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 Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War

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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: >[S] Aftermath   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSat 31 Mar 2012, 6:50 am

Appropriate listening:

With the defeat of Nemesis, the coalition left the shattered wreck of Derse, there was nothing left for them there following it's ruination by the fires of war. Fitting onto the waiting fleets above, they departed the world in a mass exodus, moving towards Skaia, where the official celebration would be held.

Landing amidst a recently constructed champion city, the forces stepped out of their ships, lead forward by Optimus Prime, the regal leader of the Champions walking at a brisk pace towards a platform, where he would deliver his full post victory speech. As he stepped up in front of the champions, he looked out and nodded approvingly at the collection of brave warriors who had made this victory possible.

The entire organization was present to hear their leader speak. An organization that had fought side by side for over a year of unbelievably intense conflict. They had bled together, they had died together, they had seen more horrors in a few swipes of the pendulum than most beings would see in a thousand lifetimes. But yet they stood proud and unbowed by their experiences.

They had grown so much over the course of this long and devastating war. So many had died, so many new faces came. A disparate alliance that under ordinary circumstances would battle one another to the death, but the threat the destroyers posed was so great that they had all come together to fight as brothers and sisters in arms...and in many cases, as far more than just battle-siblings.

Many had come together to fight as lovers, as friends, as family, and indeed in many ways, the champions had become like a great family, with many seeing Optimus as the head of the house hold. Together they shared a bond that was utterly unbreakable, together they would fight to the death and to the end. For honour, for glory, for all they loved, for the defence of the weak, for future days and past memories.

As long as the Destroyers remained, this band of brothers and sisters all, would never give up. They would fight until they had either all fallen in battle, or until the war was won at last. Today they could all stand proud, for they had just defeated the destroyers at their strongest so far and had acheived a victory more total than any that they had acheived in recent days.

But not a single one of them doubted that the destroyers would be back. But this time, they would all be ready for their return. "Fellows...brothers and sisters in arm,...we have come out of the greatest conflict any of us have ever seen for a long...long time...we experienced great loss and suffering...for a time all hope seemed lost...and the enemy seemed to be triumphant...but we stood and remained valiant. We never lost sight of our objective...but we must remain vigilant...too many times have we let our guard down only for the enemy to return in even greater strength...but this is not to say that we cannot all enjoy a well earned rest." Optimus started, his stirring voice passing through the assembly.

"We honour the fallen who gave their lives in bringing about the end of this conflict...whether they were great or small, they will not be forgotten. Though they are departed in body...they will remain with us in spirit, and we will repay our debt to their sacrifice in full. Remember what they have given to us...remember for that will give us strength in the dark days to come. Though the road ahead is long...we will not lose sight of our goal. For to lose sight of that goal is to mean the destruction of all we hold dear. We must not, we shall not, and we can not fail, for to fail is to betray all that we cherish." He went on, making sweeping hand gestures to stir the crowd as his proud, noble voice echoed on.

"There will be times when we lose hope. There will be times when our allies forsake us and all seems lost. There will be days when the enemy will seem invincible and unassailable. There will be days when it seems pointless to struggle on. Days will come when the urge to simply give up will gnaw it's way into your mind. Days will come when all you want to do is lie down and cry. But we must never let the day come when we forsake the people of the Omniverse, the people we are fighting for, the people we are defending, for whatever purposes." Optimus continued, bringing about a resounding cheer throughout the crowd.

"Whatever our initial ideals, whatever our prejudices, we must learn to put them aside in the battle against the foe who would seek to destroy them all. We will not falter, we will not fail. We shall fight them to the last, we shall show them the courage, the valour, and the honour of the righteous. We will never allow them to wreak their evil upon the innocent and the meek without knowing our retribution. We will never allow them to commit their boundless atrocities without knowing our justice. If we are to die in this long war, then we will die standing. But most of all, we shall make sure that none will find us wanting." He concluded, bringing the cheers to a mighty crescendo as they agreed wholeheartedly.

After the speech, a massive funeral was held for those who had fallen, with the bodies of the fallen being carried reverently by soldiers from their native universes. They were brought to a great burial site, where they were given their last rites as according to their cultures. Eulogies were given to them individually by these chaplains who manage to put a positive spin on their sacrifice, no matter how futile it had seemed at first.

While death was undoubtebly a tragic event, there was little doubt that they had not given their lives pointlessly. Each and every one of them died for a brave cause and went down courageously. And while many tears were shed, there was also hope for the future. And there was most of all, the warm feeling that from their afterlives, the deceased were watching on from the afterlife. But strangely, the body of Samus Aran was nowhere to be found, nor was Ridley's. Still, the procession went on.

Appropriate listening:

But a xenoverse away...Optimus was correct, the Destroyers were far from finished. Leading forth their remains, Araghast brought his Daemon Court into the heart of the Dark Dimension, where the court of the Supreme Emperor Ing lay. His vast flagship exited the dark-warp, a section of the warp that connected solely to the Dark Dimension, and brought itself into orbit around the dread capital world of the Ing Horde; Nox Infinitum, a dark planet the size of an entire metaverse where an army vast beyond all comprehension writhed and screamed in murderous rage.

The burning Daemon Prince of Chaos undivided, flanked by his daemon court which consisted of five other greater daemons and four other Daemon Princes, one for each of the major forms of Chaos. The Maledictor, Kol'Val'Rar, Ulkair, Sylias, and Brakantar for Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and Chaos Undivided respectively on the Greater Daemon front. As well as the Omphaelum Daemonicum, Ghargatuloth, Anthraxus, Emeli, and himself on the Daemon Prince front.

Entering the enormous skytemple, a huge floating palace larger than the human mind could grasp, the Daemon Court stepped through the vast royal guard of The Supreme Emperor Ing, who stepped aside to allow the ten mighty daemons to stand before their master, whose enormous form seemed rooted into the ground, it's lower trunk like body serving like a throne for the spherical head, from which an enormous circular indentation served as an eye while vast tentacles lazily drifted and wriggled out from the head.

"Nemesis is no more...the heart of Darkness is yours to claim." Araghast the Ascendant informed the Emperor Ing who seemed to growl contently. "EXCELLENT...YOU HAVE PREFORMED WELL ARAGHAST...SOON...I WILL CLAIM THE DARKNESS AND THE FULL INVASION OF THE MATERIUM SHALL BEGIN...YOU WILL FIND THAT I HAVE PREPARED FRESH SOLDIERS FOR YOUR ARMIES TO BOLSTER THE NEWLY CREATED ONES FORGED IN YOUR MCV BASES...BUT FIRST...I REQUIRE A POWER BASE IN THE MATERIUM." The deep, booming voice of the Emperor Ing commanded, a voice that held unspeakable power within it, one that was connected to a being who could split realities apart with but a thought.

"It will be done my lord...just tell me what must be done." Araghast responded, the flaming bovine skull of the Daemon Prince turning to face the Emperor Ing as he kneeled. "THE NINTENDO XENOVERSE HAS BEEN SELECTED TO BE MY STRONG POINT IN THE MATERIUM. BRING YOUR SOLDIERS FORTH TO THERE...INVADE IT...SCOUR THE LIGHT OF EVERY STAR AND BEGIN THE RITUALS TO ALLOW THE HORDES OF DARKNESS TO POUR IN. THEN I SHALL TAKE THE DARKNESS AND PLUNGE ALL OF EXISTENCE INTO EVERLASTING SHADOW...GO FORTH ARAGHAST. SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF SHADOW AND DEATH." The Emperor Ing thundered once again, and the Daemon Court nodded as they stood up and stepped into the warp to return to Araghast's flagship, which travelled back into the warp and rejoined with the main destroyer fleet, which had reunited with disparate destroyer elements sent on raids outside of Paradox space.

"Tell the soldiers to prepare for battle...we have a new target." Araghast commanded to Warmaster Eliphas the Inheritor. "Of course Lord Araghast." The Chaos Lord responded as he sent out the command for a mass warp jump to the warriors of the destroyers. Soon, the fleets emerged from the warp in every universe across the entire nintendo xenoverse, a fleet vast beyond reckoning invading countless realities simultaneously, a testament to the fact that the Destroyers were canny enough to always keep their reserves hidden and safe, and to the command and conquer metaverse's MCV technology's ability to rapidly manufacture vast new armies with breath taking speed.

The destroyer flagship, the dreaded World Shatterer, a considerably upsized and upgunned version of Abaddon the Despoiler's planet killer, hang heavy over the skies of the Advance Wars war world, the enormous ship drifting into a position that eclipsed the very sun with it's enormous bulk as the black painted Chaos vessel brought itself into a stationary orbit, surrounded by lesser vessels like rhemoraz around a shark.

The Daemon Court would remain on the ship to enact the ritual that would enshroud the entire xenoverse in shadow, leaving it to Eliphas to lead the assault down onto the world. Boarding a stormbird along with the other great Chaos lords, Kharn, Ahriman, Typhus, and Lucius the Eternal as well as fifty chaos terminators from the World Eaters, Thousand sons, Death Guard, Emperors Children, and Black Legions, the stormbird gunship rose and departed from the hangar of the World Shatterer followed by an enormous rain of dreadclaws, thunderhawks, and stormbirds that would deposit an enormous number of Chaos Space marines onto the world, while the Daemons would merely step through the warp and teleport down and the traitor guard and cultists of the lost and damned would use more conventional landing ships.

This would be an assault primarily made by the Forces of Chaos, who few would argue formed the unbreakable core of the Destroyers, Destroyer Lords would come and go, but the forces of Chaos were a constant, a proud elite in the organization who knew the true purpose of the Dimensional Clash, to bring about a victory for the gods of the Warp. The people below on the Advanced Wars war world looked above in awe struck wonder as the Chaos Fleet hung overhead their world, but when a brief but terrifying orbital bombardment from the fleet began to pummel the world's defensive positions from above, the screaming began.

For roughly a quarter of an hour, the ships overhead blasted the planet with pinpoint lance blasts, gun batteries, laser beams, plasma bolts, and torpedoes, cratering the world below and spreading mass confusion and panic, ensuring that they were not ready for the following aeriel and daemonic assault. By the time the orbital bombardment ceased, Hellblade, Hell Talon, and Harbinger fliers began to swarm over the skies.

The Hellblades ripped across the ground, spewing out death from their twin reaper autocannons, slugging out tank shell sized rounds at fully automatic rates as they screamed overhead and attacked those aircraft that managed to get off the ground, giving the space the Hell Talon fighter bombers needed to make their own passes. Sheer bloody panic and confusion erupted as the Hell Talons swooped down, their autocannons, lascannons, havoc launchers, and bombs spreading misery and woe as they zipped through the skies and brought ruin from above.

Enormous harbinger bombers passed overhead, undermounted autocannon turrets pumping large shells into the targets below them while their bomb bays let loose a fiery apocalypse of death upon those below them. Then came the dreadclaws and landing craft. The Thunderhawk and Stormbird gunships pummeled the earth below with their vast arsenals of weaponry to clear away landing zones to release their murderous cargo, while dreadclaw drop pods impaled themselves into the earth before opening up to allow their cackling cargo to depart.

All across the world, explosions could be seen from space as the natives mounted their valiant but ultimately futile resistance. On one front, a Chaos Predator Destructor pattern tank drove through some brush, accompanied by two of it's fellows. The tanks traversed their autocannon bearing turrets around and pumped out tank shells at fully automatic rates, ripping apart an entire company of Blue Moon light tanks while their sponson lascannons stabbed out and speared through six accompanying Neotanks, which exploded into twisted smoking wrecks as the laser beams sliced through their armour like a hot knife through butter before detonating their ammo.

When hundreds of infantry men rushed up at the three Chaos Predator tanks of the Iron Warriors legion, they simply fired off their top mounted havoc launchers, showering the infantry with frag missiles that exploded into a shower of death that sliced open bodies, cut off limbs, impaled through organs, and flensed the incoming soldiers like fish at a market. When a megatank made itself known, a Chaos Land Raider's two twin linked las cannons stabbed out and pierced through it's turret, causing the tank to explode as it's ammunition ignited.

Rolling through the battlefield, the Chaos land raiders, three in all, were accompanied by nine chaos predators, forming a lethal fist of heavy armour that rolled down the plains. Another batallion of tanks tried to roll up and stop the Chaos tank advance, but roaring fire from heavy bolters, havoc launchers, autocannons, and las cannons soon silenced them, the shells of the light tanks and medium tanks simply bouncing off of their heavy frontal armour as they continued their unstoppable advance.

Moving into position, the Iron warriors tanks rolled towards a Blue Moon base. A missile from a Mech trooper hit the front of a land raider and exploded harmlessly, and the trooper was rewarded for his efforts when a Chaos Predator tank gunned it's engines and drove towards the soldier, who panicked as he tried to get away from the daemonically possessed vehicle, but it was already too late, and the spiked anti-mine roller drum was upon him and began stabbing into his body before pulling him under to be crushed by the vehicle's spiked drum and it's tracks before firing off a right sponson lascannon to core a neotank as it rolled up to it, giving the predator leave to fire off a pair of frag missiles at a formation of recons, the metal shards quickly tearing through their lightly armoured frames while the heavy bolters of the land raiders mulched a large formation of infantry with the self propelled rockets.

Soon this mass of vehicles was joined by a further seven land raiders and twenty one chaos predator tanks, forming and unstoppable advance of tanks that crushed all before it in a storm of metallic death. The Land raiders blew apart the wall before them with a storm of heavy bolter fire before driving flat out to bring themselves into the midst of the base, where their chaos predator escorts began pumping liberal amounts of fire into the blue moon soldiers while the land raiders lowered their assault ramps, letting forth fifty chaos terminators.

Leading the Chaos terminators were the chaos lords, who looked around at their latest conquest as the Daemon's ritual caused a great purple black cloud to envelop the entire xenoverse, blotting out the light of the sun until it was so faint as to be nonpresent, and the deep reverberating roar of the ing horde began to sound throughout the air as they stormed into the Materium to claim this xenoverse as a beachhead. "Glory be." Eliphas said with a evil smile.


Back on the battlefield of Skaia, John had put on his best suit and had gotten a good clean up, the battle grime and blood that had covered him having all been washed away as if it was never there. A new pair of glasses adorned his face as he straightened his bow tie nervously. "do you think she'll like it?" He asked Bumblebee and Dave. Bumblebee simply shrugged, not really having an insider's perspective into what human females liked. "egbert stop worrying already youll do fine" Dave said, having already put on his green felt suit. "Just go with the flow man!" Bumblebee said, playing a audio clip from some television show John didn't recognize.

"oh okay...i'll try." John said as he finished straightening the bow tie before the Doctor poked his head into the room. "I'm sorry am I interrupting anything?" He asked as he looked around and saw Dave and John's bowties. "Oh nice bowtie! Now...anybody have a fez?" He asked, causing Dave to turn to face him. "a fez" He asked flatly maintaining his poker face. "what for" He went on, slightly raising an eyebrow. "Oh because fezzes are cool." he responded with a smile. "check the hat drawer." John said, pointing over to it. "Oh thanks!" The Doctor responded as he went to the drawer.

Not long after their victory, using the ridiculously fast construction technologies of their Soviet, Allied, Electrical Protectorate, and GDI compatriots, the coalition had constructed an entire network of well planned out cities and were using a massive ball room for a victory celebration. "okay how do i look?" John asked as Bumblebee gave him a quick glance over. "Like a million bucks!" The autobot responded cheerfully as John stepped out followed by Dave. He passed by Grimskull as he engaged in a drinking contest with volkov, both downing copious amounts of alcohol.

"No way iz gonna loze at drinkin' to a 'umie." The mega armoured warboss said with a grin. "We shall see about that Comrade Grimskull." Volkov responded as he took another shot of vodka and downed it, followed by Grimskull doing the same, needing a adamantium cup to avoid crushing it with his power klaw. From a window, John could see Optimus having the body of Nova Prime and all of his blasted off bits cast into a wormhole opened up by Jonah Orion, to drift through the warp for all time and hopefully never to be found again. He didn't think much of this because he was almost blindsided by a Necron Phaeron who seemed to wear a blue cowl over his head and a variety of trinkets.

"Oh terribly sorry about that, I'm just passing through." The Necron said with a strangely polite but metallic and raspy voice before giving a gracious bow and walking away, passing by Karkat as he idly toyed with one of his sickles before the Necron casually reached over and took it out of his hands while he was distracted by talking with Terezi before vanishing in a green flash. "who was that guy?" John asked tilting his head, being met with a shrug from Dave as Karkat looked back at his now empty hand and promptly flipped out.

Finally he got up to Rose, who was wearing a staggeringly beautiful scintillating sleeveless Lavender dress that seemed to glitter a bit in the light. For a brief moment John lost all coherent though, much to Rose's amusement while Jade stifled a giggle before Dave snapped a finger in his face. "yo earth to egderp" He said, causing John to shake his head. "oh...oh man sorry!" He said with a profuse blush as Rose took his hand. "That is quite alright John...shall we dance?" She asked with a coy smile, and John couldn't help but laugh a little.

Dave gave him a thumbs up before Jade in her midnight dress came up to him and took his hands. "hey dont forget about me coolkid!!! :P" She said with a giggle to which Dave smiled ever so slightly while the same skeletal figure in the metallic cowl passed by with a brisk gait while he whistled and took a particularly fancy stool while the Tango music started.

Appropriate listening:

"Just follow my lead if you are nervous, John." Rose said as she slowly walked him through the steps of the Dance as she put an arm around his abdomen and he returned the gesture, followed by her lifting his other hand up while still holding it, continuing the steps of the Dance while Dave tried his best to maintain his pretty fly for a white guy status while doing the formal dance.

In the meantime, Alvi, in a similar dress to Rose but a deep indigo, walked over to Mark and offered a hand over to him with a smile. "Want to dance?" She asked with the warmest smile she could muster while Inquisitor Amberly Vail let loose a surprised chuckle as Commissar Cain dipped her over mid dance and spun her around for a twirl, a manoeuvre which John did his best to copy and Dave cheated to emulate via usage of time manipulation to erase any mistakes he made.

Jade giggled as she looked straight at Dave, a smile on her face as they pulled close and made two sidesteps before moving a bit apart for a series of back steps followed by a graceful twirl and snapping back. John and Rose parted a bit to spin around one another, held together only by a hand before they came once again and made a series of front, back, and side steps before going in for a dip, spin, twirl, and a long sidestep. John was admittedly quite a fast learner, something that impressed rose greatly.

John was having the time of his life, even though he was pretty sure he was just improving the whole thing, he wasn't being as outright terrible as he thought he would be while doing the Tango. And that made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and despite himself he grinned and chuckled, to which Rose responded with a smile as he lifted her up to continue with the Dance.

Not to be outdone, Dave went on for an incredible ten spin twirl with Jade, who emerged out of it a little dizzy, but giggling like a hyena as she locked closer to him and pecked him on the nose, temporarily breaking his concentrating and making him fumble slightly, but Jade was able to catch him just in time to pull him back up.

The dancers were having quite a lively time, they were finally winding down after so much stress and battle, it was really a great thing to finally have the time to socialize without the fear of a destroyer popping out and attacking. The bonds forged in battle were finally being expressed in peacetime for the first time in a long while, and few would trade a moment of it for anything.

As John and Rose spun around each other, they didn't notice that out on the battlefield the cowled figure had taken the body of Samus. They couldn't notice, as their gazes were firmly locked on one another, and as the song ended, they pulled together for a kiss as the figure prepared reverently laid down the bodies of the fallen.

Appropriate listening:

The Necrons for obvious reasons largely avoided the party, though some amongst them retained those genteel aspects of their life and mingled with the others. But not those gathered here today, the Pariah Phaeron Nex'ra, more commonly referred to as the Phaeron of Death, the Spyder Phaeron Javislav more commonly referred to as the Undying One, the destroyer Phaeron Timanicus more commonly referred to as the Machine King, the Wraith Phaeron Yaku-lung more commonly referred to as the Endless Ghost, the Lychguard Phaeron Imotekh the Stormlord, the Immortal Phaeron Ormazhd the eternal, the deathmark Phaeron Makamagos referred to as the master of slayers, the Flayed one Phaeron Mazhred more commonly known as the Flensed Vizier, and the Triarch Phaeron Trazyn the Infinite.

They had all gathered over the corpses for a purpose. Trazyn raised his resurrection orb while the other Necron Phaerons reverently looked to the sky and let out an ululating cry that was both mournful and terrifying. A nimbus of green energies swam around the Orb of Resurrection, coalescing with raw and other wordly power that defied all logical explanation.

The energies began to dance around with one another in an ever intensifying buildup of power, power that was being called forth with one purpose. The energies involved were truly massive, and regardless of whether they were loyal to the C'tan or not, they were united in this one purpose. "Even in death...duty does not end." They all said as one.

They would return this woman to life, for she still had a great destiny to play. Her body, carefully placed down on the altar, began to glow with green energy as her soul was being called back from the great ethereal beyond. A ring of translucent blue-white Chozo ghosts soon began to fade into being, surrounding the ring of Necrons as the ritual went underway.

Using some of the artefacts he had taken, Trazyn lifted the Crabsickle and Fancy stool into the air with his gravitic manipulation abilities, along with an array of other artefacts that swirled around the centre of the ritual, each of them having a mass of green energies surrounding them and bringing them around in a circular pattern.

The power involved was beyond comprehension, for the Necron civilization was and still is perhaps the most advanced to have ever been seen in the Omniverse. Though they lacked any of the psionic ability common to hypersapients, they made up for it with technology beyond the comprehension of lesser beings.

The artefacts began to glow as the energy within them was being accessed to call forth into the Great Ethereal beyond, with the circle of Chozo ghosts holding their hands together in prayer and letting out a majestic echoing choir as their power tapped into the very fabric of the Omniverse to bring forth their greatest champion once more.

But the purpose of this ritual was far more than just reviving Samus Aran, oh so very much more. They would not only revive her, but awaken within her the full might of her latent chozo abilities. They would bring forth her mind to a truly psionic level. They would bring back the Huntress as the Angel.

Finally, a great lance of blue and white energy shot out from Skaia into the omniverse, piercing into the heavens and going through the furthest Ring, seeming to impact an empty region of space and creating a hole in the fabric of space time as it called down one mighty soul.

The ghostly and translucent form of Samus Aran's spirit flew down the pillar of light back into the body of Samus Aran, and at this point, the pillar of light collapsed back down onto Samus Aran, and the stolen artefacts burst apart to release their stored energy in the form of a series of beams, which the Chozo added to with their own rays of energy, flowing into Samus' body, restoring life into her.

Her body began to glow pure white as it was flushed with raw power, and soon wings began to sporut from her back, white, feathery and angelic as her armuor took a more ornate structure, the fingers on her left gauntlet started to become clawed, the knee blades became more pronounced and ornate, her helmet seemed to elongate to create something of a beak, the pattern of a golden two headed eagle began to form on her torso plate, it's wings spreading out to her pauldrons while her arm cannon developed prongs that ran along it's four "corners and came to a fore at the barrel.

Her helmet developed winged ear pieces that flared out from her light suit as her body raised into the air, and the Necrons looked on, pleased as the spirits of the called chozo flushed into her. A sickle blade soon formed on Samus' left gauntlet, a retractable one that would greatly enhance her melee capability. The sickle blade folded itself backwards onto her elbow while gleaming silvery-white armour encased her new wings. Finally she opened her eyes and slowly floated to the ground, surrounded by the Necrons who nodded approvingly of her as the parted mysteriously, leaving her to stare at her new features.
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeSat 31 Mar 2012, 12:30 pm

Mario: Dance.

Peach tapped my shoulder. "I thought-a man was supposed to ask-a the lady?" I asked.

"Oh, I just tapped your shoulder so you would," Peach replied.

"Okey-dokey!" I grabbed her and twirled her. Peach giggled. "Mama-mia. And I thought-a DDR was fun!"

Thank goodness Peach was light. Otherwise I would have given her another crack in the head.

We danced for a while.

Magolor: Show 'em how it's done.

I had put on my finest blue hood, my best white cape, and even put on a bow tie. "How's this?" I asked Kirby. Kirby nodded yes. He hopped in the air and did a flip.

I stepped out of the bathroom and noticed everybody doing a slow, calm dance. Four songs later, they were still doing the same thing. I had no partner. I walked over to the punch bowl and poured myself a cup.

I pulled my scarf down and poured the juice down the hatch.

The song was coming to a close: I heard a chord progression that marked the end of the song. I hopped over to the DJ and whispered something in his ear.

He flipped a couple switches and typed something on his computer.

"Hey, everybody clap your hands!" I hollered. Mario and Peach had stopped dancing and were gaping at me. Toad seemed to be enjoying himself, laughing and clapping his hands to the beat.

"Um, except Glockenspiel!" I added, when the clock tower smashed his arms together and created a shock wave that knocked everybody down.

Now it was time to show them how a REAL Halcandran dances!

I thrust my palms on the floor and spun my body around. My cape twirled around me, and the horns on my hood flapped in the wind. Then I flipped over and began to spin on my head. Afterward, I got on my hands and flipped my body around, before performing a flip and landing. "Ta-da! That's how we roll, fools!"

That got me a round of applause.

Toad: Time to show Magolor how we dance in the Mushroom Kingdom!

"Oh, yeah, Magolor? Get a load of this!" I called. Magolor looked. I began to do the Reject, before transitioning into a slide, a somersault, and a wall jump. When I landed, the voice said, "Ev'ry day I'm shuffling!"

And guess what I began to do.

Magolor indignantly shouted, "It's on, Toad!" He jumped right next to me and did some sort of Halcandran thing that I think was an equivalent to shuffling: he flipped upside down and spun his body like a gyroscope while flipping his hands like he was shuffling cards. I made a crossing motion with my hands when I stopped shuffling, and Magolor did the same thing. I then jumped about, fist-pumping. Magolor floated up and down, imitating me.

More people joined the procession. Daphne, Marcus, and Burrows jumped on the floor and imitated us.

Then Burrows did something awesome. He clicked his paws together and spun in the air. The spotlights shone off of him, reflecting all over the place, before Burrows violently thrust his arms apart. He appeared to shine in the light of the ballroom.

When the shuffling part repeated the third time, Daisy and Kate joined me. "Gee, thanks for turning me into a pimp," I muttered.

"Hey, don't sweat it, Toad. Just have fun!" Kate replied.

"Toad, you already are a pimp. You drive a train," Daisy added.

I shrugged. Whatever.

Mario and Peach were doing something cool. I jumped over to the spotlight and shone it on them. Mario slipped Peach in between his legs, before she spun him around and whipped off his cap. Mario was sent twirling away, and Peach threw his cap like a Frisbee. Mario caught it on his head and jumped twice, the second time over Peach, grabbing her arms. He pulled her up and twirled her in midair, before setting her down and docey-doing. We all cheered when Mario and Peach kissed.

Glockenspiel decided to come in on the fun as well. He thrust his arms out and pulled his facade forward when he pulled his arms back. "Aw, yeah, Glockenspiel!" I hollered.

He was doing some sort of building Pelvic Thrust. "People in the front row, you might get wet!" Glockenspiel shouted, sloshing the water in his river. Some splashed on a group of people standing in front of him: Adeleine, Heavy, Vagineer, Mickey, Deunan, and Sami.

Maggie was twirling her magnets, creating sparks in the air. She changed the power to change the color of the electricity, going from blue to yellow to green. We cheered.

I didn't notice Daisy, Peach, and Rosalina conferencing in the corner. Then the spotlight turned on them and they began to do a fascinating choreography. They stepped forward in unison, twirling their hands. Daisy and Rosalina stepped to the side, letting Peach open her parasol and twirl about. Peach backed up and Daisy walked into the spotlight, first spinning then shuffling. Rosalina proceeded to spin, pointing at the ceiling, and projecting an image of a galaxy. This won the most applause.

"You three are amazing," I said in awe.
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Needless to say, when the pillar started to be torn down and the looming Cybertron destroyed, Ultima knew that they were fighting a losing battle. She briefly considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, her forces had chosen the wrong side to fight on. It did not matter now though; their remaining allies were retreating and likely regrouping.

She called the Espers on the battlefield towards her, and they all returned relatively unharmed. The rest of the twelve arrived soon enough, with the exception of Exodus. Only Belias seemed to take notice of that, however, and brought it up to his leader. "Are we not missing the Judge-Sal, Ultima? It would be most unfortunate if we left one of our own here." His voice grumbled like a low, roaring flame.

"It is not your place to show such concern, Gigas." Her words had the slightest stinging tone to them, covered over with a kind facade her voice often played. "He was old, and all he desired was the Void. So I granted his wish." She salted her words lightly with regret, and left the question on that. Belias begrudgingly fell silent, knowing that to question her further was dangerous. This felt oddly hypocritical of the Seraph, who had said in the very encounter they had before that all Scions were equal. Little did he know that she had a way with words.

A warp portal suddenly opened up near them, and Ultima commanded the Espers to step inside, so that they may follow the other Destroyers. After all, it just wouldn't be right to simply fight for them without making a proper introduction, now would it? Following close behind the Espers, however, was the Vestige carrying Adam, and the few thousand or so Cie'th that survived the carnage. The fal'Cie had observed the Scions in battle, and was definitely interested in them...


"Nice name. Mine's Maqui. So..." This was probably not a good time for striking up a conversation. The flames didn't seem to be going out any time soon, and he felt like he just might fall at any second. there was still no sight of anyone he knew, although he could spy figures moving about behind the field of fire. Or were those just the tongues of flame? He really didn't know. He was about to talk again, when suddenly the loud sound of static hit his headphones. It cleared up in a few seconds, and soon he could hear a voice on the other end.

"Hey Maqui, you alright out there?"

"Gadot?! I thought that you got caught in that hellstorm!" He held his hands up to the communication device, pressing on them as if it would somehow make the receiving end come closer. "Are you alright? Is everyone else alright? What the hell happened?!"

"Whoa, whoa, one question at a time, kiddo! We made it out okay. Some sort of horse thing got us out of that place. We're kind of far off though. Now, where the heck are you? One second you were there and then I saw Chocoboy fly off carrying something. Please don't tell me--"

"Yup. And don't call me 'kid'! I'm almost an adult!" At this point Maqui really sounded a lot more like a kid than he probably intended. He decided to switch the subject before giving the man a few more opportunities to joke around. "So is there any specific landmark or something to head towards?"

"Well, I guess you should just go back out by the crater and look around from there. By the way, if, er..." Gadot seemed a bit hesitant to repeat the pun he had made earlier.

"Dave. His name is Dave."

"Alright, if Dave wants to stick around he can. We could always use another good pair of hands around NORA! Speaking of which, we're going to start discussing changing outfits. Beachwear isn't exactly the best choice of fighting all out battles." Maqui heard a few chuckles from the other end, and then the transmission was cut off.

"So if you haven't heard the conversation already, we have to head beyond that crater-thing in the distance, and then just kind of look around until we find them. You can stick around for a while if you want, too!" In Maqui's personal opinion it would be awesome if he stayed around. Dave didn't seem like such a bad guy, plus he had definitely helped out in taking out those Cie'th (the fact that Dave would then be the youngest instead of him was also pretty good too).

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5894955
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>John: Be unconscious

Easy and done. Didn't take too much effort after been thrown fuck knows how far in a random direction. And then hitting the ground hard don't forget that part. He didn't even manage to reply to Werk before he was being thrown through the air. Of course that was probably a good thing he didn't get to say anything, as he had expected it just to come out as whimpers of fear. Which probably would have just amused Werk about the situation.

Oh well not that it mattered anymore that he was unconscious on the ground. Not that comfortable at all.

>Dave: Sup

"what kind of fucking name is maqui were your parents wasted or something when they named you?" Yeah what the hell man. What kind of name even is that gosh. And of course Dave that's really nice of you to say that to him isn't it. I'm sure that made him feel absolutely wonderful didn't it?

And yeah no denying the fact that Dave had heard most of that conversation. Wasn't that difficult to miss most of it. Though of course he had found it very difficult to actually listen to the other side, though had managed to pick up little parts of it, along with another chocoboy comment which he still did not understand at all.

"okay cool ill fly that way then" He was tempted to actually point in the direction of the crater thing, though didn't end up doing it because yeah he managed to realise that oh wait he needed to use those arms to keep Maqui held up. Unless he wanted to drop him, which he didn't really plan to do. He took off towards the crater in the distance, and it hardly took him much of a long time to even reach it.

"oh yeah also" On the way there he decided to actually say something again wow. Of course it was regarding earlier comments about Dave himself. "chocoboy? the fuck?"

He wasn't actually sure whether to land or not here, as yeah maybe it would be easier to actually find Maqui's friends from the air? God he didn't even know. And he wasn't even sure if he actually cared that much about them anyway. Oh well.

And then of course that thought struck him that he had gone and left John behind. He silently cursed to himself. Oh fuck that wasn't good at all. Okay he'd have to get Maqui to his friend's or whatever quickly then, so he could hurry the fuck up and find John.

It's not 4 you jackass, it's fucking nothing. There is no end.

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>[S]Darkness: fall.

Appropriate listening:

>Somewhere in paradox space

The defeated body of Nemesis Sprite, which would result when a naive young Alvi would prototype the corpse of Nemesis Prime, which had drifted into her incarnation of Earth after aeons of traveling through the warp, lay floating throughout the void of space.

But a figure approached it...the winged body of the Deathleaper Alpha, the renegade Tyranid whose features were heavily altered by it's prototyping ring. Something called the being to the body, and it looked on at his ring, and carefully reached out to it.

Slipping off the ring on Nemesis' uppermost right arm, the Deathleaper slipped it onto it's finger, bringing about a terrifying transformation. Four additional arms from the swarmlord pushed out from it's sides beneath it's arms but above it's waist tentacles.

It lurched to the ground as a hornblade pushed up it's carapaced head, and a low screech came from the being as a turtle's shell encased it, followed by the power armour of a Spartan which encased it's body like yet another layer of armour.

Nemesis' iconic antennae sprouted from the sides of it's head, ripping through skin and tissue as the antennae flared outwards and upwards, followed by Nemesis' ever iconic enormous blade wings, which ripped themselves outwards in a gory mass, pushing off old flesh which sloughed off of the Tyranid's body.

It fell to the ground as the features of the White king began to manifest itself, and yet another carapace began to grow over it's body, followed by the whiskers of Dimitri the godcat, it let loose a deep, ululating roar as the eyecrests of the lugia toy sprouted from it's face, the terrifying transformation not stopping.

It clawed at it's face as it drew forth four boneswords from the swarmlord prototyping while it's claws extended and became more catlike, followed by another pair of wings tearing out of it's back due to the heron prototyping.

The power of undeath began to flow through it's body, and it's body took on a blacker sheen while the teeth of the swarmlord ripped it's way through it's gums and into being, sending chunks of blood flying off into space.

The creature shrieked and roared as a massive scythe tipped tail tore it's way out of it's back, the bones extending out behind it before being covered by flesh, blood, skin, carapace, and more as the creature flailed and roared with more uncontrollable transformations.

It's tentacled maw began to develop a beak that overlapped it, ripping it's way through the skin and sending huge spurts of blood and skin flaying off it's body, giving it's tentacled mouth a segmented appearance as the beak came into existence.

A second set of snake fangs ripped it's way out of it's gums as it roared, yet another forked tongue tearing free of it's bottom jaw, flicking outwards with a hiss while cybertronian armored chassis plates began to push through it's skin and tear free, encasing it with mechanical looking armour.

Nemesis' imposing helmet began to develop on the creature, which writhed and shuddered as it's body grew larger, and so, so much stronger. Two venom cannons then began to sprout from it's shoulders, tearing straight free from it's flesh and hanging over them like vast tubes.

Two more arms tore free above it's main arms, emerging forth and clutching two lethal lash whips while it let loose another ear splitting scream as three more scything talon praying mantis like limbs broke free of it's body, extending outwards and flexing with new life.

A pair of batwings sprouted forth from it's back, completing it's absolutely monstrous image while two more tails, one with spiked tips, the other ending in a huge mace, came into being, heralding the emergence of enormous tusks, devourer cannons on it's shoulders, demonic horns from it's brow, deathspitter cannons, and barbed stranglers.

But perhaps most terrifying of all were it's eyes. They developed a biomechanical meshing of it's birth eyes and the mechanical optics of Nemesis Prime, seemingly born to be as horrifying as possible. The new creature was complete...it was now...THE CULLER.

The being spread forth it's wings and let loose an all mighty screech to inform the omniverse that it was now born...a being who held the power of all of the great suns, a being unlike any who had ever been born before. It's head surrounded by an iridescent psionic nimbus, it never noticed the spirit of Nemesis Prime ripping free of the corpse of Nemesis Sprite and flying into it's head.

It shook and writhed as the two spirits fought for dominance. A new voice demanded obedience from it, but the all loathing omnicidal renegade Tyranid had a will strong enough to resist the Tyranid Hive Mind, still the willpower of Nemesis was titanic beyond belief.

Struggling in the mental landscape, the two minds clashed again and again to assume control of this new, all powerful body. But as they struggled and wrestled with one another, they began to merge. The minds had seen how similar their goals were. Scorned by primus, Nemesis wanted the whole of the Omniverse to burn...just like how the Deathleaper wished for all things to pay for it's eternity of demeaning existence.

The two minds had become one, there was no more Nemesis or Deathleaper, there was now only THE CULLER. A being who would soon bring about devastation on a scale never seen before, a being who would slaughter countless multitudes in an omnicidal rage that would shake the very heavens to their very core.


Appropriate listening:

The Heart of Darkness was not so easily destroyed, it floated free from the containment batteries of the stolen great sun energies, it's host was destroyed, but the floating heart remained unbowed as it hovered, searching for a new host.

But it's new host...found it...and soon enormous tendrils emerged from portals that formed in the shadows, and the gigantic inky tentacles grabbed the tendril and pulled it through into the Dark Dimension, to be brought to it's new master.

And with this marriage of the Dark Dimension and the will and power of the Dead Xenoverse...a chill ran through the backs of all things in the materium. For such a thing should not be...such a thing was an abomination without compare.

The melding of these two malevolent realities' master wills sent a shudder through the very omniverse, one that was like an earthquake that thundered through every medium at once. One that spread to all corners of existence, one that could be felt by all.

The overwhelming sense of being in the presence of unimaginable evil ran through the minds of all, for now a new age of eternal darkness would begin. An age that would bring about devastation on a scale that had not been seen since the last war of the incarnates so many forgotten aeons ago.

Few understood the implications of this overwhelming aura of dread. Few could realize that their doom was coming. But most were confused. This was a power of a scale that none had ever known before. Indeed, it was a power on a scale most beings could not comprehend.

For now the Supreme Emperor Ing would ascend to the levels of the most powerful beings in existence, it would become a being who could speak to the Gods of Chaos as a near equal. A being of such power had no right to be so close to the Materium.

A being of this power was virtually omnipotent, and it could use the power of the heart in ways that Nemesis could never have dreamed of using. A dark, rumbling laughter echoed throughout all universes as the undeniable feeling of evil became ever stronger.

The ambient temperature across all places seemed to drop somewhat as the chill ceased to become merely a spiritual thing, and became an oppressively physical and real construct. But none of this would compare to what was to follow.

For the light of all worlds, would be silenced. Huge purple and black clouds roiled into existence as they enveloped every star for every world, casting all universes and all planets into darkness, hiding away the hated light.

The clouds crackled and rippled with lightning as they enveloped every world and every parallel of reality, and the initial confusion was soon turning into panic as the familiar light of the stars was blotted out by an oppressive near total darkness.

It was as if every place in the omniverse was now covered in shadow. And now there was not even the light of the stars or the moons, there was now only the pale, dim light of the hatefully glowing purple clouds that sometimes slipped between the dark clouds.

The initially celebratory mood of the champions soon turned dire as they looked up into the sky and saw this undeniable portent of ultimate evil. The Emperor Ing had for all intents and purposes, become the unquestioned god of the materium.

Then came the roars...the roars of an entire dark mirror of that which was material and rear waiting to take over the original. The roars of the ing horde. Now with the hateful light gone, and the barrier between the Dark Dimension and the Materium shattered, the Ing Horde could be seen in the materium, as transluscent orange ghost images.

Images that ceased to be ghostly as the inky black shapes of the ing began to step through into the materium and let loose roars from an endless variety of amorphous throats. Some resembled hands crossed with some horrible form of insect, others looked nothing more than coral made out of ink or floating dark eyes with whip like tentacles, others still had more terrible shapes.

They were an endless army of shadow that knew nothing of pity or mercy. A utterly alien army of beings beyond the ken of mere mortals. An army that materialized simultaneously on every world of every universe. There was no exception, no escape, no refuge. They were everywhere now, and they were terrifying.

The only constant to their shapes other than a generally inky texture were single multicoloured iridescent eyes that seemed to glow with raw hate. They could alter their shape at will and shift their state of matter, and most terrifyingly of all, they could possess the living, the mechanical, and the dead.

Many of them floated about in gaseous form and began to possess the ample corpses and wreckages, which writhed and shuddered with new life as their skin took on the same dark black and purple hue as the beings that were hijacking their bodies, black spikes would sprout out from them, while any eyes they had would resemble the multicoloured ocular lobes of the Ing.

Black, inky growths would form across their bodies, and the army of the dead began to push themselves up. Sundered corpses would be pulled back together by ropy tendrils to make viable host bodies, while wreckages would be repaired by flowing ing mass, turning the machines into servants of the Ing Horde.

If there was any doubt as to whom the Ing were aligned with, Destroyers, who from their end, experienced the passage of many years, emerged from Warp Portals, freshly reinforced and blooded in their conquest of the Nintendo Xenoverse.

All across the Omniverse the scene was the same, sheer and bloody chaos as an seemingly endless army emerged from nowhere, possessing the living and the dead alike to add to their ranks. Those possessed by the ing became far stronger and tougher, though they gained a weakness to light energy, and thus many destroyers willingly submitted themselves to Ing possession or the more equal status of Ing Symbiosis.

There was no reasoning with them, no negotiating, no appealing to a better nature. The Ing were beings of absolute evil, a hateful race that wished to see all things put under their spidery heel and ropy tentacle. An imperialistic order that would now spread it's dark terror to all beings.

There was no chance for the coalition to stand against this vast horde, not here now that the Emperor Ing was effectively Omnipotent in the Materium, not while he was actively searching for them to eliminate their threat to his reign.

They would need to flee to a place where there was still light, or else they would soon drown in the unending tide of darkness. Their cities were soon put under siege by the unending hordes of the Destroyers, which were impossiobly vast when they had been so totally crushed just days before.

And that was not even counting the black wave of the ing. Once a minor player in the destroyers, the Ing Horde had now come to dominate it. And they came in force. Oh did they ever. It was now up to the coalition to hold the line as long as possible until an escape plan could be devised.

A difficult task, given that the Ing Horde outnumbered them by an impossibly vast margin and more were pouring into the Materium with every passing moment, while the rest of the destroyers followed the endless Horde, tasting Victory already.
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The rest of NORA had stopped running from the site of Sly and Werk's fight as soon as the strange, looming structure in the sky had disappeared, and the forces of destruction had retreated. Now they were just waiting, concerned for the final member of their group who had gone astray. There was no way any of them were going to leave Maqui behind, even if he was in safe hands. It would just feel different without him.

Lebreau sat down on an intact purple bench, a rare sight from what they had seen, and was cleaning out the barrel of her rifle. "So order of business. Get Maqui, get new gear, and try to get out of this place, right?"

"That sounds like a plan, but you're forgetting something." Gadot still had his gun out, and was watching for any hostile stragglers that might stumble upon them. "We want to figure out what this place is first."

"This might sound kinda mental, but what if we're in another time? You know how Serah is apparently gallivantin' through the timelines with that Noel guy, so we might be doing the same thing. That would explain some of it." Yuj was leaning up against a wall, trying to get in some sort of relaxed position without sitting down. Unfortunately the purple wall of the building was harder than he thought it would be. Plus, it might have been just him, but it seemed to be getting colder.

Gadot nodded in agreement. "That actually makes sense. So this is the future or something, huh?" He looked up at the sky, and began to get a bit concerned. Just a few minutes ago it looked relatively bright, but now it was almost like someone was slow shutting the lights out. "Hey, do any of you see this?"

Shivering due to the increasing chill and her lack of proper clothing, Lebreau stood up so she could get a clearer look at the change in weather. "You're right...well this is weird." Those purple clouds out there definitely did not look good or natural. Her fears were proven right when the light seemed to go out completely.

Things got even worse when a few of the fallen bodies rose up again, accompanied by packs of Ing which seemed to be almost seamlessly one with the very dark clouds that heralded their arrival. The three acted fast. Lebreau began to cast various types of magic spells at them to determine their weaknesses, while Yuj quickly stopped trying to relax and quickly started to buff his teammates. Gadot began to fire off barrages of bullets at the arriving enemies.

The bullets hardly did anything. A Hunter Ing, which had dodged the surprisingly effective Thunder, Fire, and Aero spells from Lebreau (the Blizzard spells had been quickly discarded once she realized they had no effect), lunged towards him, ready to strike out with its claws. Gadot braced himself for the attack, thoughts of defense surging through his mind. A yellow flash blinked, and he assumed an entirely different role in the battle. The strikes were enough to create shallow slashes on his chest, but with the buffs and the Sentinel paradigm active, it didn't do nearly as much damage as much as it would have done before.

"Come on! Don't waste you time with those guys! I'm the one you want!" The tactics of the fight had changed. The three communicated the strategy almost telepathically to each other as they shifted places. Gadot was currently drawing the Ing to himself with taunts and other methods of provoking, while Lebreau stood by, throwing her spells at the occupied Ing and destroying them before they got too close. Swapping between Medic and Synergist paradigms, Yuj was pulling double-duty in healing Gadot and keeping up the extra layer of protection. They were slowly, very slowly making their way back to the site of the fire, so that Dave might be able to spot them more quickly. Normally they would have tried to contact Maqui, but right now a call would only distract them and probably lead to someone getting hurt. The best they could do now is just hope that the kid could spot the battle and investigate.


Ignoring the rude remark towards his name (but look who was talking? Dave, seriously? Of all things to name a child?), Maqui instead explained the pun to him, though he was a bit confused that Dave wouldn't understand it. He might be able to get that Dave didn't know what a Cie'th was, but something must have seriously been up if he didn't know what a chocobo was. "You know chocobos, the big birds that people can ride and are just generally the coolest things around? Well, you look like you're partially one, so the joke just kind of came naturally." It also helped that it was Yuj who started it. The man was like a master of all things trendy.

As the air began to become chilling, and the skies began to darken, Maqui grew increasingly worried. This wouldn't help them find anyone, and there was just the horrible sense of something going wrong around the whole thing. At least he had a good amount of layers on to keep him warm. He worried about the others, who were really only dressed for the beach. Gadot and Lebreau had hardly anything on, so they'd probably be freezing, and Yuj's 'masterpieces' hardly did any good in cold weather.

He looked up at Dave again. The poor kid was only wearing a loose shirt and some pants. "Hey, are you cold?" No wait, that was really stupid. Of course he was cold. "Um...I could give you something to wear over your shirt if you'd like. I mean you've been flying me around, so I think I should repay you a little." He gave a hollow and a bit fake chuckle, really only designed to comfort himself.

He looked back at the sky again, and it finally sunk in that the light had practically disappeared from the environment. He was really getting worried, but soon he was distracted again by the sight of flashes nearby. He tried to get a closer look, and could see a horde of figures being blown away by...Those spells looked really familiar. "Dave, I think we found them! This might sound really stupid, but we just have to land somewhere near the battle, okay?"

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5894955
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>Dave: okay let's pretend there's something interesting here

Okay really confused about a number of things? Still not quite sure what the hell a chocobo really is, other than it's a bird, a big one, okay. Dave decided he would just leave that thought right there before he made it far more confusing for himself, which wouldn't be the best of things to do right now. "eh... ok..ay... then..."

Dave barely took note of the fact of how dark it had gotten at this point, as honestly he hadn't even thought it through yet. He had decided that he would shove a lot of pointless thoughts to the back of his mind right now. And some of them were well... oh alright let's not get into those thoughts they were just a bit... okay yeah moving on. Don't need to know about those.

What he did notice was the cold.

Yeah and Maqui mentioning it seemed to just make it worse. God fucking dammit he was trying to ignore it! And he'd gone and ruined it all which was splendid of him. Dave sighed and glanced down at him when he had been offered clothes. "see when you figure out how to do that when were this fucking high in the air let me know and ill fucking make out with you okay because thatll be a fucking breakthrough" Yeah and that's not going to happen right? And Dave you could have been maybe a little nicer about it as you know he is only trying to be nice to you?

Yeah whatever.

Dave had of course seen the flashes as well, though again, like everything else, chose to not acknowledge it. Or well until Maqui said they had to land there. And yes that was definitely a fucking retarded idea. "youre a fucking idiot if you want to land there and im no better for fucking taking you there"



Dave made his way closer to the flashing, and sort of began to lower himself down through the air while he was nearby. Obviously he would land out of the way of the battle, nearby, but behind a collapsed building's remains for safety. He landed softly on the ground and really just let Maqui go completely as soon as he was sure his feet were on the ground.


It's not 4 you jackass, it's fucking nothing. There is no end.

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Toad: Kill them with fire!!!

((Appropriate Listening:

"BACK YOU SAVAGES! BACK!" I grabbed the DJ's computer and thrust it at the Ing. The screen's backlight illuminated the dim 'n grim purple skyscape. "GET OUTTA HERE!"

Peach wrapped a sweater around Kate. "Aren't you cold?" she asked.

Kate shrugged. "I guess. I mean, the temperature dropped noticeably. Somebody turn the heater on!"

I ran around with the computer like a maniac. "DIE! DIE! DIE!" I was pretty much on DEFCON 1. Scratch and Grounder were fighting off a couple Heartless. I slammed the computer over the Heartless's heads.

"Thanks, we needed that," Scratch said.

"No time for that! We've gotta scram!" I replied. "Magolor! Fire up the Lor!" I shouted.

Magolor ran into his ship. The cerulean galleon rose into the air, glowing as it powered up. "Dag nabbit! Why does EVERY SINGLE THING that we're up against have to be so IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL?!" Magolor screamed over the roar of the wind.

Heavy: Kill tiny baby men.

I whip out Sasha. "Is good time to RUN!" I shouted to everybody. Then I turned to the Destroyer forces in front of me. "YOU! Yes, you! You, I do not forget! You are all DEAD!" I fired Sasha. Bullets rained upon them, but many did not have an effect. "FAAAHK!!!" I screamed.

"pu 'niog ,yrtneS---" Vagineer began, but as soon as he built it, Ing come and take over, fire at Vagineer. Vagineer is force to eat Sentry and spit out Ing. I fire Sasha at the Destroyer. Vagineer drag corpse away and kick off building. Vagineer then tell me to CRUSH TINY BABY MEN!

And crush them, I do! I crush them with my FISTS! "Take this! And that!" I shouted, smacking evil soldiers in the face. They go back to deadness. They are dead to me! "INCOMIIIIING!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!"

But they are not all dead. They come back up and attack me again! "Oh, dis is bad!"

Vagineer hold up his work flashlight. "Hurr!" he growled, shining the light on the soldiers attacking me. They recoil in pain, seeming to burn, until the Ing stuff is off of them. "!me' hcaet ll'tahT" Vagineer said.

Evil Ing car drive toward me, eyes burn with hate. "MORE RUBBLE," I began, taking Vagineer's light and shining it on the car, "LESS TROUBLE!!!" I smash the car's hood with fists, before wrapping it in yarn and using it to knock over other Ing-possessed Destroyers. "Doh-doh-DA, doh! Do-do-do DA! Sing with me!"

But they soon swarm me! Heartless... EVERYWHERE! They have eyes burning with evil! They have spikes sticking everywhere. And the more I kill, they stay alive! Ings come in and take them over! The dead ones come back! And cold does not help either! I shiver, as I grab gun and try to blow back the Heartless, but even the weakest ones that were tiny baby men before, they do not stop coming toward me! "Daaarh! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!" I screamed.

Maggie: Zap 'em with your light.

"Hey, jerkwad!" I shouted to an Ing-possessed Orange Star soldier. I spun my magnets just as the soldier lunged in an extremely inhuman fashion. I fired a Zap Cannon at the possessed soldier and he recoiled from the glow of electricity. The blast hit him and he exploded. Ing Matter exploded everywhere.

Dennis was surrounded by twelve cars, all hissing and growling with feral rage. I stuck my magnets on one of their trunks and used Thunder Wave.


The cars were reduced to scrap metal. Dennis immediately charged out, his orange crystals glowing. He used Stone Edge on a group of wolves with whited-out eyes, hulking backs rippling with muscle, long, sharp claws, and black spines running down their backbone. I shone a beacon of electricity on them to weaken them as Dennis slashed the wolves with his rock crystals.

I tailed along as Dennis went on a rampage. The Gigalith was relentless. He charged through ranks of Ing-possessed Destroyers, alternating between Stone Edge and Flash Cannon. "GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Dennis roared.

Mickey: Really?

Of course. Just when we think everything's all good and dandy. A bunch of invincible-to-everything villains has to come up and wreck EVERYTHING. They probably got Toontown, Wasteland... Check that, everything in the Omniverse.

You can't imagine how much I hate the Destroyers right now.

I hated them even more when their new threat emerged. A portal began to open. The Shadow Blot, now wearing a twisted version of Oswald's face, spun out of the portal to Wasteland, having taken several of the Destroyers to Yen Sid's created world. Out of the hole, an enormous cartoon arm emerged. But mixed with the Toon matter was Ing matter, replacing the checkered patterns on the forearms. The thing's knuckles had black studs jutting from them. A second mirror of the arm appeared from the Blot's portal. The Shadow Blot laughed evilly, as a giant building began to pull itself from the Wasteland portal. The Blot spun further, facilitating the... the THING's emergence from the portal.

I gaped. It was a smiling yellow face, with the radiance of the sun. It looked to be fighting the Ing possession it was undergoing, the black Ing matter pulsating up and down its top tier. But when the Blot swirled into its facade and its face thinned, the giant building was consumed. A river of paint thinner stood at its base, and its panels were a blend of colors: mostly teal and green, but also the black of Ing matter and Blot ink. Its face was a grimacing full moon with yellow rims where two googly eyes spun about. It was baring its crooked teeth, and the two brass gears on its cheeks twirled madly. The decorative towers on its back were joined by the spikes of the Ing, and two deadly Bloticles extended from the door on its chest. All the while, the face was ticking to the dolorous beat of a twisted "It's a Small World."

Crooked Boat Ride


"It is time to meet your end!!!" roared the machine in a voice that sounded like a twisted version of Walt Disney's, if Disney were demon-possessed and submerged underwater. The thinner gurgled and boiled, being the bane of all Toons.

At this point an army of scary-looking Audio-Animatronic dolls marched out of the Clocktower's doors. Their colors were dim, as if the Blot had filled them with ink, and their irises glowed green with no pupils. Some had parts of their faces ripped off, revealing pulsating tendrils penetrating their machinery. All the while, they sang, in a surprisingly melodious and childish voice: "It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small, small world!"

"I wonder what the Gremlins in Gremlin Village are thinking right now," I muttered.

Adeleine and Jenny rushed to my side. "I'll take out the dolls!" Jenny said. "You guys do your paint thing on that cuckoo clock!"

Jenny took to the air, whipping out her cannons and blasting at the twisted, possessed Audio-Animatronics.

The Clocktower's tendrils lashed out at me. The pustules pulsated like Thinner pimples. I blasted Paint at the blisters on the tendrils. I heard the Blot roar in pain every time I punched one out. Adeleine sprayed paint on the Clocktower's hands as they were brought down.

However, she was assaulted from behind by a troop of Blotlings. Two Seers and a Spatter grabbed her and hoisted her in the air. "Adeleine!" I cried out, spraying the Blotlings with Paint to convince them to let Adeleine go. Their ink ran off, dripping to the ground as paint reconstituted their bodies. However, they soon became the targets of the evil A. Animatronics. The frightful dolls slogged toward the converted Blotlings, dragging their mechanical feet not meant for walking. "Back! Back!" Adeleine shouted, spraying Paint at the Audio-Animatronics, knocking them into the Clocktower's Thinner river.

"Watch out!" I shouted to Adeleine. She looked up, screamed, and ran out of the way. The shock wave that the Clocktower's hand created knocked her down. Adeleine trembled in shock. The mechanical arm lingered for a while, long enough for me to spray paint on it. Sparks and Blot ink splattered from the arm's joints, signaling that it was getting jammed up. "Adeleine! Jam up the arms!" I shouted to her.

She nodded and pulled out a tube of white paint. When the Clocktower smashed its fist down, Adeleine squeezed the tube's contents into its wrist. I could hear gears beginning to stick, getting clogged with a foreign substance.

The song of the Animatronics was deafening. They twisted the song so badly that it was out of tune, as loud as a jet engine, and enough to make my sensitive mouse ears explode. All the while the Clocktower was grimacing, its eyes spinning, its head twisting from side to side. The terribly twisted version of Glockenspiel seemed to be crazed and completely mad...

...but also a bit sad, as if it wasn't doing this on its will, as if it were being forced to attack us. The Ing were creatures of pure evil and nothing else, but the Clocktower...

I just couldn't bring myself to destroy it. I'm only trying to stop it up, get its machinery clunky so that it would cease attacking us.

The Bloticles just kept coming back. Every one I destroyed had another to take its place. The Audio-Animatronics began to climb out of the Thinner river in their mechanical skeletons. They wobbled toward us on spindly metal legs, attempting to balance and kill us. Their machinery was crisscrossed with black veins, an unnatural combination of organic and not. The Blot's evil laughter boomed through the landscape. The ominous purple clouds were tinged with the acidic green glow of paint thinner doing its work.

The arm slowly crept upward. It reached toward me. I ran out of the way, preparing to jump when the hand hit... it never did slam the ground.

Adeleine! She had painted the joints in on the Clocktower's fingers! It was so bothered by the sticking of its joints that it couldn't slam the ground!

We thought we had a bit of a chance. But then the Blot decided it was time to send out the big guns. Three Slobbers! Hulking masses of Blot ink, with two beefy arms ending in claws, a big pot belly, and a large mouth melting with ink. Paint and Thinner dripped from their limbs and dribbled from their mouths. The Slobbers roared and charged. I ducked out of the way. One of them spun around and slashed me with a Thinner claw. I was knocked back. I felt wet on my chest. I smelled dissolving paint. I put my hand on my chest.

My glove was covered in black ink. MY ink. "Ahh! Help! I'm MELTING!!!" I screamed, feeling my limbs turn to jelly. My ears were beginning to droop. My eyes began to run, and my nose plopped into the inky mess below. I thought it was the end...

All of a sudden, my vision cleared. I felt myself getting taller... no, wait, I was un-melting. Adeleine was painting me back into existence! "Keep painting!" I gurgled. I needed to be back in shape if I wanted to get rid of these Slobbers.
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"Thanks!" Contrary to what Dave probably thought he might do, which was likely to run back to his friends, Maqui instead unzipped his hoodie and tossed it to Dave. It didn't seem like he would miss it; he was wearing a pretty thick salmon-red sweater under the hoodie, which would probably be enough for the cold. "Let's leave the kissing part out for now, okay? Just consider it a gift!" With that he ran up to the battle, which was really only a few feet away.

"It's about time you got here!" Yuj looked over to the blonde for a brief moment before focusing on recasting a Protect spell. "Enjoy your ride with Chocoboy over there?" Switching to the Medic role, he cast a bundle of Cure spells on Gadot, who was currently dealing with about twenty Ing swarming over him. "So what happened? Did you serenade him with your vast knowledge, or did you just get straight to it?"

"Okay, shut up. Making stupid jokes is really not the point right now especially because of *those* things," he shouted in an irritated manner, pointing over to the approaching Ing. Maqui got to work casting a few Wound spells, but the dark red flows of magic didn't seem to do anything to the incoming foes. "Seriously, why are these spells not working?"

"Well these things are pretty damn photosensitive, and filling them full of bullets hardly made a mark. I wouldn't be surprised if they were immune to your types of spells. Try switchin' to another role and see how that works out for ya."

"Alright, but how am I supposed to do that? If you haven't noticed, unlike you guys I haven't been fighting continuously!" After trying out multiple other spells, including Deshell, Poison, Imperil, and Curse, he could see that nothing was working. Probably because they all came out as dark magic flows/bolts/showers/etc.

"Just...shift your thoughts a bit, you know?" Yuj winked, causing Maqui to give out a little groan. "Get it? It's like you're *shifting* roles, so you need to *shift* your thoughts? Oh whatever, just think about healing or something. In the meantime..." He looked back over to Dave. "Hey, you want to join in? I wouldn't blame ya if you wanted to go off, but it'd be nice to have some help!"

"Hey! If you haven't noticed there are other people out here who need you to shut your damn mouth and start casting spells!" Gadot was currently wrestling a Warrior Ing off of him, trying to keep its pointed legs from going anywhere near his skin. Lebreau was slashing at it with a Thunder-powered sword she had retrieved from one of the dead bodies, but so far it was rather resistant to attacks.

Blushing a bit from embarrassment at his neglect, Yuj fired off a stream of buffs towards Gadot, while Maqui switched paradigms to Medic and focused on healing the slashes from the Ing. The Warrior eventually went down, turning into dark violet sludge and mostly sliding off of its former target. In fact, the entire area was starting to become flooded with the goop, but the Ing just kept coming. Bodies piled up all around, almost forming a barrier between NORA and the hostiles. One thing was clear, these Ing weren't going to stop.

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 5894955
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>Dave: Oh Cool

Dave caught the hoodie and glanced at Maqui. Yeah he would have definitely thought he would just have fucked off first. "uh.. thanks..?" Em okay. Dave tilted his head at Maqui as he had hurried off, before glancing back to the hoodie. How the fuck was he even meant to put this on, Hellooo, he had fucking wings. And hey wait what leave the kissing out for now? Dave frowned. Okay whatever.

>Attempt to get hoodie on

Yeah not working here at all, as his wings just didn't want to cooperate with this idea at all. He wasn't to sure about having to rip holes in the back so he could slide his wings through, because it just didn't really feel right to do that to Maqui's hoodie.

Oh well. He ended up doing it anyway.

He tore through the back of it with his talons quite easily, in longish lines going down which would hopefully make room for his wings, and yeah, it actually did.

He shoved the hoodie on after that, and it was warm, like, really warm. He cracked a smile at that. Well it was nice to be warmer for a change then. Very nice. And he kind of felt shitty for just taking this hoodie from Maqui.

>No you have to go get John don't help them idiot

Dave almost immediately yelled back to Yuj after he had asked him to join in, "ah no i have to go get something but maybe when i get the fuck back here?" Yeah he would be bringing John back here as soon as he had found him. And hopefully he was safe, as it would really suck if he wasn't.. Like, a lot.

He spread his wings and quickly shot himself up into the air, flying his way back to that alley, where he did expect John to be.

>John: Wake up

John slowly opened his eyes. Oh lovely. His face was in the dirt and it wasnt all that comfortable at all. He coughed and shakily pushed himself off of his stomach. Yuck there was dirt in his mouth too. What the hell even happened? Some giant fucking bird decided it'd be cool to launch him fuck knows how far through an alley.

Trembling, he leaned back onto his knees and stood up slowly. God he had absolutely no sense of balance right now, as his legs were shaking so badly and he was quite dizzy.

He also noticed he couldn't see that much more than a blur.

Fuck where the hell were his glasses. Probably lying on the ground around here somewhere. And he definitely didn't want to end up stepping on them.

After hearing a sound quite nearby, his head shot up.


Of course, it definitely wasnt Dave.

Another sound behind him made him jolt around, and of course, he could barely see much more than blurs of colour. Blurs of reds, oranges and blacks and dark purple. He could barely tell what was what without his glasses, and the lack of light certainly didn't help him in this situation at all.

He was sure the orange blogs were moving closer though. And he couldn't help but notice a larger number of them begin to surround him. He had absolutely no clue at all what they were, but it didn't particularly make him feel at all comfortable to have glowing orange blurs slowly making their way towards him.

Oh god he needed his glasses and fast.

He bent down to his knees and started shuffling around on the ground to try and find them. He cursed to himself when he couldn't manage to find them anywhere. They must have been further off. Maybe closer to the orange blo- oh my fucking shit they were getting uncomfortably close here. John shivered.. this wasn't cool at all. Well he assumed that maybe if they actually wanted to hurt him that they would have by now...?

Oh maybe he was wrong, as something decided it would be just fucking cool to batter John hard in the stomach, causing him to be shoved onto his back with a squeak. Yeah he had definitely been wrong there. He shakily pulled himself to his feet and backed away from the shape that he assumed had lashed out at him, only to then be hit in the back by another large object, which had sent him stumbling forwards into the first form that had hit him.
The process repeated.

They were fucking playing with him.

They had obviously realised his inability to even fight back as he couldn't see, and took it as an opportunity to basically fucking torment him here. Though, John wasn't sure who 'they' even were. Orangish coloured blobs seemed like too much of a fucking nice name for them. The next thing he knew it he was on the ground again, though not because he had still been searching for his glasses. He had sort of given up on that idea, as he obviously wouldn't be managing to find them in such dim light and horrible sight altogether.

And then the next thing he knew is that he was in the air.

>Dave: In your dreams you are the hero, it is you

A struggling John held tightly in his arms, Dave shot back into the air again. John was shrieking and flailing his arms to try and hit Dave's arms off of him, but Dave certainly wasn't going to let him go now.
"ah what the fuck put me down!!" John screeched, only to be squeezed tightly by the arms of Dave, who obviously did not like the idea of just dropping John here.

"john fucking calm your tits"
"hahaha no of course not dipshit"
"shut up!! dave i cant see anything don't blame me for being a bit panicked!"
"a bit panicked?"
"agh okay okay a lot panicked!"

Dave chuckled a little, but of course as soon as he was aware John didn't have his glasses, he immediately became quite a bit worried. hm that really wasn't that fucking great at all if John couldn't see. That was.. a very bad thing. He nuzzled his face into John's neck , shooshing at him for a second before returning his attention back to flying.

>Dave: Land

As soon as he was back to being above where he had left Maqui, Dave lowered them both down again, not even letting go of John when he could feel his talons on the ground. He didn't particularly want to let John away from him at this point, and was pretty sure that John had felt the same way, keeping as close as he could manage to Dave.

Dave cawed loudly at the fight going on between Maqui and his friends and those other things that he had no idea what the hell they were. "still fighting those cunts?" He wasn't sure whether to help like he had said here or not, as he couldn't just leave John again.

It's not 4 you jackass, it's fucking nothing. There is no end.

It seems you may have just called me a fish.

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Fillmore: Watch Wheatley's triumph!

"AAHHH! AH! AAHHHH!!! AAAH! Oh-ow-AAAGHH!!!!" Wheatley screamed.

"No! No! No, no, no-- NOOO-OOO!!! NOOOO-O-Oaoutgutopituoqwhbhjaopiguoajaja;lhgl;aaaaaaaaa----***********" GLaDOS shrieked.

I closed my eyes. What if they both were deactivated? This place would drop fast, man! Real---

"Whoooaaaa, ha-ha! Check me out, partner!" I heard Wheatley's voice. I looked up and saw Wheatley spinning about happily, like a child on Christmas day.

"Lookin' good, man!" I called up.

"I did it! I'm in control of the WHOLE facility now! Whoa-ho-ho! Wouldja look at this? Not too bad, eh?" Wheatley gloated. "Giant robot, massive... It's not just me, right? I-I am bloody massive. Aren't I?"

"Wheatley, I think we've spent enough time here as prisoners."

"You know what, I think you're right. But... Oh! Right, right, the escape thing," Wheatley agreed. An elevator rose from the ground. "There we go, lift pulled!"

"Sweet, man," I said, rolling into the elevator. "It'd be cool if we could have some elevator music."

"Sorry, good chap, but I don't think I'm equipped with a sound system," Wheatley apologized. Then he rose into the air. "Whoa! Look how small you are down there! I could barely see you! Very tiny and insignificant."

I didn't like the way he said that. "Wheatley..."

But he continued on about how big he was. Then he stopped. "Wait. I just thought of something. How am I gonna get in? You know, being bloody massive and everything."

We thought for a while. "Wait! I know! You get into the lift, and I'll eject myself out of my new body, into the lift, just as you pass by. Brilliant! It's perfect!"

I backed up into the lift. "Except for the glass hitting us when I smash through the lift. That's a big problem. You've got tires and all. Punctures. That's no good."

The lift closed. "Let me tell ya, I knew it was gonna be cool to be in charge of everything," Wheatley swung back and forth in excitement, rising into the air, "but WOW! This is cool! And check this out! I'm a bloody genius now! Usted está utilizando este software de traducción incorrecta, por favor consulte el manual. I don't even know what I just said, but I could find out!"

"That's great, Wheatley. Hey, man, can you get us out of here?"

"Oh, right, sorry, the lift. Yes. Sorry. This body is amazing! I mean, seriously! I can't get over how small you are! But I'm HUGE!" Wheatley's voice was filled with joy. As the lift went up, his laughter became louder, heavier, and more uncontrolled.

It almost sounded... menacing.

"Well, um," I said, looking around awkwardly. "Well, thanks for your help, Wheatley, heh-heh---"

"Actually..." Wheatley began, lowering the lift back down. A door opened underneath him, lighting the room in a sinister red glow. "Why do we have to leave right now? Do you have any idea how good this feels? I did this! Tiny little Wheatley did this!"

GLaDOS's disconnected core chose now to speak up. "You didn't do anything. He did all the work."

Wheatley turned around. He glared at GLaDOS. "Oh, really? That's what the two of you think, is it?"

"Wheatley, what do you mean? We were both in this together--"

Wheatley went up in my face. "Oh, yes? Where were you when I saved our rear ends from a bunch of nasty cars? You were the one doing all the driving, but I was the brains of the operation!"

"You? Brains?" GLaDOS scoffed. "You couldn't have done anything. He could have turned the music on himself. Car radio and all---"

"Oh, yeah? Well, maybe it's time I DID something, then!" Wheatley roared.

A mechanical arm dragged GLaDOS's core toward the glowing hole. "What are you doing? No! No! No!" she cried.

As the hole closed up, Wheatley whirred up to me again. "And don't think I'm not onto you too, Fillmore. You know what you are? Selfish. I've done nothing but sacrifice to get us here. And what have you sacrificed? Nothing. Zero. All you've done is boss me around. Well, now who's the boss?" Wheatley got closer. His optic squinted at me. "Who's the boss?"

He got up to my face. "It's me," he whispered.

I heard the ding of a toaster. "Ah!"

The arm came out, holding... a potato?

"See that? That... is a POTATO. It is a toy for children. And now she lives in it! Hahahaha!"

"I know you..." GLaDOS hissed from inside the potato.

Wheatley spun back around. "Oh, sorry, what?"

"The engineers tried everything to make me behave. To slow me down. They even attached an intelligence dampening sphere on me. It combed into my brain like a tumor, generating an endless stream of terrible ideas."

Wheatley moved up to the upper end of the chamber. "No, not listening! Not listening!"

"It was your voice," GLaDOS continued.

"Nope, nope, you're lying. You're lying."

"Yes, you were the tumor! You're not just a regular moron," GLaDOS said. Wheatley's optic narrowed. "You were designed to be a moron."

Wheatley totally lost it. "I am NOT A MORON!!!!" he bellowed, throwing GLaDOS at me like a child in a temper tantrum.

"YES YOU ARE!" GLaDOS retorted. "You're a moron built to make me an idiot!"

"Well, how about now?!" Wheatley raised the mechanical arm over the elevator. "Now who's a moron? Huh? Could a moron," Wheatley continued, bashing the elevator's roof with each word, "PUNCH, YOU, INTO, THIS, PIT?! HUH?! COULD A MORON DO THAT?!"

Wheatley heard the elevator rumble. "Uh-oh."

We fell. As in, the potato and I. I screamed. I heard an electronic whine that could be GLaDOS's screaming. I heard Wheatley yell something through the shaft, it sounded like "SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!"

I blacked out...

Mickey: Strife!

Adeleine painted me back into existence. I jumped up. "Thanks, Ado!"

"Don't call me that!" she whined.

Dang. She ruined my totally awesome yet obvious pun. "Time to clean his clock!"

The Clocktower didn't like that. The arms had cracked through the paint, but the joints were still a bit slow. That was why it used the Bloticles on me. The tentacles lashed out at me, while animatronic dolls marched toward me, snapping and singing "It's a Small World." The song rang in my ears. The Clocktower's mad grin rocked left-to-right. The eyes spun round and round.

I popped the Blot's Bloticles as they came. The Blot's ugly mug rose from behind the Clocktower's top tower. The twisted Oswald head of the Blot came at me, trying to bite. All of a sudden, the Clocktower's facade began to swing back, like Glockenspiel's always does. The manic machine rose up on Toon wheels, and the thing's teeth snapped up and down like it was laughing evilly. But I fought him before. I had painted his face in, and saw his true colors (no pun intended). The Clocktower was upset. About the Blot, about the Destroyers, about Wasteland's ruination and the loss of their king.

The Clocktower was the victim of a vicious tragedy. But in this manic figure I saw none of the Clocktower that I knew in Gremlin Village. Any trace of the old Clocktower was masked by the Blot and the Ing Horde.

But I was convinced I could set the tower free.

"Hey, Clocky! Over here!" I jeered, blowing a raspberry at the Clocktower. Okay, I admit it, that wasn't very nice. But neither was the Blot. The Blot swung his head over toward us and pointed one gnarled finger at me. The Clocktower turned, its face still swinging back and forth. It slowly began to crawl forward.

I realized how stupid my idea was. I was up against a gazillion-ton rolling building. I slapped my face. "I am such an idiot!"

Then I heard the happier version of It's a Small World blending with the Clocktower's twisted version. Glockenspiel! The original clock tower came charging toward Wasteland's Clocktower, his own arms out. "Mickey! I'm coming!"

The Clocktower turned to face Glockenspiel and stretched its grinding arms toward the original clock tower. Its grimace snapped up and down. Its eyes spun. Its hands dripped with Thinner and Blot ink. "Mickey, I got this guy! You take care of the Blot!" Glockenspiel shouted to me.

I nodded. "Hey, Blot! Have I ever told you how ugly you were?!" I hollered. The Blot stopped and turned toward me. "Rabbit ears really aren't your style! I guess you don't have Oswald's luck: you came out the ugly one in the family!"

The Blot roared and charged toward me, leaving the Clocktower and Glockenspiel to duel.

But the Blot was really big. I mean, as big as a storm. The mass of ink flowed into the purple clouds, turning them black and causing them to glow Thinner green.

Bane of Toons


The Storm Blot reared its ugly face toward me before retreating into the clouds. A swirl of ink transformed into a black and green twister, Thinner and ink flying everywhere. I watched Jenny swerve to avoid the liquid projectiles. "MICKEY! THE TWISTER!!!" she bellowed over the roar of the wind.

"Holy cheese!" I shouted, running out of the way of the Blot twister. Fortunately, the Blot couldn't change direction fast enough and had to retract the tornado. Then a few spindles of ink thickened into a large, clawed arm. It swiped at me, dragging into the ballroom's floor and sending bricks flying everywhere. While I fled, the Red Baron attempted to fire at the Blot's arm. But the bullets just passed right through the Blot's inky limb. The limb raised, and the claws opened. Blotlings dropped from the claw and onto the floor. "Sending minions to attack me, eh? You weenie!" I mocked.

Then the Blot dropped two Bloticles to assail me as I fought the Blotlings. "That's what I thought," I muttered.

The Blotlings were easy to thin out. It's just that the Bloticles were everywhere. The pustules were hard to aim for. "Come on, pop! POP!" I grunted, splattering paint everywhere the Bloticles touched.

Eventually, the blisters were all gone, and the Blot showed his twisted face again. The Oswald head roared, and began to charge up a mass of ink. But his mouth was open to the sides. I knew what I had to do. I rushed to the side and poured a mass of Thinner into his mouth. I just cranked it in. Loads of turpentine, acetone, and other paint thinners gurgled into the Blot's gaping maw.

That wasn't enough to stop its attack, however. An enormous mass of ink poured down like a monsoon. I ran out of the way as the first few gallons hit the ground. Rocks flew into the air. Blotlings clambered out of the inky mass and gave pursuit. I backpedaled, spraying Thinner at the Blotlings to get rid of them.

The Blot stopped barfing up ink and retracted his Oswald head. Then several Lost Characters were dropped from the sky to plague me. They were dark versions of Toons I knew before...

The Blot plagued me with the figures of Donald, Goofy, Daisy, and Minnie. I couldn't bear to hit my friends, not even the Blot-forms that resembled them.

"Mickey!" Glockenspiel grunted, wrestling with the Clocktower. "They aren't your friends! Those are constructs from the Shadow Blot!"

I tried spraying Paint at Minnie. Nothing happened. "What? They're invincible?!" I hurled my fist at the Blot. "THAT'S NOT FAIR! GET DOWN HERE AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!"

That's exactly what the Blot did, but he didn't bring back his constructs. Donald tugged my ear while Goofy yanked my leg. The bad thing was, Donald and Goofy were pulling in opposite directions. But they weren't very smart: they would have thought to restrain my arms---

Whoop. Check that. Daisy and Minnie just restrained my arms. The Blot's mouth opened again, and he prepared to fire another waterfall of Blot ink. I began to panic. My tail swished back and forth. I dropped my paintbrush.

Everything happened all at once. One minute I was being pulled in all directions by Blot constructs. The next I was standing five feet away from an inky waterfall, a paintbrush tied up in my tail. I yanked the brush out of my tail and reasoned that I must have caught the brush and used it on the constructs to knock 'em back.

While the Blot was spraying, I unleashed my own stream of paint thinner into the corner of his mouth. While he barfed, I gushed a jet of thinner.

It was working! The Blot's mouth began to sizzle and dissolve. The Blot stopped barfing, coughed, and spat out a river of paint thinner. The Blot gurgled in pain. Lightning flashed behind it, creating an eerie outline of the choking Blot. It made a sound that sounded half-roar, half-gurgle.

But the Blot wasn't done yet. Three more Bloticles smashed down, embedding themselves in the ballroom floor. The Bloticles spun around, carving a trench in the floor I was standing on.

I felt a tremor. "EARTHQUAKE!!!" I shrieked, hitting the floor. Then I felt myself beginning to rise. I saw everything moving downward... Wait, check that, the chunk of floor I was on was floating upward. The Blot was lifting me into the air! "Hey! Put me down, you nutcase!" I shouted up to the Storm Blot.

The Blot laughed and spat blobs of ink at me. I rolled, ducked, and dodged to get away from the blobs. But then the Blot lashed out a Bloticle from inside of the floor chunk. It had a single green pustule on it. I aimed carefully and sprayed a pint of Paint into the pustule. Like a pimple that's been squeezed, the pustule exploded in a shower of Paint and Thinner. The Bloticle dissolved, and I felt the platform tilt. Everything was sliding downward. A giant boulder was bouncing down toward me. I hopped to the side.

Fortunately, the platform was pretty big, so I didn't fall too far before the Blot restabilized the platform and attacked again. The Oswald face roared, and Blotlings dropped from the clouds while lightning struck the platform at various places. I spun to knock the Blotlings off of the platform, but a Slobber approached me and swiped me with its Thinner claws.

What am I doing? I'm a cartoon character!

I pulled a button out of my back pocket and slammed a button. All of a sudden, a cruise ship fell down and smashed the Slobber. Ink sprayed everywhere. The platform destabilized and the boat rolled off, plummeting to the ground below.


"Help! Ahh!" Grounder cried out. He was being surrounded by a bunch of Ing-possessed Gremlins. All of a sudden a boat smashed the line of cars that threatened him. Grounder laughed at them.

Back to Mickey...

I noted that the ship had taken out another Bloticle. "Good, that leaves one, but doesn't---"

The platform tilted. The Blot was trying to kill me by dropping me off a cliff! "THIS THING IS NUTS!!!" I screamed. I grabbed onto the lip of the hole that the Bloticle I dissolved had made when it smashed through. I climbed in, and when I felt the platform tilting the other way, I shimmied back out and shot Paint at the last Bloticle. I popped its pimples furiously, attempting to keep it from tilting the platform again.

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, it worked. The Bloticle was gone. The bad news? It worked. The Bloticle was gone. I was falling through the air on the giant platform. The Blot reared in pain, dropped toward me, and its Oswald head began to circle around, creating a cyclone of ink around me. I was in the eye. Unfortunately, so was the Blot's head.

And I couldn't bring myself to watch. The Blot had taken Oswald. I know this creature wasn't Oswald, but it still hurt to see Oswald's face, and bring back the painful memory of his sacrifice.

The Blot fired ink bolts at me. I just stood there as they came. Oswald was gone. Every time I saw the Blot poke its face out at me, I winced. It was now using this against me.

I had to fight it. I remembered that this Blot wasn't Oswald, wasn't Oswald at all. The Lucky Rabbit was in a better place: the Disney Archive, ready to be painted again. I'm not going to let the stupid Blot eat away my feelings.

I swung my brush like a baseball bat, knocking the ink bolts back at the Blot, but not without charging them with Thinner. The ink bolts turned green and impacted the Blot. When the last bolt hit the Blot, it screeched in pain, and the cyclone began to wane. It swirled back into the clouds, fleeing until another day.

There left the problem of the falling floor. "HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

"Paint a parachute!" Jenny called, zipping by.

I'm such an idiot. I have a magic paintbrush. I painted a parachute, and gently floated down toward the ground.

When I hit the floor, I peeled off the parachute and prepared to re-engage the Clocktower. Glockenspiel had really done a number on it: its facade was busted up in places, and springs were everywhere. Every once in a while it had to yank its nose back down every time it boinged out straight.

"Mickey! I'm not sure how much longer I can do this!" Glockenspiel called.

"Hang on for a bit more, Glock! I'll be right there in a jiffy!" I ran toward the brawling buildings, paintbrush in hand...
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Destroyer Space Station; Werk

I was tasked with a bit of the overseeing of Chaos’ invasion of the Nintendoverse. Though it was quite a shame not actively participating in the Warp’s campaign, I was still quite content with the watching of the carnage. I knew that the siding with the Dark Dimension was just was the Destroyers needed to scare the Champions away whilst we completed our plans.

Chaos invading the Nintendoverse… I must say, this coincidence was a very, very exciting happening on my part. In fact, ever since my first entrance into the world of Omniverse, it was what I had set out to do from right around the beginning. Yes, I started as a mere pawn in one of the Nintendoverse’s Keeper’s tourneys, an event that he holds as a way to give just a faint glimmer of hope and idealism in these dark times, usually ending with those of a more diabolical morality being vanquished (either by lack of power-leveling, the Keeper’s own hand, or various other methods), and a fair duel against the Champions and the Keeper, usually with the Keeper being defeated, and him allowing the heroes their own Metaverses to reign over.

I was one of the ‘villains’, who was basically sentenced to death.

However, I made certain that if I was going to die, then I’ll make sure that the Keeper and the Champions had to fiercely work for their ‘happy ending’. I had managed to find a brief refuge from the constant battling, allowing me to study the many tomes detailing the many particulars of the Omniverse.

From my many readings, I had learned that I was a constant character throughout the Omniverse. Several instances of myself had cropped up in many ways across the timeline, and all acquired fear and respect, whatever they may have been doing. I knew that I was not going to let this dynasty down.

I had eventually learned that while the Keeper accepted usually everything, there was one faction that he made certain not to call forth. That faction was Chaos. Therefore, deciding to make sure to increase the difficulty of maintaining his Festival Tourney, I decided to align myself with the forces of the Warp, deciding to mainly follow Khorne, the embodiment of Hate, an emotion that I knew far too well.

Many of the other ‘villains’ whom I had spoken my ideas with were quite nervous about my propositions. While there were plenty of the most amoral, diabolical beings around in those tourneys, many of them had heard the whispers of Chaos, and had plenty of reasons not to join me in my campaign. They presented plenty of great reasons, usually those being ‘not wishing to engage in the full politics of the Omniverse’, or ‘Chaos being too evil for even some of the most vile Destroyers around’.

However, I still had managed to garner a few followers. One such follower, exactly whom I forget, was an excellent mechanic and knower of metaphysics. He (or She, as I can’t exactly remember) had made me the offer of creating a sort of ‘Spherical Net of Hate’, which would work much as how the Warp Gods acquire power across the Omniverse. When launched, it would obtain power from all the Hate within its range, which would be used to give me a physical form composed of this Hate.

I had accepted, and soon, I acquired the form with which you see me with today. Sure, I was not exactly physical; an Elemental, by definition, actually; but it was a start. However, we were not finished. Using various methods, I had invited myriads of daemons into the Tourney, past the Keeper’s watchful eye, and soon became the unofficial commander of all things Chaos within that tourney.

Eventually came the inevitable: the end of the tourney. Many of those who did not choose to follow me had died, with only a select few still alive. Oddly (to everyone else, of course), those who did side with me were still alive, and able to confront the Keeper and the Champions during their duel. This was the end of my campaign, and I knew that with just this I should at least deserve some spot in the tomes of history.

However, Tzeentch must’ve enjoyed my efforts, as luck was… deeply, to say the least, in my favor.

Instead of smiting us, it seemed as though the Keeper had picked up a disturbance that was coming at the group at unbelievable speeds. Taking several handfuls of Daemons and other villains (I managed to dodge away from his grasp), he used their very essence to form a colossal shield. We quickly figured out exactly what he was protecting us from, when an awe-inspiring beam of pure energy shot from the direction he was facing, colliding against the shield.

Knowing that we were all doomed if we didn’t leave, the Keeper’s wings extended, and he swatted all of us direly away from the scene, sending us in various directions. I was soaring behind a small group of the Champions, noting that we were heading towards what looked like a VERY occupied Metaverse. Then suddenly, I remembered the news: we were heading towards the Homestuck Metaverse, where Khorne was currently holding his tourney. I imagined that I would be greeted by other beings of Chaos when I arrived on the Destroyer side, but alas, I was met by a former Prime of the Transformers, corrupted by some MacGuffin called ‘The Heart of Darkness’, and seeking to restore the Transformers as the rulers of the Omniverse. I was disappointed; beings of Chaos were few and far between.

And that’s where I am now, my basic history with the Omniverse- ”I hate to interrupt your thoughts, but you’re the new guy, I presume?”

Oh dear fucking Ra. That voice. That arrogant, scratching tone, coated with a horrendous, pink hue. Anyone’s first guess would have thought it a Slaaneshi, or a Tzeentchian. However, how calmly he spoke to a Khornate, and not just any daemon, but myself… there was only one being in the Warp that fits those tropes.

”You’re Summer Redrubble, I presume?”

I turned my head around to see the Khornate Headservant grinning at me, with a shining grin that looked unnatural on anything but something expected from a cartoon. He leaned back and kicked his feet up, causing a mass of pink energy to catch him and act as a chair. ”That’s my name (sadly). Feel free to bask in the presence of the Omniverse’s first Headservant all you want.”

”I was imagining that someone of your… role, in the daemon hierarchy… would have been accepted and busied with Arghast’s Daemon Court.” Here I was attempting to hold back every bit of my disgust as possible.

Summer rolled his eyes, giving a long sigh. I was glad I had no requirement for air, as there was no way that I felt like breathing the same air that he breathed. ”Well, the officials said that they WOULD have accepted a Headservant, but they were looking for someone more ‘fitting’ to their alignment. I viewed that as an outrage, and decided that the Court was not as prestigious as it makes itself out to be.”

Why won’t this post end, so that I may not be in the same room as this fool. Oh gosh his influence is upon me; I am starting to break the 4th-Wall. ”Right, right. Now then, leave me, so that I may continue overseeing our progress on the invasion of the Nintendoverse.”

”Oh, fine~. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to keep you from feeling lonely.” With that, the Headservant vanished. Knowing that he was gone, and that the walls were soundproof, I proceeded to bang my head against the wall as much as possible, out of my sheer rage and disgust.
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Whoops. Sorry. ToadRopes here. My house is overrun by Ing. It makes it impossible to do my math homework when--- BACK OFF! ---your house is being plagued by dark, evil creatures--- DON'T MAKE ME TURN ON THAT LAMP!

Okay, that's it.

You hear those screams? Those are the Ing in my house burning because I turned on the lights. Suckers. Keeping down infestation is worth the electrical bill.

Now... Where were we?

LOCATION: Sodor Island

Toby the tram engine rattled down the track. "Gee, it sure is scary around here. Purple clouds, nearly no light... I was attacked by three frightening engines today! The only thing that keeps them away is my headlamp," Toby muttered. "And even then, they don't stop!"

Toby looked behind him. "I wonder what's in the boxcar I'm carrying from Muffle Mountain?"

"Toby, what is that thing speeding toward us?" asked Toby's engineer. Toby turned his attention to the track. A red bus was speeding toward him. It was single decked, with red hubcaps and the words "MUFFLE MOUNTAIN MILITARY RESEARCH BASE TRANSPORT" painted on the side. The bus's face was square, with wide eyes with yellow irises that looked as if they were under a spell. His mouth was open in a half-grin, half-grimace.

"I don't believe it! It's Bertie!" Toby exclaimed.

"You don't know what you're carrying, I'd say we both agree.
But never fear,
For Bertie's here,
To set the Lady free."

Bertie surged forward. "Okay, so he's NOT STOPPING!!!" Toby cried.


Bertie and Toby flipped over, and Toby's couplings came loose. Boxcars, tankers, and a caboose came tumbling all over the place. Latches flipped, pins unpinned, locks unlocked...

Toby's eyes were spinning. He found himself sunk in mud. He spun his wheels furiously, but it did no good.

Toby turned his attention to the Muffle Mountain boxcar. The top blasted off and clocked Toby on the head. The tram engine's eyes widened as the precious cargo lifted itself out of its transport.

"Lady?" asked Toby.

It was a smaller steam engine, magenta in color, with gold bands ringing the boiler. But her face wasn't like the kind Lady that Thomas and friends had seen when Diesel 10 attacked.

Lady's eyes had a manic look to them, as if she had gone mad.

"You know I've hidden in the dark, awaiting my return,
But with Diesel 10 defeated, I shall see the whole world BURN!!!!"

Lady bounded into the air. Toby looked up and saw a sight that horrified him. Lady's face began to peel apart, the whites draining from her eyes as three more optics snapped open on her forehead. Two pairs of mechanical legs anchored her to the ground, while two more served to balance her.

Meanwhile, Toby looked around at the Ing horde that was gathering around him. "Brutes! Keep away from me!" he shouted.

Lady thrust one mechanical leg on Toby's engine. Toby began to feel weak. "N-no... She's siphoning my---"

Toby's world went black.

LOCATION: Skaia Ballroom


Those terrible little dolls that the Clocktower unleashed on me crawled all over me like ticks. Adeleine was busy trying to rid me of them. "Mickey! Hurry!" I cried.

"Glockenspiel! Grab one of his arms!" Mickey shouted. I did just that.

Mickey rushed up and painted the other arm almost completely. "Why don't you finish the job?!" I asked. I was confused.

"If I did, the paint would chip and wash right off in the Thinner!" Mickey shouted back.

I let go of the other arm and grabbed the one that was slathered in paint. Mickey began to paint the other arm. But when he finished, the arm that was previously painted smashed into him, knocking him down and sending the paintbrush skittering away. Mickey ran to get it, but the Clocktower snatched him up and held him in its hand. Mickey squirmed and attempted to escape... but there was no chance. The Clocktower's grip was too tight.

"Mickey!" Adeleine shouted.

Mickey grunted. "Ahh... I can't move! Can't--- breathe---"

The Clocktower's music was deafening. The song playing felt like it was mocking Mickey's pain. The Clocktower was squeezing Mickey while it played unfitting music.

"HURRR!!!!!" is the next sound I heard.

I saw one of the Clocktower's fingers fall off. Tendrils of Ing matter tried to catch it, but failed. The finger fell to the ground, giving Mickey a chance to escape, paint the hand, and stop it up. The positive effects of Paint eventually drove out the possession in them.

"?ti si ,od nac hcnerw a tahw gnizamA" boasted Vagineer.

"What?" I asked.

Vagineer popped in his translator. "Never mind."

The hands reached out toward Mickey. One of them pointed to the outstretched palm of the other, motioning Mickey to hop on. While the hand Mickey was using as a platform carried him to the Clocktower's face, the other was fighting the Bloticles that remained in the building.

Mickey shouted, "TASTE THE RAINBOW, SUCKA!"

He sprayed a jet of paint at the face. As the paint hit the Clocktower's gruesome skeletal grimace, its eyes seemed to soften, to become kinder. A big grin was painted on his face, completely erasing any trace of the Clocktower's previous sneer.

All of a sudden, I heard the nasty, twisted tune transition to one identical to mine. "It's a small world after all..." sang the choir inside the Clocktower.

"Wha... what was I doing?" he asked. "Mickey Mouse?"

"Yep! Haha, that's me!" Mickey replied.

"Oh, I'm afraid I was a bit out of my head there, sorry," continued the Clocktower. He chuckled at his little joke. His laugh sounded like an angel: a light, soft, and happy voice. "Ah, well. Things appear to be ticking right along now."

The Clocktower's eyes straightened out and no longer spun wildly. He lowered his arm and scratched his head. "But I wonder... How shall I get back to Wasteland?" he pondered.

I looked at Mickey happily. "Mickey, I'm glad you could solve the Clocktower problem without using violence. You've set a good example."

Mickey nodded. "Hey, Clocktower, I think I might be able to solve your problem! Back in a jiffy."

Mickey talked to Rosalina, and they exchanged a few words before Rosalina raised her arms. "You're sending me back? Oh, good. I'm afraid the Gremlins would be about worried by now," the Clocktower mused. "Ah, well, carry on."

A portal yawned open. Mickey and I looked and saw the expanse of Wasteland. Rosalina lifted her arms, and she did some gravity-reversal stuff, pushing the Clocktower into the portal.

"I only hope that Wasteland can take care of itself," Mickey sighed as the portal closed.

"No time for that now! We've got some dark demons to demolish!" Toad shouted, running up to us. "Man, have I been wantin' to say that!"
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Mr. Jane Doe. The Skial Ballroom.

A few minutes earlier, Mr. Doe was once again out of reality, once again giving that same pep talk to some new recruits which where not at all new recruits, but rather the disembodied heads of the enemy team that he had personally just slaughtered. He got so into it, he did not notice as he was sucked into some sort of hole in space and time, and as he fell out, he continued ranting.

"...If God had wanted you to live a normal life with a wife and several smelly children, he would not have created ME, nor would he have created Sun Tzu, and thus would have not created WAR! War is sweet, like love is sweet! As Sun Tzu says- oof."

However, hitting the ground did not shoot Mr. Doe back into reality. He simply got up and continued, shouting above the battle.

"As Sun Tzu once said... erm, let me see."

Still oblivious, Mr. Doe pulled a copy of the Art of War out of his back pocket and flipped through it carelessly.

"Errrrrrr, oh, good! Goooooood! Hehehe!"

He closed it and proceeded to qoute it.

"As Sun Tzu once said, 'a military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.' And this little quote might apply to you lousy little maggot scuWHAT IN THE NAME OF SWEET BABY JESUS?!"

Mr. Doe had had a sudden realization on the word "scum". He was not in 2fort anymore. He appeared to be in some sort of ballroom. A look of fear crossed his face for a mere second, before his cracked brain began to shuffle about.

Obviously, this was some sort of fight. The question was, where was he needed?

Mr. Doe whipped out his shovel and swung it halphazardly, looking to hit ANYTHING, just to try and find a side.

"Surrender now, maggots! I will strangle all of you with your own training bras! I'll kick your asses all the way back to New Zealand! I will eat your ribs! I will eat your very soul! I cannot be budged! I cannot be bargained with! I will beat your brains in, and use them as toilet paper!"

With that he gave a war cry and smacked his head repeatedly with his shovel.

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 212348__safe_animated_vinyl-scratch_cute_dj-pon-3_adorable_heart-attack_box_artist-alfa995_50edc96fa4c72d8ed3000237_-lt-3.gif
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Heavy: Do my eyes decieve me?

I hear familiar voice. Very familiar, very American voice.

"Can it be? It is Soldier! And he is not Painis Cupcake Soldier!" I cried in joy. "And look, he is on RED team! He is not out to keel us!"

Engineer tell me something. "He may not recognize ya in yer yarn state. Ah mean, I know ya told me about that ol' Yin-Yarn turnin' ya into yarn, but I guess ya gotta tell Soldier the whole story as well!"

"Engineer, you are right. But I vill go talk to Soldier."

I clomp to Soldier in my Russian boots. "Soldier!" I shouted. With Spy gone, and Engineer left, I was beginning to feel... lonesome. "I am very happy!"

He was still hitting head with shovel when I got to him. "Soldier! I am very glad to see you. Engineer and I, we are very lonely, especially after our Spy was eaten!"

LOCATION: Team Fortress Universe

And while the battle raged on between RED and BLU,
The sky darkened to a purple hue.
The Ing, they came, with evil true
And they knew exactly what to do.
They terrorized that ol' map Double Cross,
And possessed the members, LIKE A BOSS.
An army of gun-toting possessed freaks,
But one escaped, for he was meek.
The Spy! He had gone and respawned!
He charged through the D.C.'s smelly pipes,
(But paused for a second, for he had yawned)
But he ran into an Ing-possessed Engie! Yipes!
A stab in the back, the Spy turned and ran,
And entered the portal, as fast as he can.

LOCATION: Mushroom Kingdom

The kingdom was periled, once again
Those pesky Destroyers, at half past ten
Had come to take over, no surprise,
And claim this multiverse as their prize.
Though the defenders valiantly fought,
All their efforts were for naught.
Even Luigi, who tried to be brave,
Went down, like a skill-less knave.
But in the forests, hidden from the light,
Lies a curled yellow caterpillar, filled with might!
He got up on his spindly legs,
Slipped on his gloves, and grabbed his racket.
(And this guy doesn't need a jacket,
Quite frankly, he neither does dynamite kegs.)
Poor Wiggler! His forest was being invaded!
Those Ing, they dare cause this blight!
His rage at this could not be abated.
Wiggler prepared to end the plight.
For with his racket, he shall fight,
And cause those Ing to take a flight.
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Mr. Jane Doe. The Skial Ballroom.

Mr. Doe's screaming ended abruptly, and he pivoted on his heels to see the Heavy. He was taken aback by this appearance- it seemed to be yarn, and this yarn seemed to be floating in place and held by the occasional button. To a soldier, especially a mind-cracked one like Doe, this was a suspicious appearance. A Spy-like appearance. This immediately agitated Mr. Doe, and a dangerous look crossed his face.

His already beady eyes went even smaller, and the irises grew smaller with adrenaline.

"Okay, frenchie," he growled, leaning towards the enyarned Heavy, shovel raised. "This is a terrible trick, even for you. Now surrender, or I'll kick you all the way back to Paris and stuff a stick of French bread so far up your ass it'll pop out of your mouth and you'll choke on it! I will fill your fat French ass with sugar! Sugar! I can gaurentee that none of these things will happen if you surrender, but I will gaurentee that regardless, I shall smack you with this shovel as a warning."

And Mr. Doe aimed a swift, powerful swing at the fake Heavie's head, hoping to intimidate, not kill, him.

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 3 212348__safe_animated_vinyl-scratch_cute_dj-pon-3_adorable_heart-attack_box_artist-alfa995_50edc96fa4c72d8ed3000237_-lt-3.gif
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Enter Luffy!

"Arrug..." Luffy groaned, his eyes opening. "What's with this sense of Déjà vu." Luffy sat up. He definitely had a feeling that he had had before. The whole feeling of waking up in some weird location and having no memory of how he got there.

Luffy stood up quickly, his rubbery body wiggling and swaying. He quickly placed his hands to the top of his head, checking to see or feel that his beloved straw hat was still there. He grinned widely, feeling the coarse material in his hands. He pressed the hat onto his head harder, trying to keep it from ever leaving his head again.

"Well now that that's all sorted out." Luffy said out loud, not realizing he wasn't talking to anyone but himself. "I should try and figure out where I am." Luffy isn't really that good at problem solving, so I'm surprised he got this far already. Opps back to Luffy.

Luffy was overly confused by the strangeness around him. He knew he was no longer in his home world, but how was that possible? He frowned, an uncharacteristic look for someone who could laugh in the face of death, literally.

He growled with annoyance. "I'm starving." He cried. "I need meat."

Luffy looked around, drool dripping from the corners of his mouth like waterfalls. He was about to practically faint from his unpredicted hunger when a welcoming sight entered his line of vision. A giant mushroom.

Before Luffy got a proper kitchen and cook on his ship, he used to eat the mushrooms that grew on his rotting ship. Well of course Toad really didn't look like a mushroom to eat, but that didn't stop Luffy from winding his arm up like a baseball pitcher.

"Gum...Gum..." Luffy said, the potential energy in his arms growing. "Rocket!" He cried. His arms propelling himself forward, gaining speed as he approached Toad.
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Heavy: Oof!

Soldier hit me with shovel.

"DAUGH!" I shouted. I rubbed my head. It did not kill, but it was a shock. "Do you not have any tests for spyness?" I asked.

Vagineer walk up to me and shoot me with gun.

"That would have hurt if I were spy!" I shouted.

I pull out minigun. "I would not know to use this if I were spy!" And I fired at an Ing. "Are you convinced, Soldier?" I asked.

LOCATION: The Mushroom Kingdom

Wiggler: Wiggle. (3rd person)

Wiggler looked at a couple Ing-possessed Goombas through the bushes. His eyes narrowed as he hefted his tennis racket. Wiggler silently slunk through the underbrush.

The Ingoombas heard the bushes rustle. They turned toward the sound. When nothing emerged, they turned back.

Wiggler shouted and jumped out of the bushes. He flattened the two Ingoombas with a stomp, before beating them up with his racket. Wiggler then shuffled away.


"Oh my GAAAA----"

I was tackled head-on by a guy in a straw hat. "SON OF A MOTHER, MAN! WHAT'S YOUR DEAL?!"

I bopped him over the nose with a light tap of the hammer, as if training an animal. "Calm down! I'm not like, an animal to hunt, OK? I can walk, talk, and drive a car. Who the heck are you?!" I cried.
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Luffy: Ow mah nose

Actually it didn't hurt at all, even if he wasn't a rubberman. The hammer left a temporary dent in his face, but soon retained its normal form. He rubbed his nose, a pained expression on his face. He wasn't upset that he had just been hit by a mushroom. He was upset that there was a lack of delicious food in his mouth. He wiped the drool from his face.

Luffy sat back on his heels, trying to match his height with the loud mouthed mushroom. "Who the heck am I?" Luffy repeated, as if confirming the question. "I'm Monkey D. Luffy, or Luffy for short." He leaned forward, an insane looking smile covering his face. "And who might you be strange mushroom man?"

While on the outside Luffy was acting a bit psychotic, on the inside he was actually laughing. He must have hit his blubbery little head on something. He couldn't really be talking to a mushroom who could walk, talk and drive a car. Whatever that was.

But after a bit more thinking he realized that the world was full of strange creatures, even if he wasn't in his.

Luffy's eyes widened as he waited for the creatures response.

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Mr. Doe. You know where by now.

The Soldier silently acknowledged the fact that the yarn Heavy was not, in fact, a spy. He also acknowledged their predicament, in a not-so-silent way.

"Well, you may as well come from France, Heavy, because at this very moment you are showing me one thing. You suck at war! You have managed to be overrun by spiders! There has never been a time in history where spiders have attempted to overrun anyone, except for the Russian Red Army, and they proceeded to tear off their legs and rape every single one! You shoud know these things as a bona-fide Ruskie!"

It seemed that his teammates where being attacked by hordes of strange, spiderlike foes, and although the fact that they had held off the enemy was commendable, not making any further progress in the endeavor was not so.

"You maggots are about to get a General Jane Doe-style lesson in the art and the sport of battle! Observe!"

Mr. Doe put away his shovel and pulled out his rocket launcher. He did not aim carefully, but he simply blasted four random shots at several groups of the spider-things.

"Son, you've been here longer then me. What the hell are these things, even? Regardless, I have proven one thing. They die when you shoot them!"

His face was back in the aggressive, demanding expression it was in when he thought that the yarn Heavy was a Spy, when he was not.

Or maybe... Naaaaah. Regardless, these maggots where lost without command. Mr. Doe planned to give it to them.

"This entire unit is now under my command, do you understand that?! Or do I have to tell it to you in your native language, Chinese?! Now that you follow my orders, I command you to push forward and take the brunt of the enemy offense! Engi- no, you're not an Engineer, you're a whatever! Whatever! Do whatever a Whatever does! I shall offer air support! Understood?!"

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Vagineer: Tell Soldier what they're weak against.

I slipped in my translator. "Soldier! They're getting back up! Mere bullets won't kill them. These are the Ing horde! They are dwellers of the dark, and they loathe light to the point that it burns them. Watch this!" I shined a light on the Ing that was getting up. It started to scream and screech. Heavy finished it with his gun.

"Soldier, you gotta light 'em up then get 'em while they're still recoilin'! Plain ol' bullets 'n rockets ain't gonna do nothin' to 'em!"

Toad: Lay it out for him.

"Well, I'm Toad. I'm named because of the toadstool hat on my head." I pointed at the hat. And...

I told him the whole story. It took five minutes.

"Okay, so all we're doing right now is killing those weird, spindly Ing guys. Get the drift?"
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Luffy: Wait what?

To be honest, Luffy has one of the worst attention spans of all time. He was only really listening to the first few words of the beginning of Toad's talk and a few of the last words. During the times that Toads words went in one ear out the other, Luffy was picking his nose with his pinky finger.

Luffy blinked when Toad stopped talking. "So basically, you are trying to kill those weird things?" He asked, pointing to the Ing things with the pinky he was previously picking his nose with. "And you have no food, and I can't eat you."
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Mr. Doe.

"Nonesense, Whatever! Everything dies against rockets!"

And then Mr. Doe turned, to see that his rocket spam had had no effect whatsoever. The creatures had shrugged off his attack and continued their assault unharmed.

"Huh. I stand corrected. Well, I have nothing really that produces light. No flares, no flashbangs, no nothing. Therefore, we must rely on the Whatever's light... but the chain of command has still been reinvogorated!"

He turned and began poking Whatever's head.

"Whatever the hell excuse you have for a face, as long as you can fight, I do not care! Now then! We are all underneath my command now! So as I have discovered the power of light against these things, we need a massive light source! But what?..."

The aged soldier scratched his chin inquisitively.

"Any ideas, men? Because this current setup is inadequate. We need a massive source to overpower this enemy and beat them back to whatever anus they crawled from!"

He sighed.

"If Pyro was here, we coud make a bonfire..."

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Wiggler: Let's go. (3rd person)

[Appropriate Listening:

Wiggler emerged from the forest, pushing away leaves and looking upon the Mushroom Kingdom's current decimated state. Peach's castle loomed grimly in the distance as the Ing have taken over. Dark purple clouds surrounded the area, and a halo of light ringed the top tier. The Ing tended to stay away from it.

Wiggler squinted at the halo of light. He wondered what could be up there...

He walked across a pathway, holding his tennis racket up in case of emergency. Wiggler slunk about.

He crossed into Toad Town. An Ing was chasing a Toad around. The Toad was crying in terror.

Wiggler smacked at the offending creature with his tennis racket.

The Ing screeched, tried to fight back, but Wiggler kept at it. Eventually, the thing scurried behind a building.

Wiggler continued to walk. The normally happy, bustling Toad Town felt depressing. A newspaper blew across the ground. Wiggler looked around and sighed. It used to come here for tennis matches and stuff, as one of the few Wigglers that walked on four legs and utilized four as arms.

The flower on Wiggler's head flapped in the wind. Wiggler kept walking through the deserted town. The cheerful mushroom houses were boarded shut, lights all turned off. The houses were beginning to crumble from disrepair. He knocked on one door, and heard a shout from inside. Wiggler dejectedly turned around and kept walking toward Peach's castle.

Wiggler noted that the main gate to Toad Town was bolted shut. However, the side gate was left unlocked. Wiggler opened it up and shut the gate behind him. He took a deep breath and continued on the path. A tree bearing Super Leaves rocked in the desolate, unforgiving cold wind.

The yellow caterpillar, for the umpteenth time, sighed. Wiggler couldn't get over how depressing this was. It's so depressing, a new word had to be invented to convey how depressing it was.

Wiggler slung his racket in a bag and wore it on his back. Wiggler swung his arms as he trekked down the road.

He checked Peach's castle. The ring of light was still there. He heard screeches in the distance.

The roads were cracked, as if something huge had gone by. Something with tank treads.

Wiggler stepped in something. He lifted his shoe and saw ink dripping from it. Wiggler clomped over to the nearby stream and found a fisherman's bucket. He dipped the bucket into the stream and dunked his shoe's sole into the water. The ink washed off.

Wiggler decided not to dump the bucket. It would be bad for the plants.

The caterpillar continued.

Wiggler took notice that several untainted Goombas were slinking away from him. Wiggler ignored them: best not let them know he saw them. They may freak out.

The color had seemed to have gone from the Mushroom Kingdom. All the bright hues and cheerful colors had dimmed and grayed out.


The Blade roared through the skies of the Mushroom Kingdom. "I see somethin', Boss!" Axem Yellow said to Axem Red. "Lil' guy, runnin' through and across the roads."

"I see that, too. It's a Wiggler!" Axem Red replied. "Eh, what could a Wiggler do, anyway?"

"It's headed toward the castle. Doesn't that bother you?" asked Axem Green.

"I say we go beat him up, just in case," Axem Black asserted.

The Blade leaned toward the ground, its axes hanging from the sides as the airship descended.

Wiggler: What is that? (3rd)

Wiggler turned to look when he heard the rumble of an engine in the distance.

An airship was floating down toward his general area. Wiggler kept walking, paying no mind.

When he noticed the ship was getting awfully close to his exact position, he began to worry. What was it doing?

The ship levelled out, and out popped a team of five armored robots wielding blades and stuff.

"We fight for evil!" said the red one.

The rest began the routine. "We live for disorder!"

"We like what we do!"

"We eat donuts!"

"We wear the trendiest---"

The red one turned around and yelled at the yellow and pink ones. "You idiots! You ruined it!"

He turned back around, sighed, muttered something under his breath, and the group said, "We are..."

Rangers of the Darkness


Wiggler glared at them. He felt his temper flare. He bet they were responsible!

Axem Red charged at the caterpillar, swinging his axe. Wiggler ducked out of the way, barreling to the side like a freight train. Axem Red continued pursuit, jumping after Wiggler. The caterpillar doubled back and whacked Axem Red with his tennis racket. The strings twanged, and Wiggler was holding a broken racket. Wiggler screeched as the axe came a-falling down.

Wiggler ran away. The axe barely missed him by an inch. Wiggler threw his racket at Axem Red, who sliced it in half in mid-air. Wiggler looked for something to throw at them.

Axem Red found a boulder flying toward him.

The boulder made impact. Wiggler breathed heavily. However, his eyes widened when the boulder began to crack, and Axem Red began to fly toward him.

As if that weren't bad enough. Axem Black came from behind. Wiggler saw this mistake, and stepped back and watched the two Rangers crash into each other.

Axem Pink thwacked him in the back of the head with the back of her axe. Wiggler stumbled about, dazed, and Axem Pink kept missing as Wiggler's erratic movements were unpredictable.

Wiggler shook his head and he grabbed the axe handle as it came down. He lifted all four arms and shook Axem Pink back and forth. Axem Pink's eyes rolled around in her sockets. Wiggler smacked her back and forth across the face, before punching her in the snout. Axem Pink's head spun.

Wiggler dropped Axem Pink and hurled the axe at Axem Green, who kicked it away and continued to run after Wiggler. He jumped on Wiggler's back.

And NOBODY jumps on Wiggler's back.

Wiggler's body went red, and steam began to pour from in between his segments. The flower on his head caught fire, and Wiggler gritted his teeth. He bucked like a bronco, trying to knock Axem Green off, tearing at the Axem Ranger with his four arms. He spun around, making Axem Green dizzy. Wiggler screamed and ripped Green off his back, swinging the Axem Ranger around and flinging him into a tree. Leaves dropped and covered the unconscious Green's eyes.

Wiggler spun around and met Axem Yellow's grasp. The tubby tin can wrestled with Wiggler. Wiggler's moves were powered by pure adrenaline, his rage pouring out in every punch he dealt to Axem Yellow. The pain that Axem Yellow tried to inflict, Wiggler did not feel. Wiggler kneed Yellow in between the legs, before he reared and double-kicked and quadruple-punched Yellow in the chest. Yellow spat out three gears and returned a punch, spikes jutting from his metal hands. Wiggler ducked and headbutted Yellow. The impact could be compared to a train crash.

Wiggler's color returned to normal. The five Axem Rangers lay knocked out in a ring around him. Wiggler huffed and puffed. He tried to calm down. He closed his eyes and they returned to normal.

Wiggler sighed and continued the desolate road.
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Appropriate listening:

Sleeping peacefully in his shared bed with Rose, John thought he could finally have a full night's sleep for once. As he slept, he snuggled a little closer to Rose's unclad form until the sound of demonic screaming woke the pair up and prompted them to autochange into their godtier outfits, where they found a elite warrior Ing with solidified bladed limbs oozing into their room and shifting into it's five limbed solid form, a form that Rose quickly incinerated with a burning beam of light from one of her quill's of echidna.

But when John looked out the window, he soon saw a titanic eight legged Ing colossus whose upside down pearshaped body sat upon eight arachnid like limbs while eight clusters of tentacles emerged from it's bulbous head, launching enormous black orbs of darkness that exploded while it's shrieking call brought forth yet more detatchments of the Emperor ing's army.

Other enormous ing battle forms all stood at the ready, flanking the Ing Colossus as it stood high and mighty over the battlefield. Urging Rose behind him wordlessly, John held his hammer out at the ready, the weapon glowing with a nimbus of rainbow energy that caused the gathered creatures of Shadow to shriek in pain as he glowed a light blue with the power of the breeze, causing them to hiss and shriek as a large number of light blue tornadoes ripped through the city, tearing apart the bodies of the ing and leaving only the colossus standing, a beast that he dealt with by leaping into the air and bringing his hammer down on top of it, causing it to collapse into a colossal number of inky puddles.


In the midst of the furthest ring, THE CULLER stood introspecting with it's new found twofold mind as it reflected on Optimus' words that Primus did not approve of it's actions as Nemesis Prime...How dare Primus rebuke him!?! How dare Primus treat him like this after giving so much to the allfather. How dare that pompous fool be so blind as to his love for his children.

But if Primus were to deny Nemesis his destiny, then THE CULLER would tear down the order and structure Primus loved so much. Standing on a torn away piece of a planet, THE CULLER stood out and looked at the countless cosmic bubbles of the Omniverse, a sneer forming on it's hideous tentacled face as it spread out it's wings and raised it's uppermost arms.

A cackling collection of tendrils of energy of every colour, of the power of each and every one of the suns, danced around it, centering itself in an enormous orb above THE CULLER's head that grew larger and larger as it's unimaginable rage against the heavens was focused into this singular all powerful blast. An ultimate display of it's bottomless rage, the RAINBOW RAGNAROK.

In a petulant fit, THE CULLER unleashed the enormous stored orb of energy all at once, releasing an enormous rain of cascading tendrils of raw power that lashed out in every direction. Universes caught in it's path were ripped apart, popped like bubbles shot with an armour piercing shell launched out of a battleship.

The destruction went out in all directions. A universe populated primarily by strange blob men was lanced through, the Great Garblegazer, lord and god of this universe, being pierced through the nucleus and then exploding with the fury of a googolplex suns detonating all at once from just one low powered beam.

In a universe of the marvel metaverse, Galactus, the devourer of worlds, stood ready to consume yet another world, but then a black beam blasted through his head and caused the remainder of his body to explode before the beam ripped apart the very fabric of that reality, which was consumed in black fire

In the meantime a whip of green sun energy sliced through an entire offshoot timeline of the Troll's universe where the Condesce was actually a fairly decent person, the resident Doc Scratch of that universe having enough time to say "Oh, bugger, didn't see that coming." Before the whiplash carved the universe into two parts which both erupted into fire..

In another universe, a large army of Orks was in the process of driving a WAAAAGH! through Imperial forces before the leading Warboss looked into the sky and mouthed off a final curse in pure awe before the enormous white beam, several times larger in diameter than the entire universe, incinerated the entire reality and swung around to obliterate the rest of that particular multiverse.

In yet another reality, an aging Prime stood up out of his seat as he saw a vast incoming blue ray head towards his incarnation of Cybertron, reality itself ripping apart like a cloth being torn through by a flaming chainsaw wielded by a super gorilla with power armour after abusing steroids and being dunked in comic book nuclear waste. He raised his hands to try and defend himself, but it was to no avail, the incoming ray consumed him and his entire reality utterly, the bubble like universe burning in a blue inferno.

In another reality, Mario jumped on a koopa, not particularly noticing that the sky had gone black, but as he stopped to confront an Ing Warrior that had popped out in front of him, he failed to notice the Ing Warrior retreating back into the Dark Dimension, or more correctly, did not understand the significance of it before the radiant heat of a Red Mile blast incinerated him and ignited his entire reality, which went up like tinder being thrown into the sun.

The raging shriek of a petulant god destroyed reality after reality, in all, a graham's number to the power of a graham's number a graham's number amount of time universes were destroyed by the awe inspiring anger that THE CULLER unleashed, and in the warp, the raucous laughter of the Gods of the Warp could be heard as they drew upon the cocktail mixture of the released emotions to increase their own power to unheard of levels.

So furious was the rainbow ragnarok that it reached across time and space, pouring into the past and blasting into a xenoverse in the process of being born, infecting it with the raw energy of the black sun, killing it at once, but raising it into a whole new form of unlife. It had created the dead xenoverse in a fit of pique, ensuring a circular cause for it's own existence.


Sylux stood his ground against a massive force of ing, but despite each shot of his combi-beam killing them by their dozens, they kept on coming, heedless and uncaring of their losses, any of them who had fallen being trampled into goop by their fellows in a mad rush to charge at the Cylosian youth. One warrior ing jumped on him and tried to pin him down with it's bladed legs, but he managed to impale it through the bottom of it's torso with his armblade before firing it off with a three shot burst from the combi-beam.

He swept around with a charged shot, incinerating perhaps another hundred ing, but a Hunter Ing ensnared his limbs with it's tentacles and held him down for the other ing to attack. As his shields were hammered at by the vast army, he kicked one crusher ing, which resembled a upright warrior ing that had two massive arms ending in pincers to crush armor, in the "stomach" to send it off before shooting into the body of the hunter ing that was restraining him to incinerate it.

But even as he transformed into lockjaw mode and dropped power tripwire bombs that detonated into a furious cascade of blindingly bright miniature nuclear explosions, the ing kept on coming, not caring that he had just incinerated literally tens of thousands of their number. He stood on top of a pile of Rubble as a huge mass of warrior ing ran up at him, the sheer cliff being too high for them to climb normally. But they didn't need to climb, the warriors charged at the cliff to die at it, starting to create a ramp out of their own bodies.

He kept on shooting more and more of them, not realizing that the ashes of their bodies was building a perfect ramp for them to scramble up until they began to reach him at very long last and swamp him in bodies, pulling him to the ground and throwing him off the cliff and onto the ground where they hacked and slashed at his armour, their bladed limbs going through his body as his shields failed and his armour's integrity started to become compromised.

But in their infinite depravity, the Ing did not finish the job and left the eighteen year old bounty hunter to slowly bleed to death as they moved to attack other champions, flinging themselves at the Republic Clone troopers, Space Marines, and Orks, who held them back with a liberal spray of firepower, their fortifications seeming to be impossibly formadible, especially as Tau and Eldar came to the fore to bolster their lines, along with the armies of the Rebel Alliance, Soviet Union, GDI, Alliance of Democratic nations, and Team Sleuth.

But again they rushed headlong into the heavy barrage of firepower, simply not giving a shit about casualties, firing off beams of energy that they summoned in from the Dark Dimension to attack their foes as they closed the distance for a devastating charge, where even the valour of the champions proved to be for nothing as they mobbed and swarmed them.

Martellus' limbs were hacked off and his implants were smashed again and again. Bluddflagg went down as he was shot no less than two thousand times by the Ing before they mobbed him and flattened him in a dogpile before one tackled Nailbrain and threw him off his high fortifications to hit the ground with spine shattering force. Davian Thule's weapons rang out again and again while his coruscating power claw smashed apart countless members of the horde, but a mob of possessed chaos dreadnoughts rammed into him with adamantium crumpling force, trampling him down as they repeated their tactic with Bjorn the fell handed.

Moving on, they leapt at Brikkfist in a frenzy, being smashed into goop by the dozens as he swung his hammer again and again while Spookums opened up his portal into the infinite grenades dimension and emptied what must have been thousands of man portable explosives into the neverending sea of Ing, blasting apart millions upon millions of them in the most glorious sea of explosive death that Skaia probably ever saw, but still they kept on coming, but so did Spookum's explosives, as more and more explosives of every kind kept on rolling out of the portal in his backpack, keeping them back while the other Space marines fired at will.

The Ing charged forth at Dave and Jade, Dave immediately taking it upon himself to guard her, hacking and slashing at the semiliquid forms of the Ing to little effect, though he brought each one down with the death of a thousand cuts, aging many into dust while permanently time stopping others, but still they kept on coming, flailing, shooting, and slashing at him. Even his incredible speed would not keep them away for very long. And soon they began to overwhelm him. A mob of no less than a hundred warrior ing jumped off of a ramp and landed on top of him to dogpile the boy into submission.

But this brought out an enraged response from Jade, who more or less roared in anger as she glowed with a fierce amount of green sun energy that created a massive light source, causing the hateful shadow monsters to reel back in pain and anger as they tried to flee from this sudden source of light, only for the green sun energy to explode forth into a furious detonation that incinerated countless trillions of various darklings.

But despite the sheer number of dead ing, the horde was limitless in number, and more kept on charging at the pair, trying to probe her glowing aura of green sun energy for weaknesses while standing at a fair distance, getting blasted by the ocassional potshot from her gun, Ahab's Crosshairs, lancing them through with flashing purple beams that stabbed into the eternal night while the horde made their banzai charge against Team Sleuth.

Despite the impressive amount of firepower Zombie Ace Dick, Vampire Sleuth, and Frankenstein Inspector could put out, the Ing were heedless and uncaring, throwing forth their menial inglet labourers in front of them to waste their enemy's bullets before the warriors did the same for the hunters, who flew at Team Sleuth in numbers thick enough to block out what little light there was left before they swamped the trio and stabbed them countless times with their sharpened tentacles and flying off to search for more victims.

It seemed hopeless, the Ing Horde was so vast that even the immensely powerful champions failed to really make much of a dent in their numbers, and more were constantly pouring into the materium from the Dark Dimension into all realities, and there was nowhere in the whole of the Materium that they could hide from the Emperor Ing from now that all was covered in shadow. Nowhere they knew at least.


Across the Omniverse, the Destroyers marched triumphantly, having subdued virtually all that the Rainbow Ragnarok had not destroyed, and each newly created universe was soon overrun and conquered by the Destroyer Army. In one fell swoop, the Emperor Ing had achieved what three Destroyer lords before it could not. It had conquered the whole of the Materium.

Looking out from it's black throne, the Supreme one gazed upon it's new conquests, and it thought it good. It was the master of all, the unquestioned sovereign of the Material Omniverse and the Dark Dimension. The Champions would soon be overwhelmed by the limitless numbers of it's subjects, and then it would rule on forevermore, omnipotent and unstoppable.

An army of monsters and madmen conjured from the worst nightmares of all living things served at it's beck and call. An infinite variety of worlds were it's to corrupt, they were it's to enslave. It would not be denied it's prize now. The other great powers of the omniverse, save for the Warp Gods themselves, now quailed at it's might, for it had achieved in a matter of hours what so many before it had failed to do in an eternity, conquest of the Materium.

Where the void had faltered, where the Space Pirates failed, where the Dread Cybertronians had stumbled and fell, the Ing Horde was victorious. But there was still one more part of it's plan to be completed, the heart of darkness. Drifting through it's endless nightmare realm, the heart of Darkness was being brought towards the Emperor Ing, where the Supreme one would claim it's prize and dominion of the Dead Xenoverse, and thus of the destroyers and all things.

This is what it needed to make it as powerful as it wanted itself to be. All throughout the Omniverse, the Destroyers were setting up their oppressive rule, having crushed the resistance most any world could offer with the utmost brutality. They simply could not hold out against an infinite army coming at them from every possible and impossible direction at once. They simply were no match for the reality bending powers of the higher destroyers, much less the actuality warping of the Supreme Emperor Ing itself.

The heart of Darkness floated through the dark dimension, that living body of utter malice gliding through the void as it approached the central world of the Dark Dimension, the unfathomable capitol of the Ing Dominion, and thus of the destroyers. A endless host of destroyers gathered outside to watch the Heart of Darkness pass through the realm of the Supreme Emperor Ing and into the Sky Temple of the Supreme one.

It passed through the gates of the Sky temple and through it's entrance, passing through a palace guard consisting of the absolute most vicious beings imaginable and umimaginable, an endless parade of horror that would leave even a great old one waking up in sweaty terror were they to lay their eyes on the guardians of the King of Shadow. Finally, they passed through the final black doors into the chambers of the Supreme one itself, who opened up it's tentacles to welcome the Heart of Darkness towards it.

The heart of darkness glowed fiercely with malignant dark purple energy, it in defiance of all intuition, burned brightly with darkness as it approached it's new host, slowing down as it came closer and closer to the Supreme Emperor Ing. A evil shudder passed through the whole of the Omniverse as the very balance of power was beaten to death like a particularly stubborn bannana suffering the attentions of a starving Gorilla from Krypton.

The cocentric rings of power grew ever darker as they seemlessly merged with the supreme lord of all that lay in the darkness, and Evil became ever the stronger for it. Now there was a new entity of supreme might, and it would make all things call it emperor.


With the champions all but defeated, the Destroyers cackled gleefully, pulling back from battle positions to enjoy the spoils of victory. But they never saw Nexus Prime coming. No, they could not fathom that one of of the thirteen original transformers would be coming here.

They had no way of anticipating the enormous outpouring of orange energy that fried those destroyers who were close to fallen champions, though many of them had enough time to show utterly comical expressions and mutter some last curses before being obliterated.

Floating over the battlefield, the Combiner Transformer looked over the world of Skaia and extended his arms, allowing the power of Order to flow out and imbue the fallen with it's power, while his opposite number, Megatronus Prime, let loose his burning orange rays of entropy fill the fallen Darkbringers and the Tyranid Dominatrix Alpha imbued fallen Alphas with the power of the hive mind.

Even those who had not fallen were strengthened with new power by the arriving Prime, who let the energies of Primus free to empower them and all those champions who would arrive in the future by reaching across the boundaries of time and space, piercing through the veil of what non-singularities saw as reality and gazing through the endless complexities of the Omniverse.

Looking up as he did his deed of resurrection, he said one word with the utmost conviction and might that seemed to shake the very air itself and fill the once boisterously cheering and laughing destroyers with fear. "Rise."

The fallen champions immediately began to glow with transformative energies while their still standing fellows were imbued with a power beyond their imaginings. The power of their patron deities also joined in the cascade of might, bringing them all to a new level of power.

Looking to the gathered heroes of Camp Halfblood, Nexus nodded as he let flow a burst of energy that would bring the demigods into fully blown deityhood to truly allow them to stand against the reality warping threats presented by the destroyers.

The fallen Samuel von Sanders, known to most as Sylux, found his wounds being healed as his nanite infused body began to become imbued with incredible power. Eight spider-like mechanical limbs sprouted out of the back of his suit whiile his antennae found two bladelike antennae sprouting out of the temples of his helmet. His shoulder blades became more curved and pointed, while a long armscythe emerged from his left gauntlet's forearm, and new technopathic potential flowed through him as he truly became one with his alimbic bloodstream nanites.

Going to Team Sleuth, he directed his flow of energy into them, and their bodies began to alter as the full power of their comb raves was unleashed. Pickle Inspector rose as his imagination stat skyrocketed to absurd levels and he began to glow with the pure power of creation. Ace Dick transformed from a Gummy Worm Zombie into...Ace Dick because even Nexus couldn't help with his astoundingly shitty imagination, as Nexus was allowing the Champions to take on their idealized forms, be that whom they always wanted to be, what they always had the potential to be

Problem Sleuth himself woke up to find himself glowing green with the raw power of sheer charisma, his body flanked by birdlike wings while a laurel wreath hung around his head, and his body was encased in noble looking armour.

Those who already acheived self actualization such as the god tiered kids and the combined autobots, received less obvious but still potent upgrades from Nexus Prime. But Nexus saw how fragile the god tiered SBURB players were, and he called forth holy armour charged with the raw power of order into being, encasing them in noble suits of power armour stylzed to fit their personalities.

Going to the Imperials, Nexus channeled the power of the god emperor of mankind and the machine god, who ironically enough was the C'tan known as the Void Dragon, filling them with enough power to reach living sainthood, letting angelic wings erupt from their backs while a holy nimbus of golden light surrounded them. Martellus became encased in terminator armor while he developed seven additional servo-arms and sprouted a huge number of additional mechanidrites, some of which formed metallic wings around the techmarine. Davian Thule and Bjorn were encased in more powerful, and more humanoid contemptor pattern dreadnought shells as they were imbued with the power of the Emperor.

The Primarch Leman Russ was joined by his brothers, all nine of the loyalist primarchs, including two alternate ones, Rachnus Rageous and Tllaioc of the Angry marines and Rainbow warriors respectively, the two lost primarchs.

Going over to the Orks, Nexus turned them into avatars of Gork and Mork, making them much bigger and stronger and enveloping them in hugely bright green auras while they gained other traits that were the pinnacle of their specific castes in ork society.

The Tau were similarly enhanced with the raw concept of the greater good, while the Eldar were bouyed in power by the influences of the Eldar Gods, the raw might of Khaine, Isha, and Cegorach fueling their ascension to new heights.

The clone commandos and captain fordo felt an incredible change go through them as the might of the force ran through their bodies, turning them into enormously powerful force sensitives who could now bend the world with their connection to that mighty power.

"Now...begone!" Nexus said as he looked down at the destroyers gathered on the stolen worlds, his mighty voice filling their implacable minds with fear as they tried to flee. A quadrillion ing all launched themselves at the mighty prime in an attempt to possess him, but he merely increased the glowing power of his aura, and the beings of shadow incinerated instantly upon being met with so much holy light.

He looked down at the Chaos Daemons who started to try and run away from him, but he pointed a hand at them and clenched his fist, shutting them off from the warp and erasing them from existence altogether.

Panicked chaos heretics, guardsmen, and space marines started firing at him to no avail, for he simply robbed all of their shots of all of their energy and had it swirl around him in a nimbus of pure power before redirecting it at them with a thousand times the force, incinerating them with the raw radiance of the simple energy of their attacks.

The armies of Epsilon tried to defeat him with their psychic assaults, blasting at him with their mental abilities in a last ditch effort to try and stop the prime. But Nexus spread his arms out, telekinetically lifting the evil soldiers into the air with their Nod, Nazi, Japanese, and Scrin counterparts. He then slammed his hands together and telekinetically smashed them into one another with so much force that they collapsed into a black hole.

Nexus then swept his left arm around in a wide arc, directing the Black Hole around to sweep up and consume the entirety of the Galactic Empire forces brought here this day to oppose them, the black hole consuming them all before he brought it directly in front of the heartless gathered there and detonated the black hole with the force of a billion supernovas, incinerating them all in a flash.

Frightened skaven and undead tried to run, but he merely increased the gravity for them a thousand fold and they were mulched into paste by their suddenly increased weight, paste that he then used to form an angelic army of ghosts that he directed at the remaining destroyers on the stolen worlds.

Those destroyers on the stolen worlds tried to run, but the summoned golden ghosts of Cybertron were much too quick, and they rent them limb from limb and sucked their putrid souls straight from their bodies to be cast off into the abyss of oblivion.

Looking up into the sky, Nexus summoned forth a battleship to stand on as he looked straight ahead into the vacuum of space, pointing just one hand forward as he began to split open the barrier between dimensions to bring the champions to one place where they could lick their wounds and plan in safety.

A crackling thunderstorm of raw power danced around the cybertronian prime for all to see, and those who fought against the destroyers took heart and watched on in awe as created a ever expanding portal that grew larger and larger, showing the way towards a shimmering yellow and white mirror of reality, the Light Dimension, a place of peace and healing rather than the war and death of the Dark Dimension.

A nimbus of energy soon surrounded the stolen worlds as Nexus willed them into a pattern that would fit into the portal he was creating. World after world set itself into place as they bent to the will of the Angel of Primus, moving as easily as marbles in the wind at his awe inspiring power.

The might he wielded was incalculable, but even he knew that the forces of order needed a place to plan and heal in safety against the limitless forces of Chaos. He raised up his arms and looked straight into the portal, giving out a heady sigh as he flexed his awe inspiring might once again.

World after world was lifted up to his will as he shut down the barrier in front of the portal he created, spreading his arms to widen it as he brought the galaxy's worth of stolen worlds into the soft peace of the light dimension, the portal closing behind them and exploding into a huge yellow burst.


The great suns still glowed on and on, communicating with Primus, asking him to bring forth more of his greatest warriors, and over the green sun, the Fallen, Megatronus Prime, showed the ascended Obsieanum the emergence of two of Primus' warriors.

Looking on in awe, the inevitable of time watched as two shapes began to darken the surface of the green sun, clearly showing that something of awe inspiring might was rising through that sea of reality bending plasma.

The Fallen bid him to be silent, asking him to simply watch as more of his siblings would arise to help the champions fight on in their darkest hour. The Green Sun flashed and flared twice as the two shapes began to rise further and further.

The roiling sea of plasma began to intensify in it's movements, the two entities rising further and further. In hushed awe, the mechanical angel of causal order looked on as two more angels of Primus would rise forth to combat evil.

If Megatronus Prime had the face for it, he would be smiling. He had not seen his siblings in amicable terms for very, very long. An infinite amount of time in fact. There was so much catching up to do. So many foes to slay side by side with his siblings once more.

And finally the winged forms of Solar Prime, a pink coloured Daughter of Primus who was the master of his forge, wielding a hammer close at her side while the winged shape of Vector Prime, Primus' guardian of Time and Space, the blue faced angel holding an archaic looking blade, both emerged from the sea of plasma.

The green sun's matter parted to allow the two Primes to rise into the fore, their bodies glowing with incalculable power as Megatronus nodded at them, bidding them welcome into the current crisis and thanking them for arrival.

Obsieanum was quite simply far too amazed and stunned to say anything, but little did he know that the most favoured son of Primus was also on his way a great distance away, one who would deal with the wayward Nemesis.


Looking out into the field of Debris, THE CULLER watched the aftermath of it's petulant fit of rage, but it saw one piece of Debris with a teleporter on it begin to flare into life as crackling white arcs of energy surrounded a glowing form.

At first dismissing this as nothing important, THE CULLER quickly changed it's tune as it looked closer and saw the shape's wings begin to emerge, it's hands closely clutching a shield and spear that it immediately recognized.

It looked on and saw the winged styling of it's helmet and piercing eyes that glowed with the most noble hue it had ever seen, standing out even against it's immaculate and gleaming white armour that was almost blindingly bright.

The Ing, Demon, and Undead portions of THE CULLER were immediately pained by this huge outpouring of holy light. No, it was not possible, Primus couldn't possibly send him into the fray. No, no! It could not be!

But yet there he was, looking like a robotic angelic knight, the figure rose to it's feet, a hard glare focusing straight on THE CULLER, and the being's expression turned from a hateful sneer into an awestruck look of absolute fear as it muttered one word. "Prima..."

And Prima looked right back at THE CULLER and hardened his glare, his gleaming form folding his wings behind his back as he straightened himself and lowered his weapons, still imposing in the extreme, especially to one as pious as the Nemesis portion of THE CULLER.

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