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 Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War

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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat 17 Mar 2012, 5:42 pm

>Espers: Arise


In a crumbling, dark purple courtyard of Derse, an orange Mist rose around the area. It completely clouded up vision, but when it faded away, twelve large and alien figures replaced it. They were arranged in a semi-circular formation, and at there center was their leader. Ultima, clad in robes of purest white. She examined the battlefield before her with impeccable calmness, and then addressed her allies. "Brothers, sisters. We are no longer shut in the darkest reaches of Ivalice, bound by the foul magicks of the gods. Nay, we are free."

The eleven others cheered with wild hoots, cackling, and shouting. A rumble echoed from inside Famfrit's armor, and Cuchulainn gave out a bellowing laugh, the ground near him shaking as it was already being weakened by his presence. Hashmal roared with the pure feral joy of once again being unleashed. However, their combined noise was soon silenced by a few harsh words from Shemhazai, who aimed once of her arm-cannons at them to make sure he words sunk in. "QUIET! THE SERAPH IS NOT YET DONE!"

The slightest of approving smiles crept onto Ultima's face, and she continued her address. "Yes, we are free. Free to ravage the world once again! These mortals will know of our might as true Scions of Darkness! Come, Belias, Mateus, Adrammelech, Zalera, Hashmal, Zeromus, Shemhazai, Cuchulainn, Exodus, Famfrit, Chaos. Today we reassert our true position in the hierarchy of power! Today, WE FIGHT!" A beam of light from a Redemption spell struck in front of them, signaling permission to advance. Only Shemhazai stood back with Ultima, waiting for any further orders from her leader.

At once the Espers spread out, bounding over and under fallen and still falling buildings to wreak havoc on Derse. Belias bounded over a pile of purple rock and towards a garrison of Republic Clone Troopers. Jumping high up, he plunged his saber into the ground, ripping open the ground in front of them, molten rock and lava bursting forth to the unsuspecting squad. In mere seconds the men standing there were either crushed by the rubble torn up in the attack or they were melted by the lava, screaming as the hotter than burning material ate through their armor, and then through their skin. The screams did not last long, and soon the scent of burnt armor and flesh wafted through the air.

Hashmal followed suit, though he headed east towards a larger gathering of Clone Troopers and Commandos. Pounding the metal slashers on his fists together, he pounced towards them, preparing to slice and crush the entire squadron to bits. He twirled, cutting about five Troopers in half with each hand. The Commandos fired off a few shots, which managed to singe the Esper's torso a little. In response he growled, and tore up a piece of the ground beneath him, tossing it at the remaining Commandos. With a sickening crunch the boulder crushed them, and blood pooled out from under it. Licking the gore off of his bracers, the Bringer of Order roared again, and bounded off in search of new prey.

Cuchulainn walked forward at a steady pace, not too concerned about any attacks at all. The ground beneath him wore away with every step he took, and the air around him was filled with a sort of putrid scent and substance. In fact, anything that did not possess godlike power would likely fall on the ground dead if they got so much as a foot near him. Needless to say, no other Esper followed him. Even they felt revolted being around their Impure companion.

Most of them, however, took to the skies in search of a good fight. Exodus rose up above a particularly thick group of Space Marines. From this height he could not see any real details about them, but he realized they were good targets. Raising his hands, he summoned a storm of comets to rain down upon the Marines. He watched them scatter, but to no avail as the space rocks smashed into them with startling and deadly accuracy.

Zeromus seemed to swim along the tops of the buildings until he found a small group of Orks. Casting Slowga, and then Hastega upon himself, he rushed towards them all, firing off multiple Gravigas towards the Orks, who seems to move in extra-slow motion as they fell onto the ground, in pain at the internal damage inflicted by his Gravity spells. He clawed at a couple with his pincers, then proceeded to impale multiple targets with his tail. When the time magick stopped the Orks were all lying on the ground. Many of them had gaping holes in their chest, pouring out blood and organs. Some of their bodies were mauled with claw marks, and others had various limbs missing from attacks with his pincer. Zeromus merely moved on, looking for more to fight.

The remaining thee Espers, in the meantime, had found something rather fascinating. A huge brawl was taking place near some sort of palace. This was a dead-on invitation to join in. Mateus and Chaos stayed up in the air, and summoned a few dozen Ice Azers and Fire, Earth, Water, and Air Chaosjets. They were all elementals, of course, though their actual element affinities differed. The Espers then directed the summoned forces to the battlefield, where they set about attacking any sort of Champion force indiscriminately. No particular target, just pure violence. Zalera, meanwhile, lowered himself to the battlefield, and with a wave of his hand brought down intense beams of magic onto the Champions, particularly focusing on the larger ones such as Bumblebee.


"Where the hell are we...?"

Lebreau's comment felt unusually loud in the silent and stunned atmosphere of the group. They had been walking through the burning city, and despite the clatter and noise of war all around, it was oddly quiet to them. Maybe it was the smoke, which continually tried to attempt forced entry into their windpipes with every breath, or besiege their eyes. Maybe it was the stench of burning flesh rising from the mutilated and charred bodies all around. Maybe it was the stifling heat of the inferno slowly cooking them. Either way the battle had seemed distant until her words snapped them back to reality.

Yuj's face had a disgusted look on it as he side-stepped around a charred corpse, which he had almost stepped on earlier. "I don't know, and I don't think I want to know either. Let's just try and stay safe." And clean, he thought, reminding himself that if he had taken that one step his right shoe would've been completely ruined. He spent one hundred gil on those shoes; he wouldn't like to get them wrecked.

Gadot readied his gun, and fell to the hind of the party. It was in times like these that he took command, and this was definitely no exception. "Alright guys, we're going to patrol this place. I'll take up the rear. Maqui, you're the only one that can see in this damn smog, so go and scout out the rest of the street for any danger. We'll be close behind."

"Alright!" Pulling his goggles over his eyes, Maqui headed out to inspect the narrow streets. They were actually trusting him with an important job for once, this was awesome! He quickly scanned the alleyway, trying to catch sight of anything helpful of unusual. So far, nothing. The buildings were either caved-in or blazing, and there weren't too many obstacles in the streets. The presence of the bodies had thinned out as well, meaning that there was less to step over. However, for some reason this was less comforting than he thought it would be.

He rounded the corner of the alley, expecting it to be much like the one that they had been walking down. His hypothesis was soon proven incorrect, and he scrambled back to the safety of the adjacent wall of the building. He peeked his head out again to examine the scene.

A huge crater, about a yard away from them, stretched out for about a mile. Floating above it was a Pulse fal'Cie, encased in a protective covering. Inside the crater, legions of Cie'th shambled out like ants on some sort of warpath. Luckily they were headed in the other direction. On a not-so-lucky note, Chonchon were patrolling the area. The winged Cie'th were mere heads with crystalline hands digging into the sides of their faces, not much of a challenge, but they gave off one hell of a scream, according to what he had read.

Screams that could alert the million-fold legion to their presence. "Guys! Stand back!" He whispered, gesturing for the others to hide. They would be able to find a good little hiding spot, but unfortunately for him he was way too close to the impact, and the only viable hiding spot was currently the entrance to a building, which was blocked by a wall of fire. Plus, a single Chonchon was fluttering his way. He wouldn't be able to get away before he was spotted. Damn it! His one chance to prove his competence was ruined by a freaking Cie'th butterfly. A freaking butterfly. He just feels so pissed off right now. The thing is getting closer and closer and he can't even stop it--

Before he realizes it, a stream of maroon-brown magic shoots out of one of his hands, and hits the Chonchon. The effect is almost immediate; black and brown, partially scabbed blood streams out of the thing's mouth, and it falls to the ground dead. However, before it falls, it gives out a loud, uncomfortable human screech. Not immediate enough. He stands still, stunned by the sudden appearance of magic on his list of talents. Did he somehow get branded before the group ended up on this wartorn world? He would have to check later.


For now there were more important things to worry about, like the group of about five hundred Cie'th progressing towards them. Among them were two Geiseric, lumbering giants with deformed, club-like left fists larger than all of the NORA gang combined. Winged Cie'th like the Nelapsi tumbled around in the air, convulsing violently, and twitching, cannon fodder-esque Ghouls led the front lines. Ghasts formed the bulk of the legion, however, their durable forms easily suited to the task.

Three Chonchon dive-bombed Lebreau, who responded almost instinctually, shooting out magic-powered attacks from her rifle. All of them hit, and the over-eager monsters were blown to bits with a satisfying popping sound. Obviously she was also confused by the sudden appearance of magic abilities, but she ignored it in favor of attacking the Geiseric, who were so far the most dangerous of the Cie'th.

Gadot noticed only a great increase in how powerful his gunfire was against the Ghasts. Attacks that normally would have bounced off their hard, crystalline hides instead hit them like it would any normal human. An entire line of twenty was pumped full of holes oozing and sputtering out the scabby black blood, and they collapsed onto the ground. However, he had ignored the presence of the approaching Geiseric, which was now about to swing its mighty fight at him.

A stream of blue energy then fell over him, shielding Gadot from the majority of the blow. He flew a few feet back before landing unceremoniously on the ground, but his insides appeared to be intact, with the exception of some bruising.

"Hey man, you have to pay more attention! One second without me and you would've been dead!" Yuj's hands were filled with the same energy that was shielding Gadot, indicating that he was his obvious savior. The blue-haired man then proceeded to give his friends the same boon that he had given Gadot. "Let's see...that's about four hundred...something to go, right? Let's see how long we can last!"

"That's the worst idea I have ever heard in my life, Yuj!" Maqui cast the same spell at multiple Nelapsi's flying overhead. The internal bleeding seemed to take much longer to kill them, but in a matter of thrity seconds they plummeted to the ground, though not before spewing out their sick blood near the group.

Switching to Shell, the energy in Yuj's hands changed to green, and he quickly began adding that defenseive buff onto his friends. "You know what, Maqui? You're the worst idea I've ever heard in my life."

"That doesn't make any damn sense!" Maqui dodged the fist blow from the second Geiseric. These things were powerful, but they were slow. Yuj responded with a sly grin and a laugh, which only seemed to irritate his friend more.

"Can you two just shut up already?! We're trying not to get killed here!" Lebreau fired a couple of ice-encased bullets at a group of Chonchon about to descend upon the bickering pair. "Acting like a couple of three year-olds isn't helping!"

Indeed it wasn't. The situation of the Geiseric was getting worse. The Cie'th were pushing them back into the narrow alley, where they would have much less room for outmaneuvering the fists of the giants. The flying Cie'th were attacking relentlessly as well, able to get behind them. They had only sustained scratches and bruises so far, but they knew it would soon get worse if they didn't gain any ground.

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5894955
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat 17 Mar 2012, 6:38 pm

Magolor: Ack!

"Bee! Watch out!" I shouted, bringing the Lor down and raising its shields. The ship shoved in front of Bumblebee and the orb that it was encased in knocked the blasts of magic away. "More of them?! And magic-users, too! The most ANNOYING type of foe one could have!"

I spun the Lor toward them. "I don't know WHO you are, but we're doing something important here! So BUTT! THE! !?$#@%! OUT!"

I let loose everything the Lor had. I don't know about you, but I was sick of Destroyers. I was sick of the universe being in jeopardy. And most of all, I was sick of having to live with what Dark Matter made me do.

And I was in a very sour mood. I'm not taking any !?$#@ from any !#$@?ing one.

The Lor Starcutter fired thousands of starbursts, energy orbs, and galestorms at our newest attackers. Then the Lor encased itself in a shield and charged at the villains.

I charged back and forth, trying to splatter them into roadkill. I stopped and turned the ship around, blowing a giant tornado toward the group of evildoers.

"Whoa, Magolor's in a rage," Toad commented.

Toad: Help Magolor's RAEG!

I planted my next vehicle: a Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 fire truck... that wasn't Sentinel Prime, that dirty !@?$@#ing !@#$?er.

I jumped into the cab. "You want a piece of me?! YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME?!" I shouted, spraying the truck's fire hose at the offenders. Then I peeled off after them, the six wheels spinning.

I planted a mushroom and sent the truck into the air. "Whoops! Almost forgot!"

I quickly taped two jet engines onto the Panther. "How is this thing even flying? Ah, well, better not jinx anything. How does the Lor fly?"

The flying fire truck spun around and crashed into one of the assailants, the guy who threw the comets. I leaned forward and brought the truck spiraling downward. The jet engines aided the force of gravity.


I jumped out of the truck and kept on guard. Surely I pissed that guy off.

I left the truck there... just to be safe. I'm still worried that he might bust out of there... Okay, that's it, I'm running.

I planted a mushroom that ballooned into a Scania 144 530 truck. I jumped into the cab and peeled of quick as possible.

I screeched to Optimus Prime's side. "Hey, Prime! We've got company! There's several guys up there that want to kill us all! I think they're with the Destroyers!"
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun 18 Mar 2012, 12:07 pm

"oh my god what the fuck even is this"
"what're you even complaining about now??"
"absolutely everything oh my god what the fuck im sure i made it clear that everything is completely wrong and fucked up"
"can you just shut up and deal with it for at least five minutes?"
"no fuck you"
"only if you really want t-"
"that wasnt an offer"

>Dave: Smack John in the face

Dave's feather's bristled in annoyance as he flapped a wing out to his side to hit John right in the face. It wasn't that hard of a hit, but it managed to daze him a little bit. "that wasn't cool at all dave!" Came an annoyed muffle from the John rubbing his face and fixing his glasses. Dave smirked and moved his wings back to sit nicely on his back, out of the way, at least. "now look whos complaining" John glared at him, a little bit annoyed at that uncalled for hit in the face, though decided not to dwell on that subject for too long, less the yelling would start and such. Actually they weren't even that sure what was going on around them here. Dave was simply stated that everything was just on fire and purple. Best description yet. Well he was a little confused about most things here, considering it was 'all completely wrong'. And John was having a lot of trouble making him just shut up about things being 'wrong' and just focus on other things like oh I don't know, not dying or something? Well they had attempted to steer clear of the worst of the smoke that threatened to choke them to death, and well, they thought they had managed to do that pretty well. There was the occasional bursts of coughing, but at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

What bothered them most though.

Was the fact they hadn't run into anything or anyone yet.

And that's exactly when they noticed some weird crystal looking things. And there was a whole fucking load of them heading in towards some alley.

>Dave: Be confused

"what the fuck is that" Dave pointed a clawed finger at the creatures heading in towards the alley, confusion definitely in his voice. He actually expected John to know what they were here, mainly because hey, Dave was so culturally confused here and didn't know what the hell anything even was right now. He actually even got a little annoyed when John simply shrugged in reply. Why the hell didn't he know? He totally knew like everything!!
"dave seriously i don't have a clue this isn't exactly something that i'd know about for once."
"whatever i want a closer look" Dave grunted and stretched his wings out again, narrowly missing John's face, causing John to squeal a bit and duck out of the way. No he didn't want to get hit in the face. Certainly not again.
"hey stop doing that!! and don't you even dare just fly over there and leave me here!"
"calm your tits ill be just a fucking minute"

>John: whine

Already on it. Busy whining at Dave to not leave him? Yep definitely.

>Dave: Fuck Shit Up

Before John could protest again against Dave's idiotic idea, he had already lept into the air, flapping his wings quickly to gain altitude as quick as he could manage. Yes he could still hear John yelling at him to get right the fuck back down here now. He was quite lucky that none of the Cei'th had actually spotted him right now because of his loud yelling! Dave ignored them and flapped his way in to get a good view over the alley. He was rather high up, above the Cei'th, but he'd noticed some people inside that alley being attacked by them. Hm. They obviously weren't good news the crystally things. Of course, Dave was straight into that, maybe he could help those people get out of there and maybe they'd tell him what the hell they were fighting! Yes! That would totally work! It took him just a minute to ready himself before he dived down and grabbed one of the flying things, smashing it into the ground beside the people inside the alley, before leaping back into the air and doing the same with another, not stopping to take a look at anything else going on.

Fuck yeah.

It's not 4 you jackass, it's fucking nothing. There is no end.

It seems you may have just called me a fish.
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun 18 Mar 2012, 1:43 pm


Exodus was hit right square in the pedestal with the flying truck, and was slammed down to ground level. His body was damaged, but he did not feel any pain. Nay, he felt nothing. He knew that this lack of alertness would get him killed down in the battlefield, however. He signaled to Chaos, urging him to cover for the Judge-Sal. "Chaos...Make sure I survive as I get away from here. I must warn Ultima." The Seraph would want to know of these forces immediately.

The Walker of the Wheel nodded, and floated up in front of Exodus as soon as the barrage of fire from the Lor started. The Judge-Sal made a quick exit, as Chaos bore the attacks. His armor was dented, but other than the dull, throbbing pain he was not seriously harmed. In response he called up a Whirlwind attack, sending the cutting air spiral towards the ship as it charged. He moved to the side and narrowly dodged the melee attack, only to be blown back a great many feet by the tornado. Two could play at that game. He charged up four Whirlwinds and hurled them towards the ship, attempting to cut through the shield and to those within.

Mateus, being much more quick and agile, dodged a great majority of the barrage. However, some of the attacks did hit his bound goddess, who shrieked in pain at the energy orbs and starbursts hitting her exposed skin. Obviously he ignored it. The damn thing had experienced worse. The melee attacks were very close, however, and one time the ship grazed his side, causing him to internally wince. The tornado had much more effect on him, and nearly slammed the corrupt Esper to the ground. In response he summoned a Blizzaja attack, letting out a storm of ice to freeze the ship in its tracks.

Zalera was able to dodge most of the ranged attacks, still keeping his purple cloak hugged to himself like a matador while doing so. However, he was not so lucky on the melee attack. The ship rammed pint blank into him, and he was thrown onto the ground. Then one could see what he was keeping to himself. On his caped arm was a woman, her eyes covered by a red visor. He stood up, and if he had facial muscles, he would have glared at the ship with great fury. He whispered something in the shamaness's ear, and then spread out his cloaked arm completely. The woman gave out a scream that would make even the most hardened of warriors cringe. Various Mooks would soon be found to be dropping dead right where they stood. The numbers would not be large, but they would be able to thin out the battlefield for some other, more sinister entrants.

Cie'th. The Cie'th that had not gone after NORA had instead followed their intended pah towards the battlefield. Thousands of them shambled and soared in, slashing mindlessly at any that would get in their way, specifically of the Champion alliance. Many of them were instantly cut down by the overwhelming amount of gunfire in the area. However, it was not strength that made them powerful, it was their numbers. They kept pouring in, commanded by the fal'Cie floating above, which was night impervious to attacks. good thing too, because it couldn't do anything but command its formerly human forces.



"Kid! Just keep on doing what you're doing, okay? Thanks!" Dave would soon find that he was going to get aid in taking down the flying Cie'th, as Lebreau began to fire at them, weakening the monsters and keeping them occupied while the boy could go on and attack. Meanwhile, Yuj cast a Protect spell on Dave, ensuring that he wouldn't get utterly shredded by their attacks. He would need it, as about ten of the whole flock began to focus on him, diving and kicking at him.

The Geiseric, meanwhile, were proving to be quite the trouble. Gadot was doing his best to lead them away from everyone else, but he was hard-pressed as it was to avoid their attacks. Even with the buffs on him another slam from those fists would certainly do him in. He fired at their legs, trying to bring them down, but the bullets bounced off, the crystal proving too hard to break.

In response, Maqui decided to cast a different spell rather than one that caused massive internal damage, as the giants seemed to be hardly affected by it. He fired a Deprotect at the first Geiseric, hoping that the spell would at least do something. And it did. The crystal softened, rotted from the inside. The monster shook and roared, obviously hurt by the attack. That was when its legs were shot off by a sudden barrage of Gadot's bullets.

The appendages went flying, spraying black, scabby blood and rotted crystal, now resembling more dry, crusty wax, all over the place. The giant crashed onto the ground, still trying to crawl towards its targets. It lifted up its head to moan, but was quickly cut off by a dozen bullets lodged in its face. The creature quickly expired, slamming back down onto the street.

However, there was still the matter of the second Geiseric. It, obviously enraged by the death of its comrade, was now swinging its fist much more quickly than normal. Maqui tried to cast Deprotect on it, but he was having as much luck at making the spell stick like before. "Crap! Why are the last ones always the worst?!" He narrowly dodged a downward clubbing from the giant, which left a small but deep crater in the ground.

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5894955
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSun 18 Mar 2012, 1:53 pm


The impregnable, ridiculously-armed walls, manned by the Destroyers in hopes to cease the onslaughts and advancements of the Champions, could not withstand the sheer power that was laid before them. A Dersite upon the wall descended his gaze to see a man in a suit, a peculiar orange aura shining about him, standing not too far off from the barricade, seemingly intent upon its destruction.

With but single, fierce pointing of his finger, the entire section of the barricade in which the unfortunate soldier was patrolling fell to the ground below, killing everything that was upon it, either through the force of the fall, the weight of the rubble, or the fires emitted from the explosion that came from the collapsing weaponry.

Of course, the lawyer was not the only threat. A fierce horde of some Destroyer soldiers were quickly dispatched in order to neutralize the lone attorney. However, instead of the lawyer, they soon found themselves face-to-face with a little girl, her wings bizarre and befuddling, and her twisting, writhing blade some eldritch to behold.

Of course, their stares did not last long, as a sudden square, shining in a brilliant light proceed to form between her fingers, at which point she pointed it directly at the horde. Suddenly, orbs, seemingly composed of pure magic energy, sprang forth from nowhere, all smiting the myriad of soldiers, causing them to either fall to the ground of evaporate into nothing.

However, as Wright and Flandre made it past the barricade, they soon found themselves about to be charged by a fleet of Chaos Space Marines. The two, their teeth bared, magic and power both flowing from their hands, stood ready to face the oncoming rush of some of the toughest soldiers in the Destroyer army.

And then, all that was visible was a streak of blinding, golden light.

(( Appropriate Listening: ))

And there Immediate stood, his brilliant, shining armor reflecting an orange tint from the leaping flame. In his hands were bands of golden light, tethering countless swords together. With a solid movement, the being lashed his epic whip, forging great gashes in the CSMs’ armor. Using his motion, the crusader of epicness quickly did some acrobatics, and brought down the lash once more, impaling a VERY sizable chunk of the CSMs, pinning them to the ground.

Phoenix stood emotionless, glancing at Flandre, ”So… Immediate is the new friend you were talking about, right?”

”You bet!”

Immediate turned his head around, ”Flandre, Wright, I’ll fend off these meager armies. You two sally forth to Nemesis.”

And so, they did.

Destroyer Defense Line

”BAH!” Spat Werk, proceeding to ram his massive wing into a wall, thereby crushing every Champion between the two objects, ”Our defense is pitiful. The Champions are breaking through without a care. No… this fight is useless. Chaos shall not smile upon Nemesis this day.”

With that, the hateful owl proceeded to spring high into the sky, soaring along whilst observing for a worthy battle. Lucky for him, he soon peered into an alleyway, and spied a fight between some feathery humanoid and a slew of other miscellaneous beings. Deciding his route carefully, the wrathful bird descending into the streets, but not ceasing his flight, but rather allowing every being within his path, be it Champion, Darkbringer, Tyranid, or Destroyer, to become but a mere, diced, pureed corpse that adorned his path, until he finally stood before the entrance to the alleyway, standing upon the pile of body parts that he had accumulated upon his person during his flight.

He did not care whose allegiance these beings swore to. To his fierce, intimidating eyes, they were but skulls that shall be wedged upon the Skull Throne.
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>Dave: Keep doing what you're doing

Dave merely hissed a reply back at well, actually he really didn't know who was even telling him to keep doing what he was doing. Just a bit too busy ripping Cie'th apart and smashing other's to the ground, "cool whatever but do you mind telling me what the fuck i am attacking" Not that he even expected an answer about that, really, and anyway he guessed that it really didn't matter too much anyway, because really knowing what you're ripping apart isn't even that important anyway! He was grateful for the help though, as there seemed to be too many for him actually attacking him now, which was just wonderful being clawed and kicked at!

>Stop exactly what the fuck you are doing what is this bird thing

Dave sort of froze mid air. Or well, of course his wings were still beating to keep him up, so really just hovering. He shot a glare at the massive owl, squawking and flying backwards a little, not quite liking the close distance with it at all. "ok what the fuck is this" Really he asked no one in particular that question, just sort of said it aloud and pointed at Werk.

>John: oh god what

John had really just been watching from a distance the whole time. Of course, he couldn't actually see into the alley from here, but he had definitely saw Werk make his way in there and such, kind of hard to miss. He really wasn't too sure about even going over there right now, but he really did have to go and get Dave and see if he was alright. Which he hopefully was. John decided to make his way over slowly, of course not wanting to really be noticed at all here.

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Magolor: Let's go.

((Appropriate Listening:

"Oh, you want to do this the hard way, huh? Bring it on!" The Lor's shields went up once again and the ship blasted through toward my assailant. It spewed stars from its emblem to deter the cutting air blades. The ship blasted through with the force of a freight train, spraying starbursts as it went. Then I flew far away, before turning the ship around and strafing the guy with starbursts that followed his movements.

Lucky I did so, too. I saw a blizzard sweep past where the Lor had stood. The ship spun around and blasted three homing yellow energy orbs, before letting loose another tornado.

That's when the scream came. I cringed as the Lor's panels began to spark. "Oh, nuggets," I grumbled. Warning lights flashed, and things popped. The fire extinguisher came to life, spraying water everywhere. The shields weren't soundproofed, I could hear the darn guy from in here!

"Shut up!" I yelled, spinning the ship around and letting loose a starstorm at the screamer, plus the area around it for good measure.

Daisy: Come back into focus.

Seriously. There are so many people here that it's hard for somebody to get a good view of someone's actions.

Anyhow, let's see. Three Chaos Marines on me at once. Big, burly, look like they've been working out for twenty years.

I cracked my knuckles. "Alright, boys, let's get this over with."

I jumped over their weapon fire, smacking one in the face and distracting him. I snapped his gun in two before knocking him on the head with one of the pieces. "How'd ya like that?"

I then pushed him over. These guys were bulky, but that wasn't really a problem for me. Then, to finish it all off, I caused a crystal spire to penetrate his chest.

"Who's E-rated now?!" I mocked.

The others rushed me. I turned around and swept my arm, creating a wall of quartz. The Marines crashed through, tripped, and allowed me to do the same to them. "Suck it, !%?#$es!"

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Chaos was at first caught very much off guard as the first wave of starbursts battered him, causing even more dents in his armor. He moaned in pain, but was more prepared when the Lor started to strafe, summoning a literal legion of Chaosjets to take the brunt of the blows. Leftover fire did manage to damage him further though, which sent the Walker into a rage. He rushed at the Lor and began to attack it at a much closer range, the four spear-like pillars floating around his pedestal lashing out at the ship's shields. He also began to cast more Whirlwinds in a sort of double assault.

Mateus summoned three Ice Azers to take the large part of the orb blasts, but he was harmed by the remainder of their power, which singed his armor. He did not have time to recover as the tornado knocked his down again. He gave out a screech that sounded like some sort of mix between a dolphin and a bat, readying his spear for an attack. He swam (if that's what one could call the motions he made) to the Lor and joined in the attack, periodically casting Blizzara at the shield as well.

However, the Death Angel was not so lucky. Having no real defenses like Chaos or Mateus, he was forced to try and dodge the storm that came hurling at him. Holes were seared through his cloak, and the shamaness let out a few more screams in pain. Eventually, however, a particularly large starburst hit his right leg. Croaking out a cry of pain, Zalera knew that he couldn't stay and live anymore. Encasing himself in his cloak again, he flew off quickly in search of Ultima. Damn Exodus was old and slow, there was no chance that he'd get to the Seraph in time. What the heck was Chaos thinking, letting an old Esper do such a crucial job?


A few more blasts of magic-ed bullets, and the number of flying Cie'th was reduced to about half of what it was earlier. Of course, there were still plenty of the creatures left. "You mean you don't know what they are?!" Lebreau looked horribly confused. How could someone NOT know what a Cie'th was? She finally took a closer look at the kid, comprehending the wings and talons he had. Her eyes widened, not out of fear but out of a mix between surprise, interest, and a bit of 'why the heck did I not notice that before'.

It seemed that the others had not quite seen it as well, mostly due to fighting off the rest of the monsters. "Whoa." Yuj looked up at Dave, obviously having a bit of the same reaction as Lebreau did. He snapped out of the staring a bit more quickly though, as he had the long claws of a Ghoul to dodge. "So you want an explanation, Chocoboy? These things are Cie'th. If you don't even know what these are I think it'd take forever to explain the whole story, so let's just say these guys used to be human."

Then Werk flew down, cutting the ground forces of the Cie'th apart. He even managed to lop off the Geiseric's head, which was probably the only good thing about the owl's arrival. Gadot and Maqui turned around, already having that sort of gut feeling that this owl was not good news. They took a brief look at Dave, Maqui muttering a quiet "awesome" under his breath, before they readied their weapons at the owl. "So," Gadot asked Dave, "This guys a friend of yours?"

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5894955
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Werk glared menacingly down upon the fighters that stood before him, who all stood previously startled, but now ready to fight. The bitter avian listened to their banter, deciding, in his mind, not to spoil their final words, but eventually decided on a fine area in the conversation to interject. ”Insolent mortals.” he scoffed, his voice bearing nothing but the feeling of pure bitterness and hate, ”I find your foolishness humorous, daring to compare me with this mere mortal, this pathetic excuse of an avian, this idiot whose arrogance causes him to question my presence, and not bow before me, like any wise mortal who knows that shall be smote by Chaos.”

Bored from his speech, Werk slowly adjusted his erect claws and sheathed wings into a beginning battle stance. ”But no matter! I shall reveal to you insignificant pests the true folly of your lack of respect, and bestow to you a merciless death!” With hardly any trouble at all, the massive owl proceeded to spread his wings, the middles of which easily colliding with the walls of the buildings, and with what seemed like little effort, proceeded to extended them even further, causing every building that made up the alleyway to lose its balance and fly several kilometers.

With a monstrous, unearthly, avian screech, which subsequently caused every mook’s head within the nearest couple miles to explode, Werk blasted forward in a surge of blinding fire, his wings extended so as to rip any unlucky fighter in his path in half. Having already moved at ridiculous speeds to the other side of the battlefield, the Khornate proceeded to ascend his flight pattern, soaring high into the sky.

Several explosions of red began appearing around the silhouette of Werk, with each explosion seeming to bring three more in its wake, until finally a horde of Kamikaze-Robot-Falcons began to descend upon the fighters, allowing for Werk to begin making a direct downward spiral towards the ground.

As he spun, his peculiar hate-fire seemed to burn even more intensely around him, until he was something of a living fireball. However, before he could crash into the ground, the owl quickly pulled a ridiculously hard turn, his wings spread, allowing him to glide across the battlefield at blinding speeds, acting once more as a living guillotine. However, in the process of doing so, while most likely missing the heads of his adversaries, he still had his intense flames, scorching the battlefield to ludicrous temperatures.
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>Dave: flip shit...?


Dave glanced down at Lebreau, somewhat annoyed that she had responded to him like he was an idiot. "hey hey fuck you" He hissed at her. No he certainly did NOT know what they were! He didn't know a lot of things about this place to be honest! Everything was just wrong! He was a bit happier when Yuj had actually given him an answer. It wasn't a very good one, but as far as Dave was concerned it explained things so that was good enough for him. He simply nodded, before the next question popped up.



Without any time at all to even make a snarky comment back to Werk, Dave pretty much acted on some kind of instinct, diving down to grab someone - anyone, that he could possibly get out of the way of Werk's rage. It happened to be Maqui he had grabbed, probably because he looked pretty small, which would obviously make him easier to carry and such. As soon as he was sure there was a good grip on Maqui, he was straight back up into the air.

Flee from battle.
Like a PUSSY.

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Magolor: Uh-oh.

Sooner or later, this thing's gonna give. So I decided to do something real stupid.

I sent the ship spiraling toward the two assailants, blasting a jetstream from the mast to counter the ice and sleet that offended the ship. The turbulence was no real problem: it's worse when I transverse dimensions.

But those spikes. That could be a problem. I decided to blow 'em up.

I turned the tornado toward the spikes and caught them as they lashed about. They still whacked the shields of my precious Starcutter, but eventually they were crunched to dust and whipped about in the tornado.

The dust cleared, and I dove straight into the dastardly duo, before spinning upward, firing a mass of stars, and blasting them away. "So there!" I sneered after them.

Fillmore: Keep running!

I rolled down the corridors of the fortress. "You can't hide from me!" GLaDOS blipped. "Deploying neurotoxin!"

"Ha! Sorry, but I'm a car. Poison's not going to work on me!" I jeered. GLaDOS cursed and stopped the neurotoxin.

Wheatley whimpered in the back. "What're we going to do? She's gonna find some way to kill us, that's for sure!"

"Calm down, Wheatley, we'll think of something," I reassured.

I ducked into a room, rolling down a set of stairs and across a catwalk. I found an elevator and barged into it. We descended.

The doors opened. I rolled out... and found myself in the heart of the facility. "We've been running for this long? Wow!" Wheatley said rather loudly.

GLaDOS herself turned. "Ah, there you are. You've been quite the pain in the neck so far... I've arranged a little surprise to relieve the pain. For you, and me as well. You'll never have to endure anything like this ever again."

Five turrets surrounded us, chattering in excitement. But then, each of them caught fire and exploded. "What just happened?" I asked.


"You idiot! You sat on the button!" yelled a Chaos Space Marine to a Gremlin.

The car shivered. "I didn't know it was there!"


"I suppose the neurotoxin can't kill you... I think we are just going to have to stand here and glare at each other. At least, until I can find an efficient way to kill you."

I knocked Wheatley out of my trunk. He rolled about. "Oh... It's you," GLaDOS grumbled.

"Listen, buddy, you're a car! Can't you bust out of this elevator?" Wheatley inquired.

I shrugged. I suppose I could try." I picked Wheatley up and crashed through the glass.

"What are you doing?!" yelled GLaDOS.

We heard a message: "Warning: Central core is 80% corrupt."

GLaDOS whirred in confusion. "That's funny. I don't feel corrupt. In fact, I feel pretty good."

"Alternate core detected."

Wheatley piped up excitedly. "Oh, that's me they're talking about!" he exclaimed.

"To initiate core transport, please insert substitute core into the receptacle."

"Core transfer?" GLaDOS snorted. "You have got to be KIDDING me."

"I've got an idea!" Wheatley beamed. "Do what it says; plug me in!"

"Do not plug that little idiot into my mainframe."

"No, you SHOULD plug that little idiot into the mainframe."

I sped to the receptacle and dropped Wheatley in. "All set, Wheatley! GLaDOS, you're going down!"

Substitute core accepted. Substitute core, are you ready to begin the procedure?"


"Corrupted core, are you ready to begin the procedure?"

"NO!" GLaDOS protested.

"Oh, yes she is!" Wheatley yelled.

"No, no, no, no, NO!"

"Stalemate detected. Transfer procedure cannot continue."

"Yes!" GLaDOS said triumphantly.

Wheatley gasped in terror. "Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out! Pull me out!" he shrieked.

"Unless a stalemate associate is present to press the stalemate resolution button..."

"Wait! Leave me in! Go press that button!"

I knew exactly what to do. I crashed through another window and made for the button. But GLaDOS blocked me.

Not that it was really a problem... a one-and-a-half ton Volkswagen microbus versus a linoleum plate? Who wins?

I slammed the button.

"Stalemate resolved."

GLaDOS convulsed in pain. Electricity sparked across her mainframe, and Wheatley happily shouted, "Here we go!"

But then he became worried. "Wait... what if this hurts? What if this really hurts?"

"Oh, it will..." GLaDOS growled. "It will."
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>Bring Straxus Down!

Appropriate listening: 1:17-3:30ish of

Countless soldiers made their way to the colossal cybertronian, firing forth a massive barrage of firepower into the metallic titan, who staggered backwards as a trio of leman russ tanks pumped forth battlecannon shells into his chest, blossoming into fireballs on his chest.

Straxus responded by scything across their ranks with a barrage of missiles, blowing apart the Platoon of Leman Russ tanks, only to receive a barrage of four lascannon hits from a space marine devastator squad to his right, causing him to stumble on over to his left, firing off missiles in that direction.

John, rushed up to his knee and smashed into it with the warhammer of zillyhoo, buckling in the knee joint, but the colossus merely grabbed the boy and flung him like discarded trash away while he fired off at Rose, forcing her into cover while Dave stabbed into his shoulder with the royal deringer, only to be flung off with a wild shake.

Avitus got into position and had his squad of terminator marines immediately begin hammering him with a massive barrage of krak missiles, assault cannon rounds, and stormbolter shells, while ratchet quickly charged up and swung his buzzsaw at Straxus' chest, causing the machine to reel back in pain before punching Ratchet away and seeing off the offending soldiers with a colossal shotgun burst of missiles.

As he stepped forward, he hit a series of soviet spider mines that crawled onto his legs before detonating, herlading a trio of anti-tank shells from Volkov that exploded in his face, causing him to recoil and fire his cannon in machine gun mode to force Volkov away.

An AT-TE's massive main gun then swung around and blindsided him with a colossal railgun shell that blasted into his back, causing him to lurch forward before turning to face the six legged walker and firing off a anti-armour missile shell that blew the vehicle into small pieces.

Brikkfist's stormboys then came crashing down onto Straxus, hacking away at him with choppas and hammahs, scratching him up and crumpling large sections of his chassis, eliciting a groaning roar as he flailed around, eventually throwing off the orks while turning to an approaching soviet apocalypse tank and shooting it with a rapid fire spread of missiles that caused the tank to erupt into a colossal fireball.

But Apollo Diomedes, captain of the blood ravens 1st company, soon rocket jumped onto his shoulder and shot his plasma pistol repeatedly into the back of Straxus' neck while slashing at him with a lightning claw to cut him up, causing Straxus to let loose a pain groaned before swinging himself around, causing the space marine to lose his footing.

But a shot from Jade's ahab's crosshairs rang out while Tarkus pumped his heavy flamer's promethium jet into the giant, causing him yet more pain as he staggered backwards, firing all the while, cyrus and sev joining into the barrage of firepower while Bjorn the fell handed smashed through a wall and continuously fired his gatling assault cannon into Straxus, followed by Bumblebee arriving and shooting forth his solar cannon.

Firing off at Bumblebee to knock him to the ground, Straxus received his on missile barrage from Shockwave who arrived in tank mode, followed by Starscream who pummelled him with missiles launched in F-22 raptor mode while Brawl fired off his quadruple autocannons into the giant, ripping into his body.

But the undead giant refused to go down and fired off buckshot missile spreads at machine gun like rates, throwing away all those who attacked him, not seeing Soundwave approaching him and unloading his sonic blasters into him, sending Straxus reeling to the right and falling onto one hand, but not before firing a missile that slammed into his chest and sent him rolling away.

Sylux came screw attacking in, slicing through one of Straxus' shoulders before coming behind him and releasing a rapid barrage of super missiles into the back of his head, forcing Straxus forward, only for the giant to quickly turn and swat sylux out of the air while Vriska hacked at his metallic Calves, causing the monster to roar in agony before kicking back and sending the girl hurtling away.

The dreadnought Davian Thule soon joined in, firing his multimelta repeatedly into Straxus, melting good portions of his chassis and causing him no small amount of pain, pain which Straxus dealt with by grabbing Thule by the sarcophagus and hurtling him back. But as Straxus backed away, Bluddflagg, Merrik, Mister Nailbrain, Spookums, Castor, Adrastia, and Comissar Lord Bernn and their forces were waiting in their building.

"GIVE 'EM ALL DA DAKKA WE GOT!" Bluddflagg roared as his bigshoota screamed to life, the orks shooting DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA as they fired into Straxus full auto, Merrik having set up his autocannon and pumping 100mm tank rounds into Straxus' back at full auto, Castor shooting his massive sniper rifle repeatedly, Adrastia laying into him with her melta pistol, and Bernn sending forth a rapid stream of plasma into the giant.

Straxus drunkenly turned around to try and take aim at the offending soldiers, but just as he did, the wreckers, having finally freed optimus, drove in suppoted by dino, mirage, Shas'o'ra'lai, Autarch Kayleth, Farseer macha, blackout, grindor, Tyran Galvatron, Grimlock, and the dreads, all coming in vehicle mode as they hurtled down the street and fired every single weapon they had into Straxus, releasing bullets, missiles, energy beams, psychic death, and plasma bolts into his back.

The Swarmlord Alpha came crashing in, vomiting out bioplasma at Straxus along with Old One Eye alpha, while the Tyranid Warrior Prime Alpha shot it's dual venom cannons into the sides of Straxus, joined by the Red Terror Aloha's hail of acid covered maggots from it's devourers, while the Doom of Malan'tai Alpha blasted into his side with a iridescent warp lance of massive power.

The Broodlord Alpha leapt onto Straxus and clawed at him with it's harder than diamonds talons, ripping into his shell before the beleagured straxus threw off the Tyranid, only for Old One Eye to come barging into his side and snapping into his abdomen with it's pincer like crushing claws and then slamming it's tusked head into the back of Straxus' cranium.

This final assault proved to be too much for Straxus, as it knocked his optics out of their sockets, leaving them hanging by cables. Letting loose an anguished roar, Straxus activated his back mounted jets and flew off into the distance, landing at the end of a long street filled with the deadly Destroyer black guard, the most elite of Nemesis' soldiers.

"Hahaha! We gotz 'im on da run!" Bluddflagg laughed while merrik packed up his autocannon. "Now quickly, we shan't let a foe of the emperor get away that easily!" Castor said as he directed his soldiers to follow him, the champions soon crashing into the deadly black guard, who tried to pin them down with every single weapon they had.

Now in viewing distance of Nemesis and Sentinel, The Destroyer Lord scowled and bellowed forth. "The Omniverse is ours now!" He said, flexing his bladed wings and spreading them forth like some sort of dark angel. "Commence transportation overdrive." Sentinel intoned, and soon the space bridge control pillar began to hum audibly as it started to draw Cybertron in at increased speeds, the planet now visibly coming closter into the incipisphere, thus accelerating the Sun Darkener's consumption of the great suns and the expansion of the dead xenoverse.

But as John advanced into some cover with Rose, he could see the figure of Optimus roaring through the air on his back mounted jets, seeming to head straight for Nemesis and Sentinel. Wanting to call his attention to the lethal street fight below, John looked out and called "optimus!!!" Bringing forth the Mighty autobot leader who swung around and kicked himself off of a dersite tower to redirect him towards the street.

As the destroyers Bonechill and a seemingly revived Ashvardal tried to advance to break the champion lines, they were caught under a massive barrage of all of Optimus' available guns that tore their bodies apart in a storm of firepower, bonechill being ripped in half and the devil Ashvardal being blown into tiny pieces no bigger than a man's fingernail.

The confused berserker king looked up and tried to fire off it's space pirate gatling blasters into Optimus, but it was to no avail, for Optimus landed on top of the Berserker King's shoulders and crushed the mutant space pirate into goo.

Optimus then spun around, firing off all weapons, hitting Dark Long Haul, the Omega Pirate, and the Covenant Hunter chieftan repeatedly with his awesome all out weapons assault, making them literally disappear in a storm of fiery death as he rotated back to face the front, facing the Destroyer Deathsaurus, who looked on with a comical expression of pure horror as Optimus stabbed his energon sword right into his gut.

Spinning Deathsarus around, Optimus then impaled him onto the ground with so much force that Deathsaurus was horizontally bisected in a shower of sparks and glowing dark energon while Optimus took a few steps forward, yelling his battlecry as his arm mounted guns ripped into the body of the Cyborg Rancor, ripping it limb from limb in a shower of body parts and mechanics.

A few more steps, and Optimus brought forth his other arm, firing forth a storm of explosive death into the face of the Red Hulk, who didn't even have the time to scream before his body was completely annhialated by the rapid fire apocalypse dumped onto him.

Stepping around the Dragon Fin Fang Foom, Optimus turned back to face him and lowered his shoulder mounted heavy weapons before firing them off, immolating the alien dragon utterly in an explosive cascade of destruction, it's death cry rattling through the air as Optimus turned back forward and continued his unstoppable charge.

Emperor Yoshiro, clad in his Crysanthemum King Oni mecha armoursuit, charged at Optimus, screaming sacred warcries in Japanese, but Optimus, unimpressed merely sidestepped the Emperor and swung his right energon sword in a wide arc, cutting him into two parts that carried on past him due to sheer momentum before falling on to the ground in sparking heaps.

As the Tzeentchian Greater Daemon Kol'Val'Rar tried to lower it's staff, not having had the time to figure out what was going on, Optimus batted the avian daemon's staff into the sky, sending it's lethal magical firepower skyward before bringing his left blade in an upwards disembowling arc that send the Daemon screaming back into the warp.

Continuing his unstoppable advance, Optimus came upon the Dead Xenoverse crewmember Grindcore and ducked under his shoulder mounted cannonblast and then stabbed his right energon sword into his gut with a left hook punching motion before withdrawing his sword and then stepping past the reeling Grindcore, swinging his sword around behind him and decapitating Grindcore for the second time.

The reeling Omphaelium Daemonicum, a Daemon Prince of Khorne, reached down for it's sword to try and recontribute to the fight after having it had knocked out of his hand by a artillery strike, but the Daemon found to his dismay that Optimus was having none of it, and as he stepped past the Daemon Prince, he sliced across it's chest with his other energon sword, banishing it back to the warp as he jumped into a roll to avoid Straxus' massive barrage of incoming buckshot missiles that annhialated the remains of Grindcore.

Hitting the ground with a roll, Optimus avoided another missile from Straxus' arm cannon and then stunned the immensely durable cybertronian with a barrage from his shoulder mounted heavy guns, slamming into Straxus' chest and causing him to fall onto his hand.

Standing up out of the roll, Optimus brought forth his set of spiked knuckles and let forth a mighty yell before his enormous right hook came smashing through Straxus' left side of his abdomen, sending out metal shards, dark energon, and cabling flying out in all directions while Optimus continued past Straxus, who still refused to fall and indeed turned around to face Optimus and tried to retaliate.

But the leader of the champions never gave him that chance, for he quickly swung his left fist in a wide arc and slammed into the right side of Straxus' head, causing him to list to the right side while Optimus shouted out "YOU DIE!" Before grabbing the dead xenoverse crewmember's throat with his right hand and throwing him to the ground in a choke hold, grabbing his optic cabling through the throat and then pulling until he felt Straxus' optic sockets rupturing, killing the dead xenoverse crewmember and leaving Optimus free to grab his armcannon in both hands and take aim at Nemesis and Sentinel, firing off a buckshot spread of missiles at the precious spacebridge control pillar, blowing apart the cupola it was rested in and sending it tumbling to the ground while both shouted their indignant protestations.

As the pillar hurtled to the earth, it's transport feed was interrupted, and cybertron ceased to be transported, the world appeared to be bisected across the prime meriddean as the other half had still yet to come through the portal, and without the primary piece of the cosmic engine, the Sun Darkener fell silent, no longer draining the energy of the Great Suns. "Get down here!" Optimus snarled at the two primes.

"Optimus...you forget your place!" Sentinel responded as he jumped off of the dersite palace and jabbed his sword into the side of the building, using it to slow down his fall as he hit the ground in a kneeling position. "We bring you cybertron...your home! And still you choose lesser races!" He said as he stood up and brought his shield forth.

"Insolent worms! I shall teach you the proper meaning of respect!" Nemesis growled as he took out a wicked looking black hafted double scythe with two glowing purple energy blades coming out from the top and bottom. Twirling the weapon around as he also took out his tower shield, Nemesis went to the ground, slowly descending on a dark nimbus of undeathly energy. "Now come at me and know the true meaning of pain!" He bellowed.

"You were the one who taught me freedom was everyone's right!" Optimus shot back before taking out his axe and sword and charged at Sentinel even as energy coursed through them to introduce their superheated element, smashing Sentinel into the building. "I will retrigger that pillar!" Sentinel shouted at Optimus. "Then you'll have to go through me!" Optimus shot back before he was kicked backwards by sentinel, sending him into a backwards roll. The final battle of Derse was on, a call went out for all available champions, darkbringers, alphas and destroyers to converge on the site of the final battle to support their leaders in this last, epic struggle.
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Toad: It's on like Donkey Kong!

((Appropriate Listening:

"Sentinel, you butthead!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "'The needs of the many outweigh those of the few?!' You'd better look at the rest of the Omniverse: there's tons of things that totally outnumber the Cybertronians! If the Omniverse is the many, then you are the few!"

I drew my hammer, and Kirby charged in as Wheel Kirby before stopping short and letting go of the ability. He inhaled the toppling power lines and transformers to become Spark Kirby. He created an electrical force field around himself and charged up before blasting a wave of electricity toward Sentinel Prime. "Poyo!" he yelled, flinging thunderbolts to follow up the electricity.

Kirby then released the Spark ability and swallowed water from a broken fire hydrant, transforming into Water Kirby. He surfed up a wall before spraying a forced jet of water at Sentinel Prime, careful not to hit Optimus.

Meanwhile, I ran back to the Panther and jumped into the fire truck's cab. "Sentinel! You've destroyed yourself!" I yelled. "Well, apparently, um, according to what Optimus said."

I decided to cut the conversation and get to the juicy stuff. I set the pressure of the hose to "skull-and-crossbones" and fired at Sentinel Prime. "How does it feel to be blasted by yourself? Huh?" I sneered.

Meanwhile, Gru was firing his freeze ray, covering us as Destroyer troops tried to get at us. Deunan and Sami were backing him up. The Iron Giant stomped about, crushing things that I think were evil, while Magolor kept Shen's wolves away from us.

"Back, you savages! Back!" he was yelling from inside the Lor Starcutter, firing starbursts at the canine conspirators. They snarled at the ship, frustrated at their inability to get a hit.

"Fools! Use the cannon!" Shen roared.

Meta Knight: No you don't!

"I shall not let you!" I shouted, flying down like a blue hellion, my golden blade slashing in front of me. Shen parried with his staff. "Prime is having enough trouble with Sentinel, even as Toad and Kirby help him! I cannot allow you to create a larger problem!"

"That's kind of the point!" Shen retorted, knocking me down and putting his blades in front of my heart. I rolled to the side and cut with the Sword Beam, before stabbing the ground and creating a shockwave. Then I blew into the air and created a tornado, a golden whirlwind that pursued Lord Shen. I then drilled toward the pesky peacock, then slapped him about with my wings. But he grabbed my cape and whipped me about before stabbing my arm with his blades. I cried out in pain. That was my sword arm! "You are now helpless, Meta Knight!" Lord Shen sneered. "Now die! For Nemesis shall create a new world!"

"You think Nemesis will spare you? You think that he will keep the rest of the Destroyers when he gets what he wants?" I yelled at him.

Lord Shen stopped. "What is this foolishness--"

"Lesser beings. That is what he thinks of all of us. That is what he thinks of those who are not of Cybertron. We will be slaves, Shen, all of us. Even you. The mighty lord of Gongmen City, fallen to the rank of a slave."

"LIES!!!!" roared the peacock, slashing my chest. I winced. "The Destroyers shall rule the Omniverse!"

"No. Cybertron will. The Destroyers will only be pawns, nameless soldiers in the ranks of Nemesis. Expendable. Lesser beings, like he himself said."

Shen was about to strike me again, but Scratch knocked him over the head using Grounder. "C'mon, Meta Knight! You gotta get up!"

"My arm... I cannot fight! I am of no use. Shen tore my cape as well. I cannot fly..." I croaked.

"Buddy, you're bleeding pretty bad. Gotta get you some help... Hey, you think we can getcha to the blue galleon up there?"

"Magolor. The Lor Starcutter. Take me to the Lor Starcutter."

"Hey! Doc! Can ya get this guy to the blue ship up in the air?" Scratch yelled.

"I cannot! This thing isn't able to fly that high!" Dr. Robotnik protested.

The flying Autobot, Seafare, rolled up behind us. "I think I can get him up there," she said.

"Thank you," I said. She picked me up and put me where her cabin transformed from, and turned into her airplane form. She sped me up to the Lor Starcutter, knocking away Destroyers using flipped-out guns and other weapons.

I was flown by the Autobot to the ship. "Seafare, what do you think of Nemesis Prime's plan?" I asked.

"I think it would be very nice if old Cybertron were revived, and if the Autobots and Decepticons could live in peace," she replied, "but Nemesis? His plan's just psychotic. Like Optimus Prime always says, 'freedom is the right of all sentient beings.' Sentinel and Nemesis are taking freedom from all, even those of Cybertron itself. If we do not stop Nemesis, we will all be slaves to the Xenoverse."

I was quiet. Then I spoke: "Seafare, those are very wise words."

Opthomas: Kick some arse!

I transformed into robot mode. I looked around: it was total chaos. Worse than when I fought Megatrain. I let out a shout and swept through ranks of villains. Heartless... Undeads... Wolves... All fell prey to my weapons. I had to keep them all away from Optimus, or else we'd be doomed. Optimus is great and all, but Sentinel would overwhelm any multitasker.

Heavy: Assist!

"Kill them all!" I scream. "Keep away from giant robot man! Destroy the leetle baby men!"

They are everywhere. I crush tiny wolf skull with fists! I wrap my yarn arm around Heartless and choke to death.

Then Vagineer come. "Hey there!" he say, through stick-translator. I tell him to build sentry and dispenser, before giving him a Sandvich and resuming the killing of tiny baby men. "Cry some more!!!" I screamed. I sweep around and plaster the Decepticon babies with my precious Sasha! Then I destroy the siege engines that try to run us over. Tiny archers on top of engines not a big help. I crush them, very easily! "I hear someone building diaper changing station!" I sang.

But someone hit me in back of head. “Ooph!”

I turn around and see a German soldier behind me. “YOU! Yes, you! You are dead!” I shouted, firing my gun with no mercy. I sing the Funeral March. “Da, dah, da-da, dah, da-da, da-da-da, daaaah!”

When I am certain evil soldier is dead, I turn to the rest of the Destroyers. “What sick man send babies to fight me?!” I roared in confidence. “AAAHHH-HA-HA-HAAAA!”
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> Ventus: Be insanely lost in Derse.

You had been separated from the other Champions for quite some time, so now you had just been wandering throughout Derse mercilessly slaughtering any Destroyer forces you could actually beat in a fight, luckily, your magic pretty much kicks most mooks asses, at least the ones who are weak to light or wind magic. So, you continue walking around, until you notice something, there's a guy in a black cloak standing up on the top of a building look down at you.

You cannot discern a face, but you yell upwards, "Who are you?! Are you a good guy or a bad guy?!" Though, you don't get an actual answer from him, you just hear him chuckle, so you instinctively summon your black keyblade armour. Then suddenly rounding a corner behind, a group of sixteen clone troopers appeared and began firing at the cloaked man, though in a mere moment they were all dead, shot by purple projectiles, which obviously came from Xigbar's guns. Ventus just looked up at him standing on the ledge of a building, like he's preparing something...


The five jets that could form Superion Maximus flew over derse battling and destroying Aeon fighters and bombers, for quite sometime, now here they were diving down at Nemesis from behind firing off lasers and missiles, and then they pulled up and flew around seemingly randomly, as they fired at Nemesis.


Here, we see Aqua being incredibly confused. Why was she on this weird purple planet, and why are place son fire, and explosions? It didn't matter as soon as she came under attack by storm troopers who fired at her, but she casted reflect, causing the lasers to bounce off in different directions. She then proceeded to launch a fireball that decimated one group, and then she ran and leaned down, and pushed off the ground with hands, and landed on her feet, and she then swung her keyblade in the storm trooper's direction, unleashing a shotgun like blats of large icicles which promptly impaled them. she took in her surroundings, wondering why all of these people and things are happening.

hi im a dumbass

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>Optimus: Strife!

Appropriate listening:

Bringing down his Axe, Optimus' efforts were frustrated by a deft parry from Sentinel's enormous shield followed by a strong right sweep with his primax blade, the double blades threatening Optimus Twice, forcing the champion leader to back away before making a stab with his energon sword, one that Sentinel batted away with an uppercutting strike from the primax blade.

Sensing danger, Sentinel quickly turned around and brought his shield to block Kirby's incoming lightning bolts after kneeing Optimus in the stomach, sending him rolling away as he blocked the incoming jets of water before taking out his deadly Cosmic rust gun. "I am a Prime! An angel of Primus! I do as he wills, I do not take lectures from fungus!" Sentinel said as he fired off a spray of three rust blobs at Toad's group, which exploded amongst them in a fashion deadly to both organics and machines.

Turning around, Sentinel blocked an incoming missile from a devastator space marine, the krak missile harmlessly exploding against his shield as he twirled around in a strange stepping motion, the shield deflecting two incoming apocalypse tank shells before coming around to his right as he stepped again to block a plasma rifle beam from a Tau XV8 Crisis battlesuit, the blue ray harmlessly smashing into the shield before Sentinel deftly decapitated the power armoured tau warrior with a neat slice from his blade and then disintegrating the apocalypse tank with his rust gun as he hit the ground in a kneel.

Standing up as an incoming downward axe stroke came from Optimus, Sentinel pushed forwards to throw him Back while shield bashing a charging nondescript autobot away to prevent him from interfering in the battle before stabbing him in the spark chamber with the doubleblade and wrenching out his spark. Spinning around low, Sentinel caught Optimus' left sword stroke and dragged it down to deflect it before receiving an fist to his face from his former pupil, sending him reeling back.

In the meantime, the bulk of the champion forces came charging down the alleyway Optimus had cleared just as the Dark Guard started to reform. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Bluddflagg bellowed as his twinlinked bigshoota roared out and raked apart a dark trooper mk 2 in front of him while a swing of his chainaxe cut a covenent brute chieftan in half, sending it's bloody entrails spraying in all directions before he simply bowled into a large group of japanese soldiers, sending them flying around like bowling pins.

Ratchet charged forward, and saw one of Scourge's sweeps kneel down with a heavy weapon in hand from the safety of a rooftop, and the autobot medic turned around with his armcannon and took aim at him before liberally spraying his position with automatic fire, blowing a series of holes into the sweep's chest before his head was blown apart in the hail of yellow tracers. Continuing his advance, the medic scythed down a large formation of nod milltants, whose assault riffles harmlessly glanced off of his chassis while his own gun caused them to explode into bloody founts.

Ciaphas Cain let loose a warcry as he charged forward, stabbing his mastercrafted chainsword into the belly of a dark eldar sybarite warrior, spraying out his sparkling fluids in a spectacular splatter before pulling his blade upwards, neatly bisecting the dark eldar in a fountain like spray of blood while he shot a Hulk like Epsilon brute several times in the face with his deadly las pistol, causing it's head to burst like an overripe watermelon struck with a hammer before he spun around to decapitate an Imperial stormtrooper before it could raise it's blaster to face him.

Captain Fordo jumped on top of a dead xenoverse cybertronian, who flailed around to try and get the ARC trooper off of it, but fordo jammed his heavy blaster pistol into it's optics and began to unload into them, sending a cascade of blue bolts that tore apart it's head until nothing was left for a smoking wreck, one that Fordo jumped off of to shoot repeatedly into a Chaos Guardsman, whose chest was stitched with blaster bolts that erupted into bloody craters, a maneuver that was followed by him throwing a grenade into the midst of a squadron of nazi soldiers manning a machine gun, causing them to disappear into an cascade of explosions.

The Clone commando Sev took post atop a pile of rubble and blew apart the head of a Chaos Space marine Havoc with a well placed sniper shot to the head as the Havoc tried to get it's autocannon into position. Fixer rushed through and neatly sawed a Imperial Scout trooper in half with a burst from his blaster rifle while scorch shot an AT-ST in the cockpit with his anti-armor attatchment, causing the head of the walker to erupt into a beautiful fireball while Boss mowed down a horde of charging Bearded Devils with his heavy-acp, the charged particle blasts blowing off limbs and splattering their diabolical organs all over the dusty ground.

Gabriel Angelos charged straight through a large formation of heartless, who were knocked into the air like bowling pins as he roared out a litany for the emperor, his honor guard following closely as he fired off his melta pistol into the face of one of professor Z's car minions, flash melting a massive conical hole into the machine as it tried to deploy it's machine guns before he took out his hammer and charged at a Bloodcrusher of Khorne, the daemonhammer godsplitter roaring with a mighty thunderclap as it slammed into the juggernaut mount, crumpling it's metallic head like so much tin foil before a second swing smashed into it's rider, sending the Bloodletter screaming back into the warp.

The mighty Space Wolf Bjorn thundered into battle, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, and stormbolter all blazing away into the enemy. A sweep of his heavy flamer bathed a large group of space pirates in blazing prometheium, their eyes melting out of their faces and their flesh igniting in a white inferno as the jet burnt their bodies. His stormbolter sweeped across a large group of Covenant grunts, the rocket propelled bolts slamming into their bodies and then detonating for maximum effect, spraying their organs all over the place before he sweeped his assault cannon in a 45 degree arc, mowing down countless hundreds of shen's wolves in a storm of gatling cannon fire, explosive shells detonating amongst the animals and spraying their remains in a glorious shower of body parts.

Joining his Kaptin in the charge, Spookums shot his rokkit launcha, throwing three screaming missiles into the chest of a decepticon, blowing it apart in a hail of shards while he tossed a clump of five stikkbomms into a nest of GLA rebels, the islamic soldiers panicking and trying to run out of their foxhole before the bombs detonated and ripped their bodies apart in a deafening boom, sending their remains scattering across the battlefield. Midstride, Spookums ran past a Epsilon lasher light tank and stuck a tankbusta bomb onto it before continuing his charge, the bomb exploding onto the tank's side and crumpling it's armor inwards and spewing the bloody remains of it's crew in a long line out another hole on the side.

Brikkfist's stormboys rocket jumped along with Diomedes' assault marines, landing in the midst of a large formation of destroyers. Landing with enough force to crush a Cyberman underfoot, Diomedes turned around to search for foes. A primid turned around to face Diomedes, but the angry space marine swung his right hand mounted lightning claw across it's chest, the coruscanting energy blades clawing apart in three neat lines while he brought out his Plasma pistol and shot into the face of one of Nagash's vampires, incinerating the undead abomination's head.

Brikkfist on the other hand, landed on top of a group of Chaos Heretics, whose bodies were mashed into a bloody paste by his impact while he let loose a mighty orkish warcry before spinning his enormous hammer around in a circle, the bodies of Cybermen all around him crumpling up like tin foil before the mighty hammer swing as he broke out of his whirlwind attack and charged at a human sized Cybertronian micromaster that shot off some neutron rifle blasts that harmlessly glanced off of Brikkfist's 'eavy armor. Charging right up to the offending decepticon, Brikkfist stooped over and clamped his jaws around it, biting it's head off in one clean motion and spitting out the crumpled up metallic head.

John in the meantime rushed at the mighty Nemesis prime, who brought up his shield to block an enormous green sun blast from Jade before the destroyer lord swung his double scythe around in a low arc, forcing John to leap up to avoid the incoming slashes, trying to get a clear shot at Nemesis' head, only for one of Nemesis' bladed wing limbs to catch him by the hood and then spin him around before throwing him to the side.

As Superion peppered him with missiles and lasers, Nemesis quickly brought his shield forward to block the incoming assault, explosions detonating and crackling all around him and onto his mighty tower shield, the fallen Prime rising to his feet unharmed as he directed a wing of Chaos Hell Talons to attack Superion, the vehicles screaming over the air as their autocannons pumped 125mm tank rounds at fully automatic rates, creating a lethal cascade of black flak clouds followed by stabbing blue white beams from their las cannons.

Stopping an incoming fireball hurled by the Space marine Psyker Jonah Orion and returning fire with a blast of pure darkness that forced the Librarian to take cover, Nemesis seemed wide open for Dave to flash step in from behind and make a leaping stab at Nemesis' back, but he found that Nemesis was easily as quick to react as Dave, and found his sword clanging into one of Nemesis' blade wing limbs that moved around to swiftly parry the blow before pushing Dave away.

Spinning around in an arc to take a right slash followed by a left uppercut with his scythe at the incoming Space marine primarch leman russ, sending the marine reeling as his sword was knocked out of his hand. Nemesis didn't seem to notice the Necron Phaeron of Death come up at him with it's warscythe drawn, but appearances were deceiving, and the peerless warrior produced an arm cannon and fired a purple pulse into the ground in front of the Necron, sending him sailing through the air while four of his blade wing limbs turned around to parry the Tyranid Swarmlord's bone swords before a backwards kick from Nemesis sent the Tyranid stumbling backwards.

When Rose fired off a white blast of incadescent magic at the fallen Prime, Nemesis simply laughed and caught the incoming beam on the top blade of his double scythe, which glowed brightly as it absorbed the energy before he twirled it around and pointed the bottom at it at the incoming Doom of Malan'tai, firing off the blast which he added to with his own foul power, blowing the Tyranid Zoanthrope away before he caught Rose with a wing blade by one of her quills and threw her near John before bashing an green sun orb from jade away and punting the girl away from him.

Going to Rose to help her up, John and Rose store up at the villainous Nemesis Prime as he effortlessly blocked a combi-beam blast shot at his back by Sylux with his shield while parrying the Swarmlord's boneswords with his double scythe, engaging in a beam fight with Jade with eye fired rays of darkness, while his wings engaged in a sword fight with Dave. Slamming his shield into the ground to create a shockwave line at Sylux that knocked the Youth away, Nemesis yanked his scythe upwards and then jabbed into the swarmlord's chest with the blunt of his scythe, knocking away the Tyranid organism while his heart of darkness fueled eye rays overpowered jade and sent her flying, and his wings stabbed through Dave's hood and then twirled him around to throw him away like a rag doll.

Having dealt with four fronts of incoming attackers with contemptuous ease, Nemesis turned around with a graceful twirling motion as he reflected an incoming series of psychic lightning bolts from Jonah orion and batted away the necron phaeron with his double scythe while his blade wings caught grievous by the arms and threw him forward like a child throwing toys he had tired of. He glared down at the two children who had brought out their weapons to stand before the mighty destroyer lord, bringing his shield and double scythe into a defensive stance, his blade wings spread outwards while John clenched his hammer in both hands and Rose's quills crackled with power.
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Nemesis; Present

Phoenix gritted his teeth, his eyes glaring at the Destroyer Lord who so easily swept aside some of their most powerful. The Ace Attorney glowed in an orange light, the orange energy bouncing off his fingertips. He was ready to show this crazed dictator a wrath like no other. Flandre soon bounded over to his side, clearly ready to begin summoning a spell, Lävatein twisting and writhing in its peculiar way.

Immediate strode forward, having sipped from the Chalice of Epicness, and a torrent of Epic energy emitting from his awe-inspiring figure. ”Nemesis! Though your purpose was mighty, your methods have brought you to the side of evil, placing yourself as the stepping-stone of the Heroes, who will use you as but a springboard for their Epicness. Now, you-“


(( Appropriate Listening: ))

Immediately, a horrifying presence became prominent upon the battlefield, overwhelming the senses of many, be it a sickening, rancid odor, or a sudden vile taste in the mouth, or the fearful feel of slime drenching about the body, even if there’s nothing there. However, there was definitely a traumatizing-sound filling the air, and while it caused many ears to bleed, one would make out that it was the sound of some kind of footsteps.

Upon the rubble of the remains of several buildings, the dreaded Cthulhu stood, his horrifying gaze fixed on Nemesis. The Great Old One, using his general telepathy as a method of speaking to all those around (seeing that, in terms of normal speaking, he doesn’t have the greatest knowledge of the English language, and his voice cause the heads of most beings to explode), proceeded to call forth.

”Nemesis! Turn your optics to the side, and look at your empire! Now, back at me. Now, back at the empire. Now, back at me. Unfortunately for you, I have brought destruction upon this planet that has most likely been never spoken of within this metaverse before. Look before you now; you are fighting upon the rubble of what was your success.”

”Reminisce on your pitiful dreams, on how you were one of the few beings in the Omniverse who not only wanted to restore Cybertron to its glory, but how you had the power to do so. Now look at your situation: YOUR PROGRESS HAS BEEN LOST, AND YOUR DEFEAT WILL BE BUT A MERE ACHIEVEMENT ADDED TO THE CHAMPIONS’ AND DARK ALLIANCE’S LIST OF FEATS! Throughout your entire reign and superiority as a Destroyer, you have forgotten one of the simplest facts: you are destined to die! For when the Dark Alliance sets out to do something, anything, IT SHALL BE ACCOMPLISHED!”

The Great Old One raised his hideous arms into the air, and soon, a geyser of tentacles shot up into the air at intense rates, soon meeting their destination atop the atmosphere of Derse, where they swirled and slithered and writhed, eventually forming what appeared as a sickly, green storm, swirling above the heads off all upon the planet, with the eye, an black center in the storm darker and more desolate than infinity, centered upon its creator.


Finally, after the Storm of Tentacles had reached implausible lengths, the Great Old One clenched his demonic talons, ending his torrents of writhing appendages into the air. With muttering various chants and incantations in wretched, ear-bleeding language under his breath, he eventually muttered, ”To my storm, I grant sentiency.”

Following this, it seemed as though all was silent; a cold, bitter silence that brought nothing but paranoia to all, many just waiting for something to happen. Slowly, it seemed as though whine began to form from the sky, until slowly, the whine hit a crescendo, slowly rising in volume in pitch, until finally it was a scream, a cry of terror. The very storm itself had come to life! The tentacles in the air twisted and writhed in grievance, the eldritch, ear-bleeding cry piercing all other sounds.

Finally, after Cthulhu felt the screaming to be a nuisance, he placed one leg back, his head turned to his side, and slowly extended his arm into a finger-point, pointing one horrid talon directly at Nemesis. ”Now, my creation… FFFFFFEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSTTTTTT!!!!!!”

Slowly, the dark, abysmal eye of the storm, centered above the Great Old One, began to lighten, slowly matching the green the surrounded it. However, there finally came another frightening cry, and a funnel of the storm began to form from the eye. However, upon closer inspection, it was no ordinary funnel at all; rather, it was snake-like tentacle, writhing straight from the eye of the storm, slithering down to meet its meal, Nemesis.

The tentacle opened its mouth, prompting many to close their ears in anticipation for another scream. However, the scream did not come, and instead, from the snake’s mouth, a sickening display of green mass emitted from it slowly enlarging, until it was bigger than the snake itself.

Finally, after the mass had grown enough, a mouth appeared at the front of the tentacle, which subsequently opened its mouth, and released another large bulk of green mass larger than the mouth itself, with said mass having its own mouth, which proceeded to repeat the process, until it finally came close to its prey.

With the mouth at the current end of the snake-tentacle, the monster opened its mouth, and let out another ear-bleeding cry.
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"You are all absolutely useless." As if by some sort of cue, Ultima arrived on the battlefield. Next to her was Shemhazai and Zalera, the latter being completely healed. Exodus was nowhere to be seen, though that was not surprising. Ultima did not typically enjoy cowards in her forces, and Exodus would have been the first to arrive and request her help. Without even moving her hands, she cast a Curaja spell, causing white light to fall upon the weakened Mateus and Chaos, restoring them from near death caused by the Lor's powerful counterattacks.

They, of course, were not fully healed, but could easily jump back into the fight. This time, however, they decided that the Lor was simply a bit too much of a danger to go after, and instead leaped into the chaotic fray of champions. Mateus cast wave after wave of Blizzaja spells, while Chaos let loose roaring winds into the masses. Shemhazai took their place in attacking the Lor instead, agilely leaping along falling buildings and crushed rubble as she let out a barrage of shots at the ship.

Nearby, a tall autobot suddenly burst into pieces. First its left leg was ripped apart, followed by its entire chest, sending the poor robot's remains crashing to the ground. Rising out of the scrap metal was Hashmal, who then proceeded to take a giant chunk of the autobot's carapace and throw it at a group of Allied Force members, crushing them near immediately. Those that remained he took care of with his own fists.

Even more of the Espers began to arrive on the scene. Adrammelech soared by, striking bolts of lightning down at the various champions, and Zeromus rushed in with speed enhanced even further by Hastega, slamming into a mass of champions and knocking them aside like bowling pins. In all of this chaos Ultima watched on, casting Renew spells on her own forces as necessary. She would only take part in this fight if she absolutely had to, but for now she would just make sure that her own would not go out like Mateus and Chaos nearly did.


For the remaining three fighters, their reaction was a pretty unanimous urge to just get away from those wings. They threw themselves down onto the ground, letting Werk take care of the remaining Cie'th with his guillotine wings, while tongues of flame reached towards them, but were just out of reach. Of course, the matter of staying away from his attacks became much more difficult when he summoned the Falcons to swarm towards them, completey ruining the idea of just laying low.

While Lebreau and Gadot busied themselves with removing the threats from the battlefield, Yuj did the only logical thing a support unit would do and got away from the closed-in space off the alleyway. He stayed at the entrance, reapplying buffs to keep everyone from dying, and keeping himself out of danger. He motioned for the other two to make their way out of that death-trap of a corridor as well; those close quarters would not be good for either of them if the bird decided to make another move.

Of course, what else did Werk do but attack yet again, this time setting the entire battlefield into more than intense flames? The Falcons were gone by the time he made his move, but Lebreau and Gadot were still in the alley by the time Werk became a flaming blade of wrath and vengeance. They ducked down just to make sure that he didn't slice off their heads, but it was really the flames that were the real concern.

The fire blasted at what seemed to be solar heats, scorching their skin as they finally made their way out of the alleyway, and into a much larger, more open, and ultimately more safe area. "That was close, huh?" Gadot winced as he said this, his skin feeling raw and vulnerable from the flames. They'd need a potion...or something, to cure the almost-burns all over his body. Too bad none of them had thought of carrying healing items around with them at all times, for the portal had sucked them up while they were at the beach. "You guys have some potions or something?"

"No, I don't think so...What about you, Lebreau--" Yuj was about to ask her for something to cover up the wounds, when he noticed the huge, charred burn on her left side. His eyes widened, but he couldn't force any coherent words out of his mouth while that giant, cooked patch of flesh lay there blatantly. Instead he began muttering to himself, shaking his head in disbelief. "Crap, crap crap..."

"What...is it...?" She only noticed a twinge of pain, though that was likely because most of the flesh was dead. However, as she looked down at the burn she began to panic. "This isn't good at all AND we don't have any potions we're completely screwed and he's going to attack again and FUCK." She had touched the wound, only to send a jolt of pain coursing through her body, pain so great that it was probably the only thing that would make her curse like that.

Yuj just kept going through all spells possible in his mind as he tried to find some way of helping her out. He felt completely useless. What was the point of buffing everyone up is he couldn't get rid of damage that had already been done? They needed someone else here that could actually help. Or maybe healing spells. Or why not both? Just one single medic or anything with the ability to keep everything from going to hell would be pretty damn nice right now!

One flash of green light later, and it appeared that they had their medic. Of course, Yuj had no idea what was going on as the sparkling white light trailed over the burn, sealing it up and sloughing off dead flesh, but apparently he was healing something. The burn became much less severe as it turned into raw, pink flesh, and finally the spell stopped, leaving him wondering just what the hell happened. "So...did I just learn how to heal or something?"

"I think so," Gadot said, "Do you think you can give me some of that curing stuff to me too?" Yuj complied and cast another Cure spell, allowing the healing magic to eliminate the minor burns on his friend's body.

"So, I would normally ask how to go back to the buffing thing, but I think that a tutorial isn't exactly the best idea, considering that there's an owl-thing that can kill us faster than you can even say anything."

A call rang out across the area, coming from a place not too far away. They focused on going to the source of that call, and began to run across the open, demolished area so as to avoid too many attacks from Werk.


Maqui let out a little yelp in surprise as Dave lifted him up, but otherwise said nothing, obviously being quite grateful that he had just been saved from possibly dying. He pulled down his goggles, cleaning the grimed up outsides of them. While doing so he looked up at the birdboy to get a clearer look at the one who had saved him. He didn't look much different with or without eyegear, except for the striking red eyes. That was just freaking awesome.

The downside of being saved just as the entire alley became a hellstorm was that he could no longer see where anyone else was. The flames were currently rising too high for him to see anything even near the place, leaving him with practically no visibility whatsoever. Just then he heard a loud call from a more far off place, urging them to go over to that area. But first, he wanted to not be in the air supported by only the arms of a single person. It felt cool at first, but now it was just feeling uncomfortable due to the fact that with one little slip he could become a red splat on the ground. "Hey, you think you could drop me down soon? You know, so you won't be having to hold me up and stuff..."

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6883788Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 8285588
Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 6620208Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5962745Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887886Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887871Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5887635Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 5894955
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ :
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeSat 24 Mar 2012, 7:14 pm

>John: Oh my GOD

John had really just stopped where he was almost right outside of the alley, backing away from the flames burning within it. Oh my god oh my god oh my god Dave was in there oh my god. Or well to John's knowledge he was. And that kind of terrified him. He knew that was a horrible idea oh my god why didn't Dave just listen to him and stay with him instead of flying off like that!

And it was just lovely that John found himself sort of frozen to the spot.
He'd very much rather get away from here right now. But of course he did need to find Dave, but there was no way that he would be able to get past that fire right now!

So yes.

Terrified and useless.

Oh John really hoped that Dave would just decide to appear at some point, though it definitely didn't look like that would be happening here. But he waited anyway, for lack of anything else to do considering he would rather not just leave.

>Dave: Land?


Totally not going to happen even if Maqui was wanting back on the ground at this point. Dave was totally not risking getting burned alive here because of those flames. That'd just be fucking stupid. He sort of squeezed Maqui tightly in his arms, though tried to make sure he didn't end up hurting him, of course. "the fuck man im not fucking going down there do you think im in the mood to go turn into a fucking roast chicken because that doesnt sound too appealing to me" Dave was sort of frowning now, not at Maqui in particular though, as he was sort of staring blankly in the direction he had heard a call being made. Of course he wasn't even sure whether to pay attention to that right now.

Considering he was just a little bit busy trying to hold this dumbass up and not drop him into all those fucking flames.

Which actually wasn't even that hard, and Dave thought he could keep a good grip of Maqui for a while now, which reassured him about the fact that he might drop him quite a bit. "its dave by the way" Yes of course formalities in while you're flying way up here trying to avoid being a roast chicken? Alright Dave, best time for that, of course.

Or you know maybe you should land Dave.

You should probably take the person you're trying to keep alive's feelings in mind here. After all Dave, it's not like you even remotely care about nor know him at all.

Nope don't care one bit. Hey why don't you drop him right now, surely that'd be funny?


But you still don't care at all.

Course not.

>Nepeta: Attack

Nepeta had been waiting for an opportunity to strike for a while. As far as anyone had known, she had been elsewhere, hiding amoung shadows and remaining unseen for a while. Though it was finally time to make an entrance into this game again. Time to get straight to fucking shit up. Oh how she had missed this. Ascending to god tier was just the beginning, though seeing what she could actually do with it became the next.

And hell it was awesome.

Hood pulled up over here face, creating a shadow where her eyes would be, and a menacing grin of sharp teeth were all that could be seen of her face. She strode right through most of the carnage, claws at the ready to wreak havoc.

She hadn't felt so... powerful, before.

And she was also confident about how this would go. No denying that fact.

":33< hellloooooo nemesis i think its timmmeee you learned what it feels like to be fucked up~" She said loudly with a grin, followed by a meow that sounded more like a cackle. She leaned down as she strode her way through everyone and scraped her claws off of the ground, sending sparks up from them.

And then she stopped.

Spreading out her wings, she shot into the air, literally throwing herself at Nemesis, caws scracthing at him wildly, eyes glinting with some kind of fury. She'd seen to many people die. She'd been cut off from all the friends she'd made.

And she'd totally fucking lost her shit.

It's not 4 you jackass, it's fucking nothing. There is no end.

It seems you may have just called me a fish.

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Meta Knight: Oh, f-word.

Toad ran away, the rust blasts smashing the ground beneath him. Toad was launched into the air and faceplanted in a wall. He was yelling something. Was his head glowing?

Rosalina knew what it was. "Toad! Pull the star out!" she shouted to him.

Toad yanked the Power Star from under his hat. "Hey, Rosalina, it's glowing. Is that a good thing?"

"This is your time of greatest need! Use the star!" Rosalina shouted to him.

Toad turned the Power Star over and over. "How do I do---"

It exploded in his face. Toad erupted in a shower of white light. "Hey! Who turned up the lights?! Ack! OH! OOF!" Toad was launched into the air. He was panicking. Then the light burst into a small supernova.

The Lor was rocked a bit.

When the light died, Toad looked at the motorcycle he now sat in. "Hey, check out this sweet new ride! This seems pretty familiar... Oh, yeah! From that one time with King Koopa and the tomato sauce... Awright! The Toad Warrior's back!" he cheered.

"Way to go, Toad!" Magolor shouted.

"Hey, man! I'm the fantastic fungus! I'm the turbocharged mushroom of might! I'm the Toad Warrior!"

The Orange Star cheered: now we had hope.

Toad peeled off, charging through a line of Pacers. The cars were cleaved in two as Toad drove through them on his chopper.

I did not get a good look at his motorcycle, but Toad seemed to be happy.

Then I remembered: Kirby!

He flew through the air. One of Sentinel's blasts must have hit him!

"Oh, NO!" I shouted. I reached for Kirby, but Magolor pulled me back.

"Meta Knight! You're in no shape to go out there and get smashed to a grease spot---" Magolor began to scold.

Then the Lor rocked again. "Ack! Totally wasn't expecting that!" Magolor cursed. "Dang it, it's those guys again!"

Warning lights flared. "We're going down! Ahhh!" Magolor cried. "I gotta stabilize this ship!" He turned dials and yanked cords. The sprinklers came on. I was drenched. I covered my body with my cape.

Magolor hit a button and the Lor Starcutter shuddered, before descending at a much more controlled rate. "There! That'll keep us from crashing and burning! But we gotta find a safe place to land... oh, what to do?"

"Kirby!" I shouted, running to the Lor's door again. Kirby sailed toward the ground. He was still high in the sky, but I could hear his screams. "Use your floating powers! Glide through the air!" I yelled to him.

Kirby flailed his arms... his airbag was failing him!

Malgalax laughed at Kirby, mocking him. "Finally! Kirby is doomed!"

It seemed like it was all over... Kirby was doomed... the hero of Dream Land...

Then I remembered: the Warpstar!

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 B3n582


Toad drove, speeding forward on his motorcycle and dodging Destroyers' blasts. He swerved about, driving through rubble. The Warpstar and Kirby tumbled through the air. Toad poured on the speed. Fire blasted from the chrome tailpipes of Toad's chopper. He pulled up, and the motorcycle began to rattle up and down. The front wheel wavered above the ground, before the motorcycle's chrome began to glow yellow with energy, and Toad's motorcycle actually began to fly! Toad reached his arm out toward the Warpstar as the motorcycle sped forward...

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 21jd9b9

Professor Z's cars fired missiles at Kirby. "Take him down!" said their leader, an orange Gremlin.

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 2uz5u93


Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 34o4fnn

Kirby flew back toward Nemesis on the Warp Star, firing more Spark Waves at the Autobot traitor. "C'mon, Kirby, you can do it!" Toad shouted. "I got my head knocked into a wall to get that for you!"

Kirby spun around, releasing the Spark Ability and sucking up several flaming scaffolds. A fiery crown appeared on his head. "He is now Fire Kirby!" I announced.

Kirby then began to do donuts around Sentinel Prime, loosing flames on him, and then engulfed himself in fire and charged through Sentinel. Kirby then went for Nemesis. "No, Kirby!" I shouted. "Do not be foolish!"

But Kirby was foolish. On fire, he blazed toward Nemesis Prime. But the Dead Xenoverse Prime batted Kirby away... HARD. Kirby was sent sailing again. The Warpstar chased after him, attempting to catch Kirby and protect him. Kirby blinked... His vision went spotty...

Galacta Knight: Save Kirby!

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Qou5ag

I streaked through the air with my feathery wings spread.


Kirby looked in shock. He could not believe it: I would have had the same reaction as well. He indeed does not intend to thank the Warp Star for helping and protecting him by ingesting it. Neither would I... but the Warp Star holds more power than just granting the ultimate weapon, the Star Rod. I knew quite a bit about the Halcandran ancients... and I shared this with Kirby. He understood, and I dropped him. Kirby opened his mouth, and...


After inhaling the Warp Star, Kirby fell to the ground heroically, and...


Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 358xf5z

Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Mrd9aa

Just as I predicted. The Warp Star's true power... Kirby can now use Super Abilities at will, as long as he has a regular Copy Ability that he can transform into a Super Ability.

Meta Knight looked on in awe. "I never would have dreamed that Kirby would possess such power... He is even greater than he was with the Star Rod," he commented.


Kirby: KNOCK HEADS!!!!! (Third person)

Kirby spun, kicking dust up into the air and peeling off toward Sentinel Prime. Kirby, as the giant monster truck wheel, bounced up and off of Sentinel Prime's shield, but only to drive back, up around a wall, and back on top of Sentinel's head. That would give Optimus an opening, and if that didn't work, Kirby's next attack would: he tipped over and slid, sweeping Sentinel Prime and bouncing in the air before returning to normal. Kirby then transformed back into a giant wheel and slammed into Sentinel Prime again.

Magolor cheered. "Go Kirby! We're rooting for you!"

"In case you have not noticed, we are plummeting to our deaths!" Meta Knight hissed.

Magolor cursed. "Right, right."

The Lor Starcutter opened a portal in front of it and sped in. The ship emerged from a lower point in the sky, decelerating as it traveled through the portals before landing gently on the ground.

Everybody turned their heads toward Kirby. He was busy knocking on Sentinel's shield, attempting to distract his attention. Kirby went from wheel to puffball to wheel again in a struggle to confuse the Prime. "Whaddaya waitin' for, Optimus?!" Toad shouted.

Malgalax gasped in terror. "No! My copy shields are obsolete! I must destroy Kirby!"


*Long line of cuss words censored*

Toad bashed Malgalax in between the eyes with the front wheel of his bike. He was battered with apples, but Toad held. He spun his bike around and smashed Malgalax in the groin with his back wheel. Toad then jumped off his bike and pulled out a hammer: a big, angular version of his old party hammer, with a glowing star emblazoned on the head. He brought it down on Malgalax, destroying his shield and knocking him into the ground. Toad then jumped back into his bike as he fell and began to spin downwards, before driving straight into the villain. "That'll teach ya!" he shouted.

Kirby, meanwhile, was still at it... Optimus! Strike now!

(Careful now, make sure you have hit all the links or none of this would make sense.
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Alleyway Battlefield; Past

Werk casted his piercing glare at the fleeing three, deciding them to be cowards in his mind. With ease, the owl blasted into the air, gliding down to them once more for a guillotine attack. As he passed by, not observing if he managed to claim any lives yet, his eye strayed left, and noticed a lone figure standing among the wreckage, looking on fearfully.

The Khornate then remembered what was said about the Champions, and their high-ranking fighters. John, as he recalled, was basically the second-in-command of the entire faction (below Optimus, of course). However, Werk noticed something peculiar about him… while his physical matched that of John, he was not wearing the clothes that were descripted.

The owl then decided that it must have been a John from a different timeline. Werk decided to attack anyways; even if it was not the John described, it was still a John, and would make a fine means of intimidation towards the Champions.

With great speed, the Khornate dove at the Heir of Breath, quickly pulling some parkour, and finally landing by knocking John down and pinning him with his massive talons. Firmly digging his talons into the ground until he managed to obtain a good grasp of the boy, Werk lifted his foot up, bringing along both John and a good chunk of the ground, until he was glaring directly at the boy’s face.

”If my facts are correct… John Egbert; Age of 13; relations being Dad Egbert, Jane ‘Nanna’ Egbert, and paradoxically, Jade Harley, and Jake ‘Grandpa’ Harley. However, none of that really mattered. You are about to become nothing more than a means of intimidation towards our enemies, and a tribute to Khorne. Now then, YOUR SKULL FOR THE SKULL THR-“

Of course, Werk never really got through with his execution of John Egbert, as suddenly, a streak of blue came from parts unseen, with a brief flash of gold from the streak striking the owl in the face. The speed and force of the blow was at least enough to force the owl to relinquish the boy from his grasp, and send him flying a kilometer or two away, with the blue streak in prompt pursuit.

Suddenly, a white, horse like being appeared from the streets, quickly bounding over to gather up both John and the three. The being quickly stamped its golden-plated leg, sending a huge burst of healing energy around the battlefield, healing the four of any wounds. The horse turned its head to look at the group, before muttering ”Come, let us get out of here before the Destroyers can send reinforcements.”

With that, the being bounded off back past the series of towers and buildings, not waiting up to see if the four followed. However, the white horse being did not need to provide any incentive to them right then, as a shout of, ”COOPER! HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT AN EXECUTION?!” proceeded to ring throughout the area, followed by the sound of city blocks collapsing and exploding left and right. If the sound of a city-destroying duel was not incentive enough, then the being did not know what was.
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>Optimus: Exploit the gap

Appropriate listening:

As sentinel buckled from an incoming assault from Toad and his companions, Optimus leapt into the fray to take full advantage in this gap in his former mentor's defenses, bringing his Axe down on Sentinel's shoulder and then bashing him in the face with a fist before slashing him across the chest with his burning energon sword, sending a shower of sparks flying forth from the strike as he kicked Sentinel in the stomach to send him reeling backwards.

But when Optimus moved to make a decapitating strike against Sentinel, the former Autobot leader brought up his shield to parry the blow, the clanging of metal resounding through the air as Optimus rammed Sentinel through a building, crashing the two of them near Werk, only for Sentinel to grab Optimus and bring him down onto his knee before bashing him forward, sending the two autobot leaders tumbling forward.

Bumblebee tried to leap at Sentinel to buy Optimus some space, but Sentinel admonished him sharply with a massive slam to his face from the flat of his blade, while an incoming Grimlock's energon sword was caught on sentinel's shield, then the autobot was pulled forward for a snap kick in the face while he spun around to block the meltagun blast of Jurgen before firing off a rust blast that forced the guardsman to take cover while a dersite building crumbled as it was eaten away by the cosmic rust.

Sentinel stabbed a blade in front of Ciaphas cain to ward him away while blocking an incoming axe swing from Optimus by bringing his shield around. Then he twirled his blade in front of him and smacked Optimus across the cheek, receiving a glancing jab to the side of his torso that sent sparks showering outwards before bringing forward a shield bash that knocked Optimus forward.

Looking around, Sentinel saw an incoming fleet of destroyer capital ships looming in the sky, bringing forth the reinforcements he needed to turn the tide. "Reinforcements! Destroyer ships...fire at Optimus!" He commanded, prompting a massive fleet of fighters and bombers to roar to life as they set themselves into combat mode, engines roaring loudly as they flared into being. "WE O-BEY SEN-TI-NEL! WE WILL EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" Growled a Dalek as it rotated itself around to face Optimus and thunder off towards him.

In the mean time, Nemesis turned around to try and throw Nepeta off of his back, leaving him open for a blast to the chest from Rose, causing him to reel backwards before taking out his arm cannon and firing off a blast right in front of Rose, sending her flying head over heels before he swung around to try and reach for Nepeta to grab her by the hood and throw her off of him while Jonah Orion continued to pummel him with psychic blasts.

Whether or not he was successful, he would have turned to face Cthulhu, growling in response to his admonishing speech. Floating into the sky, Nemesis spread out his wings like a dark angel and let a cyclone of dark power coalesce around him, purple streaks of lightning striking out from the thunderous maelstrom. Launching a series of black bolts of raw undead power into the midst of the dark alliance warriors opposing him, Nemesis snarled at his minions while the air forces of the destroyers started to close in on the battlefield to swing the tide.

"Destroyers, get to the pillar! Reactivate it!" Nemesis commanded as he dodged a tentacle from the living storm and swung his double scythe in a massive arc to lop it off while he redirected his black storm into the midst of the champions before him. "Reactivate the pillars...ja...Heil Nemesis!" Said the despicable figure of space pirate scientist Igzvald as he watched the battle from a safe distance before running off towards the fallen pillar, now away from the main battlefield.

"rose...i got to stop them from reactivating the pillar...think you can handle them without me?" John asked, putting his hands on her cheeks, the calloused appendages starting to smooth out with healing from the scars of war. Rose took one hand in her own and lowered it and nodded. "Do what you must...I'll try from my end." She said before Sylux put a hand on the boy's shoulder. "You're not doing this alone...come on John!" Sylux said as he rushed over, screw attacking over a car while John slid underneath it, using the WINDY THING to propel him beneath the vehicle with minimum friction before shoving the wreckage of a chaos predator tank out of the way with his mangrit endowed strength.

Sylux in the meantime used the grapple beam to swing around the corner while John took off with his god tier abilities, finding the white carapaced space pirate crawling on top of the rubble and making his way towards the pillar. Landing in front of him, the two brought out their weapons and confronted the monocled Zebesian who turned to face them and hissed out "NEIINNNN!" Before kicking John in the face with his right foot to send him away before swatting Sylux away with a pincer before opening them up to revealthe inlaid cannons.

"look...igzvald stop! this is crazy! nemesis doesn't care about you!" John said, trying to reason with the current head of Space Pirate forces. "Nein! Zis iz mein only future!" The crazed Scientist snarled before a fortuitous wind blew some paper debris into his face, causing him to stumble just enough for Sylux to tackle him and wrestle the pirate to the ground, only for him to kangaroo kick Sylux off and interpose himself between John and the Pillar.

In the meantime, Davian Thule turned to face the source of a massive amount of chaotic energies that registered on his sensors. Turning the space marine helmet mounted in a small cupola in the venerable dreadnought's vast, bulky form, the Blood Ravens warrior thundered around to face the source of the energies before sending his engines into an overdrive charge, smashing through a building and spraying forth debris in all directions as he emerged before another incarnation of John and the Khornate bird Werk.

"Face me in battle Khornate scum, and face the Emperor's justice for those who follow Chaos. Come forward, for this day the only skull that shall be added to the skull throne will be yours!" The Dreadnought boomed in a metallic baritone voice before it's multibarelled multimelta began to roar to life, and soon he began to fire huge blue-white actinic beams of incadescent gas from the twin barrels in a cone like arc, rapidly firing off the melta blasts in a large sweep, followed up with a pass from his stormbolter and heavy flamer, his Power Claw spinning and ready for battle while the underlying power bayonet of the multimelta crackled with coruscating energy.
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Red Baron: Nein, nein, NEIN!!!

(Translated to the furthest extent of ability)

The Destroyer fighters and bombers were attacking Optimus Prime. "Ha! This shall be a victory for Mother Germany!" I gloated, flying down toward the fighters. I began to fire machine guns at them. Then I ordered the fleet to fire their projectiles.

The Orange Star fighters behind me fired rockets at the bombers while trucks on the ground took care of the fighters. "Untergehen auf Gedeih und Verderb unsere Gewehre!!!" I shouted, blasting away at the fighters. The weaker ones went down quickly, but many were made of stronger metal. A rocket was flying toward me: I brought the Fokker to a dive. But it sought out the heat of my engine, and my body. "Scheiße..." I cursed.

The missile exploded behind me. It was that Opthomas Prime robot. "I've got you covered! Hold on a sec, 'cuz I've got me some planes to wreck!"

Opthomas fired his weapons at the fleet attacking Optimus. The train robot shot his gun and several bladed circles, before deliberately charging into one of the airplanes and sending it spiraling into another. I noted the helicopter that had turned into a flight pack on his back.

Opthomas: Knock some planes down!

I fired the weapons on my arms that Annie and Clarabel's combination gave me. Hiro had taught me to use the throwing stars as well, and I fired them with abandon. They exploded on contact anyway, I have to implement them somewhere.

I dove downward, Harold's propeller spinning on my back. I then grabbed a bomber and socked its roof. The metal tore and I grabbed the aircraft, choking its engines with my smoke, before hurling the plane into another cluster firing at Optimus. Then I threw several exploding throwing stars at the group of crashing, burning aircrafts, letting the group explode before doubling back toward an army of aerotrooping Heartless. These were easy: it was like hitting someone with a train.

Wait, I am a train. Whoops.

Toad: Let's do this thing!

I revved my motor. Sentinel was being taken down by Optimus just fine. "What a jerk," I grumbled, before letting the motorcycle rev down the road toward Nemesis. I pulled up and the bike began to take to the air. I checked the dash. "Ooh! Doodads!" I hit a button and got a cream pie in the face. "Wrong button," I grumbled, wiping my face off and hitting another. The emblem on the front of the bike began to glow, and light began to collect around the front of the bike. "Lights out!" I shouted, firing the beam at the evil Prime's face.

Then I circled around Nemesis (in a wiiiiiiide circle) and began to throw random household objects at him. Wastebaskets, copy machines, television sets, I even threw a toilet!

I was about to drop a desk on him when I heard a yell. I dropped the desk and brought the motorcycle down toward where the cry came from. Daisy was struggling with an army of cars that were surrounding her with their weapons drawn.

I dispatched them quickly with my back wheel.

I stopped the bike in front of her. "Hey, grab a helmet. We're going after Sentinel," I said, looking up at the reinforcements attacking Optimus.

Daisy nodded. We surged forward, and Daisy let her arm hang. The ground began to churn, and when Daisy brought her hand up, spires of crystal began to shoot out of the ground toward Sentinel. "Holy mother! That always gets me!" I marvelled.

I screeched to a halt on a mound of rubble. "Okay, let's see if there's anything I could use here... Ah, there was SOMETHING hidden under my mass of Porta-Potties..."

I turned my back to Sentinel Prime. "No, no, no..." I threw toilet after toilet behind my back. I heard several grunts and cries of pain. When I found what I wanted, I turned around. "Ah-HA! Here we go! Rocket launch---"

I found myself facing a mound of toilets where Sentinel should have been. "Whoops. I think I buried him."
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed 28 Mar 2012, 12:03 pm

((Post cut in half because it was so long it broke the text limit))

>[S]Battle: Climax

Appropriate listening:

Hiding behind some rubble as a Chaos dreadnought's reaper autocannon scythed across the battlefield and caused several clone troopers to erupt in a cloud of gore while it's combibolter ripped through a line of imperial guardsmen, Fordo looked to a blue armoured ARC trooper, one of the Muunilist 10's heavy weapons specialists, this one preferring the gatling blaster. "Sir we're pinned down under heavy fire! We can't advance under this!" The ARC trooper said as a Hell talon swooped overhead and shot off a pair of frag missiles from it's havoc launcher, creating a lethal rain of deadly shrapnel and overpressure that flayed a squad of Slugga boyz and sliced the limbs off of a soviet conscript.

A flak trooper tried to get a passing TIE fighter in his sights, firing off shells into the air that exploded into black clouds of flak, but before he could, a radiation beam leaped out from the spinning sides of an Epsilon floating disc, causing his flesh to glow a transluscent green as it began to dissolve into gelatin like goop that glowed with the intensity of a searchlight while his bones charred black in an instant, the soldier soon collapsing to the ground as even his bones began to liquefy. An American soldier tried to bring his stinger missile to bear upon the saucer, but he too met the same fate as his soviet counterpart as another transluscent purple ray lanced out and struck him in the chest, liquefying the young man instantly.

Poking his head out from the cover, Fordo saw the Chaos Dreadnought turning around to face him as it concluded a firing frenzy borne out of a deep sort of madness that had pumped enough firepower into the midst of a large force of camp halfblood automatons armed with shields and spears and swords to blast them into pieces. Casually reaching it's power claw out to wrap the bladed fingers around the head of a final automaton that managed to get close, the entombed Chaos Space marine clenched the power claws fingers, and the motorized fingers, surrounded with a shimmering energy field, closed around the thing's head and crushed and sliced it with minimal effort.

Casually flinging the headless remains of the automaton away to bowl over a force of incoming Prospitans armed with swords, the Chaos Dreadnought's head fixiated on the ARC trooper from within it's cupola, the helmet snorting steam from vents while it's brass horns looked all the more menacing, coupled with the insane scrawlings of the fanatically religious Word Bearers legion and it's scab red colouration. "DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!" The mighty behemoth boomed through it's vox casters, and the Warmonger's reaper autocannons soon thundered into life, each deep boom flinging out a 125mm high explosive shell out at the ARC troopers. And he was firing them in their hundreds.

Immediately ducking as the dog sized shells slammed into the ground and blasted out enormous craters, Fordo breathed out a sigh of relief as the Warmonger brought it's field of fire a bit fire to aim at an approaching Truck autobot, who transformed out of pickup truck mode and brought out a heavy neutron assault rifle and shoulder mounted missile pods, sending forth a stream of fire at the Warmonger. But the venerable Warmonger's hull was even stronger than was normal for Chaos Dreadnoughts, and the blasts simply glanced off of it's sloped shell while the missiles exploded harmlessly save for some blackened paint.

Switching it's loadout to armorpiercing shells, the Warmonger began firing it's booming shells once again, and the high velocity slugs of metal blasted massive holes into the autobot through sheer velocity before a volley of incindiery shells finished it off, defeating the inherent self healing abilities of cybertronians through sheer heat, and the autobot fell to the ground in a punctured, partially molten mess while the combi-bolter of the Warmonger traversed to aim at an force of incoming super battledroids, sending 0.75 caliber rockets down range after being launched out by a more typical propellant blast.

The bolts lodged themselves into the bodies of the super battle droids, puncturing through their durable armor and nestling within them before exploding moments after, ripping their torsos clean apart in a shower of plastic and metal shards and electronic components as the warmonger swept it's heavy flamer over approaching Allied peacekeepers, whose heavy riot armour melted and bubbled on their own bodies as the burning jet of prometheum blaszed over them, burning their skin before they too caught alight, eyes dripping out of sockets, ammo cooking off and exploding, and flesh peeling off of bones before the bones too were charred into ashes as the white hot fire blazed over them.

To make matters worse, another Dreadnought, this one marked as one of the Emperor's children, soon thundered into view, and it's blast master let loose a daemonic screech before lobbing an orb of hellish noise into the midst of a force of Galactic Federation Marines whose bodies were pulped in an instant by the obscene blast of sound. The Slaaneshi Dreadnought's twinlinked underslung sonic blasters traversed around and let loose a withering volley of sonic bolts that smashed into a line of battle droids who were instantly blasted apart by the daemonic noise.

The Warmonger backed off and charged into a mass of Tyranids in the distance, babbling on about the betrayer of the great crusade as it's slaaneshi counterpart's Doom siren let loose a hellish jet of warp noise in a long scream that washed across a formation of Soviet Conscripts whose bones shattered while their flesh and organs liquefied in an instant while those not caught directly by the blast were driven mad by listening to the daemonic screams. As it's blast master roared again and flung forth more noisy death into the koopa troop, creating a deadly shower of limbs and shell shards in all directions as their bodies were mashed into oblivion by the overpressure of the daemonic soundwave, the Dreadnought roared in the ecstasy of battle while a clone trooper's blaster rifle bolts glanced off of it's frontal armor.

Slamming it's lightning claw into the ground, the Dreadnought created a shockwave that caused an entire platoon of clone troopers surrounding it to explode into giblets as the overpressure ripped their bodies apart like wet tissue paper, and as the Destroyer rampaged, it casually turned the weapon around to face one of Hades' hell hounds, firing right into the beast who exploded into a shower of dust as the daemonic sound sent it screaming back into the underworld. With a casual movement, it slashed the energized blade of the lightning claw, which unlike the power claw, only had energy around the claws rather than the entire fist, but the claws on the lightning claw were significantly longer, and the weapon was more slender and elegant, trading hitting power for reach and speed, right across the face of a Hyperborean giant allied with the Olympians, the crackling power blades slicing deep into it's face even as the thing iced over in death.

Flexing the long bladed fingers of the lightning claw, The lust shrieker, as the Dreadnought was known, stomped over in a drugged haze towards a prospitan rook warrior, the grotesquely muscled thing raising a club to face the Dreadnought whose hull bore the flayed off face of a loyalist space marineasa trophy. "GLORY FOR THE PRINCE OF PLEASURE!" The Lust Shrieker boomed as it caught the club in it's lightning claw hand and cut through the club as if there was nothing impeding it's way before it jabbed the bayonet on it's blast master into the Rook and cackled with a sick sort of glee as the rook hit the ground in agony as poison seeped through it. Leaving the thing to die, the Lust shrieker proceeded to pummel Fordo's position with a flurry of sonic blasts all while laughing like an insane drugged up hyena.

"Got that comm link working?" Fordo asked his lieutenant as a large section of the ruined wall was blown apart by a blast master impact. "I got contact!" the lieutenant shouted back as he popped his head out to fire off a withering hail of blue blaster bolts that scythed down an incoming formation of Nod millitants, whose grey shirts proved to be no defense against his deadly weapon. Throwing Fordo the commlink, the ARC commander grabbed it and shouted into the speaker. "This is Colonel Fordo we are taking heavy fire, requesting immediate aerial and missile support on grid alpha zeta plural upsilon bravo!" He shouted over the cacaphony of war.

"Roger that, we're on our way, ETA five minutes." The response crackled in, and not too far away, a wing of Blood Angel Assault Marines, American Tomahawk missiles, Sylux's Delano 7 gunship, and Soviet migs streaked through the crowded city scape of Derse, weaving through a storm of anti-aircraft fire with tracers flowing so thick that it looked like one could walk on them. The autopilot function of Sylux's gunship had it rolling around as it ducked underneath a bridge before pulling up to avoid a stream of autocannon fire from Chaos havocs as it made it's approach on the champion position.

In the meantime, back in the battle at the plaza, a space marine sternguard veteran took aim at Sentinel who had just avoided Toad's attacks while in the midst of a fierce melee with Optimus. Taking aim and firing off a three bolter burst at Sentinel that slammed into his knee and exploded to little effect as Sentinel swung himself downwards and brought up his shield to block an incoming sword swing from Optimus, sparks flying out in all directions as the Marine fired off an incadescent Plasma bolt from the underslung plasma gun of his combi-plasma gun, a bolt which hit Sentinel's shoulder and caused it to glow white hot for a brief while before cooling down.

Swinging his Primax blade in a wide arc to slash across Optimus' chest, the Marine fired off another series of plasma bolts and bolter shells into Sentinel, scraping across his chest to once again, minimal effect while other soldiers fired at Sentinel while trying to keep off destroyer fores. Optimus grabbed Sentinel by the shoulder as the Marine fired two plasma bolts into the chest of an approaching Imperial Dark Trooper, whose phrik alloy shell blasted into molten ruin while he fired off another rapid fire burst of bolter rounds into a Nazi rifle squadron, who exploded into pink mists as the bolter shells lodged in their bodies before detonating.

Sentinel brought forth his shield and then spun it around to bash the edge against the right side of Optimus' head, causing him to lean to one side as he followed up with a snapkick to the gut, prompting Optimus to respond by with a massive uppercutting slash that sent Sentinel back several steps with a shower of Sparks, giving him an opening to bring his sword crashing down on Sentinel's shoulder for a massive overhead slash followed by an enormous headbutt that seemingly stunned Nemesis with the sheer force of the impact.

Pulling himself up by Sentinel's shoulder plate, Optimus brought himself around to Sentinel's back and stabbed into his right shoulder blade with his sword while slashing across the small of his back with his axe, scoring into Sentinel's armor and causing him to stagger forward before turning around, seeming to shrug off the Sternguard Veteran's next flurry of bolter rounds and plasma bolts into his abdomen while he brought Optimus' head down with an arm and then kneed him in the face, knocking him backwards as he made a long downward stroke with his left sword that was intercepted by Sentinel's primax blade, the two swords clashing together in a thunderous rain of sparks while the shield blocked an incoming left swing from Optimus' axe.

Firing at Sentinel's helmeted head, the marine was surprised by Sentinel's agility as he ducked beneath the attack and shoved forward to push Optimus backwards with a shield bash before bringing his primax blade down in a long earthbound slice across Optimus' chest that he just barely managed to turn away with a deft upward glancing blow from his own energon sword. Bringing the other blade of the primax sword upwards to strike across Optimus' chest again, Optimus managed to block it more thoroughly with his axe and then pull backwards to bring Sentinel into an incoming sword stab towards his chest, who turned to the right just in time to turn the stab into a glancing slash.

Bringing his shield upwards in an uppercutting shieldbash, Sentinel brought Optimus forward while the sternguard marine turned around to face down a charging Japanese warrior with a beam katana drawn, shouting "FOR THE EMPEROR!" In reference to his own divine deity, to which the sternguard veteran responded in kind with his own "FOR THE EMPEROR!" As the elite blood raven raised his combi-weapon and shot off a single plasma bolt that vaporized the entire upper body of the samurai styled Japanese soldier before firing off a series of bolts in an arc that slammed into the bodies of the other members of his squad while shooting the more heavily armoured squad leader twice with the underslung plasma gun, killing the entire squad as they babbled on in their language while he deftly ducked under an incoming kinetic bolt from one Japanese soldier before turning around and slamming into the helmeted head of the Imperial Soldier with the butt of his gun, more or less causing the soldier's head to explode like a melon hit by a sledgehammer.

In the meantime, Optimus charged forward and Tackled Sentinel, sending both of them staggering in one direction before shoving backwards and then making a left slash with the sword, a downward slash with his axe, a stab with the sword, a uppercutting stroke from his axe, followed by a furious double diagonal slice with both weapons, which Sentinel barely had enough time to bob and waeve through to turn most of these attacks into parried strikes on his shield or blade or glancing hits across his armor, the sound of metal scoring against each other screaming through the air as Sentinel brought his shield down on Optimus' head, causing him to lurch downwards before kneeing him in the face, sending Optimus rolling away as Grimlock approached Sentinel from behind.

Hitting a statue of Derse's black Queen, Optimus pushed himself into a crouch from his roll as a wing of Hell Talons, Decepticon fighters, and Daleks dive bombed him. Grunting in pain as Optimus took a flurry of autocannon, machine gun, lascannon, and gunstick fire, Optimus had his shoulder mounted weapons fold forward to firing positions as he looked back as one Dalek swooped down and shot off a flurry of high powered gunstick beams that screamed through the air. "EX-TER-MIN-ATE OP-TI-MUS PRIME!" The thing shrieked as it flew past Optimus to come around for another attack run.

Nemesis brought forth a black energy shield to deflect and incinerate Toad's projectiles as he rose through the air before crashing down in a massive ground slam that brought forth a huge shockwave that blew away many surrounding champions and darkbringers while he charged at and made a massive leftward slice with his double Scythe and the Necron undying one, who barely managed to parry with it's own warscythe as the floating spider legged necron was pushed backwards from the deadly Cybertronian leader whose wings quickly turned around to intercept a flurry of bonesword strikes from the Tyranid Prime Alpha's dual bone swords, as well as it's twin lash whips. Kicking away the Tyranid warrior who flew backwards screeching as Nemesis came around to bring his blade down in front of Dave who barely managed to roll out of the way to make a uppercutting slice with the deringer at Nemesis' right leg, only for his rapidly acting wing blades to bring one white blade around to block the incoming attack before making it's own stab at Dave who had to flash step out of the way with his time manipulation abilities.

Trying to come at Nemesis in his bubble of speeded up time, Dave grunted as he jumped up at Nemesis to try and stab his sword into his spark, but Nemesis used the power of the heart of Darkness to move even in the time stop, rapidly turning around as the fabric of reality bent like silly putty around the obscenely powerful Destroyer Lord and then shooting out lightning from his outstretched fingers that sent Dave flying backwards from the impact, where he hit the ground sparking while Jade shot forth a planet shattering blast of green sun energy, only for Nemesis to open up a portal to the Dead xenoverse that intercepted the enormous lancing strike of raw power and fed it into the Dead xenoverse before launching his own blast of utter blackness that shot Jade out of the sky and sent her tumbling to the ground in tattered robes.

Coming around to bring his scythe to bear upon an incoming missile from Omega supreme, Nemesis Prime hummed with dark power as he ripped huge sections out of the city from the ground telekinetically and slammed them together to sandwhich Omega Supreme between two enormous chunks of cityscape and send the massive machine flopping forward to the ground before he came around and stopping Grindor's incoming rotor blade with his sheild before slicing across his chest with the lethal scythe, carving a deep wound into the Decepticon behemoth before slamming his shield forward and knocking him away.

John in the meantime ducked under a powerful quantum blast from Igzvald and brought his hammer forward to attempt to crush the pirate's head, but the deft scientist grabbed the hammer by the handle and turned Zillyhoo aside before kicking out at Sylux and sending him tumbling down the rubble pile before flinging forth a pair of rending claws at Sylux that ripped into his shielding and knocked out several energy tanks.

But Igzvald didn't see John before the boy could clock him across the face with a right haymaker that sent the zebesian tumbling backwards and left him vulnerable to being grabbed by the pincers and pulled forward into a vicious headbutt that caused the pirate to see stars in his vision, but John was probably just as badly shaken by hitting the hard, bionically enhanced exoskeleton and overlying power armour of the machine even with his MANGRIT enhanced strength.

This allowed the space pirate to jump up into the air with a spin before bringing himself down in a downward diagonal kick that hit John across the face and sent him tumbling into the ground, his now broken beyond repair glasses tubling to the ground in a ruined heap before Sylux sliced across the head of Space Pirate science team with his arm blade, scoring into his metal helmet and causing him to lurch forward, and even with his blurry vision, John could see enought o kangaroo kick Igzvald in the abdomen and send him tumbling back, but not before clamping a pincer around Sylux's head and pulling the Cylosian youth downwards onto the ground and then kicking him in the chestplate before punching him repeatedly in the helmet until Sylux's white visor line began to crack and shatter.

But John came forward with a mighty battle cry and yanked Igzvald backwards and slammed him onto the rubble and punched him repeatedly in the face, his fists packing incredible force from his MANGRIT and causing visible cracks in the pirate's helmet before he kicked John in the chest, knocking the wind out of him as he crawled towards the Pillar, only to be pulled back downwards by the tumbling John as he grabbed his insectoid leg.

Optimus in the meantime, was under increasingly heavy fire, and even as he turned around to fire out his massive arsenal of weaponry, sending forth a stream of ranged death of all sorts, one decepticon fighter being hit in the right engine and spiraling around to it's death below while a railgun blast clipped a Dalek and sent the thing spinning out of control screaming as it collided with a building before exploding. A hell talon shot it's lascannons into Optimus' chest, burning into his reinforced chest plate before gatling cannon fire cut off it's right wing and sending it screaming into the ground. He sweeped around machine gun fire that knocked into the wings of a flock of furies, blowing apart their feathery wings and sending them tumbling into the ground and back into the warp while he was hit by bombs from Stuka dive bombers.

Shooting off a few autocannon rounds into an approaching Scrin Stormrider and sending it spinning around into a building while a withering hail of supercharged particle cannon fire from Nod venoms streaked across his side, Optimus shouted out "I can't hold them..." With a groan of pain as he took some Floating disc radiation beam shots to the leftt side before turning around and shooting of a series of missiles into it's bottom that blew apart the saucer and sent it's pieces tumbling towards the earth in flames while he lead his fire around in an arc to rip apart the bodies of jetpack equipped rocket angels and shooting off railguns that blew apart a formation of pit fiends into a spattering of gore only for the rest to fire off their meteor swarm spells that liberally slammed into Optimus with copious numbers of supersonic flaming rocks that sent him reeling backwards.

Shooting off his gatling cannons to shoot the other pit fiends out of the sky as he turned around and fired off a missile into the cockpit of a vertigo bomber as it came around for a divebombing attack, forcing it to erupt in a brilliant explosive plume while a Jet tengu strafed him with kinetic bolts and a Chaos Raptor dived past him and sliced across his shoulder with a power sword. "The ships have us pinned!" Optimus shouted frantically as he fired off a series of laser beams that knocked the offending Jet Tengu out of the sky while plasma orbs blew apart a formation of Aeropirates who exploded as their jetpacks and missiles ignites violently. He looked around and aimed at some enemy Stukas and TIE bombers and fired ion bolts into them, blowing apart their wings and sending them crashing across the ground with a flaming skid.

Taking the time to get up and run forward, Optimus didn't see a heavy weapons Dalek float until it's enormous torso cannon was aimed dead on at Optimus. Charging it's obscenely powerful weapon, fifty times more powerful than a normal Dalek gunstick, which could blow up an entire medium sized building with one shot at full power, up to full, the Dalek locked onto Optimus' legs and gave forth it's chilling message. "MAX-I-MUM EX-TER-MIN-A-TION!" Before firing off a enormous blue beam that hit the ground at Optimus' feet and caused it to explode in an enormous fireball and a shower of asphalt that sent Optimus flying into the air with a long "Nooo!!!" As he hit the ground with a roll while the Dalek charged up another shot.

"Air forces have arrived, need targeting data!" Fordo's lieutanant said before Bluddflagg grabbed the laser sight out of the hands of the clone troopers and snarled as he pointed the beam at one of the Epsilon floating discs. Soon, a wing of missiles, Stormraven gunships, landspeeders, assault marines, Thunderhawk gunships, soviet Migs, and Sylux's Delano seven came streaking out into the battlefield. The missiles curved around and impacted the larger fliers, detonating into powerful blooms of flame and noise that blew apart vital components of the vehicles and sending them in a deathspin towards the ground.

The space marine craft swooped through the area, firing and slicing into the formations of enemies who let loose their dying screams and shouts as they began to tumble and spin out of the air while a flurry of smaller missiles and gatling cannon fire from the Migs wiped out the remaining Destroyer aircraft. Looking around as a Hell Talon crashed into the ground after an Ork Stormboy threw a tankbusta bomb onto it's wing, Terezi stepped forward, smelling the distinct scent of Herald Galvatron as he lounged about in an alleyway, not even flinching as a floating disc slammed into the ground and exploded after being hit by a Thunderhawk's turbolaser destructor

In the midst of the all consuming battle, Tyran Galvatron stood firm and growled as he shot a chaos defiler in the head with his partcile cannon, blowing the daemon engine's head off in an cascading purple explosion and causing the crab like mech to collapse to the ground in a heap. Turning around to intercept the incoming energy bayonet swing of a elite pirate, he brought the phazon mutated space pirate down onto his knee and broke it in half with a sickening snap over it before tossing the bleeding halves with a feral roar into a mass of Galactic Empire stormtroopers, sending the white armoured soldiers flying in all directions like bowling pins as several tons of muscle crashed through them.

Then he spotted Primax Megatron, the so called Generation one incarnation, who had hit him time and time again across the city with hit and run raids. Bellowing forth his challenge, Tyran Galvatron charged at the now distracted Primax Megatron who was busy blowing apart a Leman Russ tank company with his fusion cannons. Not having enough time to look around, Tyrant Galvatron had total surprise as he stabbed forth his arm cannon pincer into Megatron's back and then shot off a particle cannon blast that exploded outwards and destroyed the majority of his torso before his other hand reached around and grabbed Megatron's head and with a firm yanking motion, rippied it out with a shower of sparks and the snapping of cabling.

His minions having already dealt with their primax counterparts, Tyran Galvatron looked towards the Distracted Sentinel Prime and charged towards him. Just as Sentinel shot off his rust gun at Toad to drive him awaym Tyran Galvatron slammed into his back and wrapped his arms around him and held him still, giving him a squeeze that caused him to shout in pain before dropping his rust gun, allowing Optimus to pick up the weapon and point it at Sentinel. "Optimus....you wouldn't....shoot me...your old...mentor...the one who taught you the ideals of Cybertron...I'm...only trying to...help our species...Understand...why...I had to betray you...please!" Sentinel muttered, but Optimus wasn't buying any of it.

"You ask for mercy now? Where was your mercy when you killed Chromia? Where was your mercy when you killed Arcee? Where was your mercy when your soldiers killed Que? Where was your mercy when your soldiers brutally beat children? Where was your mercy when your soldiers killed Dreadwing?! Where was it when you put countless to their deaths? Where was your mercy when you betrayed Ironhide and shot him to death? Where was your mercy for Elita-one!?! You showed her none! You showed them all none! You don't deserve mercy, not when you've had a helping hand in the deaths of so many! Primus preached equality and freedom for all beings, not just Cybertronians...You've betrayed his ideal...You were the best...and now...there's nothing left." Optimus said as he raised the rust gun at Sentinel's face and shot it point blank into sentinel, then shot again, and again, and again.

He shot once for Chromia, once for Arcee, once for Que, once for John, once for Rose, once for Alvi, Once for Dreadwing, Once for all the innocents he killed, Once for ironhide, and three times for Elita-One, his lover and mate, who Sentinel had so callously killed. By the time he was done, Galvatron let go as Sentinel was nothing but a pile of rust on the ground, only his shield and sword remaining, weapons Optimus looked away from in disgust.

In the meantime, John slammed Igzvald into the side of the rubble and punched him repeatedly across the face and chest. "this is for beating up my friends! this is for all the people you've killed! and this! is for ordering my girlfriend to be raped!!!" John shouted between punches, as Igzvald coughed out blue phazon mutated blood. Before grabbing John by the head and throwing him to the side as he crawled upwards, powering through as Sylux grabbed his leg to the fallen control pillar before slamming the pincer down on the Control Pillar, reactivating it and causing it to rise into the air, righting itself as it resumed firing it's transmat beam into space, and once again Cybertron was being transported through the omniverse, and the Sun Darkener flared into life one again, draining the energies of the Great Suns to fuel the growth of the Dead Xenoverse.

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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed 28 Mar 2012, 12:05 pm

>[S}Battle:Climax Part 2.

Appropriate listening:

Looking up into the sky, Terezi knew that time was short, so she advanced into the alleyway where Dead Galvatron sat in,looking up into the sky as Cybertron once again began to advance through the void of space. "Cybertron....you are saved...at last...." He sighed as he looked up before Terezi ducked underneath the crook of one of his somewhat bent legs and came to his right side, attracting the notice of Galvatron, who's head was still missing a large chunk of it, courtesy of Optimus, from which spider like repair bots darted to and from to make their repairs. He was unconcerned witht he losses the destroyers were suffering, the bulk of the Destroyer armieshad left their garrisons on the stolen planets and were already converging upon the Coalition, and vastly outnumbering them, it would be only a matter of time before they were crushed by the weight of numbers and Nemesis' victory would be assured.

"Hello...have you come to surrender?" he said in an unusually quiet tone, seeming more lazy than actively threatening despite his size. As he spoke, his optics flickered a bit as some of the machines in his head injury worked to weld a broken link. "W4S 1T 4LL WORTH 1T?" Terezi asked, turning her head while looking down at the giant. Despite her god tier abilities, if Galvatron wanted to, he'd probably kill her with ease given his vastly superior physical prowess, especially as her powers were mostly passive in nature. But in spite of this, she was unafraid of Nemesis' Dragon. "Of course...our incarnation of Cybertron will rise again...and our kind will rule over all existence...as it should be..." The warrior said calmly with an unavoidable bit of a growl.

"NO 1 M34N 4LL TH1S WORK TO BR1NG S3NT1N3L B4CK BUT NOW H3'S D34D." Terezi responded, folding her arms and looking at the metallic titan straight in the eye while Karkat fought for his life against Nemesis, something she could sense through her seer abilities. "So what? Nemesis alone can handle it until the rest of our forces arrive and crush you..." Galvatron pointed out casually, not seeming overly happy about this. "Y34H BUT N3M3S1S 1SNT GO1NG TO SH4R3 WITH YOU, H3'S GO1NG TO K33P 4LL TH3 POW3R FOR H1MS3LF." This seemed to tick off Galvatron off and he swung a clawed right hand at her, just going inches above her head, but Terezi remained unclinching. "YOU DARE LECTURE ME, SLAVE?!!" He roared angrily, bringing his attention fully to her and baring his shark like teeth.

"TH3 D3STROY3RS 4R3 F1N4LLY 4BOUT TO CONQU3R THE OMN1V3RS3 BUT YOU WON'T B3 TH31R L34D3R!" Terezi shot back with a smirk and a giggle as Galvatron brought his demonic visage closer to Terezi and snarled at her. "IT WILL BE ME! IT MUST BE ME! THE HEART OF DARKNESS IS MINE BY RIGHT!" He roared even more loudly as he came within inches of Terezi's face, and now she could see just how many rows of shark like metal teeth lined Dead Galvatron's mouth, which was big enough to swallow Terezi whole. "Y34H BUT 1N A F3W M1NUT3S YOUR3 GO1NG TO B3 NOTH1NG BUT N3M3S1S B1TCH." She said in as condescending a tone she could manage. And with that Galvatron reared back and roared in frustration and rage at being insulted as he brought his left hand towards her to crush the life out of her, but he stopped just inches from her as he realized she had a point and drew his hand back and clenched it into a fist.

With Sentinel down, the entirety of the coalition's heroes were now free to attack Nemesis, who brought his shield around and flung Bumblebee away while his wing blades intercepted and parried Grimlock's energon sword before shoving him into the distance as he brought out his arm cannon and fired into Dave as he leaped at him, sending him flying away before slicing at Bjorn, sending the dreadnought stumbling backwards before shooting into the face of Ratchet, sending him flying backwards while he quickly turned around and shot at Bluddflagg, sending the Ork flying away while a burst of lightning flew out from his hands and brought the Swarmlord to it's knees.

He spun around in a wide arc and knocked both the Phaeron of Death and the Undying one to the ground with the blunted side of his scythe. Casually bringing his shield around to intercept an all out weapons assault from Brawl, Nemesis turned his gaze towards the heavily armed decepticon and blasted him away with two crimson rays from his optics while he blocked Starscream's missile barrage with a flexing of his wings before ripping him out of the sky with a Telekinetic tug.

In order to ground toad to the ground, Nemesis turned towards him and increased the gravity for him a thousand fold before looking at Gru's minions and fastforwarding time for many of them and causing them to age to dust. Quickly moving towards Peach, he made a massive telekinetic thrust to send her flying while going to face Cthulhu and sending forth a massive cascade of lightning at him. Tapping into the flow of the stolen sun energy, Nemesis converted into dark power and fired it as a massive beam at both Immediate and Wright before shooting an enormous black hole at Flandre.

Stomping into the ground as the Space Marines surrounded him, Nemesis created an enormous shockwave that sent them all flying away into the distance. The clone commandos unleashed all the firepower they had at Nemesis, but he merely stopped their blaster bolts in the air with a thought before hurling their projectiles back at them with a simple gesture. Looking to Davian thule, Nemesis lifted him up into the air telekinetically and them slammed him into a building before tearing city sized chunks of the planet out of the ground with his mind and launching them at the greek gods above to send them away.

Going over to the Orks, Nemesis swung himself around in a whirlwind attack, cutting up countless orcs before he brought his scythe crashing down to the ground to create an enormous crackling purple shockwave that incinerated or flung away many a greenskin while he looked to Godzilla who had just arrived by smashing through a building and lifted him into the air with dark telekinetic prowess and then made a telekinetic crush on him that crushed bone and organs, sending godzilla crashing to the ground coughing up blood while he blasted Rodan out of the air with a veritable storm of lightning that shot the enormous pterosaur out of the sky.

Going around to face Devastator, Nemesis alterred reality so that the very ground he was standing on was enormously magnetic, and the combiner collapsed to the ground, unable to stand as Nemesis mentally split the atoms of a street lamp in front of Mechagodzilla, creating a nuclear explosion that flung Kiryu into the distance while he dragged the wreckage of a Chaos battleship with his mind and rammed it into Trypticon's spaceship mode.

Seemingly unstoppable in his rampage, Nemesis brought forth space debris crashing down into the ground with a telekinetic pull, bringing death from the sky coming down upon the god tier sburb kids while he casually absorbed a lightning bolt from alvi with his scythe and then shot it back at her with a million times the force, sending her flying into the sky. Turning to the grand high blood, Nemesis slammed his scythe blade first into the ground to create an enormous fissure.

Continuing on his rampage, Nemesis raised the corpses of the dead as mighty undead warriors and sent them careening into the ARC troopers, who were swamped by the sheer numbers of the enemy. Turning around and firing off an armcannon blast into the face of Tyran Galvatron, knocking him away as he charged at Nemesis, he let loose a stream of missiles at Mario and Sonic before turning around to shoot Shockwave out of the way and then shocking Red team into submission with a cascade of lightning that also downed Grievous and the Droids while arcing out to attack Peach, Bird Dave, pre god tier John, and all of camp half blood.

As he turned around and shot away a large armored column of imperial guard, Soviets, Tau, Americans, Allied forces, GDI, and Eldar with a blast of the Darkness'power, Nemesis brought his armcannon around to point down at a single lone Imperial Guardsman afmed with a missile launcher, Sergeant Merrick. The bald sergeant didn't have any powers, no fancy abilities, just a missile and a urge to see that Nemesis bastard taken down a peg or two. Before Nemesis could fire, a missile streaked out of the launcher and slammed into Nemesis' chin, sending him flying head over heels and causing him to bellyflop onto the ground. As he hit the ground he growled with pain and rage while Merrick put his rocket launcher away and snarled out a "Die!" Nemesis' moment of weakness giving the recently attacked champions enough time to recover and take the fight to Nemesis with a massive hail of attacks.

As a storm of projectiles slammed into Nemesis from countless soldiers, he picked up his scythe and shield and folded himself over as his chassis shifted and folded around to transform himself into Truck and trailer mode to escape the withering storm of fire. As he did, Optimus was in hot pursuit in robot mode, loping after Nemesis with axe and Sword in hand while a storm of tracers pinged off of Nemesis' cybertronian assault truck mode.

In the meantime, Igzvlad had turned the tables on John and knocked him down after shooting Sylux in the face witha quantum ray, John was hanging onto some fallen pillars, but Igzvald looked down at him with a sneer. "You chose sides ja? Vell you choose wrong!" Igzvald sneered down at John as he kicked at John until he fell down the mound of rubble.

As Nemesis drove over a bridge that would lead him to further reinfrocements, Optimus leapt out from the side and slammed into Nemesis, who transformed back into robot mode mid roll as Optimus slammed his Axe down on Nemesis' shoulder and brought his sword in a downward stab across his other shoulder before bringing his fist down on Nemesis Prime's head. "You were always the bravest of us Optimus..." Nemesis said as he weathered the assault and stood up, swinging his double scythe to the left and then downwards with the bottom blade, the former attack being blocked by Optimus' sword while the latter was backstepped out of.

"But this is our kind's destiny!" Nemesis went on as two wing blades reached over his shoulders and stabbed towards Optimus, who ducked underneath and brought his axe in an leftwards uppercut that Nemesis was hard pressed to parry with his shield before taking a back step and then stabbing fgorward with his glowing energon sword that Nemesis turned aside with his scythe. He made a downward stroke with his scythe, but Optimus managed to sidestep it and take a right slash with his axe that Nemesis parried with his shield, the two metal objects clanging against one another loudly in a shower of sparks.

Turning around in a spin, Nemesis made a whirlwind slash that cut across Optimus' chest before receiving an axe to the Abdomen from his successor. Kicking Optimus away, Nemesis slammed his shield into Optimus' face before firing off lightning at his pupil, only to receive railgun blasts to the chest that caused him to stagger back, but even as Optimus came forward with his axe and sword in a vicious double overhead swing, Nemesis brought up his shield and the weapons clanged off one another. "If you cannot see that you will perish with the weak!" Nemesis continued as he shoved Optimus back with a firm push forward with his shield.

"Our planet will survive!" Nemesis said as he brought his scythe forward to jab optimus in the ribs, sending him reeeling backwards and opening him up for a wing stab to the chest, but Optimus batted the wings away and brought his axe crashing into Nemesis' shoulders, cutting deep into the Pauldron while stabbing his sword into the undead tyrant's chest, causing him to snarl before telekinetially throwing Optimus away from him and firing off a cascade of blue lightning at Optimus to bring him down, only for Optimus' barrage cannons to liberally spray him with nuclear shells that exploded in a furious inferno.

Emerging from the fire, Nemesis jabbed his top scythe blade into Optimus' right side and dragged him around to slam him in the face with his shield before recieving a stab to the gut from Optimus sword that forced him to back off before headbutting Optimus backwards and kicking him in the chest, receiving a slash to his leg from Optimus Axe which Nemesis retaliated to by firing off a missile into Optimus' face, knocking him backwards before pouring lightning into Optimus and sending him to the ground before slamming his shield down onto his head. "Our kind will dominate!" Nemesis boldly stated.

Optimus tackled Nemesis in the gut and sent him fumbling backwards before elbowing Optimus away and then slicing across his chest with the top of his scythe and then came around again to cut across his abdomen with the bottom and stabbinginto the left side of his chest with all the wing blades on the right wing, creating four puncture wounds before Nemesis hooked his scythe blade around Optimus' axe and then yanked it out of his hand, letting it clatter on the ground as he picked up his frenzied assault. "The will of Primus will be made reality!" He shouted again, his fury building constantly.

Then nemesis kicked at Optimus left hand held sword to bat it away before turning around and stabbing the bottom blade of his scythe into Optimus' shoulder, yanking out Optimus' left arm as he spun around, causing Optimus to let loose a surprise grunt of pain as he looked around to see his now empty arm socket before Nemesis slammed the bottom tip of his shield into Optimus' face and sent him onto the ground, where Optimus tried to crawl away as Nemesis approached him, scythe in hand. "You could have served at my side, be a god! But now...there will only be one!" Nemesis said as he put his shield away and then stabbed his scythe into optimus' remaining shoulder, eliciting another groan of pain from Optimus.

"P...p-lease!" Optimus said as he turned around to face Nemesis, trying to awaken some last hint of good in him, but as he looked dead into Nemesis' optics, he saw that there was nothing left, even as Nemesis raised his scythe upwards for one final stab to end Optimus' life and eliminate the last threat to his supremacy. Only another prime could kill Nemesis, and with Optimus gone, he would be the only one left of the Dynasty, and none would stop him. With destroyer reinforcements well on their way, Nemesis need only return to the pillar and guard it until they arrived and crushed the coalition. Nothing could stop him now.

And then Nemesis' left wing was shot off of his back by a massive purple bolt fired forth from the smoking arm cannon of Dead Galvatron, causing him to snarl as he turned around to face the source of the attack, but not before his other wing was half blasted off his body by a particle shotgun blast from Galvatron. Firing off lightning into Galvatron, he slowed but did ot stop him as another blast blew into his chest and created a crater, but Nemesis shot out about a third of Galvatron's abdomen with an armcannon shot, causing him to reel a bit even as he charged before shooting into Nemesis' left shoulder.

Firing again into Galvatron's chest and blasting a large portion out of it, Nemesis was not prepared when Galvatron slammed into him and raked his claw hand across Nemesis' face, Nemesis responded with a armbayonet slash across Galvatron's chest, cutting deep into it, but not stopping the undead warrior as he slammed Nemesis into the guard rails of the bridge and then pulled him back around and shrugging off getting half of his right shoulder being blown apart by Nemesis' arm cannon before a bayonet blade plunged into his chest and fired blowing another hole into him, but he didn't stop as he slammed Nemesis against the other rail and onto his knee before slamming his hand down on Nemesis and knocking off his supermode helmet, revealing a head that was decidedly less ornate. "THE DARKNESS IS MIIIINE!" Galvatron roared out to the heavens.

Throwing Nemesis around, Galvatron spun him to face him before plunging his claw hand into Nemesis' left abdomen and yanked out much of his cabling before throwing him to the ground as Nemesis stopped struggling, weakly sprawling on the ground while Optimus started to slowly get back up while the heart of Darkness abandoned it's horribly injured host, causing Nemesis' colouration to invert to that which he had when he was Nova Prime, a light tan where he was once dark blue, and a greyish-black where he was once bone white, while his Optics shifted from Red to blue and Optimus could see that for the first time in a long time, Nova Prime's mind was his and his alone.

The heart of darkness resembled a small black hole with a transluscent purple glow emnating from it. It looked around for a new host before fixiating on Optimus and flying into him, merging with him and trying to twist him to it's will, but unlike Nova, Optimus did not want it at all, and he was fighting the change every step of the way, the inverting of his colour change being slow and gradual as he fought to keep the influence from taking him over.

In the meantime, John had stood back up and picked up the warhammer of Zillyhoo while Igzvald sneered and laughed from atop the pile. "You've lost herr Egbert...please...you're no hero...you're just a schmall boy." He chortled,looking up at Cybertron coming dangerously close to fully entering the incipisphere and fully reforming while the majoirty of the Destroyer fleet approached the world of Derse.

"no...i'm the heir of breath." John shot back before swinging zillyhoo in a left arc that slammed into Igzvald's chest and caused him to crash back first into the still active Control Pillar, causing him to become part of the energy circuit as an enormous amount of energy began to flow through him. He shrieked and screamed as the power of the space bridge and sun darkener circuit coursed through him. He smoked and spasmed as the power fried him, mind body and soul before he began to combust, still screaming all the way even as his armor, exoskeleton, flesh, organs, and then finally endoskeleton all burned up while the sheer power extinguished his soul completely, destroying him beyond any hope of reformation.

"The pillar is still operational! Champions attack!" Shouted Gabriel Angelos as he fired off his inferno pistol into the face of a Dalek, who screamed as it was flash vaporized into little more than a stump of slag. Bumblebee jumped onto the shoulders of a large dead xenoverse decepticon and wrestled it down while firing repeatedly into it's head, causing the machine to collapse to the ground while Ratchet mowed down a formation of Nazi soldiers in the way.

Kommando Nob spookums rushed through and fired off a trio of rokkits into a massive body of traitor imperial guardsmen, blasting apart limbs in all directions while he threw grenades and bombs in all directions, ripping apart countless more soldiers and tanks while Delta squad advanced by fire, shooting a massive force of Scrin Shock Troopers apart and sending their bodies tumbling to the ground.

Brikkfist swung his 'uge 'uge 'ammer in a whirlwind circle to mash apart the bodies of countless heartless creatures before bringing the hammer down on a Chaos Juggernaut, crumpling it's head and sending it reeling back into the warp while Shockwave shot off a buckshot missile spread that consumed and exterminated a huge mass of sontarans, whose body parts exploded forth in all directions. Brikkfist continued his mad charge, uppercutting a unfortunate dersite rook with his hammer into the upper atmosphere before lurching over and biting off the head of a CHaos Dwarf and letting it's body slump to the ground.

Swinging to the left to avoid a chainaxe swing from a Khornate Bezerker, Brikkfist brought his massive rocket propelled hammer down in an enormous swing that mulched the chaos space marine even through his armor due to the sheer force and the power of the thunder hammer mechanic that resulted in the hammer unleashing a massive stored up power charge in an directed explosion. Turning around, Brikkfist then brought his hammer around to swing at a Truck mode decepticon, bashing off it's entire left half.

Running forward, the Stormboss fired his kustom shoota into the body of a ferocious pit fiend, whose body reeled back from the series of blows before Brikkfist shifted his "aim" to it's head and continued his barrage, causing the thing's head to disappear in an explosive mist while he turned around and swung out at an incoming covenant hunter, blowing the mass of worms into jelly from the impact of the hammer before he went into a foe tossing charge that sent countless barbed devils flying like bowling pins as he let loose the mighty orkish warcry.

Nailbrain stood steady to prepare his deffgun and shouted ecastatically as the twinlinked weapon pumped out enormous caliber bullets in copious amounts, spraying in a forty five degree arc in front of him that pulped hundreds of Tanar'ri and Baatezu that were blocking the coalition's path while the Phaeron death swung around in a whirlwind of warscythe death alongside the undying one.

Rose careened through countless daleks who tried to stop her with gunstick fire that harmlessly glanced off of her magic field before the quills of echidna lanced out and speared through them, breaking their shields with contempitble ease while Jade shrunk down a massive formation of Epsilon soldiers down to atomic size while the trolls hacked and slashed their way through, giving Ciaphas cain room to charge past a cybernetically enhanced Khornate Ogryn that he cut off the head of with a clean slice of his chainsword.

Amberly vail ran through, her stormbolter raking out in front of her and lodging enormous bolts into the bodies of GLA rebels whose arabic robes provided no protection as the rockets lodged themselves in their bodies before exploding and blasting them apart in a shower of gore. Adrastia advanced forward and simply blew apart the heads of a large mass of dimentio replicas with her psychic powers while Old Zogwort the Orkish warphead vomited forth a gout of green psychic fire that consumed and burned countless Nod soldiers and tanks into ash and slag.

Ork bikerboss Wazdakka roared forward on his bike and fired off his bike's four tank cannons into a large formation of Aeon and Seraphim soldiers, who had enough time to form a comical look on their face before the automatic tank guns on his bike made them explode into a massive and beautiful shower of gore while his power klaw reached out and took the head off of another Aeon soldier.

Ork Megaarmor Boss Grimskull charged forward in his cumbersome armor, simply tossing aside anything that got in his way while shooting up the rest with his twinlinked big shoota that spewed forth enormous bullets while his power klaw swept around and sent intervening destroyers flying into the air or just outright cut them into pieces. Davian thule and Bjorn both advanced firing all of their guns, multimelta and assault cannon shots ripping into everything that got in their way while Apollo Diomedes shot a Chaos Space marine's head off with his inferno pistol before slicing apart the chest of a power armoured nazi with a slash of his lightning claw.

Assault Terminator Sergeant Thaddeus lumbered forward, shots deflecting off of his storm shield and massively thick terminator armor while his thunderhammer lashed out and struck those before him with meteorite like force, advancing under the cover of Aramus' stormbolters and cyclone missile launchers, Avitus' assault cannons, and Tarkus' heavy flamers. General castor sliced a Sith Shadow trooper in half with his power sword while his bionic arm mounted combi-melta, carrying a sniper rifle and a meltagun at the same time, fired off an actinic beam that fried a whole squad of the force wielding elite soldiers.

Merrik set up his autocannon and fired off a hail of tank rounds into a mass of Alternian soldiers, who flailed around confusedly as they tried to look for some place to flee to, but a rain of artillery shells called by his autocannon ended any hope of that as it blasted them apart in a shower of gore, followed by the Blank Jurgen advancing towards their lowblood psyker squads, who screamed in pain as they got near the psionics nullifying blank, collapsing on the ground in agony, letting Commissar Lord Bernn and Scout sergeant Cyrus to easily finish off the remainder while Jurgen rushed up to a Nod Avatar warmech and fired off his combi-melta-plasgun, shooting an actinic lance of searing gas that melted through it's right leg and sent it tumbling to the ground as he shot off a rapid fire series of plasma bolts that brought down a quartet of space pirates who fell down with blazing holes in their chests.

Keeper of Sancticity Mikaelus, mighty Chaplain of the Blood Ravens, shot off his inferno pistol into the face of a covenant brute, sending a streaming meltablast blazing through it and sending it collapsing to the ground missing it's entire upper body before he swung his crozius arcanum in a wide arc to send a large group of grunts in his path flying into the air, or more correctly, their body parts. Then he pointed his Crozius forward and concentrated his faith before releasing a conical blue blast of his Faith in the Emperor, burning the enemies of the Imperium with the power of his belief.

Chief Librarian Jonah Orion swatted away a dozen bokkoblins whose souls were severed from their bodies by the psychic energy coruscating around his force staff which also allowed it to melt through their defenses as if they werent there before he unleashed a rapid series of lightning bolts that exploded into blueshockwaves in the distance, a powerful smite that was followed by an enormous fireball in the form of a soul purge that incinerated a huge swarm of Nagash's undead.

Joining in the forward advance, chief apothecary gorlarn's tactical marine squad advanced under fire, their bolters, meltaguns, plasma guns, and flamers reaching out and blazing down a huge number of enemies in their path in a storm of the Emperor's fury, he himself put away his plasma gun to take out his power sword and slice an apporaching decepticon micromaster in half before taking out his plasmagun again and pouring rapid fire into a larger sweep who fell under the hail of molten firepower.

Shas'o'ra'lai and his tau battlesuits jumped into the fray, letting loose fusion blasts, pulse bolts, plasma beams, missiles, and ion spheres from their weapons, ripping into the enemy as they came down from the sky with their jumpets, XV15, XV22, and XV25 stealth suits, XV8 crisis suits, and XV9 hazard suits all joining in the mass jump while he set his large blast shotgun to maximum rate of fire and sweep across the battlefield with the railgun equivalent of birdshot, teaaring lightly armored targets apart in the storm of furious death.

Under the guardianship of Old One eye Alpha, the Tyranids swarmed into the field, dragging their foes down in a swarm without number while Old One eye carved open a Black Legion Chaos Dreadnought in it's path with it's crushing claws and adamantine tusks. The titanic carnifex took several lascannon shots to the chest, but it grinned as the damage suffered to it's carapace simply regenerated in seconds before it let out a piercing shriek and vomited forth huge globs of glowing green bioplasma that incinerated the offending traitor guardsmen.

The elimination of these heavy weapons left the Swarmlord Alpha free to charge into a formation of cybermen and cutting them apart with it's crackling psychic bone swords and it's scythe tail and teeth while it's psychic powers flayed the minds of it's foes. Going through a squad of powera rmoured nazis, the boneswords of the Swarmlord cut through their armor as if it wasn't there, sending their body parts in all directions.

Mean while the Doom of Malan'tai alpha bombarded the battlefield with devastating psychic blasts. It let loose a storm of multicoloured iridescent bolts of psychic energy, warp blasts that slammed into a platoon of Dark Troopers that ripped them apart with raw psychic power while it let loose a psychic scream that ripped the minds of thousands of Epsilon and Alternian enemy psions who collapsed to the ground as they were forceed to make telepathic contact with the awe inspiring tyranid hive mind.

The Red Terror Alpha burst from the ground, swallowing a Scythian Dracanae whole as it emerged from the ground and began swinging away with it's scything talons, carving apart a minotaur with one swing before biting the head off of a Empousai and then constricting and crushing a northern cyclops to death before stabbing it's scything talons into the chest of an earth born and ripping out it's beating heart.

Dreadboss Rippasplitta'z deff dread body stomped forward with an odd waddling gait that seemed to amuse the enemy, an amusement that soon died away as it's left mounted deffgun blasted apart a platoon of imperial stormtroopers while it's right mounted skorcha engulfed and burned a whole host of Skaven taking cover and firing arrows at the coalition before it charged right into the thick of things and liberally sliced apart a trio of Khornate Ogryns with power bayonets, the Ork laughing from within his deff dread shell as dead destroyers piled up in front of him.

Burnaboss Burnyerface let loose the mighty Orkish battle cry as he charged into the fray with his mob of burnaboyz behind him, their burnas and skorchas licking out with huge tongues of flame engulfing massive numbers of enemy soldiers while his twin-linked skorcha licked around in a wide arc, setting a large mass of supermutants on fire and causing them to flail around and scream as their flesh melted off their bones.

Brikkfist again continued his relentless advance, the mighty stormnob shrugging off bullets that bounced off of his 'eavy, spikey armour and bionic bitz as he swung his hammer two handed to smash into the chest of a minor balrog, then ducked under the beast of battle's axe swing and them smashed one of it's horns apart with the next swing and powered through one of it's punches which only banged against his metal armor, then he brought his hammer down right between the bloodthirster's eyes, killing it istantly, but before it count return to the warp Brikkfist grabbed the Balrog by it's other horn and pulled it down to twist it's head off and then rolled it into a mass of space pirates who were sent flying in perhaps the most macabre game of bowling ever.

"STRIKE!" Brikkfist shouted with a laugh. "No ya git strikez wenz ya getz dem all! Dere'z still sum to da left dere!" Grimskull shouted as he grabbed one Japanese tankbuster by the legs and turned him upside down and slammed him headfirst into the ground no less than twenty times with ever increasing force and rapidity until all that was left was a bloody stump that he casually tossed away. "Oh zog yoo!" Brikkfist shouted angrily as he casually swung his hammer backwards and right into the crotch of an approaching Khorne devoted Northern Cyclops who doubled over whimpering in pain before Brikkfist stomped his head off and charged into the midst of a formation of stormtroopers, taking one of them by the legs and using him as a club to beat his fellows to death, just shrugging off their weenie little blaster bolts while laughing.

Martellus' servo-arms reached out from his backpack and ripped apart a large mob of dersite underlings blocking his path while Kaptin Bluddlfagg made his epic charge throught he mob of enemies, sending them all flying out of his way before he cut a Dark trooper III in half with his power axe while Captain Fordo gunned down a Cyberman in his way. Moving quickly, Volkov kicked a tank out of his way while Dave sliced through a large formation of japanese soldiers, giving Volkov the space he needed to fire several shots into the pillar while a wing of thunderhawks blew apart the remaining destroyers in the way. "RIP DAT PILLAR DOWN BOYZ!"

Seeing his chance for glory, Brikkfist charged towards a mighty pack of bloodletters lead by a herald of Khorne, swinging his hammer out first to disrupt their formation and sending the bloodthirsty daemons flying away to pick the remainder off individually. Bringing his hammer down on one, he shot up a second before slamming the weapon into the third, leaving only the Herald as four were already taken down. This particularly mighty Bloodletter was decked in Daemon Iron armor and carried a Hellblade and a power axe in it's hands. Charging forth into the champions, the herald sliced it's sword in an arc to cut an autobot in half before he could react before bringing his axe down on the head of a superbattle droid, cleaving it apart while the Daemon stabbed into the chest of an Imperial Ogryn, stabbing through it's heart and causing him to slump down to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Chopping it's way through an entire platoon of Necron warriors, the Herald of Khorne charged right into Brikkfist, who used his superior reach to slam his hammer into it's head and briefly stun it to bite down on it's arm and cause it to drop one of it's weapons. But when he brought his hammer down, the bloodletter raised it's hellblade to block it, only for brikkfist to jab his shoota into it's face and squeeze the trigger, firing until the thing exploded into warp energy and was sent screaming back to whence it came.

At this point, the Storm Nob brikkfist activated his rokkit pack on his back and jump jetted onto the Control pillar, grabbing it in a tackle and slamming it into the ground with so much force that the control pillar broke completely, interrupting the feed and catastrophically destroying the power circuit, he should have been fried like Igzvald by contact with the pillar, but no, he was simply too orky for that. No, he tackled the doosmday device to the ground bellowing out an allmighty "WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!" As the blue transmat beam suddenly stopped and the Pillar coughed out sparks, the spire like sun darkener let out a long shuddering moan as it's it's structure fought to contain explosions ripping through it's chassis.

As the darkener's structure failed, cherry red explosions rent massive holes into the darkener's neck, blossoming outwards into the outside world as the base began to erupt in it's own cascade of explosions and the neck of the structure began to tumble, cutting off the feed from the Great Suns, ceasing it's vampiric draining of them and ceasing the growth of the Dead Xenoverse which reeled and shrieked at the sudden destruction of the circuit. Countless forces drawn from the dead xenoverse found themselves being pulled towards Cybertron by a series of blue transmat beams that yanked them kicking and screaming towards the partially enterred world of Cybertron.

The tower began to tumble over, the pillar's beam that was hitting cybertron having now completely cut off, causing a series of explosions to ripple across the metal lattie work of the massive world. An all mighty groan sounded through the incipisphere as the explosions grew in frequency and ferocity, the silvery world seeming to turn into a mass of red as it's structure began to collapse completely. Soon, the explosions destroyed any hint of structural integrity for the planet and as the space bridge collapsed, the now shattered world began to spin and spin until it formed a funnel as it returned to it's point of origin in the state it was once in, nothing more than a mass of broken metal.

A deep resounding moan was sounded as Cybertron swirled around and around in the Omniverse's biggest drainpipe, the funnel consuming more and more of the constantly exploding cybertron until the entire world was reduced to a mass of metal shards that swirled down the collapsing portal along with a massive number of ships and soldiers who were grinded into nothingness by the storm of metal until the entirety of the world and those forces taken from the dead xenoverse were gone. All save for two.

Looking up into the sky, Galvatron muttered a curse as he watched Cybertron die once again before turning to Optimus who was still resisting the effects of the Heart of Darkness. "The Darkness calls to you I see? Well it has called to me as well...I drove the first Arc into the rift at the heart of Benzuli to find the source of it's siren call...to find a purpose...but the tug of Nova's matrix vacuum was too strong and I was cheated of my prize...Now, quickly Prime, you have two choices..." He said, looking to the vast batteries of stored great sun power behind Optimus. "You can either immerse yourself in the raw power of the great suns and destroy yourself along with the heart...or you can give it to me..." Galvatron said as he stepped towards Optimus and extended his right hand towards Optimus, who looked away and pondered the question before turning back to Galvatron.

"I choose..." Optimus said as he willed the Heart of Darkness to leave his body and flow into Galvatron, who grinned maniacally as he felt the darkness flow into him and fuel him with a new power, the power he thought was always his, always should have been his, the power he had spent hiswhole life trying to acquire. "Yes....Yes! At last...the darkness is mi-" Galvatron started in ecstasy before he noticed that Optimus had his faceplace slide up once again to cover his mouth for battle. "...Both." Optimus finished as he rushed forward and grabbed his energon axe.

Galvatron was shocked beyond belief and fired off a shot from his particle cannon shotgun, only to watch Optimus deftly dodge it and then sidestep his particle arm cannon blast, which both flew out into the distance to no effect before Optimus slammed his axe into Galvatron's chest and got around behind him, yanking his axe out of Galvatron from behind before kicking out his legs and sending him onto his knees and slashing as his arm as he struggled to stop his struggling before slamming his axe into Galvatron's head to finish the job.

"Peace will never last as long as Tyrants like you live..." Optimus said as he began to pull back on his axe. "Give me your head." Optimus concluded as he pulled backwards until Galvatron's head and spine was torn free of it's body, letting loose a shower of spark and dark energon fluid before Optimus kicked Galvatron's corpse with all the force he could muster into the great sun batteries, consuming it and the darkness in the raw power of the Great suns, leaving behind his shotgun which he had dropped after being hit in the arm by Optimus.

Dropping his axe, which was embedded deeply into Galvatron's head, which looked out at Optimus with a gaping expression of shock for it's last few moments of life before the energy for it's optics faded away, dimming down and sparking as Optimus reached down and grabbed Galvatron's particle shotgun cannon, cocking the weapon and moving towards Nova Prime, who crawled around pathetically.

"Optimus....all I ever wanted...was what was best for our species...what Primus wanted for us...You have to understand why I did these things...The darkness...it spoke to me...told me what I wanted to hear....please...I'm so sorry..." Nova said weakly as he spparked from countless wounds before Optimus looked down at the ancient Prime. "The Darkness did not create new evil in you, it merely brought out what you already had...You claim you have done this for Primus...but I know from the wisdom of the matrix that Primus never approved of your actions...Freedom is the right of all sentient beings..." Optimus told Nemesis as he aimed the gun at Nova's head, causing his optics to widen in panic.

"No Optimus! Please...I can change!" Nova begged before the first shot impacted his chest and sent him smashing into the bridge's guard rails. Without the power of undeath and the hear tof darkness, his staggering resistance to harm was gone, he was mortal. "P...please..." Nova begged one last time, causing Optimus to remember when Nemesis responded to his plea to reason by ignoring it and preparing to kill him, and he thought of when Nemesis killed him... "No second chances." Optimus responded before shooting a full charged blast right into Nova Prime's head, finally ending his life and his dark stain on Cybertron's legacy.

Appropriate listening:

Looking at the gun he had used to execute Nova prime, Optimus hurled it down in disgust, standing proud as he watched the destroyers begin to flee to portals created by Araghast's Daemon court in a mass panic, the kind that typically follows when the forces of the reigning Destroyer Lord learn of their master's death and ruination. In the panic, the outnumbered coalition fleet was able to rip through the Destroyers in space, causing devastating casualties before they could flee. Countless destroyers met their ends as they routed, being cut down by the exuberant coalition who had just moments before been so sure of defeat.

Looking as the straggler destroyer forces fled into portals Optimus breathed a sigh of relief as the other champions moved to the bridge, looking at the destroyers fleeing into warp portals in an panic greater than even that of when Dark Samus and Dimentio were defeated. "Now dat wuz sum good fightin!'" Bluddflagg said, patting Brikkfist on the shoulder, causing the Stormboss to beam as the giant Champions came forth from their own battles with enemy titan forces. "you did good egbert" Dave said with a smile as Jade just went up to him and hugged him tightly, causing him to blush a bit as he returned it.

"WAIT....YOU CONVINCED GALVATRON TO ATTACK THAT NEMESIS FUCKER?" Karkat asked Terezi who nodded affirmatively. "Y34H 1 S4V3D OPT1MUS!!! >:]" She said with a wide grin, quite pleased of herself. "Good work men...I'll see to it that you all get the highest imperial honours possible. And Merrick...bloody good shot!" General Castor said, putting his arms behind his back as the champions examined the burnt wreckage of Derse.

"Good work soldiers! Free beer for everyone!" Sarge told the rest of red team. "Even me?" Grif asked hopefully. "Yes even you." Sarge responded. "Oh my god this is the nicest thing you've ever done for me!" Grif said ecstatically. "Don't push your luck grif." Sarge reminded him. Bumblebee kneeled before John and smiled assuringly at him. "You've fought with courage and honour John...you truly do your kind proud...and now...I think someone would like to see you." Bumblebee said as he shifted a bit to let Rose step forward, just smiling the widest smile John had ever seen on her.

"rose! you're alright!" He said as he rushed over to hug her and gave her a peck on the lips. "A bit bruised and scraped...but I think I'll be fine..." Rose responded with a smile as she returned the hug. "You really were a hero today John." She said to the agreements of everyone else. "Optimus...John...and I cannot believe I am going to say this to an Ork...and Brikkfist, you are all the heroes of the day in equal measure...You honor us all with your valour..." Gabriel Angelos said, giving an approving nod to the lot of them.

"He is right...you guys...I don't think I've ever seen more heroics in one day..." Sylux said smiling under his helmet. Ratchet took Optimus' arm and helped to reattatch it to Prime, who nodded in thanks as he looked over his soldiers. "Today...we've defeated perhaps the greatest threat we've ever encountered...but we cannot assume that this is going to be the final battle...many destroyers manage to flee, and I have no doubt that they will reform their armies and find a new leader...but for now...rest...you've earned it." Optimus said as he let his faceplate down, nodding in approval to the heroes gathered here. A finer band of fighters there had never been.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War   Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeWed 28 Mar 2012, 8:16 pm


All of a sudden the bike dropped. I screamed like a little girl. Rosalina thrust her arm out and I was blown away with the gravity reversal properties of dark energy.

"Heh, you scream like a little girl," Kate told me.

"I KNOW," I said, irritated.

I saw Peach get slammed into a wall. "Holy mother--- PRINCESS!"

Mario and I ran up to Peach. We lifted up the cascade of blond hair that was matted with red blood. "Ew. And we're from an E-rated video game," I commented. Then I stopped. "What the heck? How can I be so freaking callous?! She's DYING!!!!"

Daisy and Rosalina turned their heads. "What?!" Daisy cried.

Mario shook Peach. He clapped her on the back. I lifted her hair again.

What I saw almost made me faint. Her head was SPLIT OPEN. I brought my gaze down to her body. Her spine was bent in a way that wouldn't be humanly possible. Her arm was twisted the wrong way, and she was covered in dirt, cuts, and gashes. She opened one eye halfway. She tried to say something, but it was so slurred I couldn't hear it.

"Is she gonna die?" I asked dolefully.

"Toad! That's not very nice!" Daisy scolded. She turned to her cousin. "Peach, snap out of it! Wake up!" She grabbed her by the collar and smacked her face. Daisy's glove was stained with Peach's blood. "Oooohhh... I hope Optimus Prime rips Nemesis's face off!" she steamed.

Mario piped up. "I was a doctor, once. I'm-a sure there's-a something I can do."

Mario pulled out his doctor's light and stethoscope. He put on a pair of surgical gloves. He put his stethoscope on Peach's breast. "I've-a got some good news and-a some bad news," he said.

"Spit it out, Mario!" Daisy cried.

"She's-a still alive," Mario said. "But-a... bad news, she's-a not in good condition, eh... isn't-a gonna stay alive for much longer..." Mario broke down into tears.

Rosalina and Daisy lowered their heads.

I stared with my mouth hanging open. "B-b-but she can't just DIE, in a violent manner! She's from an E-rated game!" I cried. "This isn't fair! How's Bowser going to kidnap her and have Mario run all the way across the Mushroom Kingdom just to save her again---?"

"Toad, you-a not helping," Mario grumbled.

Peach mumbled something.

"What?" I asked.

"One... Ups..."

I lit ups. "1-UP Mushrooms! That's it!" The smile returned to my face. I whipped off my cap and got out my spore case. I rooted through the mushrooms. "Volt... Super... Propeller..."

The smile faded. "Oh... Oh no... No, no, NO!"

"What?" asked Mario.

I kept rooting. "There's gotta be one in here somewhere! Shroom Shake, Dried Shrooms... A refrigerator..."

My eyes became wet. "Bulldozer, Mushroom wheels, trampolines... my deck of cards (hey, I've been searching for that), a piece of math homework..."

At this point I had broken down. "A washtub, two shower heads, a Porta-Potty... B...b...but no 1-Up Mushrooms!"

Mario hung his head. "Let-a me speak to her one-a more time," he whispered.

He walked to Peach, his Super Cape blowing in the winds of post-battle. He sat next to Peach. "This-a means no more Bowser kidnappings," he said.

Peach closed her half-opened eye and reopened the other. Her eye slowly turned to Mario.

"I've-a never got a chance to say this to you. Peach, you-a made my life feel... how-a you say... I don't-a know..."

"Do I make you feel important?" Peach asked, slurring her words, but barely articulating them to make them understandable.

"That's-a what I was-a gonna say," Mario replied, his mustache drooping. The plumber sighed. "I couldn't save you this time. Peach... I-a... er..."

"I know," Peach murmured, lifting her good arm and bringing Mario's head over to her. She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

It was so tragic: since 1985 had Mario been saving the princess, and now... it's all over. I began to cry. Peach's eyes closed. She tried to murmur something. "I...l...l..."

I turned around. I didn't want to watch Peach pass.

I didn't want to trip on the refrigerator, either. But I did. "What the-- OOF!" I cried out in pain. "GAH! MY FOOT! OW!" I jumped up and down, clutching my foot.

"Way to ruin a tragedy, Toad," Daisy muttered.

I wasn't listening. I saw a green glow from inside the refrigerator. I heard a ticking sound, like a wood block being hit by multiple sticks. That's the sound a 1-Up Mushroom makes when it begins to move.

And sure enough! Lookie here. "Mario! You're gonna love this!" I called.

I held up the mushroom. "Ha-ha! Hey, Peach! You're saved!"

I ran over to Peach and shoved the mushroom into her mouth. A green glow lit up the air. Daisy's eyes dilated, and a wide grin crept up her face. Rosalina looked and smiled. "Who knew? Toad's clumsiness was indeed a virtue---"

"Hey, who ya callin' clumsy?!" I shouted at her.

"I am sorry, Toad. I was merely teasing."

Mario yelped, "Mama-mia!" as Peach's wounds began to heal. Her eyes fluttered open. Her cuts closed. She stood up, her leg bending back into place as she reached back, twisted, and pushed her waist forward. I heard a cracking sound, and winced, but it was just Peach's spine stretching and winding back to normal. The wound in her head closed, and apparently, her brains were back to normal too. Her bad arm went good, and she spit out a final gob of blood from her mouth while a missing tooth grew back in.

"I love you!" Peach gushed, tackle-hugging the plumber. I asked Mario how it felt to be tackled by a princess who was a foot and a half taller than him. He didn't say it was awkward because Peach was a good friend, and besides, she was grateful for saving her again. Then Peach turned to me. "Toad, thank you for saving me! If it weren't for---"

"Yeah, I know I'm clumsy..." I muttered.

"No! If it weren't for your ingenuity, the kingdom would have lost its princess! Who could've guessed you'd put a refrigerator in your cap?" Peach praised. Then she looked at me seriously. "How do you fit a fridge in there anyway?"

I shrugged. "I really have no clue. Where do you put your golf club when you beat up people in the Smash Bros. tournaments?"


We laughed. I hugged Peach. "None of us can stand to lose you," I said.

"Yeah. We'd lose competition in Mario Kart. That's no fun!" Daisy joked. Her usual sprightly mood had returned.

"Oh, dear, my dress is stained," Peach noted.

"That's all you have to say about your wounds?!" I yelled.

"Um, yeah."

"Okay, good. That mean's you've recovered."

The Lor Starcutter and that flying Greek ship (Percy said it was the Argo II) floated down to us. Magolor yelled, "C'mon, guys! Let's get off this big purple rock and par-tay!

Nobody objected. Except...

"How are we going to fit a 50-foot-tall robot, the It's a Small World ride, a mud golem, several thousand Minions, and an entire army into the Lor Starcutter?" asked Kate.

"That's why we have Omega Supreme. Bring them over to Optimus," I told her. Kate skipped over to the Prime, the giant robot stomping after.

Percy: Goodness, that's over.

I saw the Pokemon giving each other high fives and claps on the back (Maggie got stuck to Marcus, it took three Pokemon to peel her off). I turned and saw Glockenspiel fistbumping an Autobot. My friends were all happy to make it out alive. Annabeth ran over to me. "Aren't you glad it's all over?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "That ol' dead robot's way past his prime. Get it?"

Annabeth looked at me. "Percy, that was lame." She flicked my head and then kissed me.

"Wow, before, you used to PUNCH me then kiss me," I said.

She punched me, then kissed me again.

"Hey! All aboard?!" Leo shouted. "The Half-Blood Express is 'bout to take off, amigo! Let's go!"

We held hands and ran to the ship.
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Dimensional clash V: The Blood God's Wrath; Act VI: Dawn of War
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