

Most civilians didn’t hear this, as most were either running for their lives, or crushed by Bowser. However, after the plaza was deserted, another voice, this one shrill and odd, rang out. It spoke in an odd, alien language, but somehow the speech was able to understood by everyone, somehow sounding as, ”I could ask you the same thing, big scaly and ugly.”

Bowser quickly snapped to find the bringer of this insult, and lo and behold, his sights were set upon Midna. The Koopa King roared, ”OH! SO IT’S A FIGHT YOU WANT, HUH? BRING IT ON!”

At this, the ginormous creature shut his mouth and reeled back, fire spewing from the small cracks in his lips, showing that he was clearly preparing a massive burst of fire to inflict upon the Twilight Princess. However, Midna was no slouch, and already had a sphere of the mysterious energy of the Twili growing between the palms of her hands, ready to counter the storm of flames.

Just as planned, the Koopa King stepped forth, and spewed a massive wave of fire. However, we will not know what damage this did, because the Twilight Princess just as quickly threw her shadowy sphere straight into the epicenter of the flames, causing a massive counter to happen, prompting the first big and random explosion of this Dimensional Clash.

Furthest Ring

”Explosions… yup, this is going to be true Dimensional Clash alright.”
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>The Doctor: Arrive

Appropriate listening:

In the control room of his TARDIS, in between adventuring seasons with Amy and Rory. The Doctor was bored. Putting the edge of his sonic screwdriver on his lower lip, he sought a method to alleviate his boredom.

He recalled the Khorne tourney...the biggest mess the Omniverse had gone through since the Incarnate War. All the friends he had made, all the villains he had vanquished, and a battle with the lord of war himself.

Then it struck him...a dimensional clash was exactly what he needed to pass the time. He flipped a few switches on the TARDIS to search for large dispersals of Chronon energy that would signify entities being yanked out of their home universes.

And he soon found what he was looking for. "So the chronon energy from all these metaverses is flowing to..." he said as he looked at the display. "Castelia city...January the second 2012...alright, let's see if I can't get into this dimensional clash unauthorized..." the Doctor said as he pressed some more buttons on the TARDIS.

With that standard wooshing noise, the TARDIS disappeared from the Asteroid belt and started to flit through the time vortex, a vast Omniverse spanning structure like the warp and furthest ring.

Those monstrosities of the furthest ring and warp that could see into the Time Vortex more or less shat their pants and ran in fear when they saw this outdated TARDIS with a broken chameleon circuit flying through the omNIVRSE>

Virtually every Omniverse threatening entity throughout the history of forever had the Doctor playing a major hand in their downfall. And with the defeat of Khorne fresh in the memories of those omniversally aware entities, not many wanted to mess with this madman with a box.

As he passed through paradox space, his TARDIS' path brought him near an asteroid, and as the TARDIS flew through the time vortex, the TARDIS left a wake behind it, disrupting the path of the asteroid in the veil, and then continuing it's path, doing the same to a prospitan battleship.

Both of the objects were sucked into the time vortex, unable to stand the wake made by a TARDIS travelling between universes, forcing their frightened cargo to cling on to dear life as they flew through. "Oh dear...seems like I've picked up some hitchhikers...oh hold on!" the Doctor said before laughing.

"It's John, Jade, Dave, and Rose! Well...not the ones I met before...but still! Hah! We're going to have an awful lot of catching up to do." The Doctor chuckled as the TARDIS continued to fly through the stormy time vortex.

Finally the TARDIS arrived, and when the ship was done flying through the other two objects were vomitted out elsewhere in the city, as well as billions of other hitchikers, from bits of the imperial army from Star Wars and Warhammer 40k, to an entire Tau sept, to the Allied Army, to the Soviets, to Epsilon, to the empire of the rising sun, to the space pirates, and so much more.

But his TARDIS came somewhere else entirely. The distinctive blue box materialized nearby Alice and Holmes, slowly forming out of thin air with that standard noise before the last child of gallifrey opened the box and stepped out.

The Doctor looked out and straightened his bowtie and then said "I'm sorry is this an awkward point in time for me to step in?" As he looked around, giving a rather unreassuring smile.
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Toad: It's from Bowsa!

I looked out of the Lor's window only to find Bowser and a random explosion. "Oh, no. Not Bowser," I complained.

"Why not Bowser?" asked Magolor.

"Because Bowser always kidnaps me and Peach, and always makes us sit in a dank dungeon, and never lets us have any food!"

"Oh. OK."

We watched as Bowser breathed fire on somebody else. "Bowser. The only thing he ever does is breathe fire and jump about. How I wish we had an ax-lever," I grumbled.

"What do you need that for?" asked Magolor.

"To drop him into lava."

"Ah. OK."

The Lor continued on.

However, all of a sudden, we were blasted!

"WE'RE GOING DOWWWWWN!!!!!" Magolor screamed.

"Oh, dear," I grumbled.

"Pull up, darn it!" Magolor cursed, tapping buttons furiously.

"Everybody to the back of the ship!" I shouted.

We all crammed in the back. This leveled the Starcutter enough to give it a bit more lift and restabilize it. "What was that?!"

"LLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGIIAAAAA!!!!!!!" screeched something outside.

We all ran onto the Starcutter's bridge. (Except Casey.)

"Holy shiitake! Is that a Pokemon?!" I cried.

I see these a lot, seeing that Peach always uses me as a shield for projectiles. I'm still recovering from a laser burn.

Well, this Pokemon was dark indigo on the outside, white on the belly, and it had red eyes and claws and sharp teeth and spikes and everything that made a monster a freaking scary monstrosity.


Or, should I say, Lugia. (How do I know this? Pokemon screech their names as their calls. Sometimes it drives me crazy. "CHHHAAARIZZZAARRDDDD!!!"

Meanwhile, an army of Pokemon trainers were sending out these crazy Pokemon that attacked everything.

"You wanna help?" I asked Magolor.

"Eh, whatever," Magolor replied.

We avoided Lugia's attacks until we reached safe ground... well, as safe as you can get with a crazy bird shooting more crazy birds.

One zipped past the mast. "HEY! Watch the mast!" Magolor shouted after the bird. "Dumb birds."

He quickly wiped some of their poop off of the Lor's window.

The Lor descended down as to be shielded from any birds that tried to get at it (namely, behind a building) and we looked around.

Yep. Nasty creatures everywhere. Salsa music was playing, and some weird disco guy was sending out Pokemon left and right until he had an army of 6 of the same Pokemon.

"WOO! YEAH! LET THE MUSIC PLAY!" he hollered.

"Gaudy, much?" Kate grumbled.

Yep. This guy was the most garrulous man in the city. His 6 sombrero creatures jumped around and spat water everywhere. The man poured salsa into one of the leafy sombreros and dipped some chips into them. "Miror B., I think you're getting carried away," said a girl with REALLY long, REALLY pink hair.

"No way, Lovrina! I'm just getting started! Ludicolo! Energy Balls! Let's light this place up like a disco!"

"HEY! Nobody's exploding anything anymore!" I shouted at them.

They turned their heads. "Kiddo, don't mess with Cipher if you know what's good for you," said the disco man, Miror B.

"Geez, man, just saying, people won't like it if their city's destroyed."

"I guess, but we have to root out all of the Pokemon that we can potentially turn into Shadow Pokemon---"

"Miror B., don't reveal our plan!" the girl, Lovrina, said.

"Ah, well, after you've heard our plan, it makes no sense to keep you alive. You'd just meddle," Miror B. said dismissively. "Let's unleash XD001 on them, shall we?"

"Lugia, use Shadow Blast!" Lovrina commanded.

The creepy Lugia descended upon us. "Back in the ship, NOW!" Magolor cried urgently.

I made haste and scampered into the ship.

The Lor rose up and shot the other direction, charging through a swarm of birds (Magolor did his best to keep the mast intact) while Lugia charged up and fired.

Lugia chased after us, screeching and blasting random places.

“This Lugia, as you say,” Anne asked. “is it always this nasty?”

“I don’t think so. Those guys probably did something to it. That’s why it’s savage.”

“What the devil--” Meta Knight began before the Lor was knocked to the side.

I looked out the window and saw several Poke-birds attacking us. “Whaaaaaa?” I said, gaping.

Weird guys in suits were standing on the rooftops while ordering the birds to give us the works. “Pour on the speed, Magolor!” I shouted.

“I can’t, if I did, we would smash into the owl!” Magolor complained.

“Go around him, then!”

“I can’t, then he’ll notice us!”

“He probably did already! Just get this Lugia off us!”

Magolor steered the Lor way around Clockwerk, swerving through hordes of death birds (Pokemon and mechanical). Lugia was gaining on us. That last curve really tightened the gap between the Lugia-O’-Death and us...

Meta Fight: Knight-- no, wait, that’s wrong.

Let’s try this again: Meat Knight: Fight---

Shoot. Still wrong. Oh, whatever. Blue ball guy: Fight.

Yes. Thank you for specifying who I am (and bungling my name in the process). No I am not being sarcastic.

Alright, fine, Toad, I was being sarcastic.

Lugia was still gaining on us. “Shoot! It’s still coming!” Toad cried.

“I will drive it off,” I announced, climbing to the Lor’s bridge. “Do you want a piece of me?!” I shouted over the roar of the wind (and fulminations). Lugia screeched and proceeded to blast me with shadowy twisters.

I countered with my Mach Tornado, spinning the opposite direction to break the shadow cyclones. This certainly was not a normal Pokemon.

Lugia dove toward us, and I leaped into the air, spreading my wings. I pulled my sword hilt out of my scabbard, and pushed the jewel. Lightning sparked from the hilt as my blade, Galaxia, formed out of the hilt. It was a polished sword of Dreamlander brass, handed down for generations.

I started off with a Meta Upper. I slashed upward, cutting Lugia’s neck. The creature recoiled in pain, but my sword did as much as a kindergartener with a baseball bat. I corkscrewed into Lugia’s chest, but it gripped me with its talons and flung me down. I turned around and dove, before pulling up harshly back toward the Lor Starcutter. I looped around the ship once before flying back toward Lugia. It was like the most intense roller coaster that could be found in the Omniverse, but with no tracks and a crazed Pokemon attacking us with abandon.

I threw a Sword Beam at Lugia, and the Pokemon was knocked back a few feet. But that is not saying much, seeing that this Pokemon was more than forty feet high.

The Lor hovered nearby, backing me up with star bursts from its emblem. I was sure not to touch any: I knew how devastating they were from our battle with the ship in the last tournament.

Slowly, Lugia’s power began to wane. It began to grow tired of blocking the Lor’s attacks... tired of flying...

It dropped.

I idled for a bit, watching the Pokemon fall in satisfaction. Minimal carnage, but Lugia would be out cold for a while.

I flew back to the Lor, and entered the main room with my cape folded. “And that is how you do things my way,” I said, satisfied.

“Wow, Meta Knight, you’re amazing,” Anne complimented.

“First-rate, as always!” Magolor added.

“You’re pretty good,” Mulan chimed in.

“Over 50,000 years of training does work, you know,” I said, “kicking back” on a chair.

“You’re that old?!” Toad gasped.

“A little older, actually.”

“Wow. A birthday cake for Meta Knight would be a fire hazard,” Kate observed.

“Do you think Clockwerk’s mad that we sped past him?” asked Toad nervously.

“Do not be silly. I am not sure we were noticed, anyhow. I sure did not notice him, for it was in the blink of an eye that he had passed.”

We relaxed in the Lor for a while to catch our breath. Magolor asked us if we needed any water or food. “I’lI tr to expand my kitchen a bit,” he said. “No more airline peanuts for you guys. I know you hate ‘em.”

Magolor went into the kitchen and rummaged through his pantry. “Nope, nothing but airline peanuts here. Maybe a bit of flour and sugar here and there... a little butter and a few eggs... I know!”

I hear sounds from the kitchen. What is Magolor making? There’s egg-cracking... the smell of peanut in the air... page-turning...

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Castle Oblivion.

Who are you? You are Larxene member number twelve of Organization thirteen. You stand fairly tall and slim, with blond hair and antennae. You had recently been sent here, you have plans, plans to take over the Organization. Except, you only have one fellow conspirator. But no matter, now what will you do? You open a dark corridor and go to the 13th floor, strange, no one's here. Oh, well, you'll just think about how to take over the Organization. Then suddenly a portal opens up, and you find yourself in this strange metropolis.

Castelia City: Downtown
You begin walking around downtown with your hood down, and then decide to teleport to a roof top. So, you just wait to see what happens.

Castle Oblivion: Basement 12th floor.
Who are you? You are Vexen, member number four of Organization thirteen, you stand sort of tall and have semi long blonde hair.

Ah, yes, you had been experimenting on yourself, oh yes, how enjoyable to have the power of science! You had just successfully created a replica of yourself, except it isn't alive yet. But no matter, that will not be a problem ever again.

Except, a portal opened beneath your feet and spat you out into the downtown areas of a large metropolis.

Castelia City: Downtown

So, in order to figure out how they would react in the name of science, he lifted his hand up and blue cold energy appeared and shot out rapid fire at a few civilians. They were struck dead right there, blood pouring out of them. People began to panic and run, but oh no! Vexen had put his hand on the ground and several ice spikes shot out of it impaled several civilians the spikes then retracted and they fell over bleeding out. He then snapped his fingers and summoned ten Dusks to attack and they defied gravity with their strange movements but no less attacked and quickly defeated the civilians.

Meanwhile many many Dusks and Heartless began appearing all over the city while they attacked everything on instinct for the Heartless, and on orders for the Dusks, after all might as well obey orders.

Desert, Near the Village Hidden in the Sand.

Who are you? You are Deidara, an S-rank missing ninja who defected from the Hidden Earth Village. You are about five feet tall, and you have blonde hair that currently covers one of your eyes. You wear a black cloak with red clouds on them and a red line down the middle. You have blue eyes as well.

A 19 year old ninja stands on large flying bird made of clay. What will you do? You continue flying and looking towards your destination. You take the C3 bomb you just made and put it into one of your pouches on your waist. But suddenly a portal opens up and sucks you in, and spits you out above a large metropolis of a city.

Castelia City: Downtown

You look around and in these unknown lands decide it would be best to play it safe. So, you fly above a city street in the downtown and and pull out a small statue of yourself made from clay, you set it on the bird and ti expands becoming your height and everything, even able to speak, after all he is controlled by you, he even has the skin color and such despite that he's made of clay. You quickly jump off, as your hands form the seals. You promptly sink into the earth and move around underground knowing your way by sensing the magnetic pulses. While your clone continues to fly above downtown.


You sat with your most precious kitty and furrend! But first who are you? You are the troll Nepeta Leijon. You are around five feet tall, you have gray skin and yellow eyes with black pupils. You are currently wearing gray cargo pants and a black shirt with a green leo sign on it as well as a green coat. And you stand up and walk outside however you are suddenly thrown into a portal, and appear in a large city street where you see many hoofbeasts? And a giant shell beast fighting this weird being thingy?

Castelia City

You promptly climb up a building and jump across several, through out this incredibly large city, panic was everywhere, but you ignored it and continued on anyways. So, finally you see a large ship thing and you jumped at it hoping to land on it, while you happen to let out your excitement. " : 33 < wh33! this is fun! i should do this more often! ind33d this is fun! " You say rather happily as you jumped, you were certain you'd land on it.


So, who are you? You are the great leader of the Autobots! Optimus Prime! So, here you are driving about dodging air attacks from a few Decepticons, when suddenly, you and your trailer are sucked into a portal.

Castelia City

The portal opened you out onto a street.... What is this chaos? Many animals fighting, kamikaze birds blowing up, shadowy beings and beings in white jumping about attacking everything... So, you unhooked yourself from the trailer and transformed into your full amazing 22 feet tall robot mode. You promptly begin shooting all of these strange shadowy beings and the things in white.

Meanwhile several extremely large Autobot and Decepticon warships arrived and began fired at each other as Autobots deployed to the ground and began shooting at the Decepticons while they in turn fought the Autobots , in the downtown area.

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>Shockwave: Rise

Appropriate listening:

Having been dragged from your previous location forcefully by the temporal wake of the TARDIS, you sized up your forces and growled. For the glory of megatron you would take this world.

Stomping forward steadily, your feet plodded on the ground while your mandibles scintillated, letting out a low growl. You passed by a group of awestruck civilians before levelling out your massive and mighty AstroMag arm cannon, cocking the gun and firing off a huge barrage of missiles in buckshot spread pattern.

the rockets streaked out, leaving white trails behind them as their exhaust flowed out. The civilians had enough time to let out a terrified look before the missiles impacted the ground with terrifying force and velocity.

The civilians disappeared in a carpet of explosions that blossomed out in a furious cascade of red fireballs before sending out a storm of superheated pieces of jagged metal. Waves of pressurized air went out and shattered windows with a deafening boom before going to break apart building walls.

With a growling roar, Shockwave turned back and chattered in cybertronian. In response, a set of huge coils made of metal burst from the ground. made out silvery segmented metal that all rotated independentally.

Each of these coils were tipped with saws or jaws filled with an endless array of shark like teeth in a circular maw, all centerred around a huge central serpentine body that let loose an unearthly shriek.

It was the driller. Stepping onto his steed, he kneeled into the capsule of the beast and descended into the bowels of the earth, the beast making short work of the bedrock as it burrowed through.

Sensing autobot presence above, the driller soon emerged and burst through the ground, releasing bursting through the ground as a series of tendrils, many of them trying to slash at the cybertronian above, Aurex Optimus Prime.

Finally the main head burst through the earth before slumping forward on the ground, the creature revealed a capsule that unfurled, from which the colossus that was Tyran Shockwave stepped forward and down off of the step like formation of the Driller's coils before going onto the ground and cocking his gun and roaring at Optimus, all of his mandibles opening forth like a horrifying maw.

"Optimus..." Shockwave said, knowing that the figure looked familiar...but yet strange...different than the Optimus he knew...but it was an Optimus nontheless.
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Magolor: WTHECK?!


The ship rattled.

"Guys, how many times do I have to tell you, please do not jump-rope while the Lor Starcutter is moving!" I shouted.

"We're not jump-roping!" Anne hollered.

"Then who's turning the Starcutter into a bouncy-house?!"

Kate: Check it.

I climbed out of the Starcutter's main cabin onto the bridge, and found a kid with kitten-like features and gray skin bouncing up and down on the Lor's roof. "Hey, could you please keep it down up there? You're making us feel like an earthquake!" I called to her.

Magolor: Who the bloody f*ASJGSDFLKHAG* is up there?!

"Kate, who's up there?!" I called.

"Some cat-girl with grey skin tone and a green hoodie," Kate shouted back.

"So she's a troll?" I asked.

"If you mean the ones from where John comes from, probably."

I sighed. I thought trolls were a bit unorthodox sometimes. From the last tournament... Boy. That was weird.

I continued to bake my surprise in the kitchen. Now, I haven't made this before, but I think it would taste fine... I tried it myself.

Of course, nobody's seen my mouth before. No, the Dark Matter eyeball did not count. That was an eyeball.


The egg timer rang and I pulled the tray of peanut brittle out of the oven. "Certainly better than gay airplane peanuts," I observed. I broke off a piece. It was great for a first try... though, it could have been a little less... brittle. Which is weird, because it's peanut brittle.

I burst out of the kitchen. "Okay, guys, here you go. Who's hungry?"

"What is that?" asked Mulan.

"Peanut brittle," Kate replied, recognizing it immediately.

Toad broke off a chunk and popped it in his mouth. "Hey, Magolor, it's great and all, but it could be a little more brittle," he commented. "Because, you know, it's peanut brittle."

Huh. So I needed a bit more brittle in the brittle... Alright. But it's still great.

Meta Knight broke off a piece as well. "My throat is a little bit dry..."

"On it," I said, rushing to the faucet and giving Meta Knight a glass of water.

"Thank you. You are an excellent host," Meta Knight complimented.

"I hope I'm not still a host..." I said worriedly.

"What do you mean?" asked Toad.

"Remember when I was possessed by Zero, forced to perform aberrations that would normally not be part of my behavior?"


"I hope I'm not still Zero's host."

"Let me check," Toad said, yanking my scarf down. "No evil eyeball. Nope, Magolor, you're good."

Suddenly, warning lights began to shine. "Shoot!" I grumbled, typing on the console furiously.

The Lor rumbled, causing Anne to drop her peanut brittle. "First the ice cream thing, now this. Food does NOT like me!" Anne complained.

"Hey, Anne, there's more on the tray. Besides... 5-SECOND RULE!" Toad shouted, grabbing the brittle, dusting it off... and giving it back to Anne. "Yeah, don't worry. I'm sure Magolor keeps this place spiffy. You can freaking eat off the floor here. (Just not on Casey's train tracks.)"

Casey Jr. looked worriedly at the screen.

Toad gagged on his peanut brittle when he saw what was on the screen. "What the f--- HEARTLESS?!?! But I thought we beat Maleficent last time!!!"

"That's not the only thing wrong!" I added, zooming in on something else. A drilling thingy going about and destroying things.

"Shockwave?" Toad asked. "What's he doing here?! And why does Optimus Prime look so different...?"

"Wait, hold on! Time out," Anne shouted. "Who's Maleficent? What are Heartless? Who are Shockwave and Optimus Prime."

"In order? Evil fairy, evil shadowy creatures, evil robot, good robot," Toad replied. "That's in a nutshell."

"D'you think we should back up Optimus Prime?" asked Kate.

"Nah, he's Optimus. I'm sure he'll be fine. But we gotta save the civilians from the Heartless!" Toad shouted.

"Alright. Time for yet another skirmish," I said, pushing buttons on the console and dragging things across the screens.

The Lor descended upon the Heartless like a Lor descending upon Heartless. "Quit it or we'll fire!" Toad yelled into the Lor's megaphone.

"You idiot, that's not threatening at all!" Meta Knight hissed to him.

"Okay, fine." Toad turned back to the megaphone. "CREATURES OF DARKNESS! We shall only give you a single chance to cease and desist killing innocent citizens before the great and terrible Lor Starcutter makes you eat stellar voltage!"

"Better," Meta Knight said.
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>Ridley: Ambush

Appropriate listening:

You were perched on top a building, flexing your claws as you sniffed the air around you. A wing of space pirate aero troopers and assault transports were also with you, all parked on top of this building waiting for an unfortunate victim.

You didn't know how you got here, but you didn't care. This would be a new outpost in the space pirate confederacy. And a mysterious series of crashes brought you your army that would fight this war of conquest. You had made an alliance of convenience with the Nazis

Your forces were ready, and your mind was prepared. This would be another in a long line of military victories in your storied career. And luckily, a victim provided itself for you. As you looked up, you saw the Lor starcutter.

But you also noticed that it was already being pursued by souped up Me 262 Nazi fighters that were already closing in on it, their engines enhanced to go supersonic, their set of autocannons replaced with a single gatling cannon, their rockets replaced with missiles, and their bomb racks bearing plasma pulse guns.

The attack squadron of Nazi Jets first flew to get eyelevel with the Lor Starcutter, confirming visual contact before barrel rolling out of visual range, apparently giving it some kind of order as the rest of the attack squadron began to fire.

Their gatling cannons spun and then roared to life, sending out a molten stream of tracers from their 30mm barrels, each of these shells being armor piercing and high explosive. This was preluded by a stream of air to air missiles fired forth from the wings of the Nazi fighters, while their plasma pulse cannons whined before sending forth man sized orbs of electrified superheated gas towards the starcutter.

Deciding that this was the time to strike upon likely weakened prey, you let forth a shrieking roar that pierced the air before flapping your wings and taking off, prompting the other space pirates to follow suit, the aeropirates activating their rocket packs while the aircraft brought their engines to life.

You flew towards the starcutter, making an overhead pass and making eye contact with toad, roaring at him before turning your head to the ship and firing off a huge orange-red ray wreathed in fire to damage the ship and then winging over to let a squad of Aeropirates to catch up and fire a hail of purple assault blaster bolts followed by a deadly flurry of missiles and gel bombs.

Then came the skiffs who fired forth enormous purple bolts of energy the size of men at a fairly rapid rate as they tried to line up with the ship to allow their space pirate cargo to jump on and board the starcutter.

As you tried to line up for another shot, you noticed you were about to fly into some clouds that would make visual aiming impossible, leaving you only able to fire forth your multimissiles at the star cutter, sending sixteen explosive homing rockets at the starcutter, aiming them at the engines to try and bring them down while three nazi fighters got behind the starcutter and fired off everything they had into it's back.

((Also, check your PMs toad.))
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>Optimus: Who is this punk, is he feeling lucky?

So, you were just using the guns on the back of your hand to shoot Heartless when suddenly thing start getting destroyed, but then suddenly a giant serpentine robot with tons of coils covered in saws burst out of the ground and slashed at you viciously.

Well, you got slashed across the chest by a few and it hurt and you were knocked back a decent distance away. But you wouldn't let this Decepticon get away with it. "Augh! Who are you Decepticon punk? You have no right to terrorize civilians!" You say as you run up and attempt to punch him.

>Nepeta: Decide.

"Hey, could you please keep it down up there? You're making us feel like an earthquake!"
You turn your head and stop running and look around while jumping. :33 < what? oh, sorry! i guess i was just a little too excited to be on an adventure! You call back. But then suddenly several jets fly and then turn around and numerous attacks come from this giant wing beast with machinery. ":33 < uh, guys, can i come in... it s33ms we have some issues!" You say as a large amount of various weapons on those jets began to fire.

Well, forget this! You promptly run off and jump onto the building you had previously been on and decide to lunge through a window on the Lor Starcutter immediately so you smash through with your claws.

hi im a dumbass

Quote :
[15:54:42] Crim : goddammit why do people have to be so complicated WHY CAN'T YOU ALL JUST HAVE PRESET DIALOGUE.

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SHockwave: Battle on!

Appropriate listening:

Shockwave saw that this version of Optimus, while smaller than the one he was used to, still possessed his courage. And he was not at all surprised when this incarnation of Optimus ran up to him and punched him in the chest, causing him to stumble backwards.

But Shockwave was still substantially bigger than this incarnation of Optimus, some thirty five feet vs this Optimus' twenty two feet. Standing far larger than Optimus, Shockwave quickly reorientated himself and threw a massive left uppercut to throw Optimus away.

After this attack, Optimus would step forward and level his arm cannon at Optimus, then release a buckshot spread of missiles from his AstroMag, firing off a huge array of cluster weapons before stomping towards Optimus.

As some Heartless got in Shockwave's way, he simply swept his eye beam across the area, sending forth a lance of red energy that the cyclopean titan swept across the battlefield, incinerating those Heartless in his path before the colossus once again advanced towards Optimus.

Once in range, Shockwave would make a left slash with his arm blade before making a right swat with his astromag to disorient and then injure Optimus before he made a punting kick at Optimus and shooting off two arcs of electricity from his antennae.

As war broke out all around the city between the newly arriving armies, causing vast and widespread devastation, an wing of allied century bombers flew overhead and dropped off a large payload of bombs to pound the formation of heartless around them.

These bombs exploded into a furious cascade of fireballs with Nazi fighters immediately launching to intercept the allied bombercraft, where 25mm tail guns would take aim and start firing at their pursuers while Apollo fighters would break off their escort wing formations to dogfight the Nazi craft.

In the meantime, an Japanese Tsunami tank drove passed a street, crushing some imperial stormtroopers in it's path before stopping and rotating it's turret at Shockwave. Firing off a 90mm shell, the projectile glanced off of Shockwave's superbly well made plating.

At this point Shockwave turned his gaze to the tank and angrily groweled at it before lifting up the tank with his left arm, clutching his clawed fingers around it's barrel and ripping the turret clean off. After this, Shockwave opened up his maw and let loose a harmonic sonic screech that literally shook the chassis of the tank apart before liquefying it's crew.

His mandibles then fired off a stream of plasma and little electric bolts, the deadly mandiblasters to wipe out the other soldiers in the platoon attatched to the tank, frying them all almost instantly before Shockwave turned back to Optimus.

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>3rd Person

Felt Manor

The table was quiet as the smell of the dinner wafted into the greenly-adorned business room. However, even if it was, the four beings at the table seemed to hardly notice it. The four beings were also intensely focusing on an odd device in the middle of the table. This device in question being a clock, steadily ticking down the seconds. Whatever significance this has, we do not know, but what we do know is that it is essential to the four’s business dealings. Finally, after their patience had been well spent and the clock struck a certain point, the beings began to relax, ready to deal with their shady business.

The first being, Lord English, proceeded to rest his elbows on upon the odd, dimensionally-inverted table (specifically made to accommodate all the beings’ varying sizes, ranging from small to ‘how the heck did he get in the door?’), in a contemplative manner. Finally after, taking a breath, he proceeded to speak, ”I’D LIKE TO THANK YOU, UNICRON AND THE FALLEN, FOR TAKING TIME OUT OF YOUR BUSY SCHEDULES TO DISCUSS THE RECENT CHANGES IN THE OMNIVERSE. NAMELY, THE NEW WARP GOD, JOHN EGBERT, AND THE RECENT SECURITY MEASURE HE’S DECIDED TO START IMPLEMENTING.”

Between the interval of sentences, Doc Scratch, the fourth being, or at least a variant of him, decided to try and intervene with a brief uttering of, ”Sir?” However, if was evident that he was ignored, as his master continued to speak in his voice that, admittedly, most beings sitting next to him would find a little too loud for their ears not to be wearied. It was a good thing that Scratch didn’t have ears in the first place.









At this the time-traveling demon slapped his clawed hand to his face, shaking his head in the process. It was most likely at this point that the ”OH FOR THE LOVE OF… SCRATCH, YOU’RE OMNISCIENT. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, THEN SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT. DO YOU NOT SEE THAT WE ARE DISCUSSING THE VERY FATE OF THE OMNIVERSE? IF YOU’RE BORED, THEN GO PLAY WITH THE FALLEN; YOU TWO CAN DO WITH THE SHIP TEASE.”

Scratch was about to begin his answering, but slowly receded back at the utterance of the last part English had to say to his Cue-ball headed Dragon, somewhat dumbfounded at his own lack of knowledge as to what the heck he meant by ‘Ship Tease’. But nonetheless, the omniscient resumed his place of speech, ”Please do pardon my intrusion, Master English, but I must proceed with some rhetorical questions, which would proceed to my actual question. Now then, this is rather secretive business, am I correct?”


”Precisely. We have an interloper. And yes, I do know that we made quite sure as to keep any beings from following us. However, you do remember that this is a dinner, hmm? We had to have a chef cook for us.”


At this, another voice rang out from the kitchen, responding, ”W)(at? Yea)(, it’s finis)(ed. I’ll be rig)(t t)(ere.” At this, a door opened, and an adult Troll, adorned in an outfit that looks suspiciously like that worn by the Betty Crocker models, walked in, carrying a large, silver platter, most likely containing the dinner.

However, we’ll probably never know what the dinner was, as English got up to personally examine the meal due to, as he puts it, ITS EXQUISITE AROMA, but he just so happened to trip at the right distance so as not to harm anyone, but just enough so that his arm accidentally flung into the air once he was near parallel to the ground, causing the dinner to go flying through the air, and eventually, out a window.

As the time-traveling demon quickly got up, brushing off the dust gathered by his Cairo Overcoat, the Condesce was staring at the window where the dish flew through, but still managed to pull an aside glare at her boss. ”I baked t)(at, you mot)(erglubber.”

English, being the ever so ruthless pimp he is, pat her on the butt, responding, ”ATTA GIRL. NOW THEN, THERE ARE SOME RESERVES IN THE BATTLESHIP OUTSIDE. WHY DON’T YOU GO GET THOSE AND HEAT THEM UP?”

The empress-turned-baker sighed, knowing what this meant, and began to walk towards the exit to the Battleship. She knew that she would be exiting the Time-Field, and therefore, once she had been gone for five seconds, it would have been five hours for the Outer Gods inside, allowing them to finish up their conversation without her interruption.

How sad.

As she proceeded to head into the Battleship and head to some particular part of its halls, she entered the helm and noticed that the scenery was vastly different than from where she was. In fact, she also noticed that the ship was actually on, in some kind of air space.

How peculiar.

Castelia City

Sherlock smiled and nodded his head. “Not at all Doctor, not at all.”

Alice appeared confused, “You know this man?”

“Indeed I do, or did, will know, you could say.” Responded the great detective, answering the dreamer’s question. “The Doctor was, is, or will be, an old friend of mine. Time Travel is involved in this affair, so I do believe that it would only be natural for him to appear at some point.”

“If you’re done making out,” came the gruff voice of Manfred from somewhere behind the group, “I can use some help here!”

Indeed, for the Kamikaze-Falcons must have slowly had their intelligence get boosted from some unseen source, as they began to realize how to pick off the threats that are separated from the main group. Indeed, the birds began to slowly cease targeting the main group coming from/around the TARDIS, and were now all aiming at the prosecutor.

That’s not to say that Von Karma was totally weak against them. Oh no, not at all. The UNSTOPPABLE TASER WEAPON quickly morphed between a blade and a firearm, and he was skilled enough to wield it. Indeed, the massive blade made out of pure electricity slashed and hacked through the air, taking the many robots out of the sky in quick swipes, and once they were pelted enough, he just as quickly changed it to its Stun Gun mode, and fired several bolts of pure electricity into the swarm of bots. But alas, even that could not stop the swarm of birds as many of them slowly began to focus less on the civilians and more on the sharp-dressed man with the power of electricity at his hands.

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>Set Location

Session 612; Soon-to-be Doomed Timeline

He didn't think that the finface would actually snap. No, he just thought that the almighty Eridan Ampora would just stay in his little, pile-of-shitty-things-less corner and whine about being "so alone". But to just say right to their faces that he was going to take sides with the genocidal DEMON that completely crushed their hopes of victory, and was currently trying to kill them all? Sollux Captor would not stand for this. He especially would not stand for the fact that the scarf-wearing douche was intimidating his girl in the process.

The troll got up and walked off the pile of shitty horns, and took of his red and blue-tinted glasses, separate lenses of course, to reveal eyes of the exact color under them. Eridan, in response, whipped out his personal rifle, Ahab's Crosshairs. In Sollux's honest opinion, at least half of the time, it looked like a piece of plastic shit. Psionic energy began to build in his eyes, causing them to crackle with red and blue sparks. The tip of Ahab's Crosshairs began to glow bright, white-tinged blue as it was preparing to fire. Huge blasts of energy shot forth from the two sources and collided.

And just like that, Sollux was gone. No trace of his mis-matched black and white shoes, or his black shirt with the mustard-yellow Gemini symbol on it. The dust cleared, and it seemed as if he had vanished into thin air. To be honest, Sollux hadn't expected it either. It's not every day when a portal suddenly sucks you into it with a huge amount of force.

Session 612; Hours in the Future, Another Soon-to-be Doomed Timeline

Near the edge of the universe, flying at near-unrecorded speeds, was a meteor. It wasn't just any chunk of space rock, however, as there were buildings sticking out of it at all ends, and it was surrounded by a pulsating, dull-yellow glow. On the rooftops of one of these buildings, a young troll looked forward with nervous anticipation. Well, maybe looking wasn't the right word, especially for someone who was blind. Either way, looking or not looking, Terezi Pyrope was terrified. The one piloting this meteor seemed to already be succumbing to the sheer amount of effort it took, as mustard-colored blood ran down from his eyes and mouth.

She was so caught up with being worried by the overwhelming smell of yucky mustard blood, and the frequent pulsing around her blurry, scented picture of the world that she hardly even noticed when the portal opened right below her and swallowed her up. In fact, it was unlikely that anyone else would notice until they reached their destination as well.

A Distant Part of the Omniverse

In a dark void in space, something was reforming. It looked like a red energy core at first, but around it an aura of blue markings began to form, and expand. It stretched out wide, and then began to morph into a very specific shape. A very human shape. It shifted, as if becoming activated by some unknown force, and the human shape awoke. However, it was not happy. One might think that regenerating into a physical form would be very satisfying, but this only brought back unfortunate memories for Tabuu. Memories of defeat. Banishment. Loss.

His Subspace was ruined because of those stupid heroes, and he wanted it back. However, he knew that he was much too far from his world, maybe even universe, to restart his conquest. He was also too weak. He would need to bide his time, wait until he brought forward an army large enough and strong enough, and then reclaim his rightful property.

He remained suspended, considering these thoughts for a while, when he saw something unusual out of the corner of his vision (one really couldn't say eyes, since, well he didn't have any). He turned his head, and saw a hole, like a fluid tear in the void, opening up to a strange city. Tabuu floated inside this rip, and as he entered it, the rip closed, as if it had never been there in the first place.

A Distant, Unnamed World

He said that he was just going for a quiet, evening stroll. Well, this stroll was going to take much longer than he thought it would., for he had found something very, very strange. Upon arriving to this new world in his little group's travels, Fai had been very intrigued by the many small pools in the area, all filled with crystal clear and reflective water. This pool he was looking down at currently, however, did not show his face, but rather a large city.

He bent down in front of the pool, and poked his finger into the water. He pulled it out after a few seconds, and saw that it was completely dry. This was very peculiar. His curiosity was beginning to get the better of him. On one hand, his friends were waiting for him to return, and he certainly didn't know what would happen if he left them alone. On the other hand, if he dove into the pool, he wouldn't stay in that city for long, and there had to be some sort of way out.

A few minutes of mulling it over, and Fai stepped into the pool of water. For a small, split second he almost thought that this reflection was only some sort of optical illusion trying to trick him. Then he dropped into the portal, almost like some sort of cartoon character would after realizing they were on air.


"Blast that hedgehog and his Freedom Fighters!" A large fist pounded on a cold, metallic desk, as Robotnik looked up at the large screen above him, displaying a rather disappointing scene from the cracked lens of one of his many Robians. That blue hedgehog was going to and fro in a blue blur, beating the utter crap out of his poor, robotic soldiers. Obviously, this infuriated the man, who soon slammed a large button on the desk. This caused the PDA to turn on, and he began to make a very angry and passionate announcement.


He stopped, as suddenly a strange portal opened up between him and the desk, causing him to stop what would probably become another one of his silly tirades. Confused, he stared at it for a few seconds, and saw that the portal was beginning to slowly expand, encompassing the entire room. He panicked and froze in place, watching as the cold metal walls of his room were replaced by a city horizon.

In a few moments, he soon found himself on a very large rooftop, with his desk and everything in place. His roboticizer had even be transferred as well, for the test tube-like structure now stood right in the middle of the remains of his headquarters. Oddly enough, below him many of his Robians began to pop into existence as well, remaining still and inactive.

There was only one thing he could do now...He began typing his orders into the keyboard on the desk. Robians, go out and examine this city, and take any natives captive! This is a conquest mission, only fight when they fight back!

Castelia City: Downtown

"Hey! You should wake up now, Mr. Frosty Blue Sherbet~! Hehehe~" A loud, rasping, and faintly girlish voice woke Fai up from his lack of consciousness, as well as something wet and a bit ticklish scraping over his cheek, which faintly felt like...a tongue?!

He jumped up and wiped the saliva off of him, before a rush of nausea came from getting up so quickly. He quickly looked around to find the harasser, only to see a rather small girl dressed in a garish red and teal outfit, with what looked like orange cones sticking out of her head. Even more strange was the fact that all of her skin was gray. She was giggling maniacally, showing off pointed, shark-like teeth. "I thought you'd never wake up!"

"First, who are you?! Second, why did you lick me? That's just...gross..." Still rubbing his cheek, he tried to gauge the age of this strange girl. She definitely wasn't human, which was obviously just from those strange horns of hers, and she looked rather young. Maybe she was some sort of rowdy teen?

The girl looked up at him and grinned, her red glasses shining from the sunlight. "I wanted to see what you tasted like! Not bad, though I prefer cherry." She looked around, observing the various human citizens staring at her. Oh well, hopefully she could pass as a weird costume-wearing person to them.

She seemed harmless, so he decided he could let his guard down a little. "Um...okay then! That still doesn't answer my first question. Then again, I guess I should ask WHAT you are first. You aren't human, are you?"

"No, I'm a troll. My name's Terezi, and now it's my turn for questions, Mr. Blue Sherbet~" She still had the same toothy grin on her, and it seemed almost as if her face was frozen in that position. "Where are we? This place doesn't smell familiar at all..."

Smelling familiar was a weird choice of words, but maybe trolls had really good olfactory senses? The idea that she had no idea where this place was either was worrying, however. "I don't know where we are either, actually. I was somewhere completely different when I suddenly found myself here." He decided not to include the part about the portal in the water. That would be a really weird thing to include. "Oh by the way, my name's Fai, so you can stop calling me that if you want~" An odd clanking sound came from a distant alley, but he ignored it. It probably wasn't dangerous or anything.

Terezi heard the clanking as well, though much more clearly. She could pick out the sounds of footsteps going along with the noises. They sounded almost like Imperial Drones. She turned her head to the source of the sound, and perhaps just in time, as the scent of steel and oil surrounded her, soon to be followed by the burning scent of lasers.

The reality was that a group of Robians had stumbled upon them, and thinking of their lack of falling to the ground and begging for mercy as a sign of defiance, had begun to fire upon them in rapid succession. The fight was on. Terezi whipped her canesword out and rushed at the nearest Robian, slicing its arms off, and then stabbed it in the chest, ripping through the metal plates with a sickening crunching sound. Fai lashed out at a Robian next to him, denting its unusually large fox head with his kick. The thing went flying into a building wall and exploded, knocking out another Robian which happened to be near said building wall.

For the next minute or so the fighting was pretty easy. They would land some kickass moves on them super-deformed anthro robots and watch them explode or just die. Then the reinforcements came. Three very large, and very shiny crocodile Robians approached, all holding machine guns and various other forms of really big and explosive weaponry. Terezi readied her weapon for a strike against them, but Fai pulled her away, and began to back up.

"What the hell are you doing? I can handle those tin cans just fine!" She snapped, trying to free her arm from his grip. What she didn't notice was that in his free hand blue sparks were beginning to form.

"I'm sure you can handle them, but I doubt that you can handle their weapons." The blue sparks turned into a blue orb, which quickly encompassed them. Runes of a foreign writing circled the orb, crackling with magic energy. "Besides," Fai said, just as a huge barrage of bullets shot out of the guns, flying in all directions, "It would be really bad luck to have the first person I met on this world die, wouldn't it~?"

Now, this area they were in was a rather wide street, with many civilians running from all of this chaos. The machine gun firing hardly helped, as these citizens were promptly pumped full of huge chunks of lead in a gloriously bloody fashion. Their juices splattered the pavement, and finally some bullets managed to actually hit their target and slam into the orb shield. Surprisingly, instead of cracking the shield or being absorbed by it, the bullets bounced right back into the Robians.

Three more large and destructive explosions soon followed, which caused a couple of nearby buildings to burst into flames as well. The shield disappeared and Fai leaned back on a nearby lamppost, which was fortunately untouched by the flames. "Phweet~! Well that was fun! Still, I wonder what those things were. Guards?"

"Phweet?" Terezi sheathed her canesword, and then began putting it to good use, sifting through the scraps for any grist rewards. The smell of burning metal and gunpowder and just fighting was completely blocking her picture of the world at this point. "And I guess it was fun. I still didn't get to stab any of those big drones though..."

"Oh. I can't whistle, so I just make the sound instead!" Noticing her cane, he went over to her, and leaned down. "Um, are you okay? You didn't have that out before..."

"That sounds like the most fucking annoying thing in the world." Lifting up a large plate of metal, she found a small supply of boonbucks nestled in some of the wiring. "And I'm fine!" She looked up, grinning again. This time he could see through her garish eyewear, and found that her eyes were a bright, pure red. "I'm just blind~" She laughed, and then went back to her search for the strange, flashing coins.

"Oh! Sorry, I couldn't tell. I guess that's where the whole 'smelling and tasting' thing comes from?" He kind of knew something was weird about her, besides being not human. Still, he felt a bit confused. How was she able to get around then? She surely couldn't just do it by sniffing out her surroundings. Or maybe she could. Alien biology sure is weird! In response Terezi nodded happily, and then proceeded to pick up some more boonbucks and a few strange blue things that looked faintly like some sort of candy.

Looking towards the rest of the city, it was quite obvious that the same chaos prevailing here was going on everywhere else. There were robotic falcons flying around, a huge starship of some sort, and...were those giant robots? Fai rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and then looked back. Yes, those were the outlines of robots he saw in the distance. He also caught sight of some figure flying above the buildings, and a distant, black figure on top of a building near them as well. He was absolutely certain that none of these things were supposed to be here.

Of course, he wasn't able to think for long, for suddenly a couple of gray, faintly human shapes materialized from the ground. They were distorted and rubbery-looking, with the gray skin almost like a suit, and a large mouth of zipper teeth over a black, smaller head. Needless to say, they looked pretty strange. Nothing he couldn't handle, of course. They looked pretty agile, considering the fact that they were slithering towards him in a very unnatural manner, so he knew that just using fancy fighting moves wouldn't do the tick. He wanted to keep his magic in reserve for something more dangerous, however, considering that using it drained him quite a lot. Instead he reached over for a long, metal pipe-like object, probably from one of the robots, and lashed out at the creatures. He managed to snag one of them, and flung it against a wall, causing it to droop down and fade away. That was a bit easy, but he had lost track of the other one. Now where was it...?

Two long, rubbery arms came from behind and wrapped around his neck. Well, at least he had found it. He purposely fell down, smashing the thing to the pavement, which momentarily released its grip. He then whipped around, impaling his impromptu weapon into its head. It faded away, leaving him feeling slightly let down by the easy fight. He remembered back on his travels when he'd have to balance on pillars and dodge acid tsunamis, or he'd have to fight his way through squads of ninjas! This was just disappointing.

Terezi, meanwhile, gave an enthusiastic mock applause. "Bravo, Mr. Sherbet," She rasped, "I was almost entertained~! Oh by the way, there are some people close to us. I can smell them~" She looked up in the direction of the cloaked figure, and then towards the flying figure as well. "Let's hope they'll be friendly~"
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions. We all love them.   Dimensional Clash I - Random Explosions.  We all love them. I_icon_minitimeWed 04 Jan 2012, 5:33 am

>John: Stagger

Approrpiate listening:

Oh god you feel like you just fell out of the sky..which you did. The Prospitan battleship didn't exactly land all too softly. Jade shook her head and got up to her feet, groaning a bit as she got up. "owwww!!! DX" Jade moaned as she stood up to her feet.

"yeah, jeez that was one hell of a rough landing...how did we get here anyway? i just saw this huge multicoloured wave thingy." You said as you got up and shook your head. You looked around, the other passengers on this craft were equally disoriented, and Davesprite was blissfully knocked the fuck out.

You caught sight of the asteroid in the veil and your jaw immediately dropped. Rose was here too!?! And dave! And all the other trolls! You immediately rushed over, and indeed there you saw Rose, groaning as she stood up shakily.

But as you crossed the street, you saw the winged figure of a dragon flying overhead...but not like any kind of dragon you've seen before...Is that Ridley!?! The cyborg phazon enhanced space dragon flew overhead, breaking off from an engagement with the lor starcutter and let loose a demonic shriek.

Ridley dived down towards you, prompting you to run and get the fuck out of there, starting into a cartoon like sprint to evade a sweep of Ridley's flaming breath and kinetic beam, followed by a brace of meso bombs.

You ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off as Ridley's galvinic assault rifle turrets started firing off a flurry of red bolts at you, forcing you to seek cover while Ridley flew towards the meteor, strafing it with his beams, turrets, missiles, and bombs.

The seemingly unstoppable winged war maker kept this process up for a few minutes, attacking both the meteor and the battleship, but he then broke off, his cybernetically enhanced eyes detecting a new target.

Ridley spotted another human, and a grey skinned girl with candy cane horns. Scanning them, his computer systems immediately determined that they were a threat to be dealt with via extreme firepower.

Ridley flew up high to get above the cloud cover, disappearing from sight for a brief while. And just as suddenly he came down, letting loose a terrifying roar as he descended down, his wings stretched out, a burning orange energy membrane between the fingers of his wings.

Ridley went into a dive bombing pattern, firing off a flurry of red bolts and a brace of missiles followed by a strafing lance from his firebreath, eye beams, and kinetic beam breath weapon. As Ridley pulled up, he let loose a trio of burning orange meso bombs before flying in a wide circle.

Winging over to the side, the vile space dragon came around for another strafing pass, firing his vast arsenal at the group below, starting with a barrage of fireballs, followed by a sweep of his breathweapon and eyerays in addition to a volley of missiles, then dropping a brace of bombs.

As Ridley flew overhead, he passed an Allied Apollo fighter, barrel rolling to get above it, at which point he raked his claws against the top of the fighter, tearing open it's top before his tail slammed down on the nose of the ship, sending the craft spiraling towards the ground.

Fiery smoke engulfed the craft as it was pulled down to gravity's embrace, the vessel slamming into the ground and pushing up the asphalt in front of it before making a flip over, crushing a car before finally coming to a rest by smashing into a light pole.

The injured pilot crawled out of the vehicle and tore off his respirator mask, letting loose some strained gasps as he got to his feet. But Ridley once again came down, letting loose another flying weapons sweep at Terezi and fei before outstretching his claws and plucking the pilot off of the ground and tossing him into his mouth.

>The Doctor: Respond

"Well Sherlock, it's nice to meet you again. Got us a great big dimensional clash going on here. Well whomever is doing all this, I'm going to put a stop to it, starting right..." The Doctor said before pausing for dramatic effect as he pointed his screwdriver at one cluster of kamikaze falcons and turned up his screwdriver to full blast.

"Now!" He said with a shout, releasing a torrent of green sonic energy from his screwdriver at this cluster of falcons, calibrated to both destroy their circuitry and shake apart their metal frames in addition to simply brute forcing their chassis apart.

"So how have things been treating you Holmes?" The Doctor asked as he waved his screwdriver around to blast more falcons with his sonic screwdriver. He tried to stay within the virtually invulnerable defense of his TARDIS' extrapolator shielding, which could withstand and shrug off continent shattering missiles quite easily and extended for quite some distance from the device.

>Bluddflagg: WAAAAAGH!!!

Bluddflagg's freebootaz, one of the most skilled and feared band of mercenaries in the entire omniverse. Ever since the Khorne Tourney they've been traveling the omniverse, going from fight to fight, getting filthy stinking rich and loaded with lots of loot.

A fleet centered around Bluddflagg's stolen and hijacked and extensively upgraded space hulk the Judgement of carrion plied through the warp. Kill Kroozaz, smaller space hulks, and all sorts of other ork craft flew like a shoal of rhemoraz next to a shark around Bluddflagg's prized ship.

They were homing in on the nearest dimensional clash. Knowing that these sort of conflicts always produced people who needed their skills. As the champions were typically the underdogs in most dimensional clashes, the Orks preferred to side with them, as it was more fun that way.

With countless won dimensional clashes under his belt, Bluddflagg could have ruled an vast empire of metaverses, but he instead used his reward to produce an ever bigger and more well equipped horde of orkz.

Soon, the Ork ship dropped out of the warp in the skies of the city, and bluddflagg gave out the order. "Alright boyz! ITZ TIME TA WAAAAAAAGH!!!!! KILL ALL DA BAD GItZ AND 'ELP TDA GOOD ONEZ!!! DEN TAKE DEIR TEEF!" Bluddflagg said as he got to the nearest hanger and hulk jumped out of it, landing on the ground with such force that he cracked it.

The huge ork stood up while the rest of his most elite followers, the mekboy mister nailbrain, the storm nob Brikkfist, the kommando nob Spookums, the Deff dread Rippasplitta, an elite squad of nobz, and a force of flash gitz all teleported in while the orkish mob all flew down or teleported into the fray, picking a fight with anyone who seemed to be evil.

It was time for the WAAAAAAGH! To get started.
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Magolor, what the crummy lumpkins are you doing? Get your arse off the brittle and GET THE LOR OUTTA THERE!!!!

Sorry, Narrator.

Well, the cat-girl smashed through the window, and I looked at her blankly. “Please don’t smash my Starcutter’s windows. They’re kinda expensive to shape and place. Wait, you’re saying---”

The ship was rocked by the first missile, smashing into a building. “I suppose we’d better run,” Anne observed, looking at a hailstorm of heavy weaponry coming at us.

“Better idea. Lor! Open up a portal, you don’t wanna get blown up, do ya?” I shouted, punching some buttons. The ship backed up, and a star-shaped portal to the other end of the city appeared. “Yeah, we’re kind of out of options, because the missiles are coming right for---”

“JUST GO!” Toad yelled.

I made no argument and drove the Lor into the portal as the missiles detonated around us. “Ha! Suckers!” I jeered. “They’re gonna be confused as heck!” The Lor closed the portal behind us.

“I think I recognize the dinosaur guy that glared at me,” Toad said.

“Um, we have another problem,” Mulan said, gesturing at the reptile men that were barging into the ship.

They soon found themselves falling off the Starcutter, followed by a steel chair. “Wow, Magolor. That was fast and anticlimactic,” Kate commented.

“You smell something burning?” Anne asked.

I looked outside. The Lor was on fire!!! “AAHHH! SOMEBODY FIX THAT!!!”

Kate ran to the sink, emptied her bucket, and threw water at the fire. “Why would that guy attack us out of the blue?” Mulan asked.

“I dunno, but it’s time to show this guy how beast the Lor is!” I replied.

The Lor Starcutter did a flip in the air before charging back toward Pterodactyl-Terror, spitting out stars rapid-fire and creating homing red orbs behind it that would relentlessly chase our friendly greeters.

But as we flew closer, Anne gasped. “What is it?” asked Kate.

“The Nazis are here, too? There really is no escape from them!” she cried.

Kate looked at the 6-pointed star sewn to Anne’s shirt, marked “JEW.” She pulled out her knife and slashed it off. “Anybody asks, this isn’t yours,” she said, tossing it out the window.

The Lor continued to attack, spewing more stars before its mast glowed. “This is for all the damage you’ve attempted to cause!” I yelled. A tornado whipped up from the mast of the Lor, blazing forward and whipping up several of the ships and dropping cargos, while missiles smashed into each other. The debris was all headed toward Dino-Droid. The Lor would relentlessly aim the tornado at our attacker while it blasted with a hailstorm of its star bullets.

I set the Lor on autopilot/autodefend and sat down. “Don’t worry about falling over, this cabin’s stabilized,” I said to my acquaintances/friends.

“Why didn’t it work when Lugia came along?” Toad asked.

“Okay, never mind. Hold onto your hats--- well, none of you have hats, don’t you. Ah, well. Don’t worry about furniture. First of all, there isn’t much, second of all, it’s bolted down.”

“Shouldn’t we repair the Lor?” asked Anne. “I mean, it caught fire, and chances are, that bomb did damage.”

“I think I know that,” I replied. “Hmmm...” I typed a bit on the computer. “Assessing damage... Nope, the Lor’s 98% good. Good thing we were able to get out of there.”

An explosion rocked the Lor again. “Shoot! Don’t tell me they have backup!”

The Lor’s systems began to blink out. “Uh-oh. I think this is magic,” Mulan said.

“Given your tone, I think you’re referring to evil magic,” Toad said worriedly.

I banged the console. “Come on! Wear off, ya dumb spell!”

I think those were the magic words, because the Lor came back online. Just in time, too. A bolt of dark magic was about to hit us. The Lor barrel rolled before turning around. The others jumped off while I tapped a few buttons. I came down afterward. “You might want to get off, too!” I called to the cat-troll.

The Lor opened a portal and went in, shutting it behind it. “What’d you tell it to do?” asked Toad.

“Stay safe, and come back when we’re done beating up our foe,” I replied.

“Maleficent,” Mulan growled.

The dark fairy cackled and loosed another bolt of dark energy at us. “First Dino-Monster and now this. Can this get any worse?!” I shouted.

All of a sudden, a---

Never mind. Daroach: Beat up an evil fairy.

All of a sudden, a portal opened, and out came me!

“I smell a rat,” Meta Knight grumbled.

“Aw, you don’t like me,” I said impishly.

“You released Dark Nebula!”

“That was resolved years ago. You can thank Kirby. But I’m not here to loot and pillage... I only do that with my Squeak Squad. I’m on vacation.”

“I hope you are not here to release Dark Nebula again.”

“Why would I want to do that again? He possessed me!” I ranted. “That evil star with an eyeball possessed me!”

“Good point, but I still do not trust you,” Meta Knight muttered.

“Hey, why can’t you forgive this guy? He sounds just like me,” the guy in the blue robe said. “Oh, sorry. Apparently we didn’t do introductions for you. I’m Magolor. And you are?”

“Daroach. Leader of a band of thieves: the Squeaks!” I flipped my cape for emphasis, and tipped my hat.

“Show-off,” Meta Knight grumbled.

“Meta Knight, this guy didn’t even try to take over the Omniverse,” Magolor reasoned.

“I suppose we could trust him for now...”

“For now?! Dude, he’s not going to betray us. See? Daroach, you swear you aren’t going to hurt us, right?”

“Why would I do that? I’m a thief, not a murderer!” I said, widening my eyes and putting a paw to my heart. “I swear, if I ever join your merry band (not likely at the point with Mr. Happy there) I shall never betray you. And if I do, I swear I’ll take my own life with this Tri-star Cane.” I held up my weapon for all to see. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an evil fairy to beat up! The command guy told me to.”

I raised my cane and twirled it once, before firing off a beam of ice at that dark fairy person. Boy, you should have seen the look on her face when I turned her into a block of ice! “Ha ha! Love that! Now we have a few moments of peace to parley!” I chuckled.

“Daroach, do you swear to uphold your oath?” Meta Knight asked seriously.

“I swear on Mama Mouse’s reading glasses and my own life that I will uphold the oath I said to you twenty seconds ago,” I replied.

“Well, I can see now that all that had happened a few years ago involving Dark Nebula was simply a misunderstanding. I apologize for accusing you, Daroach.”

“Sorry for being so impulsive,” I said.

We shook, hand to paw. I even put out my other hand to show no crossed claws. Toes don’t count.

”She’s gonna blow!” whistled the train. He was right, of course. The ice was gleaming black, dark energy streaming from chinks in the ice.

“Did that train just talk?” I asked.

“No time to explain now! Prepare for battle!” Meta Knight barked.

The mushroom kid pulled out a hammer, the older teenager put up her dukes, the younger teenager whipped out a pocket knife, Meta Knight drew his illustrious sword, Magolor picked up a rock, the train raised its pistons like fists, the Asian girl drew a sword (where did she get that? Oh, a scabbard on her back.) and I twirled the Tri-star Cane.

The dark fairy burst from her icy cage. “YOU DARE DEFY MALEFICENT?!” she roared.

“Yeah, we dare defy Maleficent, ya ugly ol’ hag!” the mushroom kid shouted, swinging his hammer. Magolor tossed his rock, and Maleficent laughed at this apparently pathetic attack. But that allowed Mushroom Boy to swing around and get the dark fairy in the back. I threw a star at her and further blasted her away, giving Meta Knight a chance to strike. However, Maleficent quickly recovered and pushed Meta Knight out of the way, before creating thorns and stuff in front of us.

“Plants?! Ha! You know what happens to plants when exposed to fire?! They burn, baby, burn!” I jeered, pointing the cane at the thorns and spewing fire from the cane. The thorns burned away, and Maleficent screeched in anger.

She raised her arms, forming a giant blob of dark magic...

…and was whacked in the back of the head with a paintbrush.

By a little kid.

“Ado?” asked Meta Knight.

“For the last time, please don’t call me that. It’s the lame name Dark Matter took when he possessed me,” the girl complained, pouting and putting her brush back into the front pocket of her dress.

“Adeleine!” the mushroom boy shouted in glee.

“Toad? I can’t believe you remember me from the last tourney,” she replied.

“So you’re Adeliene,” I asked the girl, “and you’re Toad?” I looked at Mushroom Boy.

“Yep,” they said in unison.

“We definitely need proper introductions,” I said, shaking my head. “Is there a safe place where we can calm down and chat for a while?”

“There’s the Lor Starcutter,” Magolor said. “It’s a ship.”

I looked around. “I see no ship---”

“Watch and learn!” Magolor pressed a button on a car-key console. A portal opened up and a ship peeled out. “Sweet! You even fixed yourself! The Lor’s a beast!”

“How did the ship fix itself?” I asked.

“It’s ALIIIIIVE!!!” Magolor gave a spooky, ghost-story look. “Well, it’s not EVIL, unless you count the time where I was controlling it to kill Kirby... which I regret deeply, for that really wasn’t me. That was Dark Matter.”

“Ugh! I hate him,” Adeleine grumbled. “He’s such a meanie, taking over people’s bodies like that! I know how you feel, Magolor!”

“How do you know him when I didn’t?” I asked.

“Magolor was working on a vacation home in Dream Land. He was talking with our local landlord, Waddle Doo. I happened to be passing by, and we talked for a bit. He seemed a bit sad.”

“Regret... remorse,” Magolor agreed. “But that’s all behind us. Live for the moment, hmm? Don’t dwell on the past. Let’s get into the ship (and where that dumb dino-monster can’t see us).”

The Lor opened up another portal and sped through (remembering to close it) and opened another. We emerged in the ocean, looking inconspicuous among the other boats in the port. “Perfect! The Lor’s a ship. But we need a disguise...”

Magolor pondered for a bit. “I have no disguise mechanisms...”

He steered the Lor behind a large cruise ship. “Okay, that’ll do it.”

And we went through introductions, though I don’t want to bore you with the details.

Anne: Finally get a chance to speak.

I’m guessing it’s boggling your mind how my mind isn’t boggled, right?

Actually, my mind is blown. All this crazy talk. Flying ships... towers that display images and touch the sky like it was closer than it actually was. The future’s a little bit hectic if you ask me. I wish I had Kitty so I could write about this.

Alas, I left my diary at home in Amsterdam. Shoot.

Well, it was all strange, and what made it stranger was the presence of the villains that had attacked us: magic? Light beams that caused fires? I know about magnifying glasses, but this is insane.

And there was that dark creature, the Lugia. Never seen anything like it...

However, I decided not to say anything. I’m afraid they would get worried... but I’m worrying about what I do. What if I’m the girl awkwardly watching in the background as the others “get their butts kicked,” and I’m unable to do anything? Or what if I become the weak link, and they go after ME first?

“Anne, you worrying about something?” asked Toad.

“Well, it’s nothing,” I said, looking away.

Toad cocked his head. “Are you sure? I’ve seen that look before.”

I looked back at him and smiled awkwardly. “No, I’m fine.”

Daroach was arguing with Meta Knight. “What do you mean there’s no money involved?”

“Instead of money, if you survive a Dimensional Clash, then you get an entire universe to rule over!” Meta Knight argued. “Much better than money, I suppose, however, I turned it down.”

“What’s the point of a universe if you can’t make it have money?”

“Well, you could use it as a treasure trove...”

“But what’s the fun in treasure hunting when you’ve got no treasure to hunt?!”

“Think about it, Daroach. You can shape the universe however you would like. You could make tons of buried treasure waiting for your plunder!”

“Hmmm... It sounds good. A profit, along with the thrill of buccaneering.”

“Which is why an entire universe is better than all of the money on Pop Star, or even Halcandra for that matter.”

“Well, I guess I’ll be tagging along with Mr. Happy to get some money.”

“Mister Happy?!” Meta Knight was insulted.

“You two, can you please calm down?” I interrupted. “I can see you two don’t like each other much, but could you keep your grudges for later? Incessant rambling gives us a headache!”

Mulan was collapsed in one of Magolor’s few chairs. “Ugh. Thanks, Anne,” she groaned.
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Optimus Vs. Shockwave: ROUND 1

Well, you managed to hit Shockwave, but he quickly reoriented an gave up a powerful uppercut which launched you into the air and knocked you about fifteen feet or so away. But then several powerful missiles were launched at you, but you quickly stood up and shot several oft hem, making them explode. But there were still several, so you jumped over them as they flew under you but when you landed you saw him moving towards you and shooting Heartless with his eye beam. Then he suddenly slashed at you with his arm sword, but you dived under it and the follow up punch missed. But then as you began to stand up, you got a kick to the chest and it flung you a bit away and then you were struck by electricity. "Augh, I'll never give in!" You say as you stand up and then turned away to destroy a tank but as he did, you promptly let loose with the guns on your hands rapidly, hoping to damage him some.

Deidara & Larxene: Abscond

Well these two new people arrived, and wrecked a bunch of robots. Interesting, as far as you can tell they know about you and the figure flying above the area. You'll have to kill him now.

So, you, the great and amazing Larxene, jump down from the building, not bothering to pull your hood up. Anyone nearby could see electrical energy form around your hands and several knives appeared in each hand in between your fingers. "I don't know who you are, or why you seem to have an unusual interest in me and the man flying up above according to your gray skinned bitch, but you're going to die now!" You yell out angrily, almost a screech. As several coils of lightning energy form in between your fingers, into blue and yellow knives.

But suddenly giant dragon in metal armor with lots of weaponry came and starting shooting at the gray skinned bitch. "You're going to die now- OH SHIT! I'll kill you later~!" You yell out furious and in a very screechy tone of voice. You immediately turn around and run away at incredibly speeds, in a matter of moments, you're likely out hos attack range as you teleport onto the top of a sky scraper nearby.

Meanwhile, Deidara or rather, his clone noticed this strange gray skinned humanoid with candy corn horns. But suddenly a giant dragon in armor with weaponry began attacking them and launching missiles and bombs everywhere. "What is this shit?!" you say rather quietly and then quickly have your bird fly to a roof top where you see a cloaked figure, but you land there anyways.

hi im a dumbass

Quote :
[15:54:42] Crim : goddammit why do people have to be so complicated WHY CAN'T YOU ALL JUST HAVE PRESET DIALOGUE.


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The Candy Kingdom, Oooooo

"I speculate that the cause of your, Eh-hm, Gastrointestinal problem is from Indigestion. Most likely eating too much Chocolate Ice cream." Princess Bubblegum spoke, Jake lay on an Examination table in her laboratory making various faces of pain, from mild to severe. The princess wore a lab coat as usual when in her lab.

Finn stood nearby, wearing a doctor mask and the usual clothes. "Will he be ok doctor?" He asked. He was obviously worried, maybe because he didn't know exactly what indigestion meant in Magical dogs, or perhaps he was just worried because Jake told him that it was the way to get Babes. Either way, he was worried.

"I'll... be... fine. Oooh Ooooww. Fine, Fine... Fine" Jake said, grimacing in pain. Meanwhile the Princess was rubbing her head in thought. "Is there a... cure?" More grimacing and pain.

The Princess, paused for a moment, "No... He is going to die." Her face was dead serious. Both Finn and Jake made a look of 'OMG WHAT!' She quickly started to laugh, "I'm kidding, kidding. The cure is simple enough to find, the entire Candy Kingdom is made of it..."

"Candy is the cure?" Jake asked, he thought it was so incredulous that candy was the cure for anything that involved the stomach. Princess BB turned around, to her chemical tables and mixed together a couple of things. She pulled a strand of hair from her head and dropped it into the beaker where it sizzled and popped. She handed the pink mixture to Finn, who promptly smelled it. "Uck, that doesn't smell like candy."

"It's not candy silly, it's pink medicine."

"But, you said-"

"The cure for Indigestion is Pink stuff, not candy. The Candy Kingdom is made of Pink stuff!"

"Oh... " Finn handed the medicine and handed it to Jake. "What does he do drink it?"

Princess Bubblegum turned off the flame that was heating the chemical holding objects. "Ummm, I guess... Never really used it before." She shrugged.

"Ummm... Jake?" Finn looked at Jake who had already emptied the beaker.

"Yeah buddy?" His stomach grumbled. "Ahhh... That feels better."

Princess Bubblegum turned around quickly. "It worked that fast?"

"Oh no, I forgot that I could use my stretchy powers on my insides. But Finn was wrong, that stuff did taste like Candy."

"Jake, sometimes you are just wack with Poo brain."

"Yeah, so, Finn. What were we here for again?" He said completely seriously, this time he was not joking, and he had forgot.

"Your stomach hurts."

"No it doesn't."

"It did..."

"You sure?"

Finn nodded, "Yeah I'm sure."

Princess Bubblegum decided to kick the two boys out at that moment. "Bye, Finn. Jake. Now I have important experiments to work on, so both of you get out."

She closed the Laboratory door behind them. "What do we do now?" Finn asked Jake.

But, as he turned around, Jake had disappeared, and in his place a shrinking portal dematerialized.

"Waaaah, Jake!" Finn panicked.

Castlelia City
"Woah, Oh holy cow, this is more awesome than my croak dream." He gazed upon some random corner of Castelia, neither sure where he was, nor where the place he was, was. Thus, he considered himself lost. To his right he came to the group of screaming civilians and thus raised his voice, "HEY ANYBODY KNOW WHERE THIS PLACE IS?"

As he suspected, everyone was too busy screaming to answer him, so he turned to Finn. "Hey Bro, does your gut tell you where we are? I'd ask mine, but I think mine is br- Finn?" He quickly sweeped the streets with his gaze to find Finn had vanished! "FINNNN!" He quickly ran to every alleyway and road nearby and yelled "FINNN!!!" Down. No answer. He panicked, and quickly stretched to become a fifty foot or so Giant dog. And stretched his arm to become a mega-horn. "FIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!"

God knows where in the Atlantic
Revolver Ocelot sat in the Cockpit of Metal Gear RAY, preparing to take on the 'Patriots', which was at the moment, his only Enemy.
"I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! The information on the location of the Patriots was forged?" He yelled to no one. He looked at the screens of RAY, displaying that he was at the location, but there was nothing but ocean for miles.
The Bipedal tank swam in a sweeping pattern looking for anything, but he found... Wait. There.
"What in hell is that?" He turned the massive machine towards an eerie glow near a deep crevasse.
RAY groaned under the pressure of the water, and as Revolver finally got close enough to the glow to see what it was, there was a flash of and he was transported into a place he had never seen before.

Castlia City
RAY had disappeared, and Revolver Ocelot found himself staring down a long street, empty except for only a couple individuals, in a large city. A giant metal Owl, which he had at first mistaken for RAY, was sending smaller falcons off to destroy things. The sprawling city reminded him of New York, which he had left in shambles not hours before.

"The patriots are not involved in this, It seems like someone is psychotic." He reached down and unclipped one of his Colt revolvers, ready if any of the horrendous birds should attack him. He wondered if he could cause pain to a metal bird. He smiled sadistically, of course you could.

Thus he decided to take this as a challenge, and align himself for the moment against the Owl. He could honestly care less about the poor citizens of the strange city being attacked by the Falcons that burst into flames, but he figured if he was going to take on the Owl, he had to take out those falcons that were obviously under the control of the Metal Bird of Prey.

"If only RAY had come with me, I might show that ugly bird a thing or two. I'll just have to stick with the old fashioned way." He slid his hands down to the holsters and pulled his Colt Revolvers free. He proceeded pull back the hammer on each. He slid off his heavy leather coat and revealed his western wear. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! He fired from the dual revolvers, "DIE!!! Ha ha ha haaa!" All the while, laughing maniacally.

For those that break our hearts; who hurt our self-esteem; who think nothing of us; who don't want to hurt us, but do anyways; For those we love, who don't know the meaning of the word...

Have a nice day.
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Magolor: Do something normal for a change.

"Guys, hold on. I'm going to go get some groceries," I said.

"A guy buying stuff from the supermarket? The world really is ending this year," Toad joked.

"Har har. It's my Lor, and my pantry, and I choose to fill it right back up."

"But I'm sure they take a different currency than you," Daroach said.

"No. We're not stealing money," I said sternly to the pack rat.

"It's not stealing if they don't object," Daroach replied mischievously, his yellow eyes glinting.

We walked out of the Starcutter and swam to the big red building emedded in the side of a skyscraper. "Oh, good, they have a market here," I said, relieved.

I walked down the aisle. I heard a crash an aisle across, and saw a black creature jumping out the doors. Daroach quickly ran over there and came back with a load of cash. "He was dead, anyhow!"

"Gosh, Daroach, that's not nice! Even postmortem!" I grumbled.

"Whatever, Magolor. Just grab a cart and fill 'er up."

I pulled out a shopping cart. The calming music did not fit with the chaos and destruction raining outside. "We need a bunch of beans, and maybe a bit of bread. Hmm... some bacon? Hey, what's this?" I picked up a spray can. "'Potion.' Huh. Not useful for me. It doesn't look like air freshener." I tossed the can overhead.

I then proceeded to walk down the produce aisle. "Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet," I said, before going back and picking up two jars of peanut butter. "Daroach, which should I get? Skippy or Jif?"

"Neither. They probably have subtle amounts of trans fat," the thief replied. "Get this brand. It's got oil on the top. That means it's not bad for you."

He tossed the jar into my cart. "Wow, since when did you know so much about food?"

"I asked Spinni how she was so fast. She said it came from a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Hey, don't forget to pick up a block of cheddar cheese."

"Shoot, I forgot to ask anybody what they liked," I grumbled. "I'm just picking up staples here." I grabbed a bag of celery shoots. "Hmm. Fiber's pretty good for the digestive system." I tossed them in my cart. "Of course, you can't make ants-on-a-log without ants..."

I looked at a giant bag on the shelf. "CHOCOLATE-COVERED DURANTS" it read.

"Ick. I hate to know what's in there," I said nervously. "Let's just pay and get out of here before we find any more freak foods."

We paid the cashier (he didn't seem surprised at a giant rat and a floating armless guy paying at the counter) and headed back to the Lor.

"Back with groceries!" I called. "Can ya help me load 'em?"

Toad picked up a few bags and hopped over to the Lor's kitchen, while Anne, Kate, and Mulan picked up the rest. "Did you pick up any snacks?" asked Toad.

"Believe me, you do NOT want to know what they dine on here!"

Now that I mentioned it...

I looked at the bacon. "SELF-COOKING BACON: FROM REAL TEPIGS!"

"What's a Tepig?"

"A Pokemon," replied Toad.

The bacon was tossed into the water.

"I did get peanut butter, though. Celery, too. And some bread, eggs... and even candy. Meta Knight, I know how much you like hard candies."

Meta Knight took one and unwrapped it. "Hmm. Thank you, Magolor. You think of everything. However, I would like to know where you got..." He looked sternly at Daroach. "You stole money, you not?"

"A rat's gotta do what a rat's gotta do, hmm?" Daroach said cheekily. "Anyway, let's load up. By the way, the guy wouldn't have cared. He was dead."

Meta Knight gagged.

"Oh, come now, Meta Knight, it's just candy," Anne said, coming back out of the kitchen.

"It was bought with stolen money!" he shouted.

"Who cares? Airplane peanuts get tiring after a while," Toad said.

"I'm glad SOMEBODY agrees with me," Daroach said.

"I'm not a stealer, but we've gotta survive. Besides, we've got no money here, except the cash Daroach mooches off dead people... which actually is a bit creepy."

"Like I said: 'a rat's gotta do what a rat's gotta do.'"

Meta Knight sighed and sucked on his candy.
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"What is that?" I asked Magolor, looking at the giant screen.

"That's what we call a computer," Magolor replied. "It's a machine that uses data to display a variety of images and sound and perform various functions."

"Could it make breakfast?"

"That's what we have robots for. But I don't have any."


"Well, computers weren't invented until the 1980s, and weren't brought to Halcandra until later."

"Wait, this thing was going to be invented in the future?" I asked.

"Oh, wait, forgot, you were from the '40s. Oops, sorry for spoiling the future for you."

"Oh, was I not supposed to know this?"

"Well, the '80s had already happened here. Right now it's 2012," Magolor replied. "Eh, try not to let it freak you out too much."

"These doors are automatic!" I exclaimed, walking through.

"You haven't noticed?" Magolor asked.

"Um, no."

Technology always gets better and better. Why, if the Allies had this in World War II, the Nazis would not have had a chance... of course, nobody in my time knows how to use them. "Magolor, can you show me how to use a computer?" I asked.

"Well, sure. Just don't click on anything that has to do with taking off the Lor."

"I'll be careful."

Magolor sat me down. "Okay, this is a touch-pad computer, so you can just sweep your hand to move the cursor on the screen. To open a window, tap the console once on one of the beveled tabs on the bar at the bottom of the screen. To open a program, simply tap the program twice. I have a cool game on here that I play when I'm bored. It's called Minesweeper. Here, give it a try."

I double-tapped the cursor on Minesweeper. "This is new. How do you play?" I asked.

Magolor explained the nuances of the game to me.

"One question. Magolor, this technology is amazing and all... but it can be used for wrong things, can't it?"

Magolor sighed. "Can't it all?"

Toad: ADVENTURE!!!!!

I jumped out of the Lor and threw out a mushroom that expanded into a JetSki. "WHEE!" I said, splashing onto the sea and speeding to shore. "Whee! Whee! Whee!"

I flipped onto the beach and landed flat on my face. "That was fun." I got up and walked to the streets. "Oh my goodness, people are still panicking," I grumbled.

Incessant screams! Random fulminations! The works!

Ah, well. I sat on the beach for a while, humming a bit, before getting back up and sitting on a bench. "Doo-de-doo-doo-doo..."
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>Sylux: Arrive

Appropriate listening:

Through the void of space...the Bounty Hunter Sylux plied through the omniverse itself. Since the Khorne Tourney, he had taken to bringing justice across the omniverse, and made a very healthy living off of his omniversal mercenary work.

Whole dimensional clashes had been decided by his presence, and he always sided with the good guys. Guardians and Champions both had known his aid, while Malefactors and Destroyers had experienced the fury of his arsenal.

He looked around his ship, and took a long look at Jack Noir's skull. During the final battle in the Khorne Tourney, he had singled out and attacked Jack Noir to avenge Samus Aran. While Jack was vastly more powerful than he was, Sylux was a better fighter, more intelligent, and he was actually fighting for something.

Still, it was the hardest battle ha had ever fought, save for the one against the almighty Khorne. The battle was ferocious beyond belief, and Sylux had to give his all to come out on top. But eventually Sylux managed to gain the upper hand and gave a combination backstab throat slash that ended the Sovereign slayer forever.

Sylux had now made something of a habit of hunting down and killing alternate variations of Jack Noir across paradox space. Even Bec Noirs did not escape him, though he typically bumped into these rather than hunt them.

While any incarnation of bec noir had him beat in terms of raw power, he relied on his wits to stay ahead, and since Jack Noir in virtually any of his incarnations had an intellect that could be unfavorably compared to that of that straight F student that somehow manages to avoid repeating a grade that many people had the misfortune of meeting.

Still, his was a lonely life...even lonelier than the one he had led before the Dimensional clash. Whereas most of his fellow champions accepted the award of an metaverse to rule over after defeating Khorne and stayed in them to enjoy their rewards, Sylux merely used his as a storage dimension.

Sylux reached a hand to his golden helmet and activated a magnetic clamp on his left gauntlet before pulling upwards, removing his helmet and setting it on the table next to his control panel.

Beneath the helmet, Sylux was a young man, about eighteen years of age, his golden blond hair was kept smooth and fairly well combed, while his dark blue eyes betrayed a wisdom that did not quite fit someone as young as he was. Something that had come to him after all his time as a mercenary.

His facial features could best be described as boyish, were it not for his height he could be mistaken for someone two or three years younger, and he was handsome to those with that sort of preference.

But his job left him little time for Romance...especially since the closest thing he ever had to a relationship, one with a certain Samus Aran, back when he mainly referred to himself as S.V.S, his initials for his name; Samuel Von Sanders, back when he had some measure of innocence.

Samuel let out a sigh...over time, he had grown more grizzled, and yet, his exposure to the best the Omniverse had to offer in his time as a champion and his many outings as a mercenary for champions and guardians had awakened an idealistic side of him that had been dead for quite some time.

This was...very pleasant to say the least...It was nice to be able to see goodness in people again, rather than drown in cynicism. But yet, a depressing majority of the Omniverse could be described as villainous. More gave into their desires than turned them to good ends.

But still, the actions of the other Khorne Tourney veterans had started to turn the tide for the better. So it was not all bad news....yes...pride...that was what Samuel was feeling, pride that he had helped make the Omniverse a better place. Pride that he had helped to make this hell hole of an actuality more pleasant to dwell in.
But as his ship, a heavily upgraded version of the Delano 7, flew through the furthest ring, his ship noticed a huge spike in chronon energy, meaning that someone was flying through the time vortex, which could only mean the Doctor and his TARDIS.

Deciding to follow his fellow champion, Sylux had his vessel slip into the warp to trail behind the TARDIS as best as it could. Activating his gellar field to keep away Daemons and other warp entities, Sylux's ship flew through the void and eventually arrived at the destination, where it popped out into the materium and over the skies of the war torn city.

"Whoa..." Sylux said as his ship scanned the area for the special mix of energies that marked Dimensional clash participants, scanning for distinctions between fated champions and destroyers. Sylux pored over the data, Champions in orange and Destroyers in purple, and moused over to the nearest bulk of fated destroyers.

With a nod, Sylux had his ship fly over, the Delano 7 serenely cutting through the skies and firing at any approaching ships labled as destroyers with it's many turrets, sending out a hellstorm of projectiles in all directions as the gunship made it's way to it's destination.

As the Delano 7 hovered over it's destination, all guns blazing brightly, Sylux/Samuel took his helmet and put it back on, air hissing as it pressurized before he rushed to the bottom entrance/exit of his craft and had the door open beneath him.

Entering Lockjaw mode, Samuel pointed himself downwards, falling to the ground below where a large concentration of Imperial Stormtroopers had gathered to form a makeshift outpost. He came down and hit like a meteor from a height of nearly fifty miles up after a several minute long fall.

Impacting at tremendous speeds, Sylux created something of an explosion that crushed an unlucky stormtrooper directly beneath him and blew away the rest. Unmorphing into humanoid mode, Sylux stood up and swung his armcannon blade twice in opposite directions before letting loose a ferocious dinosaur like roar from his suit's speakers to signify just who the storm troopers were messing with. A roar that could be heard for miles around, a roar that signified that the best hired gun in any reality had just arrived.
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Casey Jr.: Transform and roll--- oh, wait.

Kate hopped onto the circus train and shouted, "Mush!"

Anne sighed. "He's not a toy, Kate," she said, exasperated.

"Well, sorry. I think we should go out and do something. It's kind of boring in the Lor not being able to do anything. Most of these challenge rooms are built for Kirby."


"Ah, never mind. Ask Meta Knight."

Kate asked Casey Jr.: "Hey, Casey, you wanna go out on a stroll for a bit?"

The locomotive nodded his head-frame-thing.

Magolor shrugged. "Good luck swimming, Casey."

"Wait, what?" asked Anne.

Magolor doubled over laughing. "I was joking!"

The Lor entered a portal and exited on the street, opening its port hole to let Casey, Anne, and Kate out.

Anne and Kate climbed into Casey's cab, and the cartoon train puffed down Castelia City's streets.

Casey leisurely chugged down the path (careful not to swerve, his flanged wheels didn't do very good on asphalt) while people screamed and ran about him.

All of a sudden, a big mass of thorns stood in front of him. Casey let loose a string of unintelligible whistlings and tootings that were probably cuss words in Train.

Kate inspected them. "What's a rose bush doing in the middle of the---"

One of the roses snapped at her. She promptly chopped its head off.

The roses opened like a door, letting a tall, creepy-looking woman dressed in red through. Her dress seemed to be made of the same feral foliage as the Wall of Doom. Her eyes were cold, the retinas being black with glowing red irises in the place of pupils. The woman had red hair that flared about her like flames, and her face was beautiful, yet completely and utterly terrifying.

This was Redd Heart, Queen Alyss of Wonderland's lovely auntie.

"Lovely" here meaning absolutely horrendous and cruel and despicable.

Redd Heart looked over Casey Jr., Anne, and Kate. "You pose no threat to me!" she screeched, sending her Wall of Doom after Casey.

"Watch out!" Kate cried, flailing her knife in front of her. Some of the roses fell off of their stems. Casey helped by choking them in carbon monoxide from his smoke stack, plus other harsh chemicals found in burning fossil fuels. Anne, however, didn't have much to do... she carried no weapons on her, she had no previous fighting experience...

And she was Redd's current target. The roses shot toward Anne while she looked on in terror. Redd cackled evilly. "The weak link!"

"Not cool!" Kate retorted, jumping and shoe-in-the-facing Redd before bringing her bucket down upon the head.

The roses retracted from Anne, who was shielding her face with her arms. "Kid, can't you fight?" asked Kate.

"No! I spent three years of my life in hiding!" Anne yelled back.

"Do you know how to play any ball games?!"

"I haven't had the chance to---"

Kate threw her hands up in exasperation and threw Anne her slingshot. "You look like a smart girl. You know what to do!"

Anne did not. "What is this?"

"Slingshot! Load something into the leather rectangle, pull back, and let go!"

"I'm not a violent person!"

"Well, that lady is, and she's going after---"

"YOU!!!!" Redd screeched, flying toward Kate.

Kate kicked Redd in the chest before unclipping her bucket and conking Redd on the head with it. She tossed a marble to Anne. "Catch!"

Anne caught it. "What do I do?"

"Here's a hint! SLING. SHOT. Get her before she gets back up!"

Redd had tied Casey up with roses to keep him from doing anything. He could only watch as Anne loaded the marble into Kate's slingshot, aimed at Redd carefully, and flung the marble.


That was enough to get Redd's attention. It stung alright, but it didn't kill. "Yeah, THAT did damage!" Anne grumbled sarcastically.

Kate, however, took the chance to punch Redd in the back of the face.

The evil queen crumpled to the ground, the roses withering and dying until they all retracted into her dress. "Pwned!" Kate whooped.

"What?" asked Anne.

"It means to completely defeat."

"Okay... so... Ha! Pwned!" Anne repeated. She and Kate high-fived.

"Anne, I never knew you had such great aim! I've read your diary before... by the way, did you know that eventually your dad would find your diary and publish it to the public to tell your story?"

"He would?" asked Anne, surprised. She apparently never thought anybody would want to read her work. She had potential to become a writer, but...

Casey whistled. "All aboard! Let's go!"

Anne and Kate went into Casey. "You know what, I think I'd rather go back to the Lor," Anne said. "Who knows what kind of psychos would be out here?"

"How do you speak English so well?" Kate asked.

"We tried to move away from Germany when Hitler took it over. This included stopping speaking the language."


Casey chugged back down the street...

Adeleine: Play with Magolor.

"Magolor, do you know how to play Pictionary?" I asked.

"Um... Pictionary? I can't even play Scrabble!" Magolor replied.

"Well, basically, one person draws a picture based on a word that is given to them, and another guesses what it is."

"Okay. So you're the artist. You do the drawing," Magolor replied. "You told me you were known as a prodigy, right?"

"Child prodigy. Some of my art was featured in a museum."

"Well, let's get on with the game. Meta Knight?" called Magolor.

The knight walked into the room. "You are playing a game?" he asked, after Magolor explained what we were doing.

"Yeah. We'd like you to say the words for Adeleine here so that she could draw 'em out and I could guess 'em."

"Well. I would be happy to take part in this activity. Now, where is the list of words I must read off of?"

I pulled out a canvas while Magolor got out the word list.

We began. Meta Knight pointed at the word: "Galbo."

I painted a dollop-like shape with dinosaur scales, jagged teeth, and big eyeballs.

"It's a Galbaros?" asked Magolor.

I shook my head no.


At that, the Galbo jumped off the canvas and began to spit water all over the place. It hopped about while I tried to chase it. I slipped and faceplanted. Magolor and Meta Knight couldn't help laughing. I was about to become furious, then I realized it was pretty funny, too. I joined them in laughing. Meanwhile, the Galbo jumped out the Lor's door and hopped into the ocean.

"Okay, okay, Magolor, you got one point. Next word...?"
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The Shire

It was a nice, bright morning when Bilbo was enjoying a delicious cake he had made. Most don't have a cake for breakfast, but this wasn't Bilbo's breakfast. It was his brunch, and as we all know, Hobbits usually have 6 meals a day, and rarely do they ever skip one. It had been a while since he went on his grand adventure with the dwarfs and helped them regain their treasure from the claws of Smaug, and it seemed the only adventures now would be the adventures of washing the dishes. At least... That was what Bilbo hoped.

Mr. Baggins was a lucky fellow I assure you, but his luck didn't pop up all the time, and when it didn't, things were bound to go terribly wrong. The hobbit saw an odd portal appear with in his own dining room! The curious little fellow, though many things were telling him not to investigate, he some how felt that he HAD to investigate. Still, he took precaution, or what little he could. So he went around the other rooms and quickly retrieved a few belongings of his, more specifically, "Sting" his elven dagger, that for him would be more like a sword, his mithril armor (another elven craft), and finally, perhaps the most important one, his magic ring that he had found in the halls of the Goblin kingdom in the Misty Mountains. He knew this was stupid, but it was also something he must do, he must discover what is on the other side of the portal.

Slipping on his ring, he became invisible. Only in pure sunlight would the invisibility wear off. Gathering all of his courage, he leapt through the portal. Probably the stupidest thing he ever did.

On the other side of the portal, chaos was unfolding. Huge and dazzling explosions lit up the scene like fireworks, and it seemed as if a whole battle was taking place right before the little Hobbit's eyes! It reminded him all to well of The Battle of Five Armies. The terrible, terrible event that had costed the life of his dwarf friends, and coated the lands outside of the dwarf kingdom in bloodshed.

"What is happening? Is there a war going on? Oh dear! That is probably the case! I am on the battleground of a war! Oh, why did I ever leave my little hobbit hole, it was quiet and I was in the middle of my cake! I should find a place to hide before anyone notices me!" he said to himself, as he slowly went into a panic. It almost seemed like he had forgotten about the ring, still, he didn't want to take chances. He fled from the area in which he landed, in hopes of finding a place for shelter, or perhaps something or someone who could provide him with answers to what he was witnessing.

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Castelia City

"Hrm~?" Fai looked up at the blond woman just diving down at him, a bit confused as to what prompted this sudden assault. Upon seeing the knives, however, he tensed up, ready to dodge this crazy girl launching herself at him. He was still unfazed and not intimidated at all; her fall seemed all too easy to dodge, but his eyes slowly changed focus to what looked like a metal dragon rushing at them with great speed. Taking the girl's lead, he bolted for it, running down the street as the creature let loose a barrage of firepower.

Terezi took a similar course of action as well. Before she had completely ignored the figure approaching her, and instead concentrated on finding that delicious tart grape dragon that had disappeared into the clouds. When she scented it coming back with a delicious orange spread over it, she felt quite excited, seeing as how dragons were her absolute favorite animals ever, but her anxiousness quickly dropped to surprise and then panic as the beast began to fire all sorts of dangerous weaponry at them.

Terezi dodge rolled an eye beam in her direction, and then proceeded to take the most logical course of action, which was to get to higher ground. She sprinted towards the entrance of a building and broke down the door, running to the nearest staircase. The few civilians inside seemed rather confused by this, until they saw that the building would, in a few seconds, be up in flames. Entering a stairwell, the troll girl proceeded to then practically leap up the winding staircase as the building shook from the explosions, and fire began roaring up the room, with the faint smell of burning flesh wafting off of it. As Terezi neared the entrance to the roof the shaking of the building became even more forceful, and the stairs began crumbling beneath her. She quickly burst out onto the roof, where she noticed the floor beginning to crack as the meso bombs began exploding all over the place. She quickly located the next building, and jumped over the relatively narrow gap to it as the concrete ground under her crumbled and fell.

Taking a less risky move and choosing not to possibly be trapped and burned alive or crushed by a building, Fai ducked into an alleyway, narrowly avoiding being sliced in half by an energy beam as it cut his cape in two. He jumped up, grabbing onto the rail of one of those fire escapes, and pulled himself up while briefly shielding himself from the blasts of nearby missiles. He continued his way up the rusty steel stairs, periodically activating various defensive spells to keep from being completely incinerated by the meso bombs. As the stairs began to heat up and collapse from the force of the bombs he swung up onto a balcony, and began to climb up using the window ledges. Luckily he had done this towards the end of Ripley's offensive spree, and so was spared being laser-ed to dust while scrambling up the rather tall building.

Terezi, upon landing on the spacious roof of the building, had sat down to catch her breath. It seemed like there was hardly any time for a break in this place. She was also pretty sad about the whole dragon thing. She expected it to be totally awesome, but no, it just had to go blowing up an entire section of the city, didn't it? Ugh. The tart grape scent had just been spoiled for her, now it was just sour and rotten. She swore that if it were a troll she would be feeling a few black feelings for it, but alas, it wasn't, so it only left her feeling let down.

Hearing a scrabbling sound from the edge of the rooftop to the right of her, she looked over, making out the familiar sweet blue sherbet scent of her new companion. He was pulling himself up onto the roof, and seemed to be having a bit of a hard time doing so. However, in a minute or so he managed to climb onto safe ground, and promptly collapsed face down from exhaustion. Terezi walked over to him, giving a tired-looking grin. She pulled out her cane and began to poke him in the back. "You're that tired and beat up already? Come on, it was just a little bit of exercise, I'm sure you and your magic powers handled it fine!"

Fai rolled over, staring at the troll girl with a sort of false pout on his face. "But it was just so much effort!" He joked, sitting up so as to not look completely disheveled. "You aren't exactly winning any beauty contests too, Terezi-chan."

He was of course right. While their clothes seemed oddly untouched besides being stained gray with the soot of the explosions, there were cuts and scrapes all over them. Terezi had a large bruise on her cheek, which was currently turning a nasty dark teal, and Fai looked nearly singed, the blue string tied around his ponytail nearly falling apart. There was also his destroyed cape, which he took off and set down. Wearing it now would be not only inconvenient, but also horrible fashion sense. Then, almost out of the blue, he began to laugh. "That was probably one of the most terrifying...attacks that I've had in a long time!"

She tilted her head to the side in confusion, wondering just what had come over him. "Then why are you so happy?" She asked, tempted to drub him with her cane if he really was cracking.

"Because it was just so fun~!" He quieted down, and then looked out at the city. It looked like things were most certainly going to hell in a handbasket here. The site of the attack looked positively burned, and a few more buildings besides the one Terezi was in were collapsed as well, though they were closer to the main site of the dragon's assault. The building they were on wasn't doing too well either from the looks of it; it was leaning towards the street ever so slightly, and Fai could see broken window glass over the immediate area. He hadn't faced an enemy as powerful at this in forever! This was going to be so exciting!

Castelia City: Outside the Plaza

Sollux awoke with a horrible, horrible headache. He had expected to end up in some sort of dream bubble, or some void where the horrorterrors would torture him endlessly, but thankfully he seemed to be alive. Or was he really? Looking up at the yellow, soothing sun, he concluded that this place wouldn't kill him, but something felt a bit off about it. It all felt too nice. But maybe it was meant to be nice? Maybe he had finally found some peaceful afterlife where he could just hang and the voices wouldn't be there anymore! Then again, he might have been transported here somehow, and maybe it was all just some sort of set-up--

Sollux took a few deep breaths, trying to calm his bifurcated brain down. Okay, so deduced from the fact that he wasn't in one stable mindset, he was alive. But where was he? He glanced around, trying to take in his surroundings. He was in an alleyway of some sort, which appeared to lead out to some sort of court. He could see some odd figures in the area eating ice cream, and stone hivestems appeared to be all over the place. He looked down the other direction of the alley and spotted something rather odd. It appeared to be a robot, but not like any that Equius would have built. It had a face similar to an animal, and there was a green gem in the middle of its chest. Head spikes of dark blue steel appeared to be some sort of...hair? Fur? He wasn't really sure. It looked pretty beat up too, and seemed to be almost burnt.

Half of him was worried that this contraption might be dangerous in some way, but why listen to that warning? Curiosity got the better of him and he walked over to it, kneeling down so that he could examine it more carefully. He examined it all over, looking for some sort of "on" switch or control panel. He found nothing of the sort, and so was rather shocked when suddenly the robot moved. He stood up and backed away a few steps, watching as it turned its head to look at the one who had been so interested in it. "STATE YOUR NAME AND YOUR INTENT." The robot's hand turned into some sort of blaster, and it pointed it threateningly at Sollux.

"What the hell?! I wasn't trying to do anything! You were just a robot on the ground and looked really cool so I wanted to check you out what the heck are you anyway, who even made you?" Obviously, the troll boy was panicking. He spoke in a somewhat high-pitched and almost reptilian voice in the way that it sounded dry and a bit hissing, though that hissing was replaced with a very prominent lisp. He really needed to stop combining his sentences too.

The robot stared blankly at him for a few more seconds before deciding he wasn't a threat, and then lowered the blaster. He quickly began to ignore the strange alien lifeform as he began scanning the environment. Metal Sonic had no idea where he was, but it didn't seem initially dangerous to be here. Now he just needed to gain his bearings. This wasn't Mobius, but it may be close. His only real source of information right now was the speech-impeded alien, and he didn't seem to be capable to helping him too much. Still, it was all he had. "I AM MERELY A CONSTRUCT, BUILT BY IVO ROBOTNIK, THOUGH I DOUBT AN ALIEN WOULD KNOW OF HIM. I DO APPRECIATE THE CONCERN YOU HAVE GIVEN, HOWEVER." He walked up the Sollux, holding out his hand. "I AM METAL SONIC. I BELIEVE THAT YOU STILL HAVE NOT GIVEN ME YOUR NAME YET."

Was that humor the troll detected in the robot's voice? He shook Metal Sonic's hand with a slight smile. At least this new place wasn't trying to kill him immediately. "I'm Sollux. I'm guessing you don't know where we are either?" Upon seeing his new companion shake his head in confirmation, the troll sighed. "Well I guess we have to find out, huh?"

At that moment a young Pokemon trainer walked towards the two of them, looking a bit cocky. He was dressed in the typical Youngster attire: Orange shirt, blue shorts, orange cap worn backwards. He was holding a single Pokeball, and had a devious grin on his face as he spoke. "Hey! You! You have a Pokemon right there, don't you? Let's battle!" Of course it would be impossible for Sollux to refuse, for the trainer had already released his Pokemon, a small Patrat.

In a split second Metal Sonic fired two shots with his hand blaster. The first went into the Youngster's chest, creating quite a large hole in him, while the second practically vaporized the Patrat. Sollux watched in shock as the young boy tried to gasp for one final breath, but seeing as his lung shad just been blasted, he couldn't, and so fell down, dead. He stared at the body for a few minutes, before a wide, toothy grin crossed his face. "You sure showed him! That was pretty cool. I bet I could do better though."

"SHOW ME THEN." Metal Sonic did not quite get the joke of Sollux's boasting, and merely thought him to just be acting stupid. However, when he saw the alien remove his eyewear, and then promptly shoot a forceful red and blue eye beam at a nearby civilian, reducing him to mere ashes, he quickly changed his mind on the 'stupid' part.

Of course, this show of power soon attracted law enforcement, who had the attention of getting rid of these threats as soon as possible. "Here comes the cavalreapers..." Sollux muttered, and he and Metal Sonic prepared to ultimately blast these policemen to bits. Which, of course, they did. From above all one would see were white, red, and blue flashing lights as they fought their way through both Pokemon and humans with minimal effort. Heck, even when one of the officers sent out a Stoutland to stop them Metal Sonic only proceeded to run towards the huge dog at blinding speeds, curl up, and then open up a huge hole in it as he sped through the Pokemon.

Eventually, however, the law enforcement just stopped coming. Of course, this was when explosions practically shook the ground the two were on, so they supposed that the policemen must have gone to investigate those instead. Sollux could hear the familiar buzzing of the voices of the doomed in his head again, but oddly enough, they didn't seem to be too loud. Maybe that was because the voices weren't as doomed yet? Another explosion, much louder and closer, went off, causing the both of them to rush past the carnage they inflicted to look for the source of it. It seemed to be near the plaza, so both of them headed that way to see what was up.

Castelia City

Tabuu eyed the city and the chaos surrounding it. He didn't wish to get involved in any of this chaos at the moment, since it would likely only lead to him being harmed in some form or another. None of these figures running around looked familiar to him at all, with the exception of some familiar creatures he could only assume were Pokemon, and that unfamiliarity relieved him. He could see various monsters fighting (was that Bowser?), and running about. Then he saw Ridley. The dragon appeared to be terrorizing a couple of the scurrying figures, just like Tabuu would have expected, but something didn't feel right. The bounty hunter looked quite different from the last time he had seen him. Perhaps this was a different incarnation?

He cared not, as he proceeded to float towards what he hoped was one of his former allies. He kept his distance, while watching Ridley devour some poor unfortunate pilot, and began to speak out to him. His mouth was nonexistent, but his voice was deep and forceful all the same, though with a bit of an ethereal touch. "If you are not too occupied with your meal, I require your assistance, Ridley." He floated forwards a few inches, recalling that the dragon's ranged arsenal was quite formidable as well, more-so than his claw attacks.

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