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 Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War

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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War Empty
PostSubject: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War I_icon_minitimeSun 04 Mar 2012, 1:01 am

OOC: Welcome back everyone! Now, into the maelstrom of battle we go! FOR THE EMPEROR!

>[S]Champions: Walk Death's road.

Appropriate listening:

"We are going to lay siege to Nemesis' dark fortress of Derse. This will be the hardest battle we have ever fought. Harder than the battle through Castle Bleck, harder than the battle on Phaaze, harder than the battle to the Nega-cores. The risks are immense...but at stake is the fate of the very Omniverse. For if we do not stop Nemesis' mad scheme here and now, he will plunge all existence into a dark abyss from which it will never return." Optimus said, looking out to the world of Derse as the Coalition fleet split into's it's attack formations.

"Remember those who have fallen, and do not allow their sacrifices to be in vain. Remember Jazz, remember Tigger, remember Bill Gates, remember Hobbes, remember Tyreeno, remember Andy, remember Ironhide, Remember Jetfire, Remember Mr.Egbert, Remember Ms.Lalonde, Remember Mr.Harley, Remember Mr.Strider, remember them all...because this is where we avenge them..." Optimus went on, pointing towards the planet, the spirit of revenge burning brightly.

"Remember Samus...Deadpool, and the Lone wanderer...and Ridley..." Sylux added. "They were all killed by Jack Noir...but we're going to make him pay." He went on, causing Optimus to nod. "This is where we bring so many of these villains to justice for their actions. This is the battle to end all battles. A war for justice, a war for peace, a war for freedom against the forces of hate, violence, and tyranny." Optimus stated, pounding slamming one fist into a open palm.

"Today, we will wipe the blackest stain on the legacy of Cybertron to have ever existed. Today, Nemesis; our longest foe, shall fall. Today Sentinel, our greatest hope turned darkest traitor; shall answer for his crimes. Today the heralds of Nemesis shall know their reckoning. And should the Deathleaper Alpha choose to make itself known, we shall give it the fruits of treachery." Optimus added, looking around at the champions gathered before him as the distraction fleets began to engage in a ferocious battle with the Dersite home defense fleet.

"Today, the forces of villainy shall know their reckoning...We will not rest until they have all been stopped. We shall not falter until these worlds can once again know safety from their tyranny. Know that we have the support of the people behind us. Know that our cause is right, know that our purpose is true. Know that in the end, we shall be victorious. " He added, his speech slowly adding into a crescendo.

"We all know the price of failure and thus we shall not fail. To fail is to mean the destruction and enslavement of all we hold dear to us. To fail is something unthinkable, unallowable, and impossible. Though the road ahead may seem dark...though we walk on the path of Death, the light of victory and freedom lies ahead." Optimus went on, Omega Doom beginning to make his descent while the Destroyer fleet worked to attack the distraction fleets while the other fleet had only the surface defenses to contend with.

"Now...prepare for battle. Prepare for a fight that shall dwarf all others. Prepare to walk the very road of death and delve into the den of Nemesis. Prepare to journey into the heart of darkness and slay the vile serpent that lies within. Prepare to storm the castle of evil, and root it out from the very bottom. Prepare for the fight of your lives. Champions...ROLL OUT!" Optimus concluded, getting everyone on the whole ship pumped as Omega Doom opened up the bays, prompting everyone to jump out and prepare for a parachute landing or simply dropping to the ground if they were tough enough.

>Meanwhile in trypticon

"Darkbringers...This is where we show the Destroyers that the time of the reality born dead is over. This is where we prove to the Omniverse that we are the new force to beat. This is where we prove that our Dark Alliance is invincible!" Tyran Galvatron said, pumping his right arm cannon into the air.

"This is the ultimate battle, a colossal conflict that we shall all remember...remember as the day that we took on impossible odds and emerged utterly triumphant! Remember, as the day that the Dark Alliance proved itself supreme! Remember, as the day of ultimate glory!" He went on, making a sweeping gesture across the crowd.

"Today, we will engage in the greatest battle yet seen so far. Today, we will deal with a foe vast beyond counting. Today we will bring out our most powerful and terrifying of weapons! Today the enemy will be destroyed and crushed like the vermin they are!" Galvatron snarled out, clenching his hands into a fist as he continued.

"We will not stop! We will not rest! We will not falter! We will not give any quarter! We will not give the enemy any respite! We will not allow them to slink away into the shadows once again to rebuild their forces! We will not cease until they are so utterly destroyed that they will live on only as a memory!" Galvatron continued, punctuating his last sentence with a deep and booming roar.

"We are the Dark Alliance! We are the bringers of the new order! We are the harbingers of change! We are the guardians of reality! We are the ultimate force at power here! We are the greatest fighting machine to have ever been assembled in the omniverse!" Galvatron went on, raising his hands into the air and growling at the end.

"For the Outer Gods! For Unicron! For the Fallen! For the Great Old Ones! For the Icon! For the true legacy of Cybertron! For the C'tan! For Lord English! For Doc Scratch! For the Great Suns! For the new order! For true peace!" Galvatron went on, bringing the Darkbringers into an ever increasing crescendo.


>Meanwhile at Castle Nemesis

"Destroyers! Today the enemy is at our door! They think that they can storm our castles and defile our very adobe! They think that we are beaten! They think that we are weak! But are we weak? Are we defeated?" Nemesis asked of the crowd before him from atop his balcony.


"They underestimate our true power, for even now the full might of our forces are coming into play. The last domino falls here my soldiers! Here they shall crash against our walls and they shall burn! Here they shall know true defeat! Where Count Bleck failed. Where Dimentio stumbled and fell. Where Dark Samus faltered. We shall succeed!" Nemesis went on, bringing his fists to his chest in an angry gesture.

"We are the soldiers of the new power. We are the warriors of order. We are the forces of the darkness that shall consume all. We shall ascend to become the new gods. We shall all grow to become the ultimate force that none shall ever challenge again. All we need now is to repel this final, desperate onslaught!" Nemesis explained, bringing his hands out for a sweeping gesture.

"I promised you a paradise of order, positions of power in a new scheme of things. I will not fail on this promise. No my soldiers, no my men and women at arms. We shall succeed, we shall take this wretched, filthy Omniverse and turn it into a paradise and a utopia!" He went on, bringing his fists up, causing the soldiers to cheer wildly and salute.

"We shall not go into the night! We shall charge forth into the day and bring with us the darkness! We shall snuff out the very light from all existence to bring about the glorious new era! HAIL VICTORY! HAIL CYBERTRON! HAIL THE END OF TIME ITSELF!" Nemesis went on before spreading his wings and his arms in an gesture of ultimate supremacy, causing yet more wild cheers and praises to this dark angel of destruction.

Cyclonus: Deal with some of the airdropped forces.

Appropriate listening (For this one block and the next)

As transports got into position to transport above derse; with a group of such transports carrying Clone Commandos and the Elite muunilist ten, slowly rising with a towering spire providing cover. You rose above the tower in robot mode and changed your right hand into buzzsaw mode and snarled out. "Locusts!" As you descended, your jets blazing and your body facing downward.

You jumped on the first Laat/i gunship and hacked off it's right wing with one slice of your buzzsaw before pushing off of it with a two legged kick and cartwheeled over another gunship which you fired a brace of laser pulse blasts into, causing it to erupt into a blaze of fire while much of it's roof plating was ruptured, causing it to spiral downwards.

The next gunship you grabbed the engine of with one clawed hand and tore it out, causing the entire craft to reel as it started to plummet to the earth. Moving onwards, you fired off a missile at a fourth gunship; causing it to be split in two, both halves screaming towards the earth.

The remaining gunships started firing at you, but you spin in a barrel roll before firing off a piercing lance of purple energy that speared one gunship, sending it barreling towards the ground in gravity's embrace. Another gunship tried to bring it's beam cannon turrets towards you, but you flew towards one of them and forcibly realigned the ball turret to fire into the vessel's own cockpit, causing that part of the ship to erupt in fire.

You brought out a wing sword and sliced through two more gunships, causing their parts to start to fall towards the earth before letting loose a bomb at the next cluster; causing them to start to burn as they fell to the earth. You swept your gatling pulse cannons across the area, shooting down yet more gunships until only one remain. The final ship you blazed towards and slashed at, slicing off it's cockpit with you buzzsaw hand.

Five gunships containing the cream of the crop of the grand army of the republic all started plumetting towards the earth, and with that, you flew off to hunt for more champions to slay for the glory of Nemesis and Sentinel Prime.

>Captain Fordo: Use those rocket packs now!

As you and the other clone troopes' ships started to plummet towards the earth, you and a fairly large mixed group of ARC troopers, Clone Commandos, and Clone Troopers enacted a plan to slip through the defenses of Derse and get behind enemy lines. Of course, you didn't quite plan on encountering one of the most powerful and feared Herald's of Nemesis, but even as the gunships were burning and falling, you all held true to your training.

Leaping out of your doomed ships, the world seemed to go in slow motion as you went into the air of Derse, falling past an vast array of purple buildings. "Activate flight packs now!" You ordered, prompting all the clones present to bring forth extendable wings and jets from their backplates while hover packs helped them stabilize in the air and begin a decending sweep.

But a wing of clone troopers did not go unnoticed by the other destroyer air defenses in the area, and soon decepticon piloted orbital assault fighters (the ones from dark of the moon), nazi messerschmits, Epsilon starflare fighter/bombers, Japanese mecha tengus and rocket angels, Nod venom attack craft, Flying Underlings, Space pirate attack skiffs, pirate aerotroopers, and even Daleks and Chaos raptors, all started flying after you and your group.

You had to rely on your small size and agility to avoid the air patrol's lethal barrage of firepower, swinging to the left as a fusilade of energy pulses flew through the air, catching some of your men and incinerating them instantly while you pulled down.

As you flew; some Epsilon gatling cannons started to elevate their triple six barelled thirty milimeter gatling cannons to face you and your group and began to rev up their guns. As a stream of molten tracers and the immensely loud noise of thousands of rounds being pumped out every few moments began to fill the air, you decided that this could be used to your advantage.

As your armor warned you of a weapons lock on, you pulled a hard left and swung away as three streams of shells flew through the air, and instead of impacting you as planned, the gatling cannons ripped through a pack of chaos raptors; their armor and bodies being mulched by an incredible amount of anti-aircraft firepower.

Still, not all of your troops were capable of pulling this off and many of them were reduced to a bloody smear by the gatling cannons, but seeing an alleyway, you had you force fly through it, which an amusing number of destroyer aircraft followed you through to their immediate and quite spectacular destruction as they smashed headlong into the buildings, tearing off wings, engines, igniting ammunition and fuel.

As a TIE fighter kept it's laser cannons trained on you, you saw another pass, created by the blown apart stump of one tower, another tower next to it, and a third tower to the other side that had leaned over and come to rest against the tower opposite it.

"Thread the needle!" You ordered, prompting your soldiers to fly through the narrow pass, though many didn't make it and smashed into one of the three buildings with fatal results, most of your men got through, while all the remaining destroyer aircraft smashed into the buildings and promptly exploded with enough force to wipe out the airborne infantry also pursuing you.

"Deploy grav-chutes!" You ordered as you pulled on some cord, bringing out a special parachute embroidered with repulsorlifts to give yourselves an especially soft landing. As you all landed in the city, you looked around and held your pistols closely. "Report." You commanded.

"One hundred twenty Arc Troopers, Four hundred eighty clone commandos, One thousand nine hundred twenty Clone troopers along with Volkov's elites, some space marines, and Sylux." One of your blue trimmed lieutenants said, obviously rounding up or down for convenience. "Alright men, that's going to have to be enough...make use of it...move out!" You said, ordering your mass of soldiers to begin darting through the cityscape.

>Optimus: Order

"We need to keep a move on, Omega Supreme, keep the metal overlord distracted." You said as you started to transform, prompting most of the smaller champions to move out while Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra joined Omega Supreme to keep Metal Sonic away from the main group.

As the convoy of champions, darkbringers and alphas moved down a Dersite road, blowing through what resistance was thrown in their path, one exuberant Simmons started cheering "Yeaaahhh! Champion victory! Champion victory!" He said from the gunner position of the chupa thingy, the other champions similarly riding vehicles.

Appropriate listening:

The champions seemed confident of victory, the road to the Sun Darkener was clear due to the vast multicoloured stream flowing into it and the light blue beam flowing up into cybertron fired by the Control Pillar. But the ground began to rumble ominously and metal tendrils started to burst through, edged with saws and drills.

This was followed by the central head of the Dread Driller, the personal steed of the fearsome herald of Nemesis; Lord Straxus. The creature had separated Optimus from his two trailers that contained his trailer parts and jetfire's parts in vehicle mode and flipping the other champions out of their vehicles and separating them from their methods of transport while driving a wedge between the champions and Darkbringers.

From a capsule atop the creature, Lord Straxus emerged, rearing up to his full height and cocking his massive arm cannon on his right hand as he walked down the coils of the dread driller like steps on a staircase. As he came down, his gun's barrel rotated while making a high pitched whine while he looked out at the champions.

His baleful red optics glowed red with malevolence while his mandibles began to ripple with a deep an utterly alien roar that sounded something like the entire earth shaking before he made a much longer and more fearsome roar. His mandibles broke apart into twelve components on the outside, each resembling metal spider legs made of silver while the inner mandibles which were tipped in teeth, broke into eight more parts, resembling thin insectoid limbs tipped with metal spears.

His mouth fully spread open to reveal a horrifying circular maw filled with countless rows of sawblade like teeth spinning around in vast circles where a black glow emnated from while the intensity of his eye's glow peaked, his arm cannon and halberd held firmly in hand.

Faced with the most physically powerful of the heralds of Nemesis, the champions fled into the confines of a building, with Optimus clenching a massive gun. "Whoa...that was one....sc-scary ass destroyer!" Simmons blubbered as he ran inside. "He's got my trailer and our vehicles...I need that flight tech and those upgrades." Optimus Prime said as he pumped his gatling gun before turning back to the group.

"Wreckers...we need a diversion...Straxus can't hunt all of us at once." Optimus commanded, prompting Leadfoot to cackle happily. "Finally some action!" He beamed in his thick scottish action. "Let's kick some ass!" Roadbuster agreed as the three wreckers exited the building. "Let's move" Optimus commanded, only for Wheeljack to turn to the smaller champions and start gesturing at them. "W-wait! I'm not letting you leave without my urban combat prototypes!" The aged inventor said as he dropped an array of strange and fantastical inventions.

"We gotta go Que." the italian esque autobot Dino/Mirage said. "But they're great for kicking ass!" Que responded as John picked up a spiked device. "what's this?" the Boy asked as he eyed the device. "Those are boomsticks, primed for thirty seconds." He answered with pride while Rose examined some sort of gauntlet "grapple gloves, for climbing..." He said while Dave looked at a third object that looked like some sort of gun.

"Bunker buster rifles to get enemies holed up in structures out! Just fire into an building full of enemies and watch the fire works!" Que said while Jade looked at the final weapon, some odd circular sort of device. "A cloaking device! Hides you from long ranged scanners so the enemy will actually have to look for you to find you!" Wheeljack finished, full of pride of his work.

"thanks!" John answered as he headed off with the group while Red team and the wreckers went out to deal with straxus. As Straxus looked around for his foes, the wreckers in their race-car mode and Red Team with the Chupa-thingy, the mongoose, and the ghost all came barelling down the road and started peppering him with a great deal of firepower, sending a large stream of tracers flying through the air.

This seemed to annoy Straxus more than anything else even though the ground was starting to be covered in spent casing shells. Grabbing the wreckage of a tank and using it as a shield to block off the shots, Straxus then levelled his arm cannon and fired off a shot; sending a powerful missile down the road at the champions before letting his shield down and shrugging off the rounds and growling.

Their Job done, the champions fled, but the chupa-thingy had been hit and flipped over, prompting the Red team to scramble to get it back up while the wreckers drove away. "Aww man...hey! Never leave a man behind!" Grif complained while Straxus started to plod down the road in their directions. "Oh man, Straxus's coming." Grif bemoaned before Sarge hit him in the visor.

"Stop complaining already!" He said as he flipped the chupa-thingy around and got back in the navigator's seat, prompting red team to flee while Straxus pursued, keeping them in range of his scanners. Now with Straxus out of the way, Optimus reclaimed his two trailers and returned to the group.

Looking down at the smaller champions he said "We need to scout a route ahead before the aircraft spot us. You will have to make your own path." He said to John in a kneeling stance before rearing up to his full height and gesturing "Let's roll." Optimus ordered as he walked down the path, with Sideswipe equipping his guns and rolling along "Ratchet, cover high." the Autobot said while he and other large champions, darkbringers, and all the alphas moved out.

"Those of you who wish to, come with me." General grievous offered, prompting most of the more human sized darkbringers ((It's the player's choice whether they wish their darkbringers to go with grievous or not, if you do come along, you write the encounters for them)) to follow him and split off.

John then looked back to his group and said "okay guys, we got to get to the darkener and the command pillar." He reported only for Ciaphas Cain to shake his head. "The darkener is one hundred blocks away, and the bridges are up, we're going to have one hell of a frakking time to get closer." But Rose considered the strategic layout and put in her advice. "Not closer...higher....we will require direct line of sight to deal with the structure from a distance." She said, pointing to a building relatively close to the massive darkener and control pillar.

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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War I_icon_minitimeSun 04 Mar 2012, 11:01 am


Percy: Try to snap John out of it.

"John! Snap out of it!" I cried, snapping in front of his face. I tried EVERYTHING. Slapping him. Dumping water on his head. Throttling him. NOTHING worked.

"John, we need you! Curse Dragotha for crippling you in your time of need! Please, John! Wake up! You can't lose hope, you mustn't lose hope or your sight of your destiny! I know what it's like to face death and destruction... many of my closest friends have been killed before! Beckendorf... Silena... I was saddened then, but I did not give up and let Kronos win the battle.

"I may sound heartless right now, but I definitely know how you feel. John, I wish we could have saved them. Pingas did his best."

"OH, let me do it," Leo grumbled, pulling out a small hammer. "Sorry, John."


A smack upside the head. Not enough to make him lose his memory, but it should be enough to jar him out of shock.

"Please work, please work, please work," we prayed to every Greek god.

>RosE: try a gentler hand

As John shook his head, he looked startled, disoriented, confused. Shell shock was a very hard thing to bear, especially for a child. As Optimus and Porphyrion engaged in their world shattering duel. As Sylux fought a hopeless battle against Enceledaus. As the others fought off the twin forces of Alduin and thunderwing, John seemed scared.

"i want dad back...." John croaked, but you looked towards him as a Nazi orbital fighter crashed out of the skies after receiving critical damage from an Ork fighta-bomma. The fighter rolled on the ground before hitting a rock and exploding, it's german cargo immolating with it.

You stepped up to him and put a hand on his cheek. "John...I know...it hurts...but we need you now..." You said to him, getting on your knees and eyelevel to him. "i'm a failure, all those people died on my watch...i'm not a leader." He said pessimistically causing you to frown.

"John, you defeated Nemesis' first plan, you brought Optimus back, you brought us to godhood." Rose said as Optimus took a slash at Porphyrion's gut with his axe. "Thanks to you, trillions of people who would have otherwise died are alive and well. Thanks to you, Nemesis' defeat is just around the corner." You said gently, soothingly stroking his right cheek with your left hand.

John looked at you and wiped some tears from his eyes and smiled weakly before holding your hand with his right. "y...you're right..." He said as he started to stand, taking your hand and going up with you. "Well that's great...now if you don't mind I'm fighting an invincible dragon man who laughs off my weapons like I'm throwing fucking water balloons at him!" Sylux said as he fired off the wavebuster, sending a huge purple tendril of electricity to zap Enceladus.

John looked to Porphyrion and held Zillyhoo in both hands as he stood up, followed by you taking out your quills and standing by his side. John immediately went into a roll and smashed Zillyhoo into Kronos' armpit to banish him back into Tartarus, probably forever earning Gaia's ire before he turned back to Porphyrion.

"hey, big, green and ugly. if you're looking to fight a god, pick on me." John said as he pulled up his hood before nodding at Optimus who broke off to help the other champions deal with Thunderwing. "Together?" You asked John, looking at him as your quills glowed. "you bet!" He said with a rather goofy grin. You smiled...such an nice smile he had on him.

Percy: Finally get it.

"Quickly! Pray to every single Greek god you can think of, and hit 'em with everything you got!"

We pummeled the giants. Mickey sprayed paint and paint thinner all over Gaea's children, while I hacked and slashed with Riptide. Jason picked up Imperial gold weapons and threw them at the giants, while Annabeth and Piper worked together with their knives.

Meanwhile, Amelia Earhart distracted Enceladus while Sylux's shock coils hit. The giant recoiled in pain, which gave the Red Baron a chance to swoop in and attack.

Glockenspiel stood and smashed anybody that got too close, while the Pokemon loosed their best moves.

Thunderclouds began to roll in. I could see waves getting larger and larger on the coast of Greece. Grapevines began to burst from the ground. Earthborn began to fall asleep. Magic rained down upon the Titans, restraining them.

Piper was charmspeaking as well. She was telling the giants to whap themselves in the face... I could see Aphrodite was blessing her.

Annabeth seemed to know all of the weak points of the monsters. This was the blessing of Athena.

The ground opened up and skeletal warriors appeared all over the place. The work of Hades!

"Unfair! No direct involvement!" roared Porphyrion.

"Says the loser lizard hypocrite!" shouted Leo.

And something began to happen that felt like something out of a steampunk book or something.

Drills began to emerge from the ground, followed by mechanical animals... the blessing of Hephaestus. Then trains began to appear out of fiery portals. "Whoa! Since when could Hephaestus do that? Summoning trains... wow.

Moonbeams bent all over the place (Artemis's doing) while sunlight streamed from behind the moon and fried the Destroyer soldiers (I blame Apollo).

Plants appeared all over the place, tangling the Destroyers as well (Demeter). The grape vines extended upward and tied down some of the giants' limbs (thanks, Dionysus).

But it was not yet enough. The storm clouds were still gathering. The water was still rising. It would take a while before these activated...

I sure hope Nike's blessing is included.

"Hey! John, Rose, Dave, Jade, now's a good time to strike!" I shouted.

"alright, what kind of plan do you have in mind?" John asked as he ducked under a lightning bolt while Rose shielded him and herself from the incoming fire breath. A series of explosions could be heard nearby as Soviet Apocalypse tanks rolled up to fire upon thunderwing, their twin 155mm Drakon cannons booming as they fired upon the pretender.

All sorts of examples of the champion army were firing upon Thunderwing and warring with the Destroyer hordes too. AT-TE's mowed down those before them. HK Tanks were blasting apart their foes with plasma blasters. Carnifexes ripped apart enemies with their horrible gnashing jaws.

It was total hell. Bodies were flying in all directions. Blood covered the holy mountain. Guts flung every which direction. The wounded lay bleeding and crying in agony. The dead were everywhere. The undead were just as present.

Even as Sylux rolled to the ground, he refused to be beaten by Enceladus. "That all you got coal-breath?" He snarled as he stood up shaking his head and firing his shock coil to drain Enceladus' effectively limitless health to bring him back in the fight.

Porphyrion snarled as John's and Rose's attacks connected, however, the wounds healed. "No, guys! Half-bloods and gods must work together!" Percy shouted.

Jason glared at Porphyrion. "I killed you already, why won't you stay dead?" he asked.

"Ha! As long as Gaea has control over the Doors of Death, we are invincible! You may have freed Thanatos, but you have not yet closed the Doors of Death!" And with that, Porphyrion countered with more fire breath, and threw in some lightning to boot.

The bane of Athena, Enceladus laughed at Sylux. "Petty mortal," he said, swatting him away.

"Hey, don't forget that a 'petty mortal' once kicked your big scaly butt!" Jason shouted.

"Jason Grace, I never forget a face. Heh, that rhymed."

"And now I pray to Father Zeus that he will unleash another--- ACK!!!"

Enceladus breathed fire on him.

"Now where were we?" asked Enceladus, turning back to Sylux. "Ah, yes. Prepare to die!" And he raised his big ugly foot.

John immediately concentrated, tapping deep into inner wells of godly power as he rose to the air. The very winds began to bend to his will, forming blue lines that brought themselves into being. A huge series of tornados began to form while enormous winds buffetted and tossed his foes.

Those caught by the Tornados were torn apart viscerally, their bodies incapable of handling the sheer power of these hypersonic winds moving in a circular motion. They simply could not take the full force of the breeze.

Rose began to envelop a large number of enemies with the white aura of the quills of echidna, building up a large store of raw magical energy. The enemies were confused at first, not knowing what was going to happen, but this stupor was soon shattered when the minions exploded in enormous white cascades.

Then came snaking lances of white magic that speared through the destroyer lines, erasing whole formations as they wormed their way across the battlefield to strike everything they could, moving like enormous white tentacles of power.

Dave literally stopped time itself. Using this advantage, he started into a whirlwind of hacking and slashing, cutting, chopping, slicing, and dicing all in sight. Countless enemies were reduced to a pile of bloody limbs and guts as the deringer claimed more and more lives.

Then he resumed time. All the slain enemies began to collapse into the pieces Dave had sliced them into, the coolkid walking away without even looking behind him as a disgusting series of guts fell down in all directions.

Jade took out Ahab's crosshairs and dialed the gun's power to maximum. She floated up and took aim, pointing the ridiculously deadly gun at the nearest bulk of enemy forces and fired off a huge purple ray of cascading energy that fried this tank column.

She swept her gun around to destroy more and more foes before showing the full fury of the Green sun, focusing and then shrinking every remaining minion out of existence. All of the destroyer soldiers were rendered smaller than atoms, and thus unable to contribute to the fight.

This left the destroyers themselves. The Doctor stepped forward, walking towards Porphyrion and adjusting his bowtie. In midstride one bloodletter materialized from the warp and tried to attack him, but the Doctor merely pointed his sonic screwdriver behind him and pressed a button, severing the daemon's conection to the materium and sending it back to the warp in a multicoloured flash.

"Now...Porphyrion, you can either take your silly little army and march it back into Tartarus where you belong or you can choose to stick around and fight...okay you got me there, I'm not really going to suggest we let you off that easily. It's a nice thought but christmas is over." The Time Lord said.

"Do you know what some call me?" The Doctor asked rhetorically, turning around a bit. "The Lonely God." He answered as he pointed his sonic screwdriver at Enceladus and set it to maximum, motioning for Annabeth to come in from behind.

He fired the lethal sonic blast at Enceladus, and if Percy took the hint, this would spell the end for the anti-athena. The Four kids on the other hand, all leapt at Porphyrion at the same time, their weapons at the ready, waiting for Jason and the others to come in while the other olympians and demigods picked their own targets.

Those fighting the colossus thunderwing on the otherhand, were still embroiled in an epic struggle against the ravager of worlds. Who was more powerful than ever in his ultramode. And worryingly, he had yet to use Hypermode as his PED would allow.

>Volkov: Order a full scale attack!

"Soviet third fleet! Fire everything!" Volkov shouted into his commlink, prompting the massive Soviet Third fleet based off in the Adriatic sea some distance away to point their long distance weapons at thunderwing. A frenzy of activity engulfed the Soviet Third fleet as they coordinated with other champion and dark alliance naval forces in the area.

As soon as Volkov gave the order and the coordinates were provided, a huge series of missiles and carrier craft were sent down range, and those cannons with sufficient range soon joined in the bombardment, the very sea seeming to split under the colossal weight of firepower being sent downrange.

High flying soviet Kirov zepellin bombers flew over head and let loose a huge payload of bombs from the skies while long distance artillery sent forth a hell of rockets and shells at the behemoth. As the knight attacked thunderwing, causing it to stumble backwards from the sudden assault, Volkov charged forward.

Firing off a triple shell at one of Thunderwing's joints, the soviet super soldier caused the giant to stumble a little before he got close. At this point Volkov fired another triple anti-armor shell, causing Thunderwing to wince a little and stomp on the ground, creating a large Shockwave that volkov jumped over before grabbing onto his leg.

Volkov clambered up to a join and started to find a flat surface where he could stand before placing as much explosives on the join as he could. Firing at a turret that turned towards him, Volkov jumped to the joint on the other leg, reaching out to grab hold of the ledge before pulling himself up to put yet more explosives.

In the meantime, Rose stood her ground and let loose two enormous beams of white magic that flew towards the behemoth, hitting it in the back and causing it to stumble forward, making it's newest sweep of it's oral ray miss it's intended target of the Ares cabin entirely.

The wreckers continued to circle around thunderwing, letting loose a huge hail of missiles and bullets upon the giant and causing him some overall minor annoyances. But just as Galactica's newest wave of attacks hit, Volkov leapt off and fired off a hextuple shell into Thunderwing's face, blasting him with an enormous amount of firepower.

Dave came in and slashed at his right arm, causing thunderwing yet more pain while the Kaiju hit him in the crotch with all the beam weaponry they could muster. Galactica's attacks all ht Thunderwing in the front while the autobots shot up his face more and more.

Jade shot up his left side while John hammered at his head and Rose blasted his back. But the true rain of devastation came from the champion army, which completely buried him in heavy ordinance. Mig superfighters streaked in at hypersonic speeds, firing off a series of missiles tat exploded on his joints, causing him to reel backwards while V4 missiles exploded all across his body.

Heavy artillery shells rained down upon him, covering him in explosions while Tau and GDI railguns shot him with hypersonic bolts that caused him to reel back more and more. To add insult to injury, Jade flew out in front of him and let loose an absolutely enormous blast of Green Sun energy that engulfed Thunderwing's entire front side in an Green inferno.

But a hateful roar followed by a massive clawed hand signified that Thunderwing was anything but defeated, and his follow up ground pounding shockwave followed by a massive missile barrage and a huge series of plasma orbs fired forth from his hands further attested to the fact that he was far from finished, though the explosives put on his knee joints remained undetonated.

I.M. Meen: Escape your prison to do bad things.

Heh heh heh! I've escaped my prison, and now I'm going to do bad things! Thanks to that fool knight that just burst out of the rift... little did he know I followed him!

I used my magic to teleport me somewhere else...

Galacta Knight: USE YOUR FIRE.

The balls of plasma roared through the air: a big wall of electrified gas coming toward everybody. I drilled through part of the wall, superheated matter spiraling around me. "Jade! You should create a hole so that none of you are injured!" I called, before turning back to Thunderwing and beginning a second wave of attacks.

First I divebombed his head where the bombs have weakened his armor the most. Using my shield, I bashed these areas in order to further damage his armor. Then I Shuttle Looped up and around, uppercutting his face and his unmentionable area. I flew in between his legs and loosed another laser, before circling around and bringing up three spinning columns of flame around him.

Then electricity crackled underneath his body and twin thunderbolts burst from the ground, zapping Thunderwing. I noted the explosives attached to his knees, and motioned for the fire columns to arc over and down toward Thunderwing's legs, engulfing them completely in flame.

>Thunderwing: Fall

Appropriate listening:

As jade created a shield around the other champions, the knight went to town on the colossus, while Optimus flew in from behind and pummeled him from behind. His rail guns created further stress points in Thunderwing's armor, while Optimus flew out in front and fired off supercharged missiles into already damaged parts of his armor, actually penetrating it before using his barrage cannons in full auto, sending nuclear shells to explode all across him.

Then came a series of Ion blaster bolts that superheated pieces of Thunderwing's shell, further weakened by laser cannon blasts that pierced throug, allowing Drakon shells from the upgraded railgun cannons of Soviet apocalypse tanks to blow further holes in Thunderwing's armor.

After being Divebombed by Galacta Knight, Thunderwing retreated further, only for Rose to blast open more parts of his armor with her enormously powerful quills that lanced into him with mighty beams of white magic that tore the sky apart with colossal power.

The Kaiju again let loose a series of weapons that smashed into Thunderwing's groin area, causing further weak points that Galvatron and his inner circle exploited by firing into them to weakne them further, causing the laser and fire column to do tremendous damage to him.

Galacta's facial assault was boosted by John slamming him full force in the face with Zillyhoo, creating a rainbow coloured explosion with more power than a nuclear bomb concentrated in a relatively small spot.

Finally two lightning bolts coursed through him before his legs were engulfed in flames, detonating the nuclear explosives on his legs that exploded with such terrible force that his legs were blown clean off. Liberty Prime came in, firing off his lasers to further damage the titan with a ferocious amount of firepower.

But it was the Doctor who finished him off, setting his screwdriver to catalyze ultra energon before pointing it at Thunderwing and setting it to full power, causing Thunderwing to violently explode, destroying the ultimate destroyer ace in the hole once and for all.

"Well...now I think we need to meet with your gods to make terms for an alliance..." The Doctor said as he flipped his screwdriver around and dramatically blew the nonexistant smoke off of it.

Percy: agree, but express a problem.

"Um, sorry, Doc, but we've got a bit of a problem: I'm not sure Zeus has really opened Olympus to the divine public yet, and he's going to be mad about all the mortals," I said sheepishly, sweeping my hand to Amelia Earhart, the Red Baron, and countless other mortals.

"Well, I think for saving our home, Zeus would be grateful, and would let us all in anyhoo," Leo said. "He'd better! I've gotta see some of Hephaestus's stuff for myself!"

So we all packed our bags and jumped onto the Argo II, and zipped back to America.

“Are we there yet?” asked Leo, a gazillion times, just to be annoying. Vagineer shut him up with a “HURRR!!!”

“What’s wrong with him?” he asked.

“His mouth is twisted from anger. Now he is Vagineer,” Heavy responded.

The Argo II flew to Mt. Olympus. “Strange,” I noted. “Zeus isn’t trying to zap us out of the sky.”

“I smell a trap,” Annabeth grumbled.

The ship landed where the port had been built. We noted the familiar sights: cobbled brick road, plants growing on the sides, golden satyr statues---

Golden satyr statues?

Since when did Olympus have those?! “Um, those look awfully realistic,” Grover stammered, biting a tin can in tension.

“We have to check this out,” I replied.

“Ach! It iszt cold! KISCHOO!” the Red Baron sneezed.

“Gesundheit,” Amelia Earhart said.


We travelled up the road, noting that it was getting colder, and golder. “Huh?” I asked, stopping and seeing that a restroom was frozen over. “What the heck? Who froze the potty?!”

“That’s not good,” Gru said. “Because I really have to use the restroom right now!”

“I’ll just melt it down with my...” Leo snapped his fingers. “Fire? Where’s my fire?”

Jason looked nervous. “Um, are you sure this was a good idea, Percy?”

“Blame the Doctor. He told us to go here.”

“Wait, doctor who?”

We continued our trek. Grover slipped once or twice. “Baaahhh!” he bleated. “Cloven hooves! Not good for ice-climbing!”

We reached the Olympian palace. I tried to get at a bit of the water that was iced over on the fountain... strangely, my power over water didn’t seem to work here.

“My mind isn’t working so well up here,” Annabeth said, slurring her speech.

“Hang in there, Annabeth,” I told her, propping her up.

The Red Baron yelled and smashed the ice with his fists. Not a dent. “Who froze this place?! I shall deliver them to the morgue by krankenwagen!”

“Ha ha! Who, as in two?” asked a male voice behind us.

That’s when I noticed several of us were golden. For instance: Sami and Deunan, Piper, Hazel, Frank, W’eel, Iron Giant, Pingas... so many people and Pokemon turned to gold.

“King Midas!” Jason growled. “I’ll kick your sorry gold tush back to the Fields of Punishment!”

“Oh, but there is nothing you can do about me,” said a feminine voice in front of me.

Out came a princess-type figure, stepping through the ice. Her expression was cold and unfeeling, and it looked like snow was bending around her.

“I know you, too,” Jason grumbled.

“I shall deal with you shortly, Jason Grace.” Ice Princess turned to me. “Ah, Perseus Jackson. I have heard much of you... I am Khione, goddess of snow and ice.”

“Same can’t be said to you,” I replied.

“No-one knows me anymore!” A blizzard whipped up, covering me in two feet of snow. “However, once Gaea controls this world, all others shall fall, and a new kingdom will---”

“You do realize Gaea’s just using all of you to get what she wants, right?” I asked.

Khione iced my-- MPHMMPHHHGGG!!! KG MPHDAS---

Gru: OH F

“What?!” I watched the king man transform Percy into a golden statue. The ice goddess looked around. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What makes you think you can do that?!”

“There is no use for demigod powers here, for King Midas’s gold dampens them. Divine abilities do not function here.”

“Ha! This is far from divine! Eat laser balls, Midas!” I pointed my Death Ball Ray at his face.

“Ah-ah-ah...” he said, holding a statue in front of me. “You don’t want to hurt your friends, do you?”

“You coward,” I grumbled. I pointed the ray at Khione... but she promptly froze the barrel.

“This is not fair!” I yelled, throwing the ray on the floor.

"Well, you must be Khione, minor Goddess of snow, and you're king Midas. Well I'm the Doctor. I may not have many special powers, well any that would be useful in a fight anyway, but I am a mad man with a box. And I think that counts for quite a bit. Now...you've disabled the divine powers of the SBURB kids and the demigods right. And you've got all the gods locked in gold. Well, I'm telling you that means absolutely nothing." The Doctor said as he pressed a few buttons on his sonic screw driver.

"Because you may think you've disabled all the fire users but there is one you've forgotten, one very important person. No not Sylux, he just has a fancy gun. No I'm talking about someone big and very powerful that you've forgotten. Someone rather, Kingly shall we say?" The doctor said, pacing about, seemingly stalling for something.

The Doctor looked to the left where a great deal of stomping was audible. "Someone who should be coming in right about....now...." The Doctor went on before the wall was smashed in by Bowser; clad in his PED gear which greatly resembled his charged football outfit save for the PED chest plate on him and added knee and elbow pads. Hazard suit octagonal prisms were on his shoulders, while shiny metal plates were on his thighs and shins, in addition to a visor.

"Bwaaa-har-har-har! You called?" Bowser said as he laughed, the full force of the Koopa Troop rallied behind him. "Now I'm going to show you some pain!" Bowser laughed before rearing his head back and letting loose a massive gust of flame.

"Now I know what you're thinking, just have midas touch bowser. Well I'm going to tell you that won't work. Because that PED he's wearing comes with a shield and works as power armor. So you can't touch him." The Doctor said, straightening his bow tie and looking all smug.

The fire bro division of the Koopa troop moved up in front and immediately began to spit forth a hail of fireballs at Khione and Midas while bowser immediately moved to take on Midas' guard and relative. "Hey you with the weapons! You look tough! Now I'm going to give you the old koopa treatment!" Bowser said as he fired off a missile from the added cannon from the PED on his right shoulder.

"Now, Khione, I'm going to give you a choice. Since all the giants and titans have been defeated as well as the majority of the monsters and both of the destroyer's secret weapons. I think it would be smart for you to surrender. Now please, do the smart thing before Bowser get's medieval on you." The Doctor offered as Bowser charged at Midas' guard.

"I have no business with you," Khione said coldly. She waved her hand, and many of the Champions iced over... but Bowser, the Doctor, and a few others. Then she encased herself in an icy power-suit-esque armor. "Prepare to meet your doom!"

But before that, Midas plated the ice with goldd, furthering the defense, and manipulated it into a heat-resistant alloy.

"She did not listen," Galacta Knight said. "Be wary! Some of your abilities may be dampened from Midas's gold!"

The pink knight flew into the air and jabbed with his lance--- CLANG.

The lance flew out of his hand. The knight cursed. He then pushed out his shield and fired a Shield Beam... it deflected off the gold. "This is not fair! I should be able to destroy this armor!"

Khione chuckled. It came out all metallic and mingled with her normal, ice-cold voice. "Your status as 'greatest warrior in all of the galaxy' matters not here... your powers are being sapped by Midas's gold!"

However, Iron Giant was busy trying to crack its ice. The giant mud automaton rocked back and forth, attempting to bust out.

The Golurk retracted its legs and blasted off. Blue fire erupted from its tunic, and Iron Giant burst from the ice. "GGGOLLLURRRRKKKK!!!!!" Iron Giant roared, before charging at Khione in a rage.

It put out its fist and smashed the gold, but its hand rang back. "There is nowhere for the ice to smash to! This is airtight!"

"So you can not breathe?" asked Galacta Knight.

"Fools! Divines do not have a need for air!"

Iron Giant leg-sweeped the gold-ice power armor before going in for a Heavy Slam. CRUNCH!

But Iron Giant staggered back. "G-g-g..." it rumbled, rubbing its back.

Khione held up a gold-clad arm and fired an icy beam at Iron Giant. The Golurk rolled out of the way before trying to Hammer Arm the traitor-goddess.


"Okay, we can not make a dent in her armor..." Galacta Knight grumbled.

>bowser: Use the only solution that can work.

Realizing that Khione took on her own suit of power armor, you decided that the only way to match her increased power was to increase your own power. You immediately took out and consumed a super mushroom, increasing your size to vast proportions and hopefully giving you the fighting power to take on the winter god.

>Bowser: SHOWTIME!

Appropriate listening:

Beating up and tossing away Midas' brother and guard, Bowser charged ahead into the fray, his claws extended and shining with plasma energy. "You are going down!" Bowser said as he shot his firebreath in counter to Khione's winter blast, the two opposing energies meeting one another. And unfortunately for Khione, fire had the good tendency of trumping snow.

Once this clash of energies was done, he reached into his shell, into that hyperspace arsenal of his to prepare for a devastating wave of attacks, and once he was done reaching, he pulled a goomba corps out of his shell and directed them to attack Khione.

the ball of goombas dispersed and started to charge at her feet, but as they neared her, he shot them with a fireball and caused them to be consumed in flames that nsent them flying high into the sky, where the flaming goombas would crash down upon her with meteorotic force. Turning them into gold would only cause their density to increase massively and thus greatly increase the damage they would do.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Bowser called in the shyguy corps to aid him even as the Goomba corps were falling down on Khione. the Shyguys brought out an enormous sort of elastic band and a group of them pushed bowser, all curled up into the band, as far as he could go before unleashing him, causing the Koopa king to be launched at her with crushing amounts of speed and force.

To continue the attack, he brought out the Koopa corps and had them enter shell mode att which point they started sliding at Khione with deadly amounts of force, as they would start to rebound, Bowser enterred his shell mode to bounce the Koopas right back at Khione, repeating this process until the Koopas were all tuckered out and pulled back, like the Goombas, turning them into Gold would only enhance the deadliness of this attack.

Bowser then pulled out a massive ball of Bob-ombs and had then line up in formation to attack Khione, and once he had felt that they were organized in the proper manner, Bowser had them charge out to Khione and explode against her feet with cacaphonic fury.

Then Bowser took out a corps of Magikoopas from his shell and set them into an L shaped formation and threw magical energy for them to shoot at Khione, then they reorganized themselves into a straight line, which Bowser threw more magical energy into, prompting to fire out more deadly energy. Then they organized into a circle, which Bowser repeated the process with once again, and repeated twice more as they went into a triangle and a square.

Finally; to finish; Bowser took out the Broggy and started to wash it with a long brush, cleaning it of all dirt. As the massive block shaped dog creature was cleaned, it's fury increased to devastating levels, and once it was totally cleaned of all of it's grime, it charged at Khione with mind shattering levels of destructive power before leaping above her head and then making in for another charge, where fifteen blitties would follow in behind him and chslash and jump upon Khione for even more damage.

Still Bowser was not finished, for he fired off a series of supermissiles from his shoulder cannon before following with a massive gust of fire from his mouth, followed yet again by the wavebuster; sending out a long purple tendril of electrical energuy meant to shock Khione into sub,ission.

To go on further, Bowser advanced towards Khione and threw forth a colossal punch with his right hand. Then he pulled his hand back and threw yet another punch to damage her more. If she was knocked back at all, Bowser would continue to follow her, throwing yet another punch at her with even more force than the last two, then walking up to her again and throwing a forth an devastating punch at her abdomen.

As he stepped up once again, he charged up an allmighty punch that possessed such power that stars were literally shining out of his fist while cocentric spheres hummed around it and multicoloured rays flew out. "CHEW ON THIS!" Bowser said as he prepared the megaton punch to end all Megaton punches before throwing it at Khione with an absolutely beautiful amount of force.

Fire, flames, and falling mushrooms fell all on Khione. Koopa shells smashed into her armor while King Midas desperately tried to dampen the Magikoopa magic, but to no avail as the circles, squares, and triangles knocked him aside.

Then the Bob-Ombs hit. BOOM! A huge chunk was blown out of Mt. Olympus. "Careful!" Galacta Knight shouted.

And then there was the Broggy Bonker.

The giant block mutt leaped onto Khione. CRUNCH! The fire from the ball of Goombas had melted her ice armor, allowing the dog to crush the gold coating.

Blitties poured onto the snow goddess before charging away.

"Now. Lower the wall of ice," Galacta Knight said, picking up his lance and digging the point under the goddess's chin.

"You are without your friends now! There is no running water here..."

That's when we heard the rush of water.

The fireball! It had melted the ice wall! Water poured down the slope, turning everything that was gold-ified back to original materials.

But Khione was not finished yet. The running water iced over. Galacta Knight jumped out, while Khione laughed as the slope was frozen.

King Midas wasn't aware and he was frozen as well.

"You cannot climb the slope now, for it is frozen! You will slip, fall, and you will slide to the bottom of the mountain, for this is the curse of Khione!"

The ice covered the entire mountain.

And that's when we all slid down.

"Anybody got a snow mobile handy?" asked Percy.

"Dunno," Annabeth said.

"Hey, we have a bird, a giant flying robot, and a gear guy. Why can't we climb up the slope?"

"The gear guy is two feet tall, and the eagle isn't going to carry a gazillion people up there."

"Well, we can teleport, because the gold's all gone."

"Oh, yeah! Let's get to the gods immediately."

"That's her curse? Lame..." Bowser said dismissively as Jade teleported the group back into the chamber room to once again meet the gods. Bowser pushed open the door first, the super mushroom wearing off and returning him to his normal but still giant size.

Zeus stood at his almighty throne. He couldn't do much anyhow, seeing that he was frozen there.

"More ice? I'm tired of ice," grumbled Gru.

Thomas sighed and transformed into robot mode. "Cinders and ashes! This is more frustrating than I thought," he grumbled, opening his firebox-blaster and working on thawing out the gods. Galacta Knight picked up his lance and summoned columns of flame in the hearth of the center.

Hestia thawed out first. "What is going on? Why are all of the gods frozen?" she asked. "The hearth fire must have gone out for my not being able to tend it..."

Galacta Knight looked at the goddess. "Your hearth is safe. I have reignited it for the sake of the gods. Watch as they thaw out.

"Alright, let's get down to business, I'm the Doctor, I'm here to help, these are the champions, we are here to help and to ask for your help. You see the planets in the sky, of course you see the planets in the sky, you're gods. See that big metal one surrounded by fire, that is a planet that is supposed to be dead being drawn into reality, if that planet gets all the way in them boom, no more Omniverse, just the sick, twisted vision of a metal madman." The Doctor Explained as Bowser aided in the thawing process with a gout of his firebreath.

"As the Doctor Explained, we are the champions, and we are here to save your worlds, but we also require your assistance. As the progenitor of this crisis; Nemesis and Sentinel Prime are both immensely powerful and skilled fighters. Only together do we stand a chance to ending their scheme to have the reality born dead consume all other universes." Optimus Prime said, himself standing to his full height.

"yeah, from one god to another, we kinda need your help. i mean we helped save mount olympus for you, so i think you guys owe us a favor, greek hospitality and all that. " John said, the god of wind floating upwards a bit, sitting on a ball of air.

((Appropriate Listening: ))

Mag0l0r roared and clapped his hands, destroying Kirby's Super Copy Ability. He was still one Kirby, but he lost the Ultra Sword. "Poyo..." Kirby muttered dejectedly.

"There is no time, Kirby! We must avenge Magolor!" Meta Knight shouted, drawing his blade. "Zero! Prepare to die!"

Meta Knight charged at Mag0l0r, but he opened a portal and Meta Knight stumbled through. More portals appeared, opening up and engulfing many of the others. Kirby, Rosalina, and Kate were all who were left. "Poyo!" Kirby cried in distress.

"Kirby! You must fight him! For Magolor... and for us as well!" Meta Knight shouted, his voice fading away.

Zero cackled, and Kirby put up his dukes... if you could call the little pink stubs "dukes." Magolor began to juggle enemies, throwing a Topman at Kirby. Kirby quickly inhaled it and became Tornado Kirby. Rosalina opened up a portal and the enemies flew in, before the portal spit them back out at Mag0l0r. The creature then created six balls of dark energy (evil-magic, not science) and sent them at Rosalina, who countered with dark energy (science, not evil-magic).

Kirby swept up from behind and blasted Zero with tornado. The Dark Matter got a mouthful of wind that stung his eyes. Mag0l0r countered by creating several dripping pillars that would pierce Kirby if he wasn't careful.

Then he crossed his arms and created a box with a "+" in it. Rosalina, Kirby, and Kate found themselves stuck in the cross's spaces. The cross faded and Mag0l0r reappeared on the battlefield.

Mag0l0r then proceeded to sweep a laser across the battlefield. Rosalina, Kirby, and Kate jumped into the air while the laser passed underneath them. Kirby Tornado-Jumped Zero, and that's when he got mad.

Zero roared and showed his true eye... in Mag0l0r's mouth. He teleported to the rear end of the arena and summoned two giant swords... a dark version of Kirby's Ultra Sword attack.

"Poyo!" Kirby pointed at an area just above Zero's head.

"That is a blind spot!" Rosalina shouted, teleporting up there. Kirby shoved Kate to the far left of the battlefield, and Kirby scurried to the far right. Magolor's Ultra Swords missed completely.

But then Mag0l0r opened a portal and sucked Rosalina and Kirby in. "POYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Kirby screamed.

Mag0l0r leered in front of Kate. She shrank backward. Zero laughed evilly. "Where are your friends to protect you now, Wetherall?!"

Kate covered her face. "I can't do anything..."

But she remembered why she approached NOVA. What her wish was.

She slapped herself. "Oh, yes you can, girl! Go kick his butt!" she said to herself.

"That's the thing! Now I'm protecting my friends!" She charged at Magolor and smacked him upside with a bucket.

His voice rang in her head. You go, girl. Knock me out of him!

Magolor's egging let Kate smack Mag0l0r over and over again, before giving him a swift kick in the eye. Mag0l0r tried to shoot her with a laser, but Kate got behind him and stabbed him in the back with her knife.

Zero's eyebasl squirted blood on the floor in front of him. The creature turned around, bleeding, and roaring in anger, but at the same time, Magolor cheered in Kate's head. I'm... he's almost done! Finish him! Knock him into next week!

Kate decided to pulverize Mag0l0r. "RELEASE MAGOLOR!!!" she yelled, bringing her bucket down upon Mag0l0r's head.

The Master Crown shattered.

Mag0l0r roared, the very thing that kept Zero alive destroyed. The body became engulfed in ethereal blue flames licking the sides of the arena. Kate shielded her eyes as Zero imploded with a flash of light.

Magolor's body floated in the middle.

He floated down to the ground gently.

Portals began to appear everywhere, spitting out Kate's friends. Toad was spat out first. "Whoa, that was totally balls-up-the-walls!" he exclaimed. Then he gasped. "MAGOLOR!"

He ran to Magolor, gave him a swift kick, then hugged him. "Please man, don't die on us! I'm sorry we said all those harsh things about you when we didn't know..."

Magolor blinked once, twice... then got up. "Toad, it's all fine with me. I'm the one who should be apologizing. And thanks for whooping my butt for me and knocking some of my sense back in."

We laughed, but Mario noticed something. "We-a all gonna die if we don't-a get outta here!" he shouted.

The exit portal was closing!

"You mean that was there the WHOLE TIME?!?" Toad raged.

"I think Zero was going to use it to take over the Omniverse," Magolor explained.

"Well, I think we're going to die with this place," Daisy grumbled.

The rest of the interdimensional tunnel was cut off from the arena. Magolor looked around. "If only there was something that would save us... I don't mind if it's cliche! Just get us out of this place!"

And as if his prayer were answered, the Lor Starcutter appeared out of the portal, enlarging it back to its normal size, scooping us all up, and dumping us in its cabin. Landia followed close behind, swooping and picking up Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. Then the Whomp Fortress beamed their leader (concrete completely set) up to the tower, and sped out with us.

The Lor and Landia sailed out the portal, just in time for us to hear Optimus's order. "Ya hear that? We gotta get to Derse, pronto!" Toad said.

The Lor, Landia, the Whomp Fortress, and the Comet Observatory all sped off toward the purple planet.

"It's time to WHOMP these WIMPS!" the Whomp King bellowed as we approached Derse. The Lor descended down on the planet, and landed next to Optimus Prime. "Um, hey, Optimus. You're alive again! Sorry we couldn't come, we had some business to take care of."

Magolor lay at Optimus's (giant) foot. "I'm so sorry for betraying Toad and his pals! I don't know what passed over me... but the greatest and most terrible force in all of Dream Land took a hold of me and used me to take over the Omniverse."

"Hey, I vouch for him. It's all cool now," Toad chimed in. "So what's going on here? Should I get out my 'All your Base' music?"

Amelia Earhart: Roll-er, Fly out!

The Red Baron jumped into his airplane. "Are you coming, Herr Amelia?" asked the German pilot.

"Well, alright, but I have no weapons on me," I replied.

The Red Baron sighed, then took off. I gunned the engines on my Electra and sped into the air.


Everybody was jumping out (some airplanes launched, and HOLY COW IS THAT A FLYING SHIP).

I decided to do it Mobian-style.

I jumped out without a parachute, then kicked my legs as fast as I could, pulling my arms behind me for more speed. I ran straight down, going so fast that the air acted like a wall.

I zoomed at supersonic speeds to the ground, before sharply leveling out and charging through the streets. Black pawn-like people got out of the way, but soon I approached a crowd of Heartless. "Out of my way!" I shouted, bouncing on them like a pinball. They were killed. "Two thousand points!"

I saw Dr. Robotnik flying overhead. "Hey! Ro-butt-nik! Come down here and fight like a man!"

"Fool hedgehog! I'M ON YOUR SIDE NOW, YOU MORON!"

But then something awful happened:

I saw Metal Sonic behind him. It screeched to a halt, twitched, and hung there. Its jets died.

I hit the brakes. "Whoa, man! What's going on up there?!"

"I have no idea. Metal Sonic's never done that before!"


"Hey, Doc, is it supposed to do that?" I asked.

"No! I programmed it to destroy you, but I didn't give it an overriding order! You're a registered Champion, and the two orders are causing Metal Sonic to reprogram!"


Metal Sonic then scanned me. HEDGEHOG DATA ACQUIRED! Then he scanned Robotnik. "PINGAS DATA ACQUIRED!"

"Hey! That's not the ONLY thing I'm good for!" Robotnik grumbled.

"Come on! We gotta stop Metal Sonic before all that data causes him to mutate!"


"You know what happened in Sonic Heroes!"


He scanned everybody. Even Amelia Earhart and Red Baron.

Suddenly, Metal Sonic began to change. He stuck his claws into the ground, and the steel from all of the Dersite buildings began to draw toward him. The scaffoldings crumbled and merged with Metal Sonic, at first distorting him, then causing him to grow. He became more beefed-up than an echidna on steroids. Metal plates flipped out all over his body, train wheels twisted and creaked on his shoulderblades, and he became a three-headed monster with Optimus Prime's and Megatron's heads.

Then the wings of a Riviera, an Electra, and a Fokker Triplane spurted out of his back, and flames spurted from his chest. Metal Sonic's snout elongated until it was like that of a crocodile, and the spines on his head extended into full-on spikes. He sprouted two more pairs of arms, those of Opthomas Prime and Shockwave. Several metal versions of the Pokemons' heads ringed his waist, all with glowing red optics.

Metal Sonic then flew into the air. "TREMBLE UNDER THE MIGHT OF THE METAL OVERLORD!!!!!!!!"

"Ah, you're all talk! I'll blast you to pieces, you faker!" I shouted up to him, before zooming and giving chase. Metal Overlord was fast! Heck he was almost as fast as light itself!

"Dear Primus, hedgehog! What have you done?!" cried a Transformer, driving in front of me and screeching to a halt (holy cow, was that a metal mermaid tail?)

"Oops. It wasn't my fault!"

Dr. Robotnik whistled.

"Doc! What have ya done?!" Scratch yelled. "YOU UNLEASHED A GIANT SUPERWEAPON UPON US ALL!!!"

"Yeah! I may have an IQ of 40, but I know that this is a bad thing!"

"Say he becomes one of the Destroyers?! Say Nemesis assimilates him?!" Scratch blathered.

"Shh! Don't give him any ideas!" Adeleine hushed, running up to us.

"So what do we do about Metal Overlord?"

"Something. I dunno?" I said.

"Come on! You're Sonic the Hedgehog! You always have a plan!" shouted Grounder.

I sat and pondered for a bit. Metal Overlord scanned all of us. I'm sure most of our weaknesses are overshadowed by other strengths. He's nimble despite his size, he's got all his weapons...

"Nope, nothing. We're dead."

A groan washed upon us all.


Now was my chance to redeem myself. I'm sure my witnesses and friends forgive me for the whole Master Crown incident, but I gotta prove my allegiance to the Champions...

With that, I charged into battle, screaming, "REDEMPTIONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!"

Well, actually, the Lor charged into battle. The ship surged forward, but Lord Straxus's Driller batted the ship aside. The ship was sent spinning and smashed into a building. "That didn't work out too well," Kate observed.

"You think?" Toad grumbled. "Let's follow Prime and see what happens."

I punched a few coordinates into the Lor's dash and the ship rose out of its crater and followed Optimus Prime.


"Metal Overlord? No big deal, I beat him up years ago... not sure how we'll do now, but we won't know if we don't try, right?" I said casually.

I ran toward Metal Sonic's mutated form, yelling.

But Metal Overlord, like I said, was deceptively fast. The only way to get at him was to predict his movements.

Metal Overlord's Megatron head turned toward me and roared in a distorted Megatron voice. Then he lifted up an arm and fired a strange cannon. As it fired, it seemed to say "PINGAS!"

I ran for my life. That cannon was twenty meters wide, and a whole lot longer! "Whoa!"

I ran at Metal Overlord's foot while he fired, not noticing me until his Metal Sonic head turned to look, then nudged his Optimus and Megatron faces. The PINGAS CANNON stopped, but I had already jumped onto Metal Overlord's foot. I began to run up his leg, dodging blasts from the Pokemon heads, star shots from emblems, and blasts of fire from his Opthomas arms. "You missed by a mile, literally!" I taunted, running around Metal Overlord's shin. The colossus roared.

Scratch: Follow.

I jumped onto Grounder and we drove after General Grievous. "You think Metal Overlord's gonna destroy everything?" I asked.

"Nah. Given Sonic's track record for defeating every member of the Super Sonic Search and Smash Squad, I think he'll be fine," Grounder assured.

"Quiet you two, and keep driving!" Dr. Robotnik roared.

Glockenspiel: Take Mickey and follow Prime.

I took Mickey and followed Prime. Some of the other Champions were with me: the Iron Giant, the autobot Seafare, Opthomas Prime.

"Wonder what sort of scum we're going to encounter today," I grumbled.

Mickey said, "Well, we already saw Straxus... You want me to keep track of 'em?"

"No, that'll be fine," I boomed.

I.M. Meen: Do naughty things.

I appeared in my library. "This book is made to order, but it isn't to be read! When they open up this book, they're sucked inside instead, to the most unpleasant place they've ever seen! The magic labyrinth of I.M. Meen!"

I laughed and disappeared.

Gru: Lead the Orange Star.

Dozens of scarlet vehicles trailed behind me. Sami and Deunan sat in the back seat of my car. Infantry flanked us in APCs.

I felt like a pimp. This supervillain's got swag.

"We are going to follow Optimus Prime, because we will make a bit too much clamor for John's liking," I said.

Pokemon: Go get 'em! (3rd person)

All of the Pokemon decided to follow John (except Burrows, who decided to tunnel and find a different route). Iron Giant stomped along. Daphne hushed him, he was making too much noise. Maggie floated behind John, her two side eyes looking for trouble, while Zim used his psychic powers to detect any anomalies. Marcus had his blades out, just in case, and Jude was braced for anything. Congress was their eyes in the sky.

W'eel rolled through the path, with Dennis stomping behind him. E.Coli was singing country music while they hiked on.

Adeleine complained about E.Coli's country songs. "Can't you sing anything else?" the painter complained.

"Nope," E. Coli said, and he kept singing.


We get lost, and now we are in trouble.

Vagineer and I, we stuck in circle of bad cars. Lemons.

"Heh-heh-heh!" they chuckle. I look angrily at them. "You, I do not forget!" I growled.

Vagineer hold up wrench. I bring precious Sasha into play. "YOU ARE ALL DEAD!" I fire bullets. They destroy first car. "More rubble, less trouble!"


Fillmore: Come back into play.

This is whack, man. I mean, I'm stuck in a palace, with Lemons tryin' to wreck me... Just not right. Not right at all.

"Oi, Fillmore," Wheatley said, "Where do you suppose we're going?"

"I don't know," I said.

All of a sudden, the floor began to open up beneath us. I jumped to the right and drove for my life.

"You know there is no escape," said a robotic voice. On the screens above us, a robot appeared.

"Oh, no! What's SHE doing here?!" Wheatley groaned.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I am the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, or GLaDOS. I am in charge of this facility."

"Why are you opening up the floor?" I asked.

"Isn't it obvious? She is a PSYCHOPATH," Wheatley asserted.

"Okay, very funny, GLaDOS. Now could you let us go?" I asked.

GLaDOS seemed to snort. "Ha. You think I'm that thick, don't you?"

Turrets appeared all around us. I was covered in shiny red dots.

"Oh, dear. We're dead. We are VERY dead," Wheatley whimpered.

"RUN!" I shouted, revving my engine and driving out of there.

"You can't get away from me that easily! I am the entire facility!" GLaDOS shouted after me.

Appropriate Listening: Sonic Generations: VS Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhruaIwUsSw

All along me turrets appeared all over the place. I drove as fast as I could. The ground wavered under me, and collapsed behind me.

The ground seemed to split in two in front of me. "Oh, dear! A wrong choice will lead to our deaths for sure!" Wheatley cried.

"Yeah, thanks for puttin' even MORE pressure on me!" I grumbled.

I chose the right pathway.

GLaDOS would not let up. More turrets flipped out behind me, and smashed the ground in front of me.

"Ack!" Wheatley yelped.

I jumped into the air.

"Watch it!" Wheatley complained, hitting my floor.

"Sorry, man!"

We sped forward, GLaDOS's guns blasting after us. Another screen appeared. "Life is not as easy as you think," she said, smashing the ground below us.

I fell from piece to piece of ground, and Wheatley was screaming as we fell.

SMACK! We landed on a piece of scaffolding. Wheatley was still screaming.

That's when it hit us. A soda can, that is.

A pile of garbage splattered behind me.

GLaDOS's face... er, single yellow optic, appeared on a screen. "It looks like it's time to take out the trash," she said.

All of a sudden, the walls began to move in.

Yeah, we were in a giant trash compactor. Not cool, man.

"Well, don't just STAND there! RUN!" Wheatley cried.

I didn't argue. I sped forward at top speed. The trash compactor was slowly edging toward us. I saw a plank with a large metal bar horizontally placed upon it. How strangely convenient.

I stomped the plank like a see-saw. The metal bar flew into the air, and when the trash compactor reached its sides, it stuck. Gears ground and I laughed at GLaDOS. "Not so clever now, are you?" I taunted.

Things, of course, went wrong.

The metal bar began to bend. I gulped and sped away as fast as possible.

I heard a snap and the trash compactor began to move again. Wheatley and I sped down the piles of trash, before hitting a conveniently placed sloped scaffold and jumping into a large trash chute. Unfortunately, Volkswagens weren't made for extreme sports, and I had a hard time driving up the chute. It didn't help that GLaDOS was sending pieces of trash flying at me.

GLaDOS shut doors on either side of me, and the massive trash door that shone above us was grinding closed. That one must not be used often. I squinted and drove faster. I was able to speed through the door and land on the ground safely.

Well, that is until a whole bunch of portals opened in front of me and dozens of Lemons poured out.

"And now we're dead," Wheatley grumbled as the portals and trash chute closed.

The Lemons pulled out their guns and sneered. "Any last requests?" asked the Trunkov in front.

I ejected Wheatley out of my back door by whipping my body once. Wheatley was sent flying. He eyed a switch and latched on.

All of a sudden, upbeat dance music began to play. "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! DUN. DUN. DUN DUN DUN. DUN. DUN DUN DUN. DUN. DUN DUN DUN."

The Lemons looked around strangely. That gave me a chance to yank Wheatley from the switch and drive out the door.
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Sonic: Defeat your cheap metal copy.

((Appropriate Listening: Sonic Heroes: What I'm Made Of))

Time to show him just what I'm made of!

"Long time, no see, Sonic, my loathsome copy!"

"Speak for yourself, bolts-for-brains! Leave the insults to the original!" I taunted, speeding up his leg. The heads on his waist began to rotate like gears.

"Is-a that Sonic?!" Mario cried.

I gave him a thumbs-up and Mario waved at me. We kind of made up that old SEGA-Nintendo feud at the Olympics.

I continued running. "Running. That is all you are ever good for!" Metal Overlord jeered.

Yeah, well running's what I do best, as well as my SUPER SONIC SPIN! I ground into Metal Overlord's shin and tore through the purple metal that formed his skeleton. Steam hissed and the scaffolding began to crumble. Rockets from inside began to flip out of the leg. I jumped from piece to piece of the metal falling toward me.

The turbine engines whirred and kept Metal Overlord stable. After a long run infested with Bullet Bills (Mario told me all about these at the Olympics), I ran up and Sonic Spun out of Metal Overlord's pelvis. "Yeah! Property damage!" I said, bursting out in a cloud of shrapnel.

I waved to Omega Supreme, that big spaceship robot dude. "Hey! Robo-dude! Back me up: I'm gonna open up his weak points!" I shouted.

Then I took off, a blue blur in the skies filled with lightning.

Geez. Metal Overlord was huge.

I'm pretty sure he's a gazillion miles high. "Ro-butt-nik really made you durable, didn't he," I grumbled. "Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"

I spun past the spinning gears and jumped onto Metal Overlord's chest. I NEVER get tired of running.

Metal Overlord tried to shoot me with weapons all over his torso. They pointed at me and fired Badniks, Bullet Bills, energy beams, blah, blah, blah. My spines ground into his hide and I chewed through the metal on his body.

"Sorry, guys," I taunted, letting the Badniks smash into each other, "but I've got a big metal butt to whoop! Toodles!"

I spiraled around his upper body and ran into his giant Megatron mouth. Then I wound up my leg and instantly accelerated to Mach 2. A sonicboom exploded around me.

The sides of the head exploded, sending the top of the skull crashing down upon me. I ran out and sped to the Optimus Prime side of Metal Overlord. This head was harder because it had the mouth guard that constantly snapped open and closed.

It snapped shut. I ran up the guard and into the glowing eye of Metal Overlord's Optimus Prime head. I jumped in and ran down the neck. I found several important gears. I kicked the panel in his neck, and wondered what I could do.

I spotted a metal crowbar on the ground. I threw it into the machinery.

The crowbar was chewed up. Pistons pushed, gears rumbled, and the crowbar was spit out in a bent heap.

I pulled out my last chili dog. I gave it a kiss, and threw it into the machinery.

The chili dog was flattened, falling through Metal Overlord's body, spilling chili beans all over the machines. Some of them got in the way of the pistons, slipping them up and gooping them down with chili.

Sparks began to fly. I got an idea.

I pulled out a bottle of ketchup. Sometimes my chili dogs weren't chili enough, so I topped them with ketchup.

I poured it down the Metal Overlord's machinery. The gears began to grind to a stop. Then I performed my Super Sonic Spin on the machines, displacing a gear and causing it to back up the gears. "Yes!"

Smoke began to pour out of the gears. I looked out the hole from the panel I kicked. Smoke was belching out of numerous cracks in Metal Overlord's body. Panels exploded, and flashing red lights marked "DO NOT SHOOT" appeared. Thank goodness Ro-butt-nik is so stupid.

I leaned out the panel. "Yo! Big robo-dude! Fire at the flashing red lights! I think they're weak spots!"
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>Champions: Advance!

John's group moved rapidly, keeping low to the ground to avoid the wrath and attention of the Destroyer air forces, which would almost certainly fatally delay their efforts. Quickly moving to a relatively intact Dersite tower that Rose had pointed out, they moved in, quickly finding a group of space pirates playing a card game with some Epsilon soldiers.

Immediately, the attention of an small army of destroyers within the building was focused on John's group, and an awkward silence fell for a few moments. Two Space Pirate Commandos looked at once another before barking an order in their incomprehensible roaring language, prompting the Destroyers in the building to flip over tables, desks, and anything to create cover before laying down heavy fire.

With such a deadly fusilade of shots pouring towards them, most foes would have dropped quickly, but these were not most foes. They were Champions, veterans of long and deadly conflict, given massively increased power, and were virtually unstoppable beasts of combat for the average nameless soldier.

Lord-Commissar Ciaphas Cain quickly moved in, pouring fire from his heavily upgraded and alchemized laspistol, pouring out a deadly hail of crimson energy beams from the pistol with deadly accuracy. A stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire that had popped his head above an upturned desk to take a shot at the enemy soon found the red beam slamming into his helmeted head, easily piercing it and blowing his brains out of his ruptured skull in a long red stream of flash fried gore.

By the time the Stormtrooper's body slumped to the ground, blood spurting out of his neck, Cain swept his rapidly firing lasers across the room, hitting an Aetherian Space pirate in the chest, piercing through it's exoskeleton and slamming into it's beating heart, causing the creature's organs kept in it's chest to explode out of it's back in a shower of dark orange viscera.

A Chaos Heretic popped up from behind and upturned table and fired off his autogun, sending a hail of bullets snapping through the air with enough force to pierce over a meter of concrete. But even if Cain were not a champion, his Carapace armor, hidden underneath his commissar's uniform, would block it. The cultist looked on dumbfounded as his bullets simply bounced off of Cain's alchemized carapace armor, an expression that remained on his face until a shot from Jade's gun, Ahab's crosshairs vaporized the chaos worshipper's head.

"Thank you Jade." The Commissar said politely as she blasted the chest of an Imperial Warrior of the Empire of the Rising sun into a bloody ruin, burnt flesh surrounding a waist sized hole in the Japanese soldier's chest. But then Cain saw a Stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire take aim at Jade with a disruptor rifle.

But the white armored stormtrooper never got the chance to fire, as a Cadian Stormtrooper of the Imperium of Man promptly stitched a series of head sized bloody holes in the other Stormtroopers chest with his hellgun, the cracking and whining of the Imperial weapon sounding through the fire fight.

A thundering roar heralded the onset of a massive white beam of energy from one of Rose's quills of echidna, vaporizing a Cultist squad as they prepared to set up some heavy weapons to try and pin the champions down, the scent of burnt flesh hanging heavy in the air.

Dave quickly rushed headfirst into combat, using his control over time to slow it down massively, allowing him to easily dodge the incoming rounds being poured across the room as he jumped over an upturned table to get at an Epsilon initiate Sergeant as he prepared a pyrokinetic blast.

With a single deftly swung stroke of his sword the ROYAL DERINGER, the head of the Initiate was removed from his neck, a fountain of blood pouring out of the stump as the initiate slumped to the ground and Dave began to hack apart the other destroyers he could reach.

When a squad of Chaos cultists emerged to fire off their autoguns and grenade launchers at the champions, John simply let a strong gust of wind fly and throw the incoming rounds right back at the offending squad, bullets ripping through their bodies and blowing off limbs before fragmentation grenades tore apart what remained of them, their screams filling the air.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, a fearsome Space Pirate Commando brought up his energy shield and laid down a withering hail of pulse cannon shots, forcing many champions to seek cover from the deadly blue bolts before the commando threw an EMP grenade, followed by a thermal grenade, to disrupt their efforts.

Using the confusion to his advantage, the Commando jumped forward, his crackling orange energy shield easily reflecting the incoming shots, indeed, even a full powered blast from Ahab's crosshairs, an enormous purple ray that could have laid low even the fiercest beasts the destroyers had at their disposal, bounced off at a thirty degree angle, piercing through a wall and shooting out into space.

Advancing with the protection of his shield, the Commando fired his right arm mounted pulse cannon once again, hitting a group of Clone troopers with the lethal volley of blue shots, blowing apart their torsos from the impact before he advanced with thrusting jets, zooming towards a guardsmen squad, an orange energy blade flaring out of his arm cannon and swinging around in a wide arc, cutting apart five imperial guardsmen.

With another swing, the commando wiped out the rest of the Guardsmen squad, but a massive iridescent comet like burst of molten energy contained in a magnetic bottle slammed into his back, a plasma pistol shot, specifically designed to deal with heavy infantry.

Turning around to keep his partially melted back armor away from the attacker, the Commando had enough time to register total and absolute shock as an black Power fist came swinging at his head and promptly mulched the better part of it and sent the remainder flying off of his neck, blood spewing out of his neck.

Lord Commissar Bernn then lowered his plasma pistol and put his power fist at rest. "Another victory for the forces of the Emperor of mankind..." He said, sweeping his gaze around, nodding in confirmation now that the building was secure.
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Magolor: Give Kirby the works.

Appropriate Listening: VS Magolor (Vocal Arrangement)

I opened the Lor's Copy Ability Rooms. Kirby immediately jumped into the fourth room and picked up the Tornado ability. "Go get 'em, tiger!" I said, shoving Kirby out the Lor's door. Kirby began to spin rapidly and a whirlwind whipped around him. The super-tough pink puff descended upon the Destroyers like an angel of destruction. The tornado drew Heartless into is and battered them until they died.

Meanwhile, I began to control the Lor's weapons. Just in time, too: a huge swirling mass of ink was descending from the clouds.

This maelstrom formed a shape that resembled an inky rabbit with swirling black eyes and a mouth that dribbled like it was melting.

"That's the Shadow Blot after it absorbed Oswald the Lucky Rabbit," a mouse said to me, walking up and sadly reminiscing. "The Blot took the shape of Oswald, but I know he's dead... Seeing his face makes me feel lonesome. Empty."

I looked down. I truly regretted turning against the Champions. "Um... Mouse..."

"Mickey Mouse," said the cartoon mouse.

"Mickey, do you forgive me for turning against Toad? Because that wasn't really me. I feel so bad right now. I feel empty as well."

Mickey turned his head to me. "You sound as if you haven't forgiven yourself yet... er, what's your name?"

"I see we haven't met yet. I'm Magolor."

Mickey turned his head away. "I do forgive whatever you've done, 'cause man, do you sound miserable. But if there's one thing I've learned, there's no way others would forgive you if you don't forgive yourself, ya know?"

How could I forgive myself? I know it wasn't really me doing it... but how could I have allowed it to happen?

"Magolor." Mickey clasped one of my hands in his gloves. "It doesn't matter what others think of your action. As long as you forgive yourself for it, you won't feel empty."

"I guess you're right... But what I did was downright low. I don't think I could ever forgive myself."

"Magolor, I'm so sorry to hear that..." Mickey got up and left.

I sighed.

Inspector Gadget: Tell Prime some bad news.

"Hey! Optimus!" I shouted through my Gadget Megaphone. "Can I have a word with you?"

When I was absolutely sure I had his attention, I said: "I've got some bad news. Maleficent's destroyed one of our companions! Jenny, the teenage robot! We know that Maleficent could turn herself into a huge black dragon!"

Astro Boy piped up as well. "We've gotta watch out! Now that we know Maleficent can turn into a giant powerful dragon, we have to stay on our toes and keep ourselves from melting to slag in her magical fire breath."

"We managed to salvage the body," I shouted, "but most of it's wrecked. Only some of the main processors and her head are intact... If only there were some way to repair her! We'd gladly give up our parts to fix her up. No bot deserves death by fire! (Except Nemesis and his cronies.)
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>Omega Supreme: Provide fire support

Appropriate listening:

"RESPONSE: ACKNOWLEDGED. STATEMENT: I GO TO WAR THIS DAY IN THE NAME OF CYBERTRON AND JUSTICE! DECLARATION: YOU SHALL KNOW MY WRATH!" Omega supreme said as he stomped forward, smashing through a set of dersite bridges, a fusilade of red bolts from Traitor guardsmen hitting him but doing no damage, the lasguns simply weren't anywhere near powerful enough to threaten him.

Stepping on a series of Epsilon lasher light tanks that tried to swing around to shoot him, Omega Supreme let loose his visor ray, firing fortha colossal crimson blast at Metal overlord as he got into melee range. As he advanced, he swung forward his drill hand and spun the weapon up, sending an enormpous whirring of machinery tearing through the air as the hand swung towards Metal Overlord's chest for massive damage.

Pulling his hand back, Omega supreme then levelled his claw arm and forced his claws open, revealing the enormous arm cannon that spewed forth an enormous orange orb of plasma that crackled with arcs of energy all around the molten sphere. Then moving to follow up his assault, Omega Supreme let loose a enormous barrage of missiles out from his back, the warheads streaking out from his back and curving around, their white exhaust looking like wings as they flew out towards the metal overlord.

To really put the machine off of it's balance, Omega Supreme then had his numerous turrets all take aim and begin firing, spewing out a touhou esque barrage of energy bolts, plasma orbs, glowing tracers, and missiles from his front before firing an enormous buckshot spread of cannon shells from his drill hand, followed by another enormous plasma orb from his claw cannon, then leading up to a huge searing crimson ray from his visor and yet another missile barrage from his back.

There was little to do but wait and see if this titanic outpouring of firepower would be enough to bring down the Metal overlord.

>Optimus: Consider

You considered Gadget's words, looking away for a bit and sternly gazing into the distance, watching a Chaos warhound class scout titan advance forward, shells from soviet rhino tanks exploding against flashing void shields while the titan's leg and nose guns retaliated with a barrage of autocannon and heavy bolter rounds, blowing up some of the soviet armored regiment.

Then the machine fired off it's turbo laser destructor, enveloping many tanks in an deafening outpour of green laser death that instantly vaporized the tanks while it's plasma blast gun rained down blue orbs of molten ruin in vast quantities, frying more of the soviet tank regiment.

The Hundred foot tall titan then continued to stomp forward, only for it to receive an Atomic Ray to the face from Godzilla, the orange ray searing through it's void fields and then slamming into it's cockpit partially melting it and allowing Godzilla to advance and then slam the thing to the ground with a heavy double hammer fist, sending the war machine crumpling to the ground for the giant monster to step on, it's plasma core exploding in a blue inferno.

Turning back to the inspector, Optimus retracted his faceplate and answered. "Yes...there is a source of parts you could use..." Optimus said as he took out the body of Jazz from a bag of holding he had acquired from a fallen destroyer, the magic item containing Jazz's corpse in an easily carryable manner via storage dimension.

Laying down Jazz's body reverently, Ratchet/ Red Alert turned back to the group and noticed the perdicament. "So you wish to transfer parts from Jazz to Jenny? Very well...Stand back..." Ratchet said as Optimus' group moved into a formation that would let them guard ratchet, circling around him with their weapons outward and keeping an overwatch as the medical bot got to work, delicately transferring parts from Jazz to Jenny.

>John's group: Go up

Advancing up the stairs, John's group quickly got to a floor that was about eye level to the fiercely burning sun darkener and the beam emitting control pillar. Looking at the twirling spire, one could see the multicoloured energy of the Great Suns being sucked into the device after being drawn into it from the Great Suns, spread across the whole of the universe.

In the meantime, the control pillar continued to blaze it's blue-white beaming signal into the sky, continuously drawing the enormous shape of Cybertron into reality, a low droning sound being audible, if somewhat drowned out by the sucking roar of the Sun Darkener.

From this elevation, Terezi could smell a scene amidst the multiscented swirl of the Sun Darkener, there Nemesis Prime and Galvatron could be seen, with Sentinel Flanking Nemesis. Galvatron had apparently been repaired from his encounter with Optimus, but the hole in his head remained, as a mark for his failure.

"And so the final chapter plays out...and victory is so near to us...finally we can all bathe in the Darkness and lord over a dead omniverse." Galvatron intoned, looking out to the war torn city of derse, but Nemesis faced Galvatron and seemed to discern his thoughts.

Nemesis' metallic fist soon went flying into the right side of Galvatron's face, a metallic CLANG ringing throught he air as he shoved him onto the side of the Control pillar housing at the Dersite palace. "Do not take me for a fool Galvatron, I know that you seek the Darkness for yourself." He said as he gripped at the plating in the burning hole in Galvatron's head, ripping some of the plates out.

Nemesis then pulled his hand backwards and sent a spray of metallic shards flying as he flicked his hand to fling off the metal bits stuck to it. "You would be wise, to think better of assuming that you can hide your intentions from me, Galvatron..." Nemesis snarled angrily, showing the tension that existed within the destroyer ranks.

Tension, that could perhaps be used to the advantage of the champions...something worth pondering to be sure. But the group was brought out of their wonderings by the sound and rumbling of aircraft mounted weaponry blasting into the midsection of the building, blowing out portions of it's structure just as Merrick was levelling out his missile launcher to prepare the shot.

"W-whoa! They're firing at the building! They know we're here!" Merrick panicked as he tried to regain his footing at the window and take aim again before another rumble sounded throughout the structure, another tremor being felt.

As the imperial guard sergeant looked down he could see a group of nod venom fighters unloading with their supercharged particle cannons into the building's midsection, gouging out holes in it and causing the structure's top to begin to lean dangerously, the metal groaning as it tried to keep up with the strain.

"This is not good, they're going to bring the building down..." Merrick complained before John stopped him. "merrick look, we came here for one reason and that's to save all existence...it doesn't matter if we die as long as we get the job done...now come on!" he said, giving merrick a pat on the back as he realigned the launcher.

"I don't care if the building collapses, I'm having a heart attack anyway..." He muttered under his breath as he aligned for another shot before he saw one Destroyer aligned Decepticon orbital assault craft rising up, forcing him abandon his launching position and seek a hiding spot with the rest of the group.

The group was absolutely silent as the vehicle levelled out before the pilot exited his craft, the steely decepticon cocking his assault rifle as he looked around and clicked his jaws, searching for his prey. It was at this point that the ork kommando nob Spookums looked out from his cover and took a handfull of stikkbombs and threw them out at the decepticon to give the group enough of a distraction to get out of the elite decepticon's way.

With a growl as the fragmentation weapons exploded into a series of fireballs and sprayed shrapnel everywhere, the cybertronian began to fire, sending yellow pulses out while the group ran. Bluddflagg turned back briefly and bellowed out "WAAAGH!" As he shot off his bigshoota, impacting the machine with enormous bullets that released a deep thudding noise as they fired before he continued to run.

Cain snapped off some shots with his pistol before ducking under a burst of yellow pulses as the group, lead by john reached the windows opposite to the decepticon and the entire group smashed through them, flinging themselves out of the building and onto the windowed side of the decaying structure.

Everyone scrambled for what purchase there was to be had on the thing, with one Guardsmen screaming "We're gonna die!!!!" As he slid across the sloped side of the building. "Shoot da windowz ya gitz!" Bluddflagg shouted over the screaming as he took out his big shoota and shot at some windows, prompting the others to make their own holes in the windows and fall back into the now dangerously leaning building.

Once again sliding, everyone attempted to flail and scramble for anything to stop their fall towards the windows opposite to where they entered, where it was very likely that they would break through the windows and fall to their deaths, whether by the fall or from all the destroyers who would notice them.

John grabbed onto some hanging wires as hard as he could and reached out a hand to grab the falling Rose who clutched his hand with a deathgrip. "i got you...i got you..." John muttered while Dave took out his SORD and stabbed it into the floor to stop his fall, grabbing jade with a hand.

Merrick slammed into a desk bolted into the floor and was no worse for the wear other than perhaps a few bruises while Amberly smashed a powerfist into the floor, deactivated the powerfield, then reached her power armor clad right hand to grab cain, who in turn grabbed jurgen.

Bluddflagg slammed his powerklaw into the ground and gritted his teeth as he slid, stopping just short of a window that a wheeled desk smashed through, followed by an unlucky Imperial Karskin who fell to his death, screaming all the way as he flailed through the air.

As the desk and the trooper fell, some cups of tea on the desk slid off of it and fell a few feet away from the desk, right where the enormous destroyer Lord Straxus was stomping through in search of another fight. Alerted by the sound of human screaming, Straxus rotated his head and narrowed his optics on the falling desk and human, calculating their likely origins at light speed while some cups of tea broke against his head with a delicate shattering sound.

Turning his optics up, Straxus let out a low growl as his mandibles rippled disconcertingly. "is everyone okay???" Jade asked as the group started to stand up once again, with Merrick going out to a window and putting a hand against a part of wall not comprised out of fragile glass.

A chorus of affirmatives were her response before Straxus turned his head up and looked at Bluddflagg, who was hanging on some cabling and panting a bit. As Straxus turned his behemothic head upwards he growled out "The driller shall feed." In his low, demonic voice as he focused his glare right at bluddflagg.

Appropriate listening:

"Oi! Dis Evil fingz lookin' at me!" Bluddflagg shouted at the other champions before the ground a few blocks away began to be torn apart by the massive metallic coils of Straxus' pet, the dread driller, the colossal machine ripping through concrete and asphalt like nothing and sending whole sections of the street rising and falling in large chunks.

Turning to look at the source of the noise, Bluddflagg immediately assessed the situation and shouted. "AND ITZ EVEN BROUGHT AN' UGLIER DESTROYA WIFF IT!" He said as he stood up and ran up away from the windows. As the driller brought itself fully out of the ground, it slid across the groun, it's metallic coils turning softly as it went behind Straxus, who turned around and garbled forth his commands to his pet while John looked downt o see what was going on.

"The champions are there...commence feeding." Straxus ordered, prompting the dread driller to rear itself up and let loose a warbling roar before plunging it's maw right into the base of the building, burrowing through the skyscraper and chewing through the structure.

"uhh guys move we gotta move" Dave shouted for once in his life as he saw this absolutely fucking enormous metallic death worm chew it's way throught he building in a circular pattern to catastrophically weaken the structure and get at the champions.

"Oh emperor above, just please let me get out of this alive, I promise I'll be a good man" Merrick frantically prayed at the sight and sound of the enormous beast ripping through the building, with Castor dragging him on, the group started to flee anywhere they could as the top half of the structure finally fell over, leaning onto and then slamming onto the top of another building, giving the champions access to some stair cases on the side of the other structure.

But that was little consolation, for the driller was ripping through the building, it's central head smashing through the right side of the building and howling before reentering the broken top half, a fiery plume erupting as it ignited some gas valves and then emerged once again through the other side just as John and Rose managed to get out onto the stair case.

Hanging from the underside of the building, the champions could now get a good look at the titanic death machine, which had to be miles long and wide enough to swallow them all in one gulp. A look into it's glowing orange circular maw showed a never ending array of spinning teeth arranged in circular patterns while molten metal flowed out like saliva, dripping from it's maw while lesser tendrils snaked out and advanced forward as the beast slavered towards the champions.

This did not look good.


The Imperial Condesce stood before a council of destroyers in a dersite bunker, feeling the earth shake as artillery shells slammed into the ground. Or more correctly, she was sitting at a delegation of such destroyers. "The Kingdom of Nemesis is crumbling..." Said Vilgax as the ground shook from the impact of a crashing star destroyer blown out of the stars by a Imperial Retribution class Battleship.

"Yes...but we cannot make a move against him until the heart of darkness is no longer in his grasp." Pointed out Ahriman of the Thousand sons, to the nods of many delegates. Jack Noir irritably looked around and reached for his sword to stab someone out of boredom, but Kharn promptly bashed him on the head with a lead pipe with enough force to make him see stars.

"What is clear however...is that most of the Cybertronians will remain with him to the end..." Cryotamul explained, his icy fingers rippling as he tapped them on the table. "An unfortunate loss, but we have reason to believe that enough of them will survive to make a major contribution to our armies after his downfall." Emperor Palpatine responded, his ancient voice full of malice.

")-(mmm I say w--e throw our support to the E---mperor ing." The Condesce motioned, bringing the attention of Asdrubael Vect, lord of the Dark Eldar to her. "We have already thrown our support to the lord of the Dark dimension, do not be so stupid, girl." Vect growled at her, causing her to growl and grit her teeth.

The entire room shook once again, this time from a cascade of explosions from a series of Juggernaut artillery walkers blowing apart an entire Alternian army division with a devastating rain of 200mm railgun shells that thundered the very fabric of derse as they struck like the fists of angry gods.

The lighting in the room flickered as the lamps swayed and the cablings shook from the tremors caused by the now continuous artillery bombardment, followed by the distinctly deeper noise of bombs from Imperial Marauder bombers going on massive bombing runs that likely pummeled the dersite city above to dust.

"My own soldiers are ready to make for their departure following the downfall of Nemesis." Yuri said, stroking his goattee while the room shook and rumbled from a series of V4 missiles exploding into the ground. "Then we are in agreement...the new Destroyer lord shall be the Emperor Ing once Nemesis' grip on power has ended." The fiery daemon prince Araghast snarled, his skeletal bovine head brimming with warp fire.

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Gadget: Oh, noes.

Ratchet began the transfusion of the mechanical pieces of Jazz to Jenny. Vital functions flew from the Autobot to the teenage robot, compacting but still retaining their function, as Astro and I looked on. Electricity sparked around the Autobots and Jenny.

But things weren't exactly perfect. Most of the mechanisms that created Jenny's multiple weapons and other gadgets were fried by Maleficent's dark magic. Some of her engines were irreplaceable as well.

I tapped Ratchet. "Um, we have a problem. There's some engines that can't be replaced in her body. They're kind of like human vital organs..."

Astro Boy piped up. "Some of her tech looks like the stuff we have in our bodies," he said.

"Astro, what're you tryin' to say here?"

"Well, we have parts, Jenny needs them..."

"Hey, these are the only parts I've got!"

Astro Boy looked me in the eye. "Look, Jenny told me about her life. She has friends, but is also important in saving her world. Me, I've wiped out all the threats already, and I was just created as a replacement for Tobio."

"But Astro, I've got a family! What about your family?"

"They probably think I'm gone..."

I thought about it. I thought about my niece, Penny. I thought about her feelings, and how upset she would be if she lost her ol' Uncle Gadget.

But then I thought some more, and looked at myself. I'm an old bot past my prime... and here's a next-generation robot who was destroyed in a humiliating fashion, with more relations than either of us.

I then thought of Penny again. She would be so sad... A tear dropped down my cheek.

"Ratchet, take us apart."

Some of the guards turned. "What? Are you nuts?"

"I think your hat's on too tight!"

"Gadget, you're bonkers!"

I firmly put my foot down. "Look, I'm an old robot, and Astro's done his duty already. I think we're both ready to be recycled, reused, junked, and put back together again for a good purpose."

Some of the guards murmured to each other.

I breathed out, and Astro opened a plate on his chest, revealing a blue core of energy. He nodded to me, and I took the core out of his body. Astro smiled and collapsed on the ground in a heap.

I gave the core to Ratchet and told him to use it for Jenny. Then, I said:

"Go, Go, Gadget Shut-down."

My vision went blank.


((Appropriate Listening: Sonic the Hedgehog: His World

I jumped out of Metal Sonic as the first wave of Omega's barrage approached. "Hasta la vista, meestah!" I taunted, Sonic Spinning and running so fast I could step on the air molecules before they could make way.

Omega Supreme's uppercut smashed Metal Overlord. All three of his heads roared in pain, sparks and gears flying from the impact point. One of his weak points was smashed in the process, and electricity arced through the air. At the same time, the eye beam fired into the Overlord's Megatron mouth, traveling out the other end and destroying the head.

Then Omega's cannon blast tore off Metal Overlord's arm. I heard the crunch of metal, I smelled the stench of ozone, and heard the crash of the arm hitting the ground.

The missiles hit the Pokemon heads on the Overlord's waist, destroying them one-by-one, while the rest of them damaged the PINGAS cannon so much as to render it useless. Explosions burst around and inside of the Metal Overlord, destroying the rest of its weak spots. But one weak point was left that had emerged on his main head. I jumped along the missiles that Omega Supreme fired and rode them to the Metal Overlord. "Here's hoping!" I shouted, bounding off the missile and crashing into the weak point.

I bounded off of Metal Overlord, running along his head while it collapsed. Fulminations burst around me and the robot screamed. I jumped and spread my arms and legs out.

Magolor: Let's help peoples.

((Appropriate Listening: ))

"Kirby! Get back here!" I shouted.

The buildings began to collapse.

"Poyo!" Kirby cried in terror. I leaned way out of the Starcutter and grabbed Kirby just as the building below him crumbled.

"Hang on, guys!" I slung Kirby into the Lor, keeping him safe.

"Prime! We're gonna go help out John!" I shouted, closing the door and turning the Lor toward the source of the blasts.

The ship soared through the skies, dodging fire from the Destroyer turrets below. "Hey, Straxus! Your Driller's boring!" Toad taunted.

"Toad, are you nuts?!" I cried.

I spun the ship around and blasted the Driller before it could react to Toad's words. Then the Starcutter ducked behind a building. "We're here to support, John!" I shouted to John. "Do you have a plan?!"
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Captain Fordo: Move out

Quickly darting through the streets, the clone troopers, sylux, and space marines made rapid progress through the wartorn world of derse. A large and burly Horned Devil stood guard over a bridge, sweeping the area with it's hateful gaze.

A hateful gaze that soon vanished into a cloud of gore as Cyrus placed a heavy bolter round from his sniper rifle right into it's forehead, the round smashing through the Baatezu's skull and embedding itself in it's brain before exploding and ripping apart the head, sending bonechips and blood flying in all directions.

"Clear." Cyrus said calmly as his scout marines moved out, maintaining stealth protocols while Fordo quickly ran through some streets, taking aim at a few Nazi soldiers guarding a checkpoint and skillfully placing blaster bolts into their chests, the blue beams exploding and ripping apart their chests in fiery bursts.

Looking over into an alleyway, Fordo spotted a squad of ten tallonian space pirates, but before he could pull out his grenades, a white hot jet from Sergeant Tarkus' heavy flamer flooded the alleyway and ignited the entire group of space pirates, causing them to scream in agony as their flesh sloughed off their bodies and their exoskeletons charred into nothing.

"I'm guessing Terminator marines aren't much for sublety..." Fordo remarked as he pushed a burnt space pirate body away with his foot before a multicoloured beam from Sylux's arm cannon shot out and impacted a Jackal sniper in the head, incinerating it and causing the covenant soldier to droop and fall out of his nest.

"We're talking entirely too much for my tastes." Sylux dryly responded as the Jackal's corpse hit the ground. As the group advanced, they came across a series of Nod scorpion tanks, which Martellus dealt with by advancing within melta range and letting out a liberal amount of actinic lances of molten death that fried holes into the vehicles, destroying the armored column.

>Ratchet: Commence with the organ transplant.

Nodding as the group sacrificed themselves for Jenny's continuation, Red Alert/Ratchet solemnly took the removed organs as Shas'O'Ra'Lai sent a hyper sabot round cracking towards a chaos space marine dreadnought that was taking potshots at the group with it's twin linked lascannon.

As the dreadnought's top half exploded due to the hypersonic round punching straight through it's armour and engine block, Ratchet took the organs and began to weld them into Jenny's body. But a beeping came from Optimus, indicating that John's group had sent a distress signal.

"Ratchet, you're in command...John is in danger, I must deal with it. Wreckers, follow me on the ground in case I need support." Optimus said as he took off, his back engines flaring into life and sending him skyrocketing into the air, zooming through the cityscape while the wreckers entered vehicle mode and drove down.

"Keep them off my back while I finish this!" Ratchet shouted over the din of battle. "Got it, Bumblebee take out those wave force artillery guns keeping us pinned." Sideswipe ordered as he raked some galactic empire stormtroopers with his arm cannon, blowing many apart and forcing the rest to take cover behind the ruins of a tank.

Bumblebee nodded and fired off a brace of missiles from his shoulder mounted pods, the weapons curving out and around in an arc to impact the vulnerable top armor of the gleaming white artillery vehicles, blowing off their massive guns and causing them to spin around in a wreck.

>John: try to think of something.

Oh god oh god it's coming to get you. I mean jeez that thing is huge, with so very many turrets and jaws to eat you up. Molten metal slavering out of it's countless jaws, massive metallic coils curling around the building, constantly rotating with a low whir.

A series of explosions rippled across the Driller's side, causing it to lurch to one side and growl, turning it's main head towards the offending ship. It began to open fire with it's turret and flame breath to try and drive away the ship and finally you got yourself together.

"guys! shoot at it! shoot at it now!" You said, prompting those of your group with ranged weapons to immediately open fire upon the driller. Bullets, shells, beams, and lightning bolts arced towards the beast and exploded across it, causing it to reel and shriek angrily.

But the low roar of a very familiar set of jets caused you all to turn to face the source of the noise, where Optimus could be seen flying towards the seen, spinning a bit in the air with his arms held back. "I'm coming for you!" He shouted, leaving you unsure of whether he was referring to the driller or your group.

As he flew, he brought his arms forward and opened fire with all available guns, sending out a huge stream of missiles, bullets, shells, beams, and bolts spewing out of his countless guns in a virtual wall of lethal firepower. With it's attention divided on three fronts, the Driller could only devote a few of it's heads to repelling Optimus.

But as the autobot leader flew past it, he concentrated his firepower on one of the tendrils, blasting apart the metal linkages and plating in a molten storm of death, blowing off the tendril and causing the beast to reel and scream as it's bodily weapons continued to fire in all directions.

But Optimus soon flew in an huge upward arc, bringing himself above the building where he hovered for just a few moments before charging up and releasing a barrage of super missiles that blew open a hole in the structure down to the central body of the Driller, where he began a death spiral dive, screaming downwards and firing all weapons at the driller.

This massive barrage of firepower critically weakened the Driller's central body structure, meaning that when Optimus impacted it's central body at hypersonic velocities, he broke the already fatigued metal so violently that the entire "head" of the driller came crashing down to the ground, followed by the rest of the enormous metallic worm.

A mighty cheer rose from your group as Optimus flew up towards a building and rested himself on the skyscraper's roof top, but you then saw Straxus on the ground, obvious rage on his face, his arm cannon at the ready. "optimus look out!" You shouted, but there was no chance that your warning would reach him in time.

"THAT WAS A MAGNIFICENT CREATURE PRIME! NOW JOIN IT IN EXTINCTION!" He roared at the top of his vocal capacitors as he levelled out his arm cannon after cocking it for a full buckshot missile spread and aimed it at Optimus, firing off a enormous spread of missiles that spread out towards optimus.

Optimus tried to take off and fly away, but just as he did, some of the missiles hit him in his chest and lower abdomen, a blossom of red fireballs cascading on his torso and then hurling him for what must have been at least half a mile, smashing straight through another building, getting himself tangled on some cables and hanging face down miles above the ground.

As Optimus struggled to get himself free, the wreckers soon drove up near the structure and Optimus called out for them, and you breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he'd be alright, and as Straxus was withdrawing, your group felt safe enough to head down to the ground on the staircase.
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Phineas: Help Ratchet!

I saw the Autobot working alone. I ran over to him, dragging Ferb along. I was sure he knew what he was doing, but...

Smoke popped. Electricity sparked. I shielded my face.

When the dust cleared, metal plates and engines were all over the place. I looked over and saw that Ratchet was fixing Jenny.

I'm sure Ratchet was completely competent, but Jenny is really advanced. Fortunately, Ferb and I were the masters of advanced.

"Ferb, I know what we're going to do today!"

We rushed over to Ratchet's side. "Hey, you might want to put that component into that hole, cross these wires, and..." I put the pieces together. BRZAP! An engine began to run.

"This robot's really advanced. I see all these mechanisms that make items compact into a small space. For this you'd need this space distorter, a couple car batteries..."

"Aren't you a little young to be fixing robots?" asked one of the guards.

"Yes, yes I am," I replied.

Magolor: Whoop.

"HIT THE DIRT!" I shouted, bringing the Lor sharply downward. The ship took a nosedive as the gunfire exploded around us. I put up the Lor's shields as the fire was about to burn it to slag. Flames arced around it. They stopped. We watched Optimus blow up the Driller. "You go, Prime!" we cheered.

Then Lord Straxus fired off a bunch of missiles. Optimus was blown over yonder.

"Prime!" I cried.

"No time," Toad shouted. "We've still gotta back up John!"

I brought the Lor down close to them. "You guys go ahead, we'll catch up!" I called.
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???: Wreck their shit.

Fighting upon one of the purple bridges of Derse ceased for a moment as a dark purple portal opened in the middle, drawing all eyes in the vicinity towards it. Slowly, a tangled mass of hair and candy-cane colored horns rose up... And then a face, covered in white facepaint to look like a grinning skull... And then the massive, muscular body. The combatants stood back for a moment as the figure looked down at himself, flexing his muscles, and then looked at everyone around him. A grin lit up the horrific figure's face, causing him to look all the scarier. 


At first, only a few people heard him. Guns began to be lifted up, aiming at this new Clasher. 


A few men began to laugh, only to find that their heads were ripped off. The Grand Highblood laughed as his hands became covered in the blood of his victims. A few minutes later, the same figure was seen, blood from his victims and himself covering his clothes, his hair, and his hands. 

??? and ???: Do what you do best.

"Lady Isabel, I believe they are requesting another round of your skills." a loud baritone voice rumbled, just before the sounds of heavy footsteps filled the air. "Thanks for not crushing all of them, I was getting bored."

This particular duo was a little bit on the strange side; one was a towering being of stone, and the other, standing upon his shoulder, was a sapphire-haired teenager sending tendrils and balls of dark magic down upon pretty much everyone, as the pair were so far unable to discern who was foe or ally. The massive one, Gorem, just plowed through opponents, ignoring the bullets that bounced off his armor and not minding the more advanced weaponry of the relatively low-importance soldiers who fired upon him, crushing them underneath his heel. The teenager, Isabel, strangled and suffocated and mangled everyone down below with her magic with relative impunity. 

???: Do what you do best.

This is composed entirely of you running the hell away from prrrrrrretty much everybody in sight. Since you appeared here on Derse, you've been scared shitless, and, as such, running away seemed like a pretty good idea. Gone from your mind are your years of service in Prospit's military, gone are the thoughts of fighting and sleuthing with Boss Black and the rest of Spectrum Investigations. You are perfectly capable of fighting, but right now, fear is preventing this. 

You are Foreman Alabaster, and you might be the most cowardly badass looking guy in the omniverse. Your jacket flaps along behind you and you clutch your business card in your right hand as you duck, jump, and run through the fighting, managing to not get hit long enough to make it into a nearby building that had so far managed to avoid the combat outside. 

Foreman: Be corrected.

A gun to the face quickly dispels the previous thought of this building being empty. You raise your hands in the air, only for your business card to turn into a lance and stab the strange being in the foot. "Oh my, I-I'm so sorry..." you mutter, attempting to pull the lance from the soldier's foot, only to succeed and knock it out. You sigh, and then stab the creature for good measure. It didn't like you very much anyway. 

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Appropriate listening (For the entire post.):

>Khornate Champion Kain: Deal with the interloper

Kain stood amongst countless galactic federation soldiers who opened fire upon him, releasing a rain of energy sheathed projectiles that merely bounced off of his black plated Power armor, the flaring flattened horns typical to Khornate followers prominent on the black legionnaire.

Charging forth with his master crafted plasma pistol out at the ready, Kain fired off a searing blue-white burst the size of a man's head that melted the chestplate of one chrome armored soldier to slag. Firing again to sear off the head of a super battle droid, the machine collapsing in a pile of molten slag, Kain quickly switched his emphasis on his tremendously lethal master crafted power axe, which despite the matter disrupting power field and it, still had chain blades to spill the blood so integral to Khorne's faith.

Firing the pistol which let loose it's low whine once more as it punched a hole straight through the massive power suit of a soviet tesla trooper, incinerating his body as Kain swung his screaming axe while the city world of Derse burned bright and red virtually all over the planet due the scars of war. A nearby American soldier was the first to receive Kain's axe swing, and the weapon effortlessly cleaved through his body armor, while the chainteeth sprayed his blood in all directions, his organs spilling out of the bisecting slash Kain made at his stomach.

Moving faster than mere mortals could perceive, Khaine charged at a Soviet Desolator and with a downward swing, his energy coated axe sliced straight through the left arm of the massive power armor of the Soviet soldier before it could bring it's chemical sprayers to bear. Blood sprayed out in massive quantities from the now empty socket, but the second swing, this time an uppercutting blow made at his crotch, disembowled the Soviet soldier and sent his corpse plummeting to the ground with a thud.

A frightened Galactic federation missile soldier babbled something in his language "Fire! Fire!" He could hear him screaming over the roar of a nearby inferno and the explosions of nearby shells. From his armcannon came a streaking missile that screamed through the air at supersonic velocities. It should have hit and gaveKain some pause. It should have been impossible to dodge or deflect at these ranges. It should have been the ideal weapon in this case. Instead Kain simply reached his left hand into the air and grabbed the missile by it's midsection.

"Oh my god...it's unstop" The soldier panicked before Kain threw his missile back at him far faster than it's motors could have propelled it. "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" Kain screamed as the missile flew at the face of the offending soldier. impacting him dead in the center of his turqoise visor and then detonating, obliterating an entire squad of champion soldiers.

Roaring praises to Khorne, ain turned around, alerted to the presence of another mere mortal, this time a Jedi Knight, lightsaber at the ready. Khaine easily parried the low swing of the green energy blade with the neck of his glowing power axe. Pushing forward, Kain sent the Jedi staggering backwards and brought his axe screaming down at her head, a blow that was parried with great difficulty by the force warrior.

Growling with bloodthirsty rage, Kain pressed downwards with his axe, applying pressure until he heard the sounds of the Warrior's arms dislocating from the strain. Staggering down to the ground in pain, she had no way of defending herself when Kain grabbed her by the collar of her neck and lifted her up to eyelevel. "SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" Kain roared in her face with deafening fury before jamming the chain teethded front of his Axe right into her face, deactivated the power field, and then thumbed the activator for the chainblades.

His armor and helmet were spattered with a fresh now coat of blood and gore as the blades quickly ripped apart her face and sprayed chunks of it everywhere. Bellowing victoriously, the Khornate champion then received a Vox communication....apparently another Dimensional Clash participant had entered and was causing some disruption to destroyer forces very close to Kain.

Using his enhanced senses, which were only further improved by his helmet and boons of Chaos, Kain turned and could see the Grand Highblood's figure past some flames. Tall...for a mortal...Kain thought...a little over two meters, still, dwarfed by the three meter tall Berserker. Deciding to introduce himself in the bloodiest manner possible, Kain charged at the Highblood, rushing through the flames as they blazed towards the sky.

As a particularly high tongue of fire roared up into the sky, Kain leapt through the orange inferno, his black armored form parting the orange curtains like a malevolent cloud appearing suddenly in a clear sky. As Kain approached the ground he took a swing with his axe, which could only be parried by weapons with similar abilities to glide through matter like lightsabers or power swords.

Turning his body upwards, power armour servos roaring as the chainteeth of his axe buzzed into existence, Kain made another massive swing with his Axe just as he hit the ground, garbling bloody praises to the Blood God. All around the two, fire raged as the world of derse burned in this final, desperate conflict, lightning crashing down from the sky as weather manipulation machines tried to alter the very climate to each side's advantage, strange and alien storms raging over head.

Making a forward punch with his pistol hand, Kain would then fire off a shot from his plasma pistol, sending a searing bolt of destruction towards the Highblood before throwing his knee forward in a massive knee kick aimed at the shorter highblood's stomach and then bringing himself forward in a helmet clad headbutt, throwing forth his massive body weight and strength.

"DIE FOR KHORNE! ALL MUST DIE FOR KHORNE! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" Kain roared at the top of his superhuman lungs, enhanced by the vox casters of his helmet for a deafeningly loud battlecry that fitted perfectly with the apocalyptic setting of this clash for the ages. Making a sudden left feint with his Axe, Kain then made a massive downward stroke with the screaming, shimmering weapon, his ebony armor glimmering in the light of the planetwide inferno.

>Cyclonus: Interrupt John's group.

As John and his group of insects made their way through the wartorn, fire kissed streets of derse towards the ominous palace of Nemesis, they managed to slip past a great deal of air patrols thanks to Que's stealth technology. However, they did not escape the notice of Galvatron's second, the terrifyingly mighty Cyclonus.

Smirking evilly as he spotted this hapless prey, the Dead xenoverse cybertronian dove down and let his guns scream forth a devastating barrage of energy, projectiles, and missiles galore, forcing John and Rose to break away from the rest of the group to avoid a fiery demise at the hands of the Herald of Nemesis.

The rest of the group quickly ducked into a warehouse, not realizing that they had lost track of their group leader until the initial panic of the sudden attack wore off. Looking around, Kaptin Bluddflagg soon realized the mistake.

"Oi! Where da zog iz John an' Rose?!?" Bluddflagg snarled angrily, causing spookums to shake his head and then mouth off his complaints. "Oi! I didn't sign up ta keep track of two 'oomie kidz! I wanted ta krump dem destroyaz!" The Kommando Nob responded. "I gave you one fing ta do! ONE FING!" Bluddflagg responded.

In the meantime, Cyclonus had landed before John and Rose as they fled into an alleyway, the massive Cybertronian clearly relishing the prospect of some alone time with his prey. Just as they tried to run into a building, Cyclonus crashed into the ground before them, rearing himself up and staring intently at them with his burning red optics.

"You two and me! Alone! What a treat!" Cyclonus cackled as the two kids ran backwards, only for Cyclonus' whirring circular sawblade to cut them off. Trying to flee into an abandoned APC, Cyclonus nonchalantly cut open the vehicle with the sawblade, letting the two halves spill out, separating the couple.

"What's the matter boy!?! God powers not enough!?!" Cyclonus laughed, spitting at John and coating him in black coloured dead energon. John was terrified of Cyclonus to say the least, out of all of Nemesis' heralds, he seemed to be the most psychotically violent, and he was nearly as powerful as the mighty Galvatron himself.

Rose tried to get up and fire off her needlewands, but Cyclonus simply turned around and fired off a missile at her, blasting her back and into a ditch. Shaking in terror, John babbled incoherently as he tried to scramble to his feet and run away. "I love it when your little insect feet, try to run!" Cyclonus snarled with an insane sort of glee before firing off a deadly cascade of purple bolts from his gatling pulse cannons, one bolt clipping John's right side and causing him to double over in pain, a fist sized portion of his skin on the right side of his chest blackened and a slightly larger portion of his shirt burnt off.

John attempted to reach for his hammer but Cyclonus simply stepped on his right arm and twisted it around until he felt the bones in John's arms break. "What's the matter boy!?! Do the windy thing! Do the windy thing! Hahahaha!" The psychotic cybertronian cackled as John screamed in pain. Rose attempted to sneak up on the colossal herald, but Cyclonus just as easily brought a hand down on her and smashed her to the ground, pressing until he felt some bones break.

"Hahahaha! What's the matter!?! Can't save your girl!? Ahahahahaa You're so weak! I'm going to turn your life into misery boy!" Cyclonus spat into John's face, his shrill and mocking voice being loud enough to crack John's glasses, well the lens that wasn't already broken from the shockwave of the missile impact anyway.

It was at this point that John had enough of this shit, sure his arm was broken and he was pretty sure his leg on that side was sprained and he had some pretty nasty burns and cuts, but no this was enough. All he had to do was look at Rose, trapped underneath Cyclonus' claw, and he found the strength he needed to uncaptchalogue and slide on one of Que's grapple gloves, take aim at Cyclonus' closest optic...and fire.

Cyclonus' cackling laughter was soon interrupted by the impact of the hook into his burning red optic, clenching around it and cracking the lens before pulling it out of it's socket somewhat, leaving it hanging by a cable. "Ahhahah-OW! OW! OW! OW! MY EYE! MY EYE!" Cyclonus screamed , releasing both John and Rose, the latter of whom groaned in pain, she was alive, but hurt...

While god tiers healed extremely quickly due to their healing factors, it would take some time for Rose to get back up after the beating Cyclonus gave her, indeed much of her once luxurious seer's outfit was in tatters and rags, blackened by fire and torn by war. John himself didn't look much better, his glasses were partially broken, he was bleeding out of several small cuts, burnt in some places, his hoodie was damaged to some extent.

But just as John thought of what to do next, Fordo's group caught up to him. "Brothers! Open fire on Cyclonus!" Martellus shouted as tactical marines took positions and began to pour liberal amounts of bolter fire into Cyclonus, who shriekd and responded with a fusilade of pulse blasts and some missiles, John swinging around wildly, prompting Sylux to try and get close to help John get off as space marine apothecary gorlan rushed towards Rose to bring her to some cover and provide medical attention. "Hold on child, the Emperor will not have you die this day if I can help it." The Apothecary said as he brought out his medical kit.
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Sonic: Land, in a particularly hard-boiled, Problem-Sleuth-esque manner.

Say whaaaat?

I performed my famous Sonic Spin, charging down the side of a building. I saw the giant robot that was attacking the two kids. "Hey, guys!" I called, pouring on the speed before rolling into a ball and bounding into the air, smacking the giant robot in the face. "Sonic's the name, speed's my game!"

Then a train chuffed down the alleyway. "Fizzling fireboxes! Assault is such a crime. This looks like a job for Opthomas Prime!"

Hey, I think that dude's some blue engine from a children's TV show slash book series. But what is he talking...

Thomas: Engage unauthorized, but non-commercial, trade-mark violation!

I bounded into the air, transforming into a robot as I came down. BOOM!

"I came here fast as I could, when I heard the bangs and booms! Now that I'm ready for the fight, I hope for me there's room!"

I flipped out my upgrades and weapons that I've accumulated: the high-pressure water cannon, the throwing star launchers... Annie and Clarabel rolled up to me and began to transform into twin arm cannons. The rest of them flipped into my frame and enhanced my armor.

"No more rhymes. It's business time... whoops!" Then I pointed Annie and Clarabel at Cyclonus and fired. Meanwhile, the hedgehog bounded into the air and offered support.

"I've had about enough of this. Back down! You're outnumbered!" I shouted.

"Um, are you sure that really matters?" asked the hedgehog, stopping in the middle of an assault.


We didn't really have to worry about that. "Hey! You!"

It was Toad! He was standing atop a building. "Yeah, I'm talkin' to ya, lugnut! Ya wanna piece of me?! Nyah-nyah-nyah!"

A little blue alien ran to his side. "Toad, are you nuts?!" he hissed. "You wanna get killed?"

"Sorry, couldn't help it," replied Toad.

Now, I'm sure Toad is completely capable of surviving. But I'm worried about him. Cyclonus seems pretty angry already. So I decided to fire off a whole barrage of missiles before he could react.

The blue alien jumped into a galleon ship and backed me up. He fired a galaxyful of star-shaped energy blasts at the dead Decepticon.

"How ya like that?!" he shouted from within the ship.
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Highblood: honk HONK honk.

Covered in blood and surrounded by flames, the Grand Highblood couldn't have been happier. A tad disappointed by the lack of variety in blood colors, but oh well. His collection needed more bright reds anyway! As he scanned the area for more enemies in such a way that the flames highlighted his skull facepaint and his sharp teeth, he found himself staring at an incoming axe, which he made a quick sidestep to avoid. The second swing was parried by the highblood's own WARHAMMER OF ZILLYHOO, which, for some unknown reason, was capable of blocking the axe. The blast of plasma was also dodged, but the Highblood allowed the knee to connect. In the brief instant before he was sent back, he grinned maniacally, and then whispered the following to his opponent. 

"honk honk."

The headbutt was likewise sidestepped, as was the last of the axe swings for now. The Grand Highblood stood erect, holding the WARHAMMER and the green lightsaber loosely in his hands. "WELL WELL, THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE FUN! now, let me be the first to welcome you. TO THE MAIN, SUBJUGGLATIN' EVENT!"

The Highblood advanced erratically, spinning the lightsaber and warhammer in armor-crushing arcs, enhancing his natural strength with his powers as a Bard of Rage. And all the while, he grinned and honked like a madman. 

Foreman: Turn around right now, you pansy!

You would really rather not, actually. You seem to have angered some especially stupid soldiers, who are chasing you as of now, firing off some projectiles you are too busy to identify. You spot some other soldiers who look a whole lot nicer, and end up jumping into their ranks, spinning another business card into it's weapon state: Boss Black's shotgun. "I hate to be a bother, but perhaps I could receive some assistance in fighting these brutes off?" you say, getting some weird looks but, ultimately, the requested assistance. Admittedly, it was from a very unlikely source. 

You are the ninja.

A blur of black speeds past the Foreman, straight towards the so-called "brutes". 

It is you.

A lone figure stands atop a pile of decapitated bodies, wielding two black katanas that glitter with the light of the stars at night. His silver hair is windswept, and his sunglasses reflect the light of the fires. His black outfit with a swirling pattern shows who he is: the Knight of Space. As the two katanas disappeared momentarily from his hands, he readjusted his hood, drawing it down over his hair. "~Assholes.~"

Gorem and Isabel: Make a discovery!

Stomping through Derse was nothing if not interesting. Isabel had lost count and desire to count all the weird things about five minutes ago, and Gorem just didn't seem to care. Currently, the teenager was just sitting on Gorem's right shoulder, safe from pretty much anything that they had encountered thus far... And it was as Gorem crushed a bridge underfoot that the pair heard a metallic, piercing screech of pain from not too far away. Gorem immediately stopped himself, attempting to locate it's direction amidst the chaos. Isabel took a few steps forward, towards the edge of his huge shoulders, and pointed to the left. "That way, big guy!" The large Subterra Bakugan nodded, and then began plowing through everything as he ran through the flaming moon city. 

With Gorem's size, the pair arrived just on time to see the scene of the huge Transformer Cyclonus getting pumped full of projectiles. Isabel pouted a little bit, allowing the magic she had been building up to drip down into nothingness from her fingertips. Gorem just stood there, towering over pretty much everything in the vicinity, while Isabel merely sat on his shoulder, watching and waiting for the most likely outcome of their sudden arrival. 

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Glockenspiel: Make your amazing return.

IIIIT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER--- Oh, sorry, was I supposed to go onstage? Whoops. Terribly sorry. My apologies. It's just that---

Shut up and get up there!

I'm going, I'm going...

Oh, um, back to the story.


Well, this is awkward. There's people shooting things, and guys running about and killing each other, and a whole lot of stuff nobody expects Disney characters to partake in. I heaved a sigh. "Another day, another batch of people who want to whoop our hides," I grumbled.

I mashed a whole lot of soldiers. I didn't really want to deal with them. I don't really enjoy this. Sometimes I just feel like a nameless soldier.

Meanwhile, Colonel Pluck seemed to be enjoying turning the tables on the McNuggets. That is, he's burning everything in sight. Buildings came crashing down. The Stompybot 4000 was really doing a number.

Hey, don't you think it's kind of confusing with a giant character count?

Percy: Pick a pirate to punish.

I was looking for the others. I told some of the campers to stay on the Argo II for support while my friends and I went off to look for the Destroyers. Problem was: we didn't have the slightest idea where we were going.

"This place has excellent architecture," Annabeth noted.

"Of course you notice that first," I teased.

That got me a slap across the face.

I rubbed my cheek and kept walking.

We walked... and walked...

And walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked.

"Annabeth, do you think we're getting close?" I asked.

I got no answer.

"Hey, Annabeth!"

No response.

I turned around... and was met with a hook to the chin. "Yo ho, landlubber!"

"Landlubber?! Who ya callin' landlubber?! I'm the SON OF THE SEA GOD!" I yelled.

Captain Hook cackled. "Aye, give up matey, an' fail ye quest. Abandon all hope ye who think to attack Nemesis!"

"I'd rather not," I said, drawing Riptide and swinging at Captain Hook. The pirate whipped out his rapier and parried my blow.

"Avast, ye scurvy scum!" he roared, swiping my Camp Half-Blood T-shirt with his hook. I jumped back. Captain Hook shook the orange fabric off his hook, and charged me again.

I jumped to the side and landed a kick on his rump. He flew forward and faceplanted. Then I banged his head on the ground over and over. Captain Hook flipped around and pinned me to the floor. "Any last words, Jackson?" he snarled.

"Yeah. Behind you," I said with satisfaction.

Captain Hook was suddenly in the air. "Hey, there, Triple-D!"

King Dedede laughed. "Keh-heh-heh! Jes' thought I'd go explorin' a bit before we blew this place up!"

"It's not over yet," I said. "Hey, where's Annabeth?"

I heard a muffled yell.

"What the heck are you doing hanging from that street light?" I asked.

Annabeth yelled something that I won't bother to write here.

"Ah got it," King Dedede said, jumping, smashing the light with his hammer, and grabbing her before hitting the ground. "Safe 'n sound!"

I untied Annabeth. "You owe us one," I said.

"Each!" King Dedede added.

We kept walking. We walked...

And walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and walked... and wa----

Angry Birds: BE ANGRY!!!! (Third person)

That was an excuse to get Percy to shut up about the walking. Sorry. Back to the birds.

The Red Bird, Blue Bird, and Yellow Bird were busy pecking some Heartless to death. The Bomb Bird was more awesome. He launched into one of the Infernal Engines and exploded, sending wood and wheels everywhere. He fell to the ground and bounced back to where the Birds were congregated.

The White Bird was laying egg bombs everywhere. Explosions rocked the plaza of Derse, knocking down buildings and crushing Heartless.

But soon, the Lemons arrived, bringing backup in the forms of wolves, undeads, and more Heartless. The Birds found themselves surrounded. But a cornered Angry Bird ALWAYS fights.

In a burst of feathers, the Angry Birds whipped about and furiously fired themselves at the large army around them. They were the Angry Birds! Nothing would get in their way!

The Yellow Bird shot through the hearts of three wolves and dropped them, still beating, onto the lupine soldiers' heads.

The Bomb Bird was busy being used as a Hot Potato among the undeads. He landed in the center and exploded them all in a shower of bones.

The Red Bird smashed windshields of Lemons, blinding them and letting them crash into each other. The Blue Bird split into multiple birds and swarmed a wolf on an armed rickshaw.

The wolves decided it was time to roll out Shen's ultimate weapon.

A cannon was pulled into view, made of cast-iron, with the barrel in the shape of a dragon. The wolves lit the fuse...

The Red Bird bit the rope and it fizzled out. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it. The wolves lit it again. The bird bit it.

This went on for a while. Everybody was watching, seeing who would lose.

The four other birds were busy turning the cannon upside down, pushing the barrel up. The Red Bird and the wolves were too busy fighting over the fuse to notice.

That is, until the Red Bird let go and the barrel was pointed at the line of wolves. They could only watch in horror as the cannon fired.

The Birds gave each other high five gestures as the cannon sped past them and cleared a path. Meanwhile, several soot-covered wolves were lying on the ground, knocked out. The blue bird nipped one of their eyelids and read the words: "OUT 'TIL 9:00."

The birds hopped through the cleared path, their anger subsiding.
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Equius: Descend.

Another God Tier'd Troll flew high above Derse, avoiding the brunt of the fighting on the planet. His blue wings caught the light of the flames when they weren't covered by clouds, turning them purple if one were to look up at them. After a few minutes of this, the Heir of Void found a place to land, relatively clear of fighting and fire, and then landed, creating cracks in the road under his feet. 

"D--> Highblood
"D--> Please"
"D--> Remove yourself from my back"
"WhAtEvEr YoU mOtHeRfUcKiNg SaY, bRo."

The two Trolls stood there, Equius wearing his God Tier clothes and showing his wings, while Gamzee was wearing his normal clothes. Equius formed his fists, re-equipping his customary fingerless gloves, while Gamzee drew his DEUCE CLUBS, spinning them absent-mindedly while some Destroyer troops began surrounding them. Gamzee stepped forward, beginning to juggle his pins for seemingly no reason, while Equius just stepped forward into a fighting stance. 

Mark: Interruption!

You slice open a portal through reality with your GALACTIC KATANAS, and, taking Foreman Alabaster with you through it, appear in between Gamzee and Equius. "~Pardon me; you don't mind if we drop in, do you?~" Mark says, receiving the slightest glance from Equius while Gamzee just had his usual, slightly-stoned face on. Foreman Alabaster looked around, surprised, and then flipped the black business card in the air, drawing his shotgun once again. 

Group: Strife.

An enemy wielding an axe rushed Gamzee, swinging it to decapitate the Troll, while Gamzee easily dodged the attack by falling forward. From this position, Gamzee swung one of his pins up, breaking the soldier's arm, before standing up again while said soldier's head was blasted by a shot from Alabaster. Equius's wings disappeared as he rushed forward, punching a soldier in the chest (resulting in a satisfying crunch), and sending him flying into his friends. Mark was flash-stepping around the area, decapitating soldiers left and right. 

I believe I need to clarify something...

Right about now, Equius's powers as the Hero of Void were kicking in, disabling/shutting down all tracking devices in the vicinity, creating a virtual bubble, putting the group off the radar. Literally. Completely off the radar. Anyone who was supposed to be keeping an eye on this troops, if there was anyone, would suddenly find that the troops had disappeared from the map, and even parts of the map were undetectable if you weren't using your own two eyes. 

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>Kain: Continue the fight

Appropriate listening:

Taking a step back at peternatural speed, Kain moved to bring himself away from the Grand Highblood's attacks. Like the highblood, Kain's own might and combat prowess increased with his rage, but not only with his anger, but with his hate as well, and there was plenty to be had in this champion of the Blood god.

"MAIM KILL BURN! MAIM KILL BURN!" Kain roared over the highblood's honking as he reached down and took up a daemonic hellblade dropped by a bloodletter after being banished. The ebony blade, wickedly sharp and long, gleamed with a fiery sort of energy, the power of burning hatred and anger, the power of Eternal war.

Holding the burning daemon sword in his other hand, a blade with similar cutting capabilities as his axe, Kain once again charged into melee with such speed that he appeared to be nothing more than a quickly fading blur to the human eye.

Taking a forward stab with the burning hellblade, Kain then lunged forward and swung his axe in a massive downward arc aimed to the left before spinning himself around to bring his hellblade around at the highblood's left, aiming for his stomach while his second axe strike was made for his chest to cut it open and let the blood flow.

Kain was significantly taller than the Highblood, especially in his power armour, where the normally towering troll appeared like a child in comparison to the enraged armoured giant. Taller by nearly a factor of one and a half, Kain used this superior reach to keep the Highblood within his killing distance while at the same time putting him too far away to really strike at the Khornate champion.

"KHORNE WILL FEAST UPON YOUR BLOOD XENO!" Kain roared as he made a impossibly fast uppercutting right slash with his hellblade. "YOUR SKULL WILL DECORATE HIS THRONE HEATHEN!" Kain snarled as he made a huge and quick left swing aimed at the highblood's neck with his axe, screaming louder than even it's whirring chainblades.

"AND YOUR SOUL SHALL BE SLAUGHTERED IN HIS REALM! DAY AFTER DAY!" Kain went on as he stepped forward to make an enormous forward stab aimed at the Highblood's chest. "AND ALL YOU KNOW WILL BURN FOR HIS GLORY!" He roared at a deafening volume as he brought his axe forward and then swung it to the right in an attempt to cut one of the highblood's arm tendons.

"AND THE VERY HEAVENS THEMSELVES WILL BLEED IN HIS NAME!" He continued, making a downward stab at one of the highblood's legs with his hellblade which roared with daemonic fire and fury as it went down. "BLOOD! FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" Khaine continued as he made a short uppercutting stroke with his axe aimed at his opponent's crotch. "SKULLS! FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" He added, emphasizing this battlecry by making a move to stab the highblood in the gut with the hellblade.

"SOULS! FOR THE SOUL EATER!" Kain screamed as he brought his axe around for an attempted removal of the highblood's left arm, bringing the screaming blade downwards with white hot fury. "LET! THE OMNIVERSE!!!!! BUUUUUUUUURRRNNNNNNN!!!!" Kain screamed at the top of his superhuman lungs and armour vocoders as he spun around with his weapons held out, aiming for the Highblood's guts to try and spill them.

"LET! THE HEAVENS!!! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDD!" Kain concluded as he brought both weapons down in an enormous overhead strike meant to bring down his foe once and for all as his inconceivable rage and hatred continued to build and build.

>Bumblebee: John's in trouble! Help him

Getting a distress signal from John, bumblebee looked to the east and informed the members of his group that he would make a quick detour to rescue John just as Ratchet began to finish his repairs on Jenny. "Alright then, go...but be quick about it!" The wizened autobot said as Gorgutz' kill kannons reported and blew apart a building containing many dark eldar.

"I'll be back in a jiffy!" Bumblebee played over his radio as he zoomed off into the distance. As he drove on, Cyclonus was engaged in a desperate struggle with many champions. Fordo fired off his dual blaster pistols continuously into the Decepticon who swept some of the clone troopers with his pulse blaster, blowing them apart in a hellstorm of purple bolts.

But then he was hit in the chest by Opthamus' energy blasts, causing him to stagger and reel back before shooting off a pair of missiles at the Train bot, then receiving a hit and an admonishment from Sonic the hedgehog, whom he tried to get revenge on by stitching the area near him with gatling pulse blaster fire.

As John swung around, Sylux scrambled around Cyclonus and fired off a brace of super missiles into the Decepticon's leg, causing him to stumble towards the ground, at which point the bounty hunter shot a fully charged combi-beam shot into his head, causing him to reel backwards and shoot at the golden armoured warrior with a particle beamer, scything at the area where he was with an enormous purple beam.

The young german descended bounty hunter merely vaulted over the beam with a spinning flip kick, shooting off a charged super missile blast to the chest at Cyclonus, the golden detonation billowing outwards and causing Cyclonus to screech in rage and frustration. Turning one weapon, the laser beamer, at Opthamus, Cyclonus shot off at full power before firing at least a dozen homing missiles at sonic and blowing apart three dozen clone troopers with his gatling pulse blaster and flushing a squadron of tactical marines out of cover with his mouth mounted flamethrower.

Sylux rolled to the left to avoid an incoming bomb lobbed at him like a grenade, coming to a rest just as the explosive detonated and ripped apart the terrain behind him, turning up and firing off a few shots at Cyclonus who winced as the multicoloured beams impacted him, causing him to attempt to flee upwards with his back mounted jets. But as he went up, the wildly flailing John, still hanging by his cable, swung into the window of a nearby building, and John immediately pushed himself against the wall to keep Cyclonus from getting away.

"this is for rose." John said to himself as he uncaptchalogued another one of Wheeljack's inventions, the impaler bomb. His arm having now mostly healed, John primed the bomb, using his massive MANGRIT endowed strength to keep Cyclonus from flying off before bringing himself to the window again as Cyclonus came down to the ground.

Jumping at the decepticon, John grabbed onto his face for a bit with one hand, the other holding the blinking spike bomb. "you are going down for threatening me and my girlfriend!" The boy said angril as he let loose what he thought was a fierce battlecry and jammed the spike bomb into Cyclonus' other eyesocket before he could attempt to paw the heir off his face. Wrenching the bomb around in Cyclonus' eye a little, John popped out Cyclonus' other optic and shoved the bomb in it's place as the optic fell to the ground, broken beyond repair.

"I can't see! I CAN'T SEE!!!" Cyclonus panicked, flailing around until he finally threw John off his face, though he was still hanging by the cable. "You human scum!!!" Cyclonus roared in anger, blindly flailing around to try to find his adversary before finding the cable and smirking as he realized that John was still attatched to him by it.

Immediately, Sylux ran up to a wall and kicked himself off of it, propelling himself into a backflip that allowed him to grab onto the wide with his left hand. Sliding down to John's level, the eighteen year old hunter asked "Are you alright!?!" In a youthful sounding voice with a slightly prussian accent.

"yeah but i won't be in thirty seconds!" John shouted back at the power armour clad hunter. "Why's that!?!" Sylux shouted back as Cyclonus tried to claw at them, missing by inches with his massive hands. "because of the bomb!" John screamed back at him. "What fucking bomb!?!" Sylux questioned at the top of his lungs to be heard over the din of battle. "the one jammed in his eye, if you can't cut me out of that we're gonna die!" John yelled back as Cyclonus brought his right leg up in a punt.

"I'm gonna kick you!" Cyclonus said nonchalantly as the two swung on the cable before Cyclonus flew up to the top of the short building to try and shake them up before trying to claw at them again. Getting an idea, John uncaptchalogued the bunker buster rifle Wheeljack gave him back in the warehouse and took aim at Cyclonus' mouth, firing and releasing a massive projectile that exploded in a huge fireball and a cacaphonic boom, causing Cyclonus to stagger forward and fall, the upper fourth of his body looking down over the opposite side of where they had been, a hundred foot fall going down from there.

"Gonna...kill yo-" Cyclonus managed just as Sylux managed to cut the cable with his bladed arm cannon, sending both plumetting towards the ground. Now, both could survive the fall, but in the time it would take to readjust themselves, Cyclonus' body would have fallen on them and crushed them, which was much less survivable, especially when his power core explodes.

Screaming as they fell, an even louder boom thundered through the air as the bomb lodged in Cyclonus' optic socket exploded, blowing apart his head into a shower of metal and circuitry and taking a good chunk of his torso with it. The second in command of Galvatron's corpse then began to slump over and fall off the building, the power core dangerously critical.

But finally bumblebee arrived, transforming out of car mode and using his momentum to pull off a le parkour leap off of a dumpster to momentarily scale up the building, catch both John and Sylux, then do an aeriel sommersault back down to earth, bringing them well out of the reach of Cyclonus' falling body, which hit the ground with a thud before exploding in a blue inferno.

Opening his metallic hands, Bumblebee let the two leave his grasp just as Fordo's team and Rose, supported by Apothecary Gorlarm with a massive power armour clad arm, arrived. "John...that was...astonishingly valiant of you..." Rose said weakly, causing John to smile before showing concern. "will she be okay?" John asked the Space Marine Apothecary.

"Yes, she will be. Your lover is a strong young woman. She would have made a fine sister of battle in another life. Her courage does us proud, as does yours young John. Few would have had the bravery to pull off such a dangerous stunt so shortly after being heavily injured." The Apothecary responded, smiling beneath his helmet, causing John to blush at the praise.

"Indeed, your courage does you credit. And now thanks to your bravery and heroism, Nemesis' forces are deprived of one of their mightiest leaders. You bring immeasurable credit to your family's name, and I commend you for your valour." Said the artificer armoured Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens, Gabriel Angelos, the stern faced white haired, mostly cybernetic warrior giving an approving smile.

"You did good kid." Bumblebee chipped in with a radio broadcast. "aww shucks guys...it was nothing...really..." John tried to claim before Rose stopped him. "No, it was much more than that. So much more..." Rose said to him with a smile, causing him to flush instantly.

>Red team: Lay down the law

"Oh hey guys, check this out." Grif said as he came across an Galactic Empire landing shuttle. "I call shotgun!" Sarge shouted immediately. "Oh yeah it's time to lay down the law!" Simmons said excitedly. "Oohoohoo yeah, we're about to bring some hurt now!" Donut chipped in as the group quickly boarded the empty shuttle with their vehicles.

But as they flew, a Imperial Star Destroyer floating over the city of derse quickly brought the ship towards it's hangars with it's tractor beams to gather troops for a redeployment to a hot zone elsewhere on the planet. The ship crashed into the hangar bay, forcing storm troopers to run the hell out of the way as it skidded to a halt, nose bumping into a staircase as it stopped.

Quickly stepping out of the shuttle, the red team immediately began playing a blame game with each other as they stumbled into the star destroyer control room, finding a large group of Stormtroopers present and accounted for within the room. "Ohhh...oh man this is going to suck..." Grif complained.

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Grand Highblood: ?!?!?!?!

With every bellow, every swing, the highblooded Troll sidestepped, jumped back, or parried, relying mostly on the power of MoThErFuCkInG mIrAcLeS to stay alive. He honked with each step and jump, primarily to irritate his attacker, which was either working beautifully or failing miserably. As the massive thing stopped yelling, the Highblood stuck the WARHAMMER and lightsaber back in his strife deck, and then drew a greatbow with an arrow in the shape of the Sagittarius zodiac sign; a... Gift, of sorts, from a long-dead Troll.   The Highblood pulled back the bow, which creaked under his strength, and then took aim. "maybe you didn't hear me before. BUT I TOLD EVERYONE. to. MOTHERFUCKING. kneel!" he half roared, half said, and then fired an arrow towards his attackers knee, and then another, as the E%ECUTIONER'S BOW was reloaded and shot quickly. If his attacker got too close, the Highblood would make another huge lead backwards and just keep firing, and, after the initial two shots, just started aiming for anything that seemed vital. 

Gorem and Isabel: Do absolutely nothing useful.

Gorem stepped forward, crushing some flaming chunks of dead Transformer under his foot. A piece rolled by that looked a little bit like a head, which received special treatment: being crushed and then ground into the ground. Gorem looked down upon the humans and whatever else was down there, and then kneeled down, bringing himself somewhat closer to the ground. "That was some fine fighting, little ones. Now, no need to fear us; me and the girl," with this, he lowered his right arm down to create almost a slide for the blue-garbed shaman to go down, which she did, "are no allies of whatever that robotic thing was. I am Gorem."

Isabel brushed her hair back, hid her tome behind her back, and then mock-bowed.  "And I am the great shamaness, Isabel LeFury! Admittedly, I get little chance to..." She stopped there, taking stock, almost for the first time, of what was occurring. "... Right. Is everyone okay? That thing had some foul magic, and that's coming from someone who utilizes the Eldest magic to strangle people. You guys need any help with anything?"

Foreman Alabaster: Do something stupid. 

Not everything you do is stupid!

The Prospitan locked and loaded his shotgun, firing at a Stormtrooper's head and watching it explode. Violently. He removed his bowler hat, putting it over his chest, and then returned it. He leaned against his primary long-range weapon, watching the three young gods kick some ass. Mark was fast and had some neat weapons; Equius was just punching heads off, crushing armor, and snapping bones; and Gamzee was... Well, Alabaster wasn't really sure what he was doing anymore. If I wanted, I could probably leave this whole fight to them... he thought, and then physically slapped himself. By the White Queen herself, bless her soul, what am I thinking! I can't leave these children, gods or not, to defend themselves. I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than allow them to go unsupervised. Especially the miracles one.

He then jumped as he remembered that there was a fight going on and that he was the weakest one there. Another shot was fired from his black shotgun, and, when that wasn't enough, Mark was there, keeping the heads rolling.

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Sonic: Whoa, hawg!

Homing missiles?! Pah, dodged a gazillion different homing attacks in my days. I jumped about and let them crash into each other. Can't touch THIS sonic hedgehog!

Though Opthomas was a different matter. How do you dodge a laser beam?!

Oh, wait, look, Thomas just transformed into a train. The beam passed over him harmlessly. Hah! Suck that, Cyclonus!

The Decepticon was killed. End of story.

We turned to the giant dude and the shaman girl. "Yo! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, fastest guy in the universe! This is our pal, Opthomas Prime! Those guys over there... I dunno. I don't think we've had proper introductions with 'em yet."

"I have," Thomas boomed.

The blue galleon soared into view. Mario jumped out. "It's-a me, Mario!"

"Yeah, we can see that," I said.

"Sonic? Shouldn't you be practicing for the Olympics?" asked the little mushroom guy. Toad.

"Oh, um, kinda got sidetracked, what with Metal Sonic and all that."

We all properly introduced ourselves to Gorem and Isabel. I learned quite a bit, too.

"So, Magolor, you tried to take over the universe?!"

"For the last !?%$#@$ING TIME, NO! That was DARK MATTER!" Magolor screamed.

Apparently, he got that question a lot.

"Magolor, you've got some colorful language going on there," Toad said. "Calm down."

Magolor took a deep breath.

Magolor: Now what?

Okay, we killed Cyclonus. Now what?

"Okay, John, we're ready to follow you wherever you go. You're pretty much the leader right now. Well, other than Prime."
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>Sylux: Advance

Appropriate listening:

The bounty hunter, nodding as the words were exchanged between his fellow champions advanced forward through the city streets. Death was on all sides, the destroyers were making the coalition pay for every inch of ground they took with their own blood.

Before one bunker, manned by traitor guardsmen, lay the broken corpses of tens of thousands of soviet soldiers and dozens of smoking tanks, blown apart by the heavy weapons team's lethal autocannons, heavy bolters, and lascannons.

As Sylux advanced, he prepared to draw the fire of the enemy defenses, but a large number of traitor imperial guardsmen, aligned with the powers of chaos, rose out of their trenches and laid down a massive barrage of lasbeams, cutting all through the air with crimson death.

Taking some cover from the ruby inferno, Sylux took a few potshots with his super missiles, the vermillion explosions billowing out and sending body parts flying in all directions. Soon a Republic AT-TE thundered forward, blowing apart a bunker with it's main projectile cannon and pinning the enemy soldiers down with it's blaster turrets.

A few platoons of clone troopers, some in AT-XTs, flanked the six legged walker, laying down a deadly amount of blue bolts that blew apart the flak armour of many of the chaos guardsmen, only for autocannon fire to rake out and send clone trooper limbs flying in all directions as 100mm rounds were pumped out at a rate of 600 shots per minute.

The At-TE punished the offending heavy weapons team with a bunker buster shell that smashed through the walls of their redoubt and then detonated with such force that the pillbox was literally ripped out of the ground and sent flying with a terrifying boom.

The two legged AT-XTs joined in and pummelled the destroyer position with comet like blue energy mortars, blossoming plasma blasts blooming all across their lines and incinerating the flesh of the enemy while a hail of blaster fire dealt with the rest.

But just as it seemed that the enemy problem was dealt with, a massive cone of the raw stuff of chaos struck out and hit one platoon of fifty clone troopers who collapsed to the ground, their flesh infused with the very raw essence of the warp, mutating uncontrollably, bones snapping, flesh tearing, tentacles, wings, fangs, tusks, claws, and all other sorts of parts that did not belong on humans forming on those hit by the cone.

A boon of mutation. The clone troopers were being turned into chaos spawn, each of them being at least eight feet tall. Then came a arcing bolt of lightning that chained around to hit another platoon of fifty clone troopers, imbuing upon them the very same raw warpstuff in the form of a gift of chaos.

Over a hundred clone troopers were turned into the monstrously strong, hideously and randomly mutated, and utterly mindless and loyal to the forces of the Dark Gods, they had all become chaos spawn.

As the other clone troopers sought to try and take cover, a cascade of black-blue bolts flew out like comets from an unknown source, detonating amongst them in a furious barrage of psychic power that incinerated their bodies, ignited their souls, and ripped apart their limbs. One of the AT-XTs was hit by no less than seven doombolts and was smashed into tiny pieces no larger than a fingernail by the fury of chaos.

Another platoon tried to acquire a target, but a azure cone of warpfire leapt out and consumed them, the power of the warp ripping through and burning their bodies and souls utterly, with one of the AT-XTs being caught in the fire and melting like silly putty into a pile of slop on the ground.

The AT-TE frantically turned it's main gun around, trying to acquire a target while attempting to fend off the chaos spawn, but a massive multicoloured bolt of change struck out from the enemy lines and smashed through it, twisting and warping it as the laws of reality broke down for it, turning it into a nonfunctional pile of scrap.

Finally the source of this devastating psychic barrage revealed himself, none other than Azhek Ahriman, perhaps one of the most powerful controlled psykers to have ever lived, who became exponentially more powerful by dedicating himself to Tzeentch, and stronger still by reciting the rubric that would come to bear his name.

His left hand cracking and smoking with warp fire, the terminator armoured sorcerer lord calmly advanced through the rubble, the bottom of his staff tapping the ground after every second step. The Thousand Sons lord's eyes burned with psychic flames, multicoloured and iridescent, and beneath his helmet he smirked.

"Ah...the mighty champions..." He said calmly in a silky smooth voice with just a hint of a Persian accent, but nevertheless his voice was incredibly deep, which was to be expected from a twelve foot tall giant speaking from a fourteen foot tall powered armour suit that weighed more than many of the cybertronians.

"It has been a long time since we last battled...has it not?" He beamed as he advanced, the chaos spawn he created slavering before him, waiting for his command. "I am afraid that your progress must end here." Ahriman stated coldly as Sylux stepped forward at him and fired off a fully charged blast from his combi-beam, one that merely flowed around a psychic and technological forcefield surrounding Ahriman like a bubble.

When Sylux ducked in to get a good swing at Ahriman's leg, the giant merely swatted him aside with his bedlam staff, knocking the youth to the side with tremendous force, hammering at Sylux's own shielding and sending him crashing into a building.

"I am going to enjoy this..." Ahriman said quietly as he allowed a nimbus of warp energy to surround his hand as he pumped his fist into the air, commanding his Chaos Spawn minions to attack before making a psyker powered leap onto some high ground, backflipping through the air with a level of grace that should have been impossible for one so huge.

Angelos' group had already broken off, determining that the mission was too critical to be delayed by Ahriman when Ratchet's group was already en route to reinforce. But this was what Ahriman wanted. As more of the Cybertronians arrived, Ahriman laughed deeply.

>Kain: Be called back.

With the Destroyers being forced into a cordon around Nemesis' palace, a call was being made to those who could receive to pull back, with the daemonically powered communicators in Kain's helmet screeching at the chaos champion to pull back. "WHAT!?! BUT THE XENO FILTH IS NOT DEAD YET!!! Kain snarled back before Nemesis' voice cut him off.

"...Fine...As you wish, Lord Nemesis..." Kain said with a healthy gob of spit in his helmet as he activated his teleporter and flashed back to the defensive ring around the palace, where Nemesis stood before the pillar and sun darkener, the ancient Cybertronian lord flexed his wings a little as he looked at the scintillating beams flow to and from the devices, with the enormous shape of cybertron looming in the distance.

"It matters not that we are losing ground...all we need is to ensure that the transportation reaches conclusion, and then all their work will be for nothing. Those...of lesser faith...fail to see this." Nemesis could be seen saying to Sentinel. Clearly he had walked into a conversation.

"Yes...and then we will assume our rightful places in the scheme of things." Sentinel responded, the bearded transformer turning to his mentor. "That we will, my apprentice. Look at this miserable world burn before the fires of war...look at it's weakness..." Nemesis said, turning to the wartorn world.

"Yes, and we shall not tolerate this flaw in our new omniverse...it will be strong...perfect...pure...and eternal." Sentinel responded, looking at his Master's side, to which the undead prime turned his horned head towards the wizened autobot.

"And Primus shall thank us for paving the way for his favoured children! The light shall at long last be banished and darkness shall reign forever more!" Nemesis said with a dark laugh that seemed to shake the very ground as he spread his wings.

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Toad: Let's-a go!

"Oh, no. You did NOT just do that!" I yelled.

"Toad, if you attack him, he could turn you into a lumbering idiot like those clone troopers," Percy reminded me.

The lumbering idiots didn't like that. They attacked with no mercy. Mario hurled a boomerang at them, blowing them back a bit, but not enough. "Well, I-a tried," he said, shrugging.

The Lor Starcutter swooped down and fired star bolts at the army. "Those mindless mutants are going down, down, DOWN!" Magolor shouted.

I brought up a squeaky party hammer. Commence the lame battle puns.

"Time to send you to the slammer!" I shouted, jumping in the air and bringing a busload of force down upon the Chaos Spawn that charged at me. Then I shoved it inthe chest and pounced, dropping a toxic mushroom into the thing's chest. Then I poured water on it. The moist environment caused the mushroom to grow into the thing, strangling organs and vital structures. "Instant strangler," I noted, "just add water."

Kirby did the sensible thing: inhaling the laser cannons of the wrecked walkers and transforming. "He is now Laser Kirby!" Meta Knight announced.

Kirby fired lasers at the Chaos Spawns that were vying for the pink puff. Dedede backed him up. "Back, ya savages!" he shouted.

"Poyo!" Kirby agreed, charging the laser and firing, sending one in a straight line through a row of our adversaries.

Glockenspiel arrived on the scene, running over the monsters as he rushed to our aid. Mickey Mouse jumped from the Lor and painted several turrets ito existence to keep the bad guys back.

Meanwhile, I had grown an excavator and was using the shovel to knock, scratch, and bruise while Colonel Pluck burned 'em.

But we needed MORE help!
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Appropriate listening:

Standing from his raised platform, Ahriman let loose a series of dark chants as he combined the unimaginable power of his psychic mind and the incomprehensible might of his dark sorcery to prepare to unleash a devastating assault.

Tearing holes in reality, Ahriman let forth Horrors, Flamers, Discs, and Screamers of Tzeentch out from the materium, the slavering minions of the changer of ways cackling madly as their ever mutating forms shimmered and tore themselves into realspace.

Tzeentch aligned Chaos Space marines, along with the fearsome rubric marines soon appeared to join Ahriman, some of the chaos space marines even being possessed by daemons of tzeentch, displaying unholy mutations and dark power on their bodies.

Directing his minions forward with a single psychic command, Ahriman then let forth a storm of psychic lightning bolts to smite his foes with the detonating cascade of warp power, throwing five of them amongst the champions, two of which struck bumblebee and forced him to the ground.

Then Ahriman let forth another barrage of the black comet like doombolts, spewing forth the furious warp based assault in a deafening cascade of deadly power that exploded amongst the champions, throwing O'ra'lai off his feet.

Then Ahriman pointed again and fired off another searing multicoloured bolt, the tank shattering bolt of change, and aimed it at Percy, sending forth the lethal barrage of warp power that would rip his body asunder with the furious energy of Chaos.

Not yet finished, Ahriman sent forth a man sized multicoloured comet of warp energy that exploded amongst the champions with the force of a massive bomb, blowing apart countless tau firewarriors in the searing warp blast.

When orange star soldiers approached Ahriman from one of his flanks, a rumbling Medium Tank traversing it's turret to face him at short ranged, Ahriman nonchalantly pointed his staff at the Crimson vehicle and fired off a massive, if short ranged iridescent warp lance that speared straight through the vehicle and detonated it's ammunition supplies, blasting apart soldiers and sending them flying everywhich direction.

"Witness the power of Chaos and despair!" Ahriman said as flamers let loose chaotic gusts of warpfire that could have any effect from melting apart tanks and incinerating the body, to spraying the foe with a sweet smelling and tasting carbonated liquid while horrors spewed forth deadly warp bolts with the power of large anti-tank rocket launchers.

Screamers flew around madly, their razor tipped bodies and mandibles slicing through tanks and armour as they darted around like supersonic flying manta rays while their disc cousins, who resembled the screamers save for having a flat circular platform for a back to allow flamers to ride them as steeds, spewed forth more warp ladened death.

Ahriman himself soon backvaulted and jumped onto a particularly large Disc of Tzeentch, using his flying steed to get in position to unleash a massive blue-white eldritch storm amongst the champions. The result was a coruscating blue-white psychic cataclysm of deadly orbs in a circle about a hundred feet wide, though the eldritch storm was weak against well armored foes, the sheer number of hits made it deadly to those lacking such protection. Many darkbringers who had come with the champions walked it off like a refreshing spring rain, but many champion soldiers were less lucky.

An enormous white lance of magic then speared out from one of Rose Lalonde's wands, and the champion of tzeentch barely turned his terminator armored right hand around to meet the blast of magic with his own foul warp sorceries in the form of an iridescent multicoloured beam of screaming warp fire while Barricade kicked off the head of a chaos spawn with a spinning crescent blow.

"You truly think that you are a match for me? Tzeentch's mightiest mortal champion? What can a child hope to accomplish against a ten thousand year master of the darkest of arts?" Ahriman asked rhetorically, seeming to not notice a blue butterfly winged figure sneaking up behind him, wings fluttering softly while the Droid commander OOM-9 got a lucky shot that brought down a chaos space marine,t he blaster bolt searing through his optic's.

"Make for a distraction." Rose responded with a smirk as Vriska flew in, clad in the garb of mindfang and them jabbing her sword at his back, meeting his coruscating energy shield bubble and causing him to lurch forward in pain while Long Haul grabbed a screamer and broke it against his knee.

"Insolent pest!" Ahriman howled with out rage as he brought his staff around to parry the next hit from Vriska's blade. "I wonder since youre wearing so much heavy armor you probably are reaaaaaaaally slow, especially since I'm not the only one you have to worry about." Vriska said as he ducked out of the blade lock and then stabbed her sword at Ahriman's gut, forcing the sorcerer to reflexively back away.

As the epic battle raged on, Grimlock swung his mighty energon sword in a wide arc, cutting three chaos spawn in half as he stormed towards Ahriman, firing off a barrage of missiles that saw off an incoming screamer, blowing the daemonic creature out of the sky. This was followed up by the T-850 punching the head off of a horror, sending it's essence screaming back into the warp.

Punching a Thousand Son dreadnought in the face, crumpling the sarcophagus that contained one of Ahriman's battle brothers, who like all members of the Thousand Sons legion who lacked psychic powers, had his body renderred to dust by the Rubric of Ahriman and his soul trapped in his shell. Tearing out the sarcophagus, Grimlock let the dust spill out the ground as the multicoloured soul of the chaos space marine flew out.

With Ahriman in sight, Grimlock made ready for a charge, trying to catch the sorcerer lord by surprise. Bringing his deathscreamer, a strange sort of highly ornate daemonic blade with a bound Daemon of Tzeentch, around to try and strike Vriska, but his other blade was soon caught on Grimlock's interposed energon sword, forcing him to back off and retreat, jumping off his disc steed as grimlock consumed it in a gout of energon flames.

Taking a hit on the shoulder from the warhammer of zillyhoo that managed to slip past his shielding, Ahriman stumbled to the left as Bumblebee shot him in the face three times with his solar arm cannon, the yellow bolts searing at the sorcerer.

But Ahriman simply began laughing maniacally. "Hahahaha....You think I would really come here alone?" Ahzek cackled, seeming to cue Scourge, followed by his nearly identical sweeps, Jhiaxus, and a large number of other destroyer forces to appear out of nowhere, surrounding the group of champions utterly.

Raising their weapons to point at the Champions, the group of destroyers seemed to come to a halt. "You have no way out, surrender." Scourge said simply, being a cybertronian of few words. "do we?" John asked, looking around the group. "There's no way out...I don't like it...but..." Ratchet said as he raised his hands in surrender, followed by the rest of the group as Ahriman cackled simply.

Next to Scourge was a white carapaced space pirate with a bionic laser red monocle of the zebesian breed, the Space Pirate head of Science Team. Watching as one decepticon pushed Ratchet forward and snarled "Get moving!" at the wizened medic who responded with "Get your hands off of me!"

Appropriate listening:

"You are keeping prisoners, ja?" The space pirate asked quizically, looking up at Scourge while some chaos space marines herded the human sized members of the group into a line and forced them to kneel with their hands behind their back.

"Yes...is there a problem with that, High Scientist Igzvald?" Scourge asked, looking down at the scrawny space pirate scientist. "Ja, zere is mein freuind...zese...Champions have destroyed Omega Doom...Zey wrecked herr Thunderving, zey destroyed many of our Giant and Titan allies, zey have brought us nozing but trouble for over a year of varfare...und zey killed herr Cyclonus...your close friend if I underschtand correctly." The space pirate scientist said, clacking his pincers while Scourge raised his laser pistol and laughed.

"I understand...they deserve death...Destroyers...No Prisoners, only trophies..." Scourge said cruelly, laughing before he started his sentence while his weapon hummed. Que, one of the oldest of the autobots, so old that he had little ability in direct combat, looked at his friend bumblebee and muttered. "I think they're going to kill us...bee..." Towards the autobot who nodded sadly. "see you on the other side guys..." John said quietly.

"It appears that we are going to meet in the dream bubbles after all John..." Rose responded, some tears forming in her eyes and those of John's. "I...I don't want to go...::::(" Vriska whimpered as the destroyers hooted and cackled. "If we're going to die...let's go down with dignity..." Grimlock assuaged, nodding slowly.

Finally, the destroyers began their execution, with the Cybertronian Scientist and loyal follower of Nemesis Prime, Jhiaxus, thundered toward the aging autobot Que, who had developed the gadgetry that had saved John and Rose's life from Cyclonus.

"You're first...My old student." Jhiaxus said evilly, smirking maliciously while looking right into cue's ancient optics, which had not suffered the passages of time as well as the undead Jhiaxus. "Jhiaxus...but why? You were so...kind when you tutored me...you're not like this! Please reconsider! We're your prisoners! Please...see some mercy in your spark!" Que pleaded as Jhiaxus shoved him forward.

"No, you can't do that! He can barely even fight!" Sylux protested before the butt of the gun of a Alpha Legion chaos space marine silenced him by smacking him in the head while Jhiaxus forced his former student to stand, pushing him all the while. "Que...que...que...you were one of my brightest...one of my best...but you chose to stand with these...vermin..." Jhiaxus smirked as he turned Que around to see his face as he staggered from a shot knee.

"What have they done to you Jhiaxus?" Que asked pleadingly, his wizened mind wanting to believe that there was still some goodness left in his old student. "Stop that! What is wrong with you!? He's an old man!" Bowser shouted in a vain hope of getting the destroyers to show mercy before being backhanded by the power claw of a chaos defiler to shut him up.

"They have done nothing to me Que...I always believed in our kind's divine destiny to rule over all...Nemesis merely gave me a way to see Primus' will done...And of course, you are old and weak...and we cannot abide weakness." Jhiaxus said as he stabbed his clawed right hand into Que's left knee servo and scratching it up, sending pain searing through the old autobot, making the very act of standing agonizing.

But as Que fell towards the ground with his hand outstretched, Jhiaxus kicked Wheeljack in the face to force him up. "stop! stop! stop!" John cried out, starting to break down, Scourge looking down at John and laughing at him, repeating his words in a mocking tone. "Oh poor baby...now watch!" The herald of Nemesis scowled before kicking John forward a bit, causing him to smash face first into the floor, glasses falling off his face.

Scrambling around for his glasses, Igzvald stomped on them and ground them into powder and wrecked metal before smacking the boy across the face and kicking him in the gut. "Look at you...so veak...so frail...und you used to lead these...vermin..." Igzvald said before stomping on John's hand before he felt the bones break, causing him to scream in pain as the space pirate turned to Rose, who lunged at him, only to catch her by the throat and slam her back into the ground.

"You are annoying fraulein...Noise Marine...punish zis feeble human." He said to a cackling marine of Slaanesh who looked at the girl hungrily, licking his lips underneath his helmet, approaching her with a with a predatory look that could be detected even underneath his helmet.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!?!" Sylux called out, only for the Scientist to lean over him and grab his helmet, tearing it off with a hiss of pressurized air, letting his windswept blond hair emerge, a youthful face looking directly at the hateful scientist.

"Vat is wrong vis you? Traitor..." Igzvald said before backclawing Sylux across the left cheek, sending him sprawling into the ground. "Please...Jhiaxus...hav...have mercy...please...stop this...we...we don't need to do this to...please Primus." Que sputtered as pain shot through him from his damaged knee before Jhiaxus punched him in the gut and tore out some cabling, letting more pain spurt through him while energon spilled out of the hole in his abdomen.

"Gaahhh!" Que screamed out as Jhiaxus grabbed him by the collar and looked at his former student who once trusted him utterly right in the optics before pulling upwards, tearing out much of his collar and sending more sparking pain shooting through the old autobot.

"Mark...what's going on..." Alvi whimpered as the destroyers had surrounded Mark's nearby group and shuffled them along to the procession. "Quiet!" An Imperial stormtrooper said before smashing her in the face with the butt of his blaster rifle, sending her sprawling to the ground.

"Jhiaxus...c...can't we talk...this out...I...I" Que managed before being shoved near one of scourge's sweeps as Jhiaxus growled out a "Move it!" Pushing his former student right in front of the lowered gun of the sweep, a purple lance of energy spearing out and smashing through his right pectoral region, sending him collapsing to the ground.

"W...whyyy....why...." Que managed as Jhiaxus advanced up to Que, grabbing him and pulling him up by the new holes in his body to cause more agony before digging his clawed thumbs into Que's optics, causing him to scream out as the sharp digits pierced them, a mournful keening being heard from bumblebee as this went on.

Ripping out Que's optics with his thumbs, Jhiaxus sent him sprawling onto the ground and stomped on his other knee servo, breaking it and then pulling him up to force him to stand on both of the incomprehensibly painful joints, whimpering cries of pain coming from the old autobot as he turned to his once teacher one last time, the barrel of Jhiaxus' pistol staring him down before lancing out and blowing straight through his neck, decapitating him.

Devastated, Bumblebee threw his hands down and mournfully whined as he held his head low. "Goodbye...old friend..." The young autobot said, oily tears coming down his face while Rose could be heard screaming as the Noise marine approached her, his intents obvious and vile.

Lucius the Eternal, champion of Slaanesh, looked around and spotten alvi, and his long, spear like tongue liked around his lips, just passing over cruelly pointed teeth. "I think I'd like this one..." Lucius cackled to his fellow noise marines, who approached the girl. "No...no!" Alvi sputtered out.

Scourge in the meantime, calmly walked towards the dumbstruck Dreadwing, grabbing the young Decepticon and forcing him up. "You're mine!" The cruel herald of Nemesis barked out as he shoved Dreadwing forward, causing him to gasp before scourge grabbed his right arm and began to twist it until he felt metal and cabling groaning before breaking, causing Dreadwing to scream out in undiluted suffering.

Shooting Dreadwing in the leg, Scourge sent more white hot pain searing through the robot as it fell towards the ground, only for it's other leg to be blown out and then Dreadwing pulled upwards into a forced stand on his ruined legs, the torture he was going through only worsening as scourge shoved his hand into Dreadwing's chest, sending arcs of electricity through him that triggered every single pain receptor in Dreadwing's chassis.

Throwing Dreadwing to the ground, Scourge kicked dreadwing in the right side, laughing as he heard more metal plates bending and snapping and drinking in the sound of the young autobot's unparalleled suffering. Flipping dreadwing over, Scourge yanked him forward and twisted one of his shoulders in an unnatural manner until he heard something snap and Dreadwing scream in agony.

"Wh...why?" Dreadwing whimpered before being punched across the side of his head, sending him reeling to the ground. "Because I like it..." Scourge responded with a smirk before pulling on the back of his head and forcing him into a kneel with his back facing him, pointing his pistol right at the back of Dreadwing's head and firing, causing it to erupt in an explosion.

Igzvald stalked around the human sized champions, stopping as he turned to face Percy and then looked at Annabeth. "Annabeth und Percy..." Igzvald monotoned before swinging his right pincer in an arc to strike Percy across the side of the head and then moving to headbutt Annabeth.

Walking away, Igzvald looked at Toad. "Toad...one of ze first champions...Your time has come..." Igzvald chuckled as he directed some Chaos Space marines to try and grab Toad by the arms and drag him to a firing line to be brutally beaten before being fatally shot.

Looking around, Scourge saw his next victim in bumblebee and grabbed him by the back of the neck. "You're mine!" Scourge snarled hatefully as he shoved him forward, punching him in the faceplate. "Get off me!" Bumblebee sputtered as he pushed Scourge back a step and tried to reach for Que's body, only to be kicked in the chest and forced upwards again. "Make them watch..." Scourge said, looking down at John and his friends, knowing that they were attatched to Bumblebee.

The noise marine assigned to Rose grabbed her by the face and slammed her into the ground before yanking her up and then kneeing her in the stomach and taking hold of her arm, twisting it until something broke and causing her to scream as he yanked her by the hood onto the ground with enough force to cause fractures in her shoulder blades and yank her tunic off, showing her shirt covered upper body, but he turned and scowled as he heard the order to delay his impending ravishing of her and then simply settled for forcing her bloodied form to face Bumblebee.

John looked on, mouth gaping as he watched Bumblebee mournfully look around as a gun was pressed to the back of his head, while a Chaos Space marine would take aim and prepare to fire his meltagun at the presumably restrained toad and noise marines held Alvi still for the approaching Lucius, whose mind ran through various ways of pleasing the prince of pain and pleasure through the vilest of means.

"We gave them one hell of a run..." Bumblebee said at last, and John looked away, in tears, not wanting to look at the impending scene of death.

>Red Team: Fight through the destroyer

In the bowels of the Star Destroyer, Sarge shot out his railshotgun and blew a dozen stormtroopers into bloody goo. "Blammo!" He shouted enthusiastically as his other team mebers fired off their rail assault rifles, sending forth a barrage of automatic hypersonic bullets that ripped through many more storm troopers.

Ducking to the left as a grenade rolled nearby him, Simmons shot forth a three shot burst that blew apart the head of an incoming heavy stormtrooper while Lopez kicked the grenade right back into the midst of the imperials, the frag round exploding and sending lethal shrapnel ripping through their bodies, screams filling the air along with blood.

Donut and Henderson looked at each other and nodded before heading out, running to the hangar of their shuttle and then mounting the Chupa-thingy before driving it right back into the chaotic firefight while Grif grabbed an Imperial Plasma Cannon and slung the immense backpack power generator onto his back.

"Jesus christ this thing is HEAVY!" Grif complained as the enormous weapon, probably somewhat longer than he was tall and almost as thick as he was wide, wieldable only due to his power armor, let loose a high pitched whine as it charged up and then let loose a ten foot wide blue-white molten orb of charged particle induced death.

Exploding in the middle of the room, the plasma orb incinerated a whole company of stormtroopers before the chupa-thingy thunderred in, with Henderson at the controls of the Gauss-gatling gun. "Eat shit and die!" Henderson shouted as the gun revved up to life, an incredibly comical look appearing on the face of an Imperial Commander before he disappeared into a red mist as hundreds of hypersonic bullets ripped through the room with the deafening roar of the sound barrier's protests filling the air while the bullets ripped through the skies so quickly that they ignited the air behind them, leaving fiery trails in their wake.

Sweeping the immensely powerful weapon around, Henderson mulched what had to be thousands of battle ready Stormtroopers and their variants, a force wielding lightsaber toting Shadow Trooper trying to run at him, dodging the assault rifle rounds of Lopez with force granted presience and enhanced reflexes. But when Henderson turned the rotary gun to face the shadow trooper and the rest of his squad, they found to their brief horror that while they could dodge a few bullets shot at them, they had no chance of dodging thousands of bullets thrown at them.

These elite soldiers were blown apart into a bloody mess while a Phase 2 Dark Trooper tried to raise it's arc cannon to take aim at Sarge, who merely swung around and aimed at the phrik alloyed droid and fired his shotgun, the hypersonic pellets blowing it's body apart into a shower of metal shards. Simmons ducked down and grabbed himself a meltagun dropped from a failed Imperial Guard boarding attempt on the ship. "SUCK IT CRACKERS!" Simmons shouted in a mighty battlecry as a line of heavy stormtroopers stopped suddenly with the most comical look on their faces before an actinic blue-white beam of superheated gas hotter than the cores of stars roared out and melted everything in it's path for twelve meters.

As a group of Imperial Storm Marines tried to get into position to fire off a heavy repeater blaster, Sarge swung his shotgun around and fired off a withering hail of hypersonic rounds that ripped through their cover and their armour like tissue paper, blowing apart their bodies in a storm of limbs and blood while Lopez shot apart a fire team of Imperial Engineers.

Finally, Grif turned around and aimed the plasma cannon at the star destroyer's power core, letting loose another searing miniature sun that exploded against the core, blowing much of it apart and partially melting much of the remainder, and immediately a low groan could be heard throughout the ship as it's engines died down without power.

The rest of red team quickly took the time to aim at other critical parts of the ship's interior, like it's control computers, sensor managers, diagnostic system, and turret mainframes, the ship groaning as it began to sink towards earth, brushing across a building as it's systems went haywire. "Let's get out of here!" Sarge shouted, prompting red team to get into the shuttle they used to get in and fly out as the ship tipped over to it's side and allowed it's cargo of tie fighters and bombers to slide out towards the ground.

>Bumblebee: Break out

Appropriate listening: 2:44-End of

The sound of something massive beginning to groan and moan while the whine of systems dying down filled the air, prompting the destroyers to cease what they were doing and look up, some of scourge's sweeps being crushed by a falling tie fighter, while a falling AT-ST slammed into the ground right next to scourge, disorienting him and causing him to spin around, giving Bumblebee the opening he needed to get up and turn to face scourge, firing off a yellow pulse from his arm cannon before giving him an uppercut that clanged into his chin, forcing Scourge into a stagger as he drunkenly fired off a pulse wave blast that shot forward in a comet like line, but bumblebee easily sidestepped the poorly aimed purple blast.

Scourge threw a punch into Bumblebee's shoulder, but the brave autobot rolled with the blow, responding by yanking the master of the hunt forward and into a might left haymaker that caused Scourge to spit out red energon from his mouth. Bumblebee kneed Scourge in the abdomen, sending him rolling backwards, only to fire off his firebreath, consuming an area in front of him in black flame.

Bumblebee rolled to the left, allowing Scourge's fire to consume and burn many of his minions before silencing him with a shot from his arm cannon, causing the cybertronian to reel backwards before a barrage of missiles slammed into his chest, causing him to spin around slightly, scourge tried to regain his balance and fire off pulse wave blasts, but the agile bumblebee vaulted over a Dark Eldar Talon mech, which was blown apart by the incoming wave while bumblebee took a series of rapid fire shots at the evil Cybertronian.

Charging forward, Bumblebee rolled down and punched Scourge in the groin, causing him to sputter out in pain as he brought his fists down in a double hammer fist, knocking bumblebee down, but allowing for the plucky autobot to take aim at his groin and fire off a fully charged solar blast, resulting in perhaps the loudest and most agonized scream Bumblebee had ever heard as he got up and punched him in the small of his back, to which Scourge turned around and threw a right hook into Bumblebee's face, spinning him around, but by the time he faced scourge again, he was ready with a fully charged solar blast and a volley of missiles that tore into Scourge's chest and blossomed in a wondrous cascade of explosive death.

As the other champions and darkbringers seized the opportunity and started to relentlessly attack their former captors. Lucius the Eternal, Jhiaxus, Ahriman, and Igzvald immediately took the time to flee, Ahriman teleporting them away to a safe zone with Lord Straxus while some of the less confident destroyers also took the time to run away.

Feeling her bones set, Rose stood up with the quills of Echidna and jammed them into the eyesockets of the noise marine that had tormented her, causing him to scream as his lenses and eyes were punctured before two white blasts lanced out and blew apart his head.

She rolled around the flaming bolts of a Thousand Sons Terminator marine squad's inferno-combi-bolters, each bolt enchanted to burn through most any armor with ease and then ignite the body and soul with crimson warpflame. The terminators surrounded an Aspirant Sorcerer Champion of Tzeentch, also bedecked in Terminator armor.

She fired off a lance that speared through the chest of one Terminator marine, releasing it's trapped soul before stabbing her left quill through the abdominal plate of one of the twelve foot tall terminator marines, ducking under it's power fist swing to fire off a blast that incinerated two more of the massively armored marines.

Shooting off a rapid series of magical orbs, Rose blew apart the remainder of the terminator marines, causing them to crumple to the ground in a heap of terminator armor plating, dust, and residual warp energy. The sorcerer fired off a bolt of change at Rose, only to see her deflect it right back at him, spearing through his head with his own weapon and causing the sorcerer to fall to the ground.

Sylux quickly rolled forward and grabbed his helmet, firing off a supermissile into the chest of one of the noise marines holding Alvi, the vermillion blast billowing out and causing the marine to stumble backwards and let go of her, spinning around to try and fire off his sonic blaster, sending a storm of sonic bolts with as much power as a modern day rocket launcher, with twice the rate of fire as a normal bolter.

Sylux spun around and shot off his shock coil which leapt forth into the offending marine, draining his life energy and feeding into sylux's shield as a series of arcing bolts of lightning streaked out towards the marine, before finally dropping him as there was nothing left to drain.

Turning around, Sylux screw attacked onto the shoulders of another one of Scourge's sweeps, kicking at it's head and shooting off a missile into it's left optic, blowing it out and causing it to snarl and roar in pain, flailing around before he put it out of it's misery with a fully chagred combi-beam blast.

Leaping down, Sylux fired off a quintet of super missiles with his seeker missile attatchment, sending the five warheads streaking into a Nazi soldier formation, blowing apart body parts and ashes in all directions and creating yet more confusion amidst the destroyers.

Taking this opportunity, Alvi spun out of the grip of the other marine and brought her axe around in a uppercutting swing that dug the burning blade into the Marine's groin, causing him to scream and yell in pain before she shieldbashed him forward, the marine turning it's doom siren around and letting loose a flamethrower jet like spurt of daemonic sound that could rip apart tanks and people.

Alvi ducked around under the jet of sound and sliced her ace in an upwards arc that cut the weapon in half, causing it to detonate in the marine's face and rip his body apart in a cascade of infernal noise while she sidestepped around an incoming kinetic bolt from a Japanese soldier that she dealt with by ramming her axe into his face and then getting behind him and yanking, ripping out his head and much of his spine.

Bringing her shield around, the girl deflected an incoming missile from a storm trooper that she fried with a massive burst of lightning which arced out and chained to hit countless more white armored soldiers who collapsed on the ground in jerking heaps.

Then she went around to slice the leg off of an Elite pirate, causing it to fall to the ground on it's hands, where she grabbed onto one of it's tusks and pulled herself on top of it, where she repeatedly slammed her axe into it's skull until the head of the pirate was cut into tiny, bloody pieces.

As Scourge fired off another pulse from one of his pistols, the wave rolling and smashing through many derelict tie fighter hulls, sending them crashing away in pieces, Bumblebee cartwheeled over the wreckage of a Rhino tank and fired off a series of missiles that hit scourge in his abdominal region, making him stumble backwards as the autobot got behind one of the Sweeps and grabbed it by the neck, causing it to try and reach for the autobot before he jammed his armcannon into the back of the Sweep's head, firing off a rapid series of pulses that blew off chunks of head in rapid succession until there was nothing left but smoking ruin.

John rushed at a space pirate commando, ducking beneath it's energy sword swing and then grabbing onto it's shoulder jet thrusters and swinging himself onto it's shoulders, standing atop the insectoid space pirate which flailed around to try and reach him before the warhammer of zillyhoo crashed into it's helmet and pulped it into a mash of gore.

John then bowled straight through a formation of Imperial Stormtroopers, sending them flying in all directions with his MANGRIT enhanced strength, wilhelm screams going out in all directions as he jumped up towards a thundering Dark Trooper Mk 3 and slammed the glowing warhammer of zillyhoo right into it's face plate.

As the power armored imperial crumped towards the ground, John parried an incoming hell blade from a Bloodletter of Khorne, forcing the Daemon back with a push before swinging his hammer in an overhead blow that banished the creature back to the warp, then scattering the rest of the squad of eight with the windy thing, sending them flying far and wide as he ran up to an Nod Avatar Warmech and swung his hammer into it's left leg so hard that the limb all but exploded, sending the forty foot tall machine crumpling towards the ground.

Shas'o'ra'lai stood up and looked at his former captors, a group of japanese imperial warriors, who immediately looked on in wideeyed fear before he fired off a quartet of rending tight spread hypervelocity shotgun bursts that mulched their bodies into goop.

Turning around, he aimed his swordlike quadruple barelled hypershotgun and aimed it at a series of sweeps, firing hypersabot slugs in rapid succession. The first one of these slugs slammed into the chest of one sweep and caused it's body to erupt like a blooming flower, the second shell knocked the head clean off of another, only after shattering it into splinters of course, the third and fourth ripped off the arms of a third sweep who fell onto the ground, spurting out dark energon from it's wounds.

Looking out at a large number of flak armored chaos cultists, the Tau commander set his gun to hyperbirdshot mode and let out a veritable storm of small pellets that ripped through their armor and flesh at hypersonic velocities, leaving nothing behind but a large bloody stain on the ground.

As a series of blaster bolts impacted his energy shield, Ra'lai turned to see a large group of imperial war droids that he dealt with by releasing no less than four EMP shells that disabled them utterly, causing them all to fall onto the ground in sparking heaps.

Grimlock immediately leapt out into a tackle and grabbed a Chaos Dreadnought, lifting the hulking machine up and then using it as a club to smash another sweep into pieces with a series of feral swings before throwing the dreadnought on the ground and them pounding it's adamantium chassis with his fists until it broke.

A Chaos Defiler fired off it's twinlinked autocannons at Bumblebee before it's battlecannon boomed and hurled a 225mm shell at the autobot, who deftly rolled forward to dodge the round, sidestepping a gust of flames from it's twin linked heavy flamers and ducking under wild swings from it's crab pincer like power claws, grabbing onto it's twin linked autocannons and using that to swing him onto it's top, it's head whirring widly as the Daemon engine tried to get the autobot off of him. But bumblebee grabbed it's still firing autocannons and yanked them until they faced the head of the machine and blew it apart, the now guideless body slumping to the ground in a heap while Bumblebee kick flipped off and then landed on top of a chaos spawn, crushing it underneath his heavy feet.

Bumblebee quickly turned around and fired off a barrage of missiles at a group of approaching horrors of Tzeentch, blowing their corporeal forms apart into blue horrors, which the autobot finished off with a second volley that sent them screaming back into the warp, thunderclapping as air rushed to fill the spaces left void by their vanishing.

Rolling towards Scourge, Bumblebee quickly punched him in the hip as Scourge turned around to fire off a barrage of missiles at Percy and Annabeth, making the decepticon reel before firing off another pulse wave at the agile autobot, who kickflipped to the side and shot him in the left arm with a solar assault cannon while attacks from various other champions slammed into Scourge, making him reel about from various attacks.

Scourge dropped one of his guns as bumblebee rolled between his legs and shot apart the chaos space marines surrounding toad with a rapid barrage from his armcannon, leaving searing stumps in his wave while he stood up into a roll and ducked beneath a right hook from Scourge and then brought forth a uppercut into the taller Undead's abdomen.

Pushing bumblebee back, Scourge fired off a blast from his pulse wave gun, reeling from another wave of attacks from other champions while Bumblebee sidestepped and then fired at his leg with his armcannon, causing Scourge to drop his other gun, leaving him wide open for Bumblebee to advance up to him and send an right uppercut right into his chest, punching through the metal with his hand popping out right beneath his chin. Looking on as Bumblebee transformed his hand into a cannon again, Scourge let out an almighty "NOOO!!" Before a fully charged shot from Bumblebee's weapon pulsed out and impacted Scourge's head, causing it to explode into a bloom of fire and rent apart metal.

Throwing away Scourge's corpse, Bumblebee turned around and retracted his battlefaceplate as he saw the imperial star destroyer crash into the river, with a shuttle smashing into the ground not long after, heralding the emergence of Red team, with Sarge looking around and saying "Oh come on I missed the fight!?!" To the laughter of the gathered heroes and villains.

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"H-hey! Paws off!" I protested, kicking about as Percy and Annabeth were knocked to the ground.

"Where are your precious mushrooms now? mocked the thug who was dragging me about. I spat in his face and blew a raspberry.

"Stop!" Kate pleaded. "You can't do---"

She was knocked down by Darth Vader. [b]"Silence, wretch,"[/u] the Sith lord growled.

"You can just !?%#$ off, you mother-!$%$#er!" I yelled.

Darth Vader started choking me. He let go and I went limp. "That was a warning, fungus," he snarled. "That will teach you to hold your tongue."

Magolor threw a brick at him. Darth Vader caught it in midair with the Force. Magolor yelled something rude in Halcandran.

My friends were being tortured and beat up. Jeez, what a bunch of jerks and losers Nemesis's lackeys are.

Kirby was being used as a tetherball. "Poyo?!" he shrieked, every time he was whacked by a Neo Heartless.

Suddenly, stuff began to happen. Things exploded, and all of a sudden I found the guys dragging me dead. Percy and Annabeth rubbed their heads and Magolor turned to look. Kirby jumped up, and Kate flipped open her bucket.

A huge line of villains was standing before us.

The Lor Starcutter barged through the wall, spitting stars as it came through. "I guess that's our cue!" I said, whipping out a mushroom and planting it on the ground, letting it expand into a steam shovel. I jumped into the cab and revved the engine. "COME TO PAPA!!!!" I shouted, charging full throttle at a line of Destroyer machines. I demolished two Infernal Engines before going after the Chaos machines. I planted two more mushrooms on the shovel's sides and gave it turrets.

Heavy roared into action. "EYYYAAAAHHHH!!!! You! NEVER make me angry!" he screamed, firing potent yarn bullets everywhere. He fired bullets all over the place. Darth Vader struggled to keep the constant minigun fire from him. Heavy ran in close and socked Vader in the respirator. "SO MUCH BLOOD!!!" he roared in delight.

Darth Vader countered by swinging his saber and knocking Heavy into the air with his Force Push. But Heavy then pulled out his shotgun and fired three times. Then he yarn-whipped Darth Vader, sending him spinning like a top. After that, Heavy fired his minigun. "This is just the beginning of the PAIN I will cause you!!!"

Heavy charged. "I'm COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You are so small!"

Clone Troopers fired at him, but the bolts slipped through his yarn body's empty spaces. "Look at your tiny baby gun! Where I... am MOST DANGEROUS MAN in HISTORY OF WORLD---"

Darth Vader pushed Heavy away. "What's the matter with you?! Next time..." Heavy brought his fists down on Darth Vader. "...PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN TINY BABY SIZE!!!!"

Meanwhile, Meta Knight whipped up his Mach Tornado and sent it spinning both directions.

But the blasts were blocked by that Marx guy. "Ha ha ha! Fashionably late, that's me, Malgalax!" he mocked.

He put up a Copy Ability shield.

"Kirby! Look for a Super Copy Ability enemy!" Meta Knight shouted.

Heavy fired his weapons at Malgalax. "Oh, it is sad day!" he groaned. The bullets bounced off.

Kirby looked about and shrugged. There was nothing.

Rosalina opened up a space portal and a Super Waddle Doo appeared. Kirby inhaled it and became Super Beam Kirby!

"YEAH! GO KIRBY!" I shouted from the cab of my shovel.

Kirby slapped on a jester's hat with long bangles. His beam whip became electrically charged.

"He is now... Flare Beam Kirby!" Meta Knight announced.

And beam flare he did. Kirby whipped the beam about and the spark grew to an immense ball of pure plasma. Electricity crackled in the air and Kirby brought the flare down on Malgalax. The shield was partially broken, but Malgalax wasn't done with Kirby yet. He rose into the air and fired a laser at Kirby.

Kirby floated in the air and blasted Malgalax with his own laser beam. Thousands of flare balls were launced at Malgalax in a spinning formation. Kirby yelled as Malgalax was blown backward into the wall. Heavy charged in and fired his gun. "I think you should fight someone much, MUCH smaller!"

The Lor Starcutter swooped in and sealed the deal. The galleon crashed into Malgalax, flattening him against the wall and knocking him out of the Dersite tower.

"Kirby. He is but one soldier in a group of millions!" Meta Knight said, pointing to the other Destroyers that proceeded to advance on Kirby.

Kirby wasn't worried. He grinned and swept his beam about, blasting away Chaos Space Marines and the like.

Meta Knight tried another Mach Tornado while I charged in with the steamshovel. I crashed about with the dozer on the front while the excavator in the back swept around and crushed things.

Then I jumped out of the steamshovel and let it do its thing while I pulled out a mushroom that expanded into a six-wheeled wrecking crane. I jumped into the cab of that thing and drove into the mass of Destroyers. "Ha! Feel the wrath of DEMOLITION VEHICLES!!!" I yelled, swinging the crane's wrecking ball and knocking over the bigger machines, denting and smashing them to bits.

Meanwhile, Sami was leading the infantry and the Orange Star vehicles in firing. "Don't let up!" she shouted. "This is for the sake of the universe!"

Kate stopped fighting for a bit. "Why the heck are we wasting time fighting these guys? Shouldn't we be after Nemesis?"

Everybody looked at her. "Uh-oh," I said.

A blow to the wrecking ball jarred me back to the fight. I bashed the Infernal Engine that tried to whack me, but several wolves were attempting to top the crane over. I released the ball and the string went sailing down, crushing the wolves into kibble. "Ha! Suck it, canines!"

But something familiar came by. Something blue. Something rainbow-y.

"It's the My Little Pony Heartless!" Mickey screamed.

Sure enough. It was that nuisance, Heartless Rainbow Dash.

And I can't tell you how much I hate ponies now. Rainbow Dash cleaved the crane in two with a supersonic run.

"I got this fool, guys!" Sonic shouted, chasing after the evil pony. Rainbow Dash doubled back toward Sonic, but the hedgehog grabbed Rainbow Dash's snout and poked her in the eyes, before knocking her to the ground and using a Sonic Spin. "Ha!"

But the Heartless pony kicked Sonic off of her and pounced. Sonic pushed her over and headbutted her, before knocking her into a river. "Can't fly with your wings wet, huh?!" Sonic taunted.

Scratch: Join the rush.

"Grounder, you know what to do!" I told him.

"Uh, no, what?" he asked.

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration, then flipped a panel in Grounder's back. "Ohhhh. THAT. I remember Robotnik installing that in me and..."

"Shut up and combine!" I scolded, inserting my hands into the panel. My parts began to flip open, and Grounder and I began to merge into a sort of robo-tank. Our minds were connected.

"Now, Grounder, we can't argue," I said to him. "This is a symbiosis, remember?"

"Okey-dokey. No arguing."

Grounder's treads revved while his drills spun. I was connected to his head, which had lowered into the body to create a chest drill. My head became a cannon. When I opened my mouth, I fired a laser at the bad(der) guys.

"Excellent! My experiment is a success!" Dr. Robotnik said gleefully.

We charged about, firing at the villains' machines. "Ha! Ha-ha!" I laughed.

Magolor: Be the air backup.

I jumped into the Lor. "Good to have you back, buddy. You're such a beast."

The ship blipped in response. It whirred away from the wall and took to the skies. "Guys, let's move! We haven't got time for this!" I shouted, firing at the rest of the Destroyers. Orbs, starshots, and the Lor's wings and oars slashed, smashed, and erupted in front of the bad guys before the wings and oars returned to me. Then I finished it up with a tornado from the mast. "Follow me!"

I turned around and hoped everybody would follow.
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Mark, Gamzee, Equius, and Foreman: Receive extremely unexpected assistance.

Mark slashed through one of the Destroyer's troops, opening a portal through it's body, killing it instantly. Despite the fact that there were three God Tiers here... They were being overwhelmed. And the sight of Alvi, after all this time, being captured... Mark scowled, flash-stepping between Destroyer troops. 

"Mark! I-I don't think we can hold them off any l-longer!" Alabaster yelled. The Foreman had switched to his lance, which he was now swinging and stabbing at any Destroyer who got too close. Mark stopped for a moment, and scowled even more. "~I know, I know! What did you expect?! Equius, play hell with them. Knock out anything that you can. Gamzee-~" Mark stopped at that point, looking at what the Bard of Rage was looking at. 

Gamzee shuddered, looking up at the much larger Troll who was aiming a blue-tipped arrow at the smaller God. The figure smiled maniacally, and then drew the arrow back, preparing to shoot. Gamzee stepped back a little, and then the arrow flew... Right into the face of a Destroyer who had been advancing on the 6-sweep old Gamzee. The Grand Highblood stored the bow away, jumped over Gamzee, and ripped the Destroyer's head off, throwing it to the side. The Highblood stuck his first and middle finger into the stump of a neck, painting a sadistic smile over top his lips in the blood. 


Gamzee tilted his head to the side, shrugged, and then stood by his Ancestor's side while Mark just stood off to the side, facepalming.

Gorem: Curb-stomp some midgets.

The Subterra warrior trudged through the battlefield, Isabel once again on his shoulder, stomping some of the enemy under his heel. A Chaos Spawn with wings flew for his head, only to be introduced to the back of Gorem's hand. Isabel followed up, mangling the Spawn's body with a tendril of Elder Magic. "Isabel, we need to find you a safe place to wait this out." Gorem rumbled, blocking a shot of plasma with his shield. Isabel just sighed, sending a massive ball of her magic down into the soldiers below. 

"Truth be told, Gorem, I think finding you some shelter would be better. Let's face it, you're a big target!" the shaman chuckled, loving every second of this battle. "But you're not going to do that, so let's have some fun!"

Equius: Follow your order like the peasant-b100d you are.

"D--> Of course, Mr LeFury" Equius said, snapping the neck of an enemy as he did. He stood back for a moment, and then sent out a blast of his power, messing up with all tracking, motion, and basically any device that showed location. Radios, speakers, and anything that allowed people to talk over distance were likewise effected, which, with any luck, wouldn't hurt anyone who relied upon, oh, I don't know, a radio to talk to his companions. 

Equius then went to the literal meaning of Mark's order: "knocking out" the enemy. Due to his incredible STRENGTH, of course, this usually resulted in more death than actual "knocking out". 

Foreman: Die!

Alabaster was knocked to the ground by the butt of a rifle, and, on the ground, he switched from his lance card to his shotgun card, which, when he rolled around to shoot... Found a headless corpse falling onto him. "Ew." he said, getting up and brushing some blood off his jacket and tie, and then watched as the Highblood and Gamzee went around, murdering anyone and everyone who was stupid enough to get in their way. At this point, the combined rage of the pair was sending some of their opponents running for their lives, more often than not getting an arrow, plasma bolt, or one of their allies' appendages through their backs for their trouble. 


The Foreman promptly vomited some weird blue stuff out onto a half-alive Destroyer. 

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>Groups: Combine

Appropriate listening: first two and a quarter minutes of

Running towards the last few blocks before Nemesis' palace, the coalition gathered at a series of buildings overlooking a group of destroyers overwatched by Lord Straxus. Running through the streets, Bluddflagg noticed a large group of Orks. "Oi! Yoo gitz, yooz gonna come wiff me!" He said, pointing at them, prompting the orks to run out with his group, trailed by many imperial guardsmen.

Gathering at a window overlooking the scene, Captain Fordo's Arc troopers gathered a top a building while Space marines and clone commandos were gathered atop shorter buildings, and the Soviet Union and Eldar had their men at ground level.

Looking out before him, Colonel Fordo took out some binoculars and radio'd in a report to the other commanders in the group, who were being joined by John's detatchment. Looking around, he spotted Straxus, Jhiaxus, Grindcore, and Deathsaurus standing amongst a large number of minions.

Jhiaxus was berating a decepticon for allowing Scourge to die, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him, shouting in cybertronian at the unfortunate being. Then he let go of the decepticon and advanced up to another, pressing his index finger into his chest and going on a tirade against him while Straxus serenely overlooked the whole area, focusing on Jhiaxus' angry lecture.

"We have numerous targets and Straxus...also counting Jhiaxus, Grindcore, and Deathsaurus..." Fordo voxed in over the communication link. "+Visual confirmed...+" came the baritone reply of a space marine on the other side, waiting for the order to deploy into glorious battle.

"Alright ya gitz, don't fire till I tellz ya too!" Bluddflagg shouted to his boyz while Shas'O'Ra'Lai and his tau got into position. "On my mark...deploy markerlighters and EMP weapons...Then begin a mass battlesuit jet jump." The Tau commander ordered.

"Aim for their eyes and blind them...then move in with explosives and cripple them while they're down." Scout Sergeant Cyrus ordered over the communication link. "Then focus fire on Straxus, he's the most important target in the area." Clone Commando boss added.

Tyranids and Necrons were also moving into position as sneakily as possible, and soon Straxus' contingent was surrounded, though they seemed oblivious to that fact at the moment. As Straxus turned away from Jhiaxus, bored, Fordo turned to his men. "Alright, when you get the signal, begin a parajump, drop down, and let them have it, you'll be going into a hot zone, and everyone is going to be shooting, but we're ARC troopers, this is nothing we can't handle." Fordo said to assuage his men.

Holding his breath, Cyrus put Jhiaxus' left optic in the crosshairs of his sniper bolter, loading a high powered shot and adjusting for the wind before firing, bracing for the recoil as the gun pumped out the shell that soon roared to life as it's propelling rocketis came to life.

As Jhiaxus was busy shouting at another decepticon present at the death of scourge, his left optic was hit by the high powered shot that burrowed itself into his head and then detonated, leaving nothing but a smoking ruin where a malevolent red optic had once been, causing him to stagger and bellow in path before an Eldar Ranger took aim at his other eye and blew it out with a needle like ray from his weapon, causing him to flail around blindly, screaming for assistance.

The decepticon he had been shouting at just moments before tried to turn and help, but Clone Commando Sev and Boss had his eyes in their targeting sights with their own sniper rifles, firing sniper blaster bolts that exploded it's optics into a shower of shards.

"Alright men, move, move, move!" Said a Karskin Stormtrooper Sergeant, prompting the Imperial Guard elite to file out from their deployment zones into the thick of things while a hail of sniper fire went and blinded or outright killed many more of the destroyers.

Running up to Jhiaxus, the stormtroopers placed melta charges on his legs that then detonated in a spectacular actinic blue-white flash that melted straight through his shins, severing his now partially molten feet and causing him to collapse towards the ground while the now blinded berated decepticon had one melta charge palced on it's right leg, epxloding moments later and destroying the overhwelming majority of the material that was keeping the leg intact.

The decepticon reached for it's leg to try and steady itself, but now the dangerously thin material was vulnerable to the rapid barrage of hellgun beam that seared into the leg and severed it, sending the machine tumbling to the ground where a meltagun to the head finished it off.

Jhiaxus flailed around and screamed "Help! Help!" As he tried to crawl towards any aid. A Chaos Space Marine that turned it's attention to the fallen Cybertronian made perhaps five steps before Scout Sergeant Cyrus blew his head apart with a shot from his sniper rifle, while Boss and Sev took down his wingmates with carefully placed sniper-blaster shots.

One remaining chaos space marine fired off his bolter in a cackling frenzy, only to be struck by a fusilade of hellgun beams that quickly seared his armor apart, the veteran stormtroopers filing out to take down other blinded enemies.

At this point, Allied forces moved in, peacekeeper shotguns booming out and blasting enemy infantry end over end while Javelin missile troopers poured liberal amounts of anti-tank fire into hard targets. Then came the space marines, the terminator armor clad Sergeant Tarkus quickly dousing a large group of nazis with his heavy flamer, burning them all into cinders as he advanced, humming a litany to the emperor as he went on.

Sergeant Avitus, also in Terminator armor, swept his gatling assault cannon around in a wide arc, ripping apart bodies in a storm of high caliber bullets from the rooaring rotary cannon as he scythed it around, eventually notcing the flailing Jhiaxus. Taking aim at the downed cybertronian, Avitus chewed through his chassis with a hail of bullets that ruptured his skin, allowing dark energon to leak out. But Avitus decided to let Jhiaxus slowly bleed to death. "You don't deserve a quick death..." The Space Marine snarled as he turned to blast an Covenant brute into a gory mist through weight of fire.

One decepticon fired it's automatic rifle rapidly, trying to sweep it across the coalition forces that were swarming into the plaza, but a green bioplasma shot from Old One Eye Alpha, a mighty Tyranid Alpha, blasted it across the chest and caused it to spin to the left, raising it's gun with one arm and continuing to fire until the giant carnifex charged into the machine and wrenched it's head off with his pincer like crushing claws.

Straxus himself was standing alongside much of the fearful and dreaded Black Guard, super elite destroyers whose weapons reaped a terrible bounty of dead coalition soldiers while his arm cannon poured missile fire into an Tau line, blasting firewarriors into pieces.

But what he failed to notice was an approaching parachute that soon caught on his crownlike head projections and temporarily blinded him, allowing for a large force of Champions to come and and start blazing their weaponry at him with wild abandon, the battle was on.
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Heavy: Kill them all!

"NOW IS COWARD KILLING TIME! AHHHH-HA HA HA HA!!!!! Do-do-siii-toh! Eee-dum-a-LAAAAAAAAASS-ka! Come sing with me!"

But I was blow back. They fire guns at me. Argh! Ohhh, it is sad day!

Meta Knight come and drop something in my hands. What is this? Ohhh... it is yarn ball. What happens when I whip the ball...?

I transform into the Tankbot! It is large face of Heavy, with treads for crushing TINY BABY MEN! My signature weapon, Sasha, is now GREAT BIG GUN! I am now KING OF TEAM!"

I emerge in cockpit. "Ohhh, no. YOU! I do not forget!" I shout at Lord Straxus. "Did you think I would forget YOU!?"

I fire guns. "INCOMING!!!! OOOAAHHH-HA-HA-HAAAAA!!!! Run! Run! I'm COMING for you!" I laughed maniacally. "Look at your tiny baby guns! You are all dead!"

This will work. Ha!

All of the tiny baby Decepticon babies! "You are no match for me! You are dead!" I bragged. "NEW WEAPON! MY FISTS! THEY ARE MADE OF STEEL!"

And that caused the Tankbot to fire two big fists of steel at the tiny baby men!

I turn back to Straxus. "This... is just the BEGINNING. Of the PAIN, I will cause you!"

With that I fire weapons. The mouth of the Tankbot open and fire many, MANY missiles at Straxus. I fire the fists of steel again! Guns fire, flames burst from yarn! Which make no sense, but who cares? I blast, fire, smash, kill, and crush tiny baby men as I make my way to the villain.

Meanwhile, Gru help me by driving great big tank. Minions holding rocket launchers everywhere! They fire at Straxus with me. Gru fires his big gun.

"Ha-ha-ha!!! Is good time to run, cowards!"

Colonel Pluck: It's on like Donkey Kong (Country Returns)!!!!

Colonel Pluck stomped toward the Decepticon, Roadrage. Roadrage transformed into his race car mode and sped in between the Stompybot's legs, before transforming and preparing to fire his arm cannon. But Amelia Earhart brought her plane down low and knocked Roadrage on the head, while the Red Baron fired his Spaundak machine guns from his Fokker triplane.

Colonel Pluck took the opening and spun the Stompybot around, using his flamethrower and dropping egg bombs on Roadrage.

"Where are your fellow evil Decepticons now, dummkoph?!" sneered the Red Baron.

That got him a couple glares from the movie Decepticons. "Er, I mean, the ones that side with Nemesis."

Colonel Pluck squawked and turned toward Maleficent, who was flying down in dragon form. "I am invincible!" she proclaimed, before blasting magical fire on Colonel Pluck's machine.

Jenny: Oh, NO you DON'T!

"No, you're not!" I shouted, socking Maleficent in the face with an expanded steel fist. I retracted the hand to its original form.

"Hey, Lizardlips! Remember me?! Two words: BREATH MINT!" I taunted, transforming my arm into a cannon and preparing to choke Maleficent with Altoids. She breathed fire on me and I blasted the breath mints into her mouth. The dragon gasped and spat out a storm of spicy, sugary breath fresheners.

"Insolent automaton! How many times must I destroy you?!" Maleficent swiped with a paw. I rocketed up.

"Missed me!"

Then I activated one of my new functions.

When Ratchet loaded Jazz into me, while I was rebooting, I noted several functions for the Cybertronians' transformation. I thought that was pretty cool. I told Phineas and Ferb to keep them in there.

And so, a car crashed on top of Maleficent's head, before turning back into me. "Ha! How do you like that?!"

Then my arm turned into a fire hose. "In the heat of battle, it's important that you COOL OFF once in a while!" I yelled, spraying the hose at her face. After that, I spun, my jets becoming a drill.

I saw Burrows looking on in envy.

I ground into Maleficent's chest. Her dark magic began to explode from the puncture point. "That oughta teach you!" I yelled.

Maleficent's dragon dissipated and her true form was revealed. But then, Maleficent cast another spell and transformed herself into an airship.

"Holy mother!" I yelled, diving down before her cannons could get me. I zipped around her. "You're big and powerful, but you sure are slow---"

Homing missles. Of course. I sped about.

"Don't worry, robo-gal! I got this!" shouted the hedgehog, bounding between the missiles and detonating them in midair. "Name's Sonic."

I charged into one of the openings in Maleficent's dark conjure. I sped through scaffolds, reactors, and weapons, until I found the engine room and headbutted Maleficent. The ship dissolved as if it were never there. "Can't concentrate with a robot charging into you, huh? Can you handle the force of a freight train?"

I looped into the air. Now, I was being completely literal about this. I expanded until I was a fifty-ton freight train speeding right for Maleficent. Quantum mechanics rock.


A huge hole was what we created. I climbed out. "I'm OK. I'm alright..." I said woozily.

I looked into the hole. Maleficent wasn't there.

Well, I couldn't really tell. She was buried deep. Real deep. Bet it'll take a while to get out if you don't have jets like mine.

"How did you become a FREIGHT TRAIN?!" Toad yelled. "Which, by the way, was pretty darn awesome."

"Oh, stuff happened."

I dusted myself off. "I'll have to give myself a good long polishing when this is all over."

3rd Person

The Argo II soared into view, Leo Valdez at the helm. "Vagineer, let's see how they like the Argo II!" Leo said.

"!yakO" said Vagineer, and he rallied the campers that were operating the weapons. The Argo II's cannons twisted around and fired at the Destroyers. Meanwhile, Violet Baudelaire was busy keeping the engines in check. She re-etched magical symbols, tightened bolts, and made sure that the pressure was kept tolerable.

Meanwhile, R.O.B. was busy fending off an army of the undead. Bones were smashed everywhere that R.O.B. spun his arms. The robot whirred about, firing his eye beams, launching discs, and rocketing in the air to trick the Heartless.

But then two Behemoths and two Infernal Engines approached. The Behemoths roared, as did the Engines. But Kirby jumped into the fray with R.O.B.

The robot launched a disc for Kirby. Kirby ate the spinning disc, and became Top Kirby. He spun the top toward the Behemoths while R.O.B. worked on weathering the Infernal Engines.

The tops battered the Behemoths, smashing back and forth, at the will of Kirby. R.O.B. was burning the Engines' tires, while firing discs at their eyeballs.

Heartless archers fired from atop the Infernal Engines, sending arrows zinging across the battlefield. Champion soldiers went down from the blows, but they turned around and recognized the threat. A medium tank crashed through ranks of Destroyers and barged into the Infernal Engines. R.O.B. turned around and gave Kirby a hand with the Behemoths. Kirby released the Top ability and swallowed one of the Infernal Engines' tires.

He became Wheel Kirby, and transformed into a magenta tire. He zoomed into the Behemoths' heads, bouncing back and forth while R.O.B. attacked with jets of exhaust. R.O.B. then proceeded to break their forelegs with its spinning arms.

Soon, the Behemoths were defeated with one last blow from Wheel Kirby. Kirby jumped backward and landed with a flourish, before rushing to help the others.
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War
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